TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 9/9/15 (Lumberjack Match)

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results 9/9/15

IMPACT Results: Lumberjack Match, Tag Title Match, Knockouts Title Match & More!

Impact Coverage by Bobby James
September 9, 2015 |

A “Hardy” Assistant

Ethan Carter III enters the Impact Zone, claiming to be unaffected by the war raging between his aunt Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett. He’s more concerned with retaining his championship last week and gaining a new assistant in Jeff Hardy. Carter demands Hardy’s presence. He instructs the production crew to shut off Hardy’s music – and for Hardy to bring him and Tyrus bottles of water. Then, Carter reveals a gift – a huge EC3 face cut-out. He says it’s for Hardy to hold while introducing him for the next match.

Tag Team Match | Ethan Carter III & Tyrus vs. Matt Hardy & Rockstar Spud

EC3 and Matt Hardy square off; EC3 retreats to his corner, bringing in Tyrus. Tyrus and Hardy size up one another before Tyrus connects with a shot to the throat. EC3 tags in. Hardy gains control with a flurry of rights and a side Russian leg sweep. Hardy backs Carter into his corner and Rockstar Spud enters. He and Hardy deliver a double suplex moments before EC3 sends Spud over the top rope. Tyrus drives Spud into the rings post before feeding him back to EC3 for a front-face suplex. Tyrus becomes legal and begins choking Spud. He spreads Spud’s legs and splashes onto his groin! From then on, it’s total domination of the “Ultimate Underdog.” EC3 reenters with a drop toe hold and choke on the bottom rope. EC3 and Tyrus call for Jeff Hardy to take a shot using EC3’s face sign. Hardy refuses and the distraction allows Spud to tag Matt Hardy. Hardy storms the ring with a series of clotheslines and a Side Effect. He sets up a Twist of Fate, but Carter counters and Tyrus tags in. Hardy fends off Tyrus and Spud tags himself in. Spud finds himself in a precarious position as EC3 demands Jeff Hardy smack him with a chair. Hardy refuses; Tyrus delivers a spike to the throat for the win.

Winners: EC3 & Tyrus

Backstage: Drew Galloway reminds The Wolves what’s at stake in their tag team title rematch tonight.

Backstage: Taryn Terrell instructs her dolls to take out a member of The Beautiful People.

Backstage: Dollhouse confronts Madison Rayne; their attack begins. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love spoil their plot, but ultimately, Jade takes Angelina out with a chair!

Karen Jarrett’s Words of Caution

Jeff Jarrett guarantees the Global Force Wrestling team will defeat the TNA team, giving him 100% control over TNA. He demands Bobby Roode return his King of the Mountain Championship. Title in hand, Roode refuses to return it. Jarrett issues a warning, but Karen interrupts, saying she has five children at home and doesn’t need two more to look after. She tells Jeff fighting Roode jeopardizes all he stands to gain in the next week. Then, she tells Roode to consider his spot because, “You’re a week away from answering to my husband.” Karen says Dixie is finished and at a disadvantage. She tells Roode to think about that before saying, “Jeff, we’re leaving!”

Backstage: Galloway finds himself with Kenny King, Jessie Godderz and Eli Drake. They refuse to stand with him against GFW. A brawl ensues between them and Robbie E, Micah and Tigre Uno.

Backstage: EC3 takes Jeff Hardy a box of his merchandise. He tells Hardy to sell all of his creatures some fresh swag.

Six-Man Tag Match | Eli Drake, Kenny King & Jessie Godderz vs. Robbie E, Tigre Uno & Micah

Both teams collide; there are bodies everywhere. Robbie’s team gains control of the match with a triple assault on Kenny King. It becomes King and Micah one on one; Micah sends King to the mat. Robbie E and Jessie tag in; Robbie takes Jessie over with a hip toss. Jessie retreats and brings in Eli Drake; Robbie E drags him in over the top rope before tagging out to Tigre Uno. The X-Division Champion unleashes a flurry of offense before tagging out to Micah. Drake backs Micah into his corner before distracting to official. King and Jessie capitalize with a bunch of cheap shots. Drake’s team maintains control of the match until Micah drops them with a double clothesline. Tigre Uno tags in and clears the ring. Everything breaks down as the action spills all over the Impact Zone. In the ring, King catches Robbie E with a swinging backbreaker; soon after, Robbie E finds himself delivering a Boom Drop to Jessie for the win.

Winners: Robbie E, Tigre Uno & Micah

Knockouts Championship | Gail Kim vs. Brooke (c)

Gail and Brooke trade shots until Gail finds herself on the apron. Brooke sends Gail to the floor with a shoulder block to the midsection. Brooke attempts a kick to the outside, but Gail has her scouted and pulls her through the ropes. Gail drives Brooke face-first into the apron before rolling her back into the ring. Gail catches Brooke as she flies with a crossbody. Brooke rolls through for a two-count. Brooke connects with a huge facebreaker! Gail just kicks out and almost has an armbar locked in, but Brooke counters into a near-fall. Gail counters with a two-count of her own before delivering a series of rights. Brooke applies a bridging rear chin lock! Gail reaches for the bottom rope; Brooke breaks the hold. Gail scores a near-fall with a rollup. Gail sends Brooke to the mat moments before they collide with a double crossbody. Lei’D Tapa walks to ringside and hoists up the Knockouts Championship to cause a distraction. Brooke attacks Lei’D Tapa, but Lei’D Tapa lays her out with a shot to the back of the head with the title.

Winner & Still Knockouts Champion: Brooke

Post-match: Lei’D Tapa assaults Gail Kim. Awesome Kong storms into the ring! Lei’D Tapa slams Kong; Kong slams Lei’D Tapa! Kong connects with a series of back fists before sending her over the top rope with a clothesline! Kong hoists up the Knockouts Title!

Backstage: Drew Galloway tries to recruit Jeff Hardy in the battle against GFW. EC3 interrupts, telling Hardy that he won’t be involved in Galloway’s fight. Carter tells Galloway, “Good luck losing my Aunt’s company.”

World Tag Team Championships | The Wolves vs. Trevor Lee and Brian Myers (c)

The Wolves attack Lee and Myers on the ramp! Just as Lee and Myers appear poised to take control, The Wolves send them through the ropes. The Wolves deliver a trifecta of suicide dives and they maintain control until Myers pulls Davey Richards under the ropes. Lee and Myers exchange rapid tags and isolate Eddie Edwards. Lee catches Edwards with a gutwrench suplex. Edwards counters a double team effort and makes the tag to Richards. Richards takes control of Lee; Myers charges toward Richards. Richards sends Myers into Lee and delivers dropkick that turns into a DDT. Richards delivers a superplex to Lee before tagging Edwards. The Wolves double team Lee and make a pin attempt that Myers breaks at two. Lee and Myers send Richards out of the ring before double teaming Eddie Edwards and scoring a near three-count! Edwards dodges a high knee from Lee that connects with Myers. Edwards rolls Lee up for two. The Wolves deliver a pop-up, followed by a Force of Nature! Just before three, Sonjay Dutt pulls the official from the ring! Earl Hebner rushes from the back and takes out Sonjay Dutt! He climbs into the ring as The Wolves deliver a piledriver. He counts three and The Wolves reclaim their titles!

Winners & New Tag Team Champions: The Wolves

Backstage: Chris Melendez arrives to call out Eric Young.

A Resilient Hero

Chris Melendez calls out Eric Young. Young enters, carrying Melendez’s prosthetic leg, which is taped up and reads, “My Leg.” Young tells the crowd to look at their American hero. He says that if Melendez is what a hero looks like, he doesn’t want to be a hero. He says all heroes fall at his feet, because he is God. Melendez challenges Young; Young accepts the challenge. He offers the leg to Melendez. As Melendez reaches for the leg, Young shoves him to the ground and yells, “You’re pathetic!” Young leaves, waving “The Sarge’s” leg as he does.

Backstage: Galloway, The Wolves and Lashley are headed toward the Impact Zone.

Interview: Mahabali Shera recaps his journey to Impact Wrestling, noting a chance meeting with Manik led him into The Revolution. Shera says James Storm is a bad man, but that he’s returning to prove that he is a man unafraid. Josh Mathews announces Shera vs. Abyss next week. Also announced is a 4-Way Knockouts Championship match between Brooke, Awesome Kong, Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa!

Main Event: Lumberjack Match | Drew Galloway vs. Chris Mordetzky

Galloway and Mordetzky waste little time at the opening bell; their encounter more closely resembles a brawl. Galloway tackles Mordetzky with a vicious clothesline. Mordetzky gains control when the lumberjacks tease a confrontation after Sonjay Dutt attempts interference. Galloway sends Mordetzky outside; Lashley and The Wolves toss him back in. Mordetzky flips Galloway with a hard clothesline. Mordetzky focuses his assault on Galloway’s lower back before applying a Camel Clutch. Galloway attempts a comeback, but Mordetzky rakes his eyes before planting him with a powerbomb. Galloway and Mordetzky take one another over the top rope with a double clothesline. Galloway and Mordetzky exchange huge chops before returning the action to the ring. Galloway drops him with a Future Shock DDT! Instead of making the cover, Galloway stalks him from the corner. Brian Myers and Trevor Lee pick Galloway’s ankle and pull him from the ring! The Wolves and Lashley take out the GFW team! Jeff Jarrett rushes to the ring with a guitar in hand. As Jarrett’s poised to smash the guitar over Galloway’s head, Eric Young makes the save. He and Jarrett shove one another. Young takes the guitar … and smashes it over Galloway’s head! Mordetzky makes the cover to claim a one man advantage for GFW in next week’s Lethal Lockdown!

Winner: Chris Mordetzky def. Drew Galloway (via pinfall)