TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 8/19/15 (Turning Point)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 8/19/15

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Impact Coverage by Bobby James
August 19, 2015 | Turning Point
A Champion’s Ultimatum

Jeff and Karen Jarrett enter the Impact Zone. Jarrett vows to make more history by having the reigning King of the Mountain Champion, Global Force Wrestling’s PJ Black, challenge Ethan Carter III for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. EC3 interrupts declaring, “This is not GFW – this is TNA – the house the Carters built!”

Carter refuses to defend his title until Karen Jarrett interrupts his tirade. She reminds him that Jeff founded GFW – and before that, TNA. She says Jeff maintains ownership stake in TNA and then she implicates EC3 as the man behind the attacks on Bully Ray and Drew Galloway.
Carter claims there is no evidence to support Karen’s claims; again he refuses to defend his title against PJ Black. Jeff interrupts saying EC3 either defends or is stripped of the title.

Open Mic Challenge | Bram vs. Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson’s microphone dangles high above the ring as Anderson tackles Bram at the opening bell. The first man to gain control of the mic will be able to use it as a weapon in the Open Mic Challenge. Anderson positions a table just outside the ring – and then he delivers a Green Bay Plunge from the apron through the table! Anderson climbs a ladder as Bram struggles to crawl back into the ring. Bram tips the ladder, hanging Anderson on the top rope. Bram drops Anderson with the Brighter Side of Suffering. He teases grabbing the mic before deciding to ram Anderson face-first into the ladder. Bram tosses nearly a dozen chairs into the ring and attempts to connect with a second Brighter Side of Suffering. Anderson counters and whips Bram into the ladder. Anderson takes to the ladder, but he’s powerbombed onto the pile of chairs!
Bram retrieves the microphone. Anderson counters a mic shot with a Mic Check onto the chairs! He repeatedly clubs Bram with the mic before screaming his name in his trademark way. Anderson takes one last shot and then he makes the cover.

Result: Mr. Anderson def. Bram (via pinfall)

Backstage: EC3 asks, “Who is Jeff Jarrett?”

His Name is not Khoya

James Storm refers to The Revolution as a family where the measures and rewards are equally as extreme. He mocks people claiming he’s too rough and calls out “Khoya.” On Storm’s word that no harm shall come to him, “Khoya” climbs into the ring. Storm justifies his tough methods a test of “Khoya’s” commitment to The Revolution. Storm says that in The Revolution, “Khoya” could provide a great living to his family, but that dying provides no living. Storm instructs “Khoya” to pledge again to The Revolution. “Khoya” says he did for The Revolution, but The Revolution never did for him. He says his name is Mahabali Shera. Storm calls Shera a joke; Shera strikes him. The Revolution dominates and Storm screams, “Sooner or later, I’m gonna cut you down!”

Backstage: PJ Black dares EC3 to “do the right thing,” before vowing to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Eric Young interrupts, vowing to have his revenge.

Handicap Six Sides of Steel | Dollhouse (Jade & Marti Bell) vs. Gail Kim

Gail Kim scores the first takedown with a double clothesline. Gail lands a dropkick that sends Jade into Marti Bell. The numbers advantage takes hold when the Dollhouse connects with a double high boot; Jade scores a near-fall. Gail locks Marti into an armbar; Jade forces the break. Jade drives Gail face-first into the cage and Marti applies a chin lock. Gail receives a dropkick to the jaw from Jade before the Dollhouse attempts their escape. Gail drives Jade’s face into the cage. She exchanges a series of elbows with Marti and then catches Jade with a hurricanrana from the top rope! Jade again drives Gail into the cage. She and Marti double team Gail in the corner. Gail counters, sending the Dollhouse to the mat. She climbs nearly to the top of the cage before connecting with a huge crossbody. Gail catches Jade and Marti with a bulldog/headscissor combination and scores a near-fall on a neckbreaker. Marti breaks the count. Gail counters a double suplex with a DDT. Gail appears poised to escape the cage when the fans cheer for her to continue punishing the Dollhouse. Gail delivers until being shoved from the top rope. Jade misses a dropkick and Gail ducks under a flying Marti Bell. Marti connects with Jade and then Gail makes her Eat Defeat.

Result: Gail Kim def. Dollhouse (via pinfall)

Backstage: Dixie Carter informs EC3 that he must defend – or be stripped – of the World Championship.

Backstage: Gail Kim searches for Taryn Terrell.

Backstage: Matt Hardy warns EC3 that he’s coming from the title. Tyrus challenges Matt Hardy.

No Disqualification | Eli Drake vs. Drew Galloway

Eli Drake says he may have been the one responsible for the backstage assault last week. Then, before the opening bell, Drake assaults
Galloway. Galloway quickly gains control, fighting Drake to the outside. He delivers a snap suplex but then misses with a chair shot. Galloway drapes Drake across the stairs and then leaps from the guardrail for what looks like a crossbody. Drake moves and Galloway’s head connects with the stairs instead. Eli Drake drives a chair into Galloway’s ribs, shifting the momentum in his favor; Galloway’s rolled into the ring. A “Let’s go Drew” chant erupts after he’s tossed outside again. Drake jumps from the ring, catching Galloway with a stiff shot to the face. Galloway enjoys a brief flurry of offense, but it’s quelled when Drake drops him with a DDT onto a chair! Drake scores a near-fall. Eli Drake mounts a chair in the turnbuckle, but he winds up on the receiving end of the punishment. Galloway sends him face-first into the chair before introducing a table to the match. Drake baseball slides into Galloway and then he pulls a crutch from beneath the ring. Galloway dodges the first swing, but not the second after a low blow. Drake drapes Galloway across a table and heads to the top rope. Galloway counters, driving Drake through the table!

Result: Drew Galloway def. Eli Drake (via pinfall)

Backstage: Velvet Sky prevents Taryn Terrell from leaving.

Backstage: Velvet delivers Taryn to Gail. Gail handcuffs Taryn to the rafters and grabs a chair. Velvet backs the cameraman away saying, “You don’t need to see any of this.”

Chris Melendez confronts Eric Young

Eric Young claims Jeff Jarrett and the TNA Board of Directors don’t know what they’re doing. He says he should be in the main event because he’s the most dangerous man in Impact Wrestling. He vows to change someone’s life forever. Chris Melendez interrupts by demanding a rematch. He offers whatever it takes to get it. Eric Young tells him to leave, claiming to have taken all he wants from Melendez. Melendez refuses. Young accepts the challenge on the condition that Melendez’s leg is on the line. He accepts and Young attacks. Young attempts a piledriver, but Melendez counters, sending him overhead and into retreat.

Singles Match | Tyrus vs. Matt Hardy

Tyrus uses his size advantage to overpower Matt Hardy. Tyrus delivers a slam that’s followed up with a splash from the middle rope. Hardy dodges a corner splash and connects with two Twists of Fate to secure the win.

Result: Matt Hardy def. Tyrus

Post-match: EC3 attacks Matt Hardy using the TNA World Heavyweight title. He storms into the ring and screams, “Jeff Jarrett – send me your very, very best and I shall sacrifice them on my altar of perfection!”

TNA World Heavyweight Championship | Ethan Carter III (c) vs. PJ Black

Carter starts the match with a big kick to the gut, but he quickly finds himself outside the ring on the receiving end of two dropkicks and a corkscrew suicide dive. EC3 battles back with a huge series of chops followed by a big back elbow and camel clutch. EC3 drives Black’s face into the mat. PJ Black connects with a spinning heel kick that ultimately leads to a springboard splash and a two-count. Black scales the turnbuckle, possibly in search of a 450 splash, but Carter counters with a superplex! PJ Black kicks out just before three and then battles back with a springboard moonsault off the top rope; EC3 is out of the pin attempt! Black attempts a second springboard moonsault, but Carter rolls through with a schoolboy that he turns into a sit-out powerbomb! Black counters a One Percenter with a powerbomb of his own, eliciting a “Let’s Go PJ/Let’s Go Carter” chant. Black and Carter trade blows; Black gets the better of the exchange. Black connects with an impressive springboard 450 splash! Carter just kicks out before three! PJ Black drags EC3 closer to a turnbuckle and he is poised for a final 450 until EC3 drags him from the turnbuckle and delivers the One Percenter to retain his title.

Result: Ethan Carter III def. PJ Black (via pinfall)

Post-match/Backstage: Jeff Jarrett asks Dixie Carter to let him run Impact Wrestling on a weekly basis. Dixie Carter requests one week to have a final answer.