TNA Impact Wrestling Results 9/16/15

TNA Impact Wrestling: TNA vs. GFW Finale
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
September 16, 2015
Announcers: Josh Mathews & The Pope
Recap by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up this week with a video package hyping up Lethal Lockdown tonight. JB is in the ring with a table and chairs set up. Jeff and Karen Jarrett come down to the ring followed shortly after by Dixie Carter. They are signing the contract for tonight’s main event. JB says that after the two parties sign the contracts they will be placed in a briefcase and the winning team will gain control of the briefcase.

Dixie cuts a promo on Jeff Jarrett saying that his own actions removed him from power in TNA and that she was hoping that she and Jeff would be able to rewrite the past with what they were doing the past few months until he turned on her. She says that after tonight Jeff will never have any part in TNA ever again.

Jeff says that tonight is a moment history and tonight nothing matters from the past because it is about wrestling moving forward. Jeff talks about Eric Young and how he turned on TNA and he says that he has invested in he and GFW because he believes in them and not in TNA or Dixie. Jeff says he invested his blood and his sweat in TNA and the first dollar put into TNA came from him so he earned every right to be sitting at that table right now. He says that Dixie sealed her fate when she removed him from power years ago. He thanks Karen for standing beside him and pushing him towards doing this corporate takeover. He says that he will be standing over not one but two world class wrestling promotions, but tonight it is about GFW not him. He says after tonight Dixie will be where she belongs, on the outside of the wrestling business looking in.

Jeff tries to take the briefcase after the contracts are put in it but JB stops him and says that it will be held in a safe place until after the match. Jeff then laughs and says he has always wanted to do this before punching JB in the face!

Jeff Hardy is shown pulling up in the parking lot and he is forced to open the door for EC3.

A vignette relives the history between Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter.


A video package highlights the history between Khoya and The Revolution.

“The Monster” Abyss vs. Mahabali Shera

A fan at ringside is dressed as Big Foot and does Shera’s goofy ass dance with him. Shera tries to get Abyss to do the dance with him but Abyss just punches him in the head. Abyss tosses Shera to the floor and then beats him all around ringside. Shera fights back and tosses Abyss into the ring apron but as he attempts to whip Abyss into the ring steps Abyss reverses it sending Shera head first into the steps. Abyss rolls Shera back into the ring and hits a big Splash in the corner followed by an attempt at the Chokeslam, but Shera counters with a series of elbows only for Abyss to lay him out again with a clothesline. Abyss puts Shera in a chinlock but Shera fights it off with elbows to the gut only for Abyss to slam him down to the mat by his hair. Abyss goes back to the chinlock and again he fights out with back elbows. Shera hits a clothesline of his own but as he goes for a second one Abyss tries one of his own. Shera ducks it and then Shera hits a big Flying Shoulder Tackle followed by a clothesline and then a Splash in the corner! Shera attempts the Sky High but Abyss blocks it and hits the Chokeslam! Abyss taunts Shera with his dance and then goes out ot the floor and pulls out Janice from under the ring! Abyss swings Janice at Shera but he ducks and then hits a Chokeslam of his own for a nearfall! James Storm runs out and goes to hit Shera with the cowbell but Shera ducks and Storm hits Abyss as the referee was throwing Janice out of the ring! Abyss goes to hit Shera but he ducks and Abyss nails Storm and then falls back into the Sky High from Shera for the pin!

Winner: Mahabali Shera via pinfall (Sky High)


In the back Jeff Jarrett is shown hyping up his troops. Eric Young is shown along with Jarrett’s troops though he is not supposed to be a part of Lethal Lockdown.

EC3 comes down to the ring alongside Tyrus. EC3 says that it isn’t the title that makes the man but the man that makes the title and he makes the TNA World Title look good. EC3 brings his new assistant Jeff Hardy out to the ring wearing a suit that has EC3’s face all over it. EC3 says that that the saying is that you can’t shine up a turd but if you slap an EC3 face on it, it looks pretty good. The fans chant for Hardy and EC3 tells Jeff to make the fans stop but Jeff refuses. EC3 screams at Jeff to make them stop chanting for him and finally Jeff tells them to stop which just makes them chant it louder. EC3 says that he knows Jeff is very angry at him but he needs to remind Jeff that EC3 is the greatest champion to ever live and there is nothing that Jeff or anyone else can do to stop him.

Rockstar Spud’s music interrupts EC3 and he says this scene looks very familar to him as he used to be EC3’s assistant. Spud says he would wear that suit too if it didn’t have EC3’s jackass face all over it. Spud says when he came to TNA he would have done anything to keep his job which is why he did everything EC3 told him to do, but Jeff Hardy is somebody and the fans love him. He says that Jeff is everything that EC3 isn’t and compared to Jeff EC3 is nothing but garbage. A big “you are garbage” chant starts much to EC3’s annoyance.

EC3 reminds Spud that he is undefeated and that he has defeated Hardy, Angle, and Sting and is the World Champion. EC3 levels Spud with the microphone and Jeff gets in EC3’s face. Jeff finally backs away and leaves as Spud is left laying in the ring. As EC3 walks up the ramp Spud attacks EC3 from behind only for Tyrus to destroy him. EC3 goes to hit Spud with the microphone again but then he stops and screams at Jeff to hit Spud instead. Jeff refuses at first but then finally punches Spud in the face. EC3 laughs as a pissed off Jeff walks to the back.


Backstage Jeff Jarrett tries to plant some seeds of doubt in Drew Galloway’s head and says that Eric Young has been added to his team meaning Galloway has to find a fifth man for Team TNA.

It is announced that Earl Hebner will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame during Bound for Glory weekend.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Fatal 4-Way Match
Brooke Tesssmacher (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Lei’D Tapa w/Royal Red vs. Awesome Kong

Kong and Tapa get in each others face but then Gail and Brooke hit them from behind to start the match off. Kong slams Brooke and Tapa slams Gail and then they exchange strikes. Tapa headbutts Kong but then Brooke and Gail double team Tapa with forearms and kicks. Gail hits a dropkick sending Tapa to the corner and then Kong hits her with a splash! Gail and Brooke knock Tapa through the ropes to the floor!


Back from the break Gail goes for her swinging 619 around the ring post but Tapa catches her and slams her into the guardrail! In the ring Brooke knocks Kong into Tapa as she climbed on the apron and then attempts a rollup but Kong tosses her to the side. Kong then dives off the apron with a Plancha onto Tapa on the floor! Gail dives off the apron with a Plancha of her own onto Kong on the floor! Brooke climbs up top and hits a Plancha off the top onto Gail on the floor! Kong and Tapa get back to their feet and exchange strikes again while Brooke rolls Gail into the ring. Brooke rolls Gail up for a nearfall and then she whips Gail into the corner, but Gail floats up and over a charging Brooke. Gail attempts a flipping headscissors but Brooke blocks it and then hits a Spinning Headscissors followed by a Russian Leg Sweep for a nearfall. Brooke whips Gail into the corner and then charges right into the boot of Gail! Gail follows up with a Flying Clothesline and then she whips Brooke into the corner. Gail hits a Flying Cross Body on Brooke and then goes for her Ring Post Figure Four. Tapa lays out Gail and then Kong charges at Tapa but Tapa moves and Kong runs into the post and Brooke! Gail and Tapa begin fighting in the ring now and Gail lays into Tapa with kicks and then a splash. Gail goes for a Flying Body Splash in the corner but Tapa catches her in midair and hits a big body slam. Tapa taunts Gail and then goes for a Samoan Drop but Gail blocks it and hits a series of kicks to the back of Tapa followed by a Sliding Dropkick! Gail climbs up top but Tapa sweeps her legs out from under her! Tapa climbs up with Gail and Superplexes her! Kong dives off the top wtih a Awesome Splash on Tapa and Brooke dives off another corner with a Flying Elbow Drop on Kong! Brooke attacks Kong but Kong knocks her away and goes for the Awesome Bomb, but Gail rolls her up and gets a nearfall! Tapa lays out Gail and Brooke with a Double Clothesline and then goes for the TKO on Kong but Brooke clotheslines Tapa causing Kong to go flying through the ropes followed by Tapa as well! Gail goes for Eat Defeat on Brooke but Brooke blocks it and rolls Gail up only for Gail to kick out. Brooke goes for a Sunset Flip but Gail sits down on Brooke and gets the pin!

Winner & NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim via pinfall

In the back Drew Galloway hypes up the TNA troops.


They show clips from the Jeff Jarrett DVD for about the tenth time over the last month.

Backstage EC3 approaches Jeff Hardy and asks Jeff why Rockstar Spud has a title shot against him next week and asks if Jeff had anything to do with that. Jeff asks EC3 if he is scared because he knows Spud can beat him. EC3 laughs and says that Spud can’t beat him and it is in Jeff’s best interest for EC3 to keep the title.

A video package highlights all of the TNA-GFW drama.

Lethal Lockdown
Six Sides of Steel Cage Match
Team TNA (Lashley, Drew Galloway, Bram, Davey Richards, & Eddie Edwards) vs. Team GWF (Jeff Jarrett, Brian Myers, Eric Young, Sonjay Dutt, & Chris Mordetzky)

The stipulation of this match is that if Team TNA wins then Dixie Carter retains complete control of TNA and Jarrett gives up his left over stock in the company, but if GFW wins then Jarrett gets back control of TNA and all of Dixie’s stock. Two men will start the match, one for each team, for five minutes and then a new man will enter every two minutes. After every man has entered the match a ceiling will drop on the cage with a bunch of weapons. GFW won the man advantage last week when Mordetzky defeated Galloway. Representing GFW first is Sonjay Dutt while Davey Richards represents TNA first as the Arn Anderson of his team.


Davey whips Sonjay into the ropes and hits a clothesline before tossing him into the corner and mounting him. Davey rains down right hands on Sonjay and then he goes to pick Sonjay up only to eat a Jawbreaker from the Playa from the Himalayas. Sonjay mounts Davey in the corner now and rains down punches of his own, but Davey lifts Sonjay up and hits an Atomic Drop followed by a series of strikes. Davey goes for a Suplex but Sonjay blocks it and then bites the hand of Davey and hits a Spinning Back Kick. Sonjay whips Davey into the ropes and then goes for a Hip Toss, but Davey reverses it and then tosses Sonjay into the cage wall. Davey hits the ropes but eats a back elbow from Sonjay but then Davey comes back and catapults Sonjay into the cage. Davey locks in a Texas Cloverleaf but time expires and ERIC YOUNG enters the ring and attacks Davey from behind.

EY puts the boots to Davey in the corner but Davey turns things around on EY and puts him in a Cloverleaf as well! Sonjay kicks Davey from behind and the GFW guys put the boots to Davey in the corner. EY slams Davey into the turnbuckles and Sonjay hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a series of stomps followed by more stomps from the “Beareded Terror.” Sonjay puts Davey in a Half Crab while EY steps on the back of Davey’s head. Time expires and the next man in is DREW GALLOWAY!

Galloway tosses Sonjay and EY all over the ring! Drew hits a Shortarm Clothesline on EY and then a big backdrop!


Back from the break Brian Myers has joined the match and GFW his triple teaming TNA. The next man in is LASHLEY! Lashley destroys everyone with clotheslines and suplexes all over the ring! Lashley Spears EY out of his boots and then hands one out to Sonjay as well! Lashley hits the Delayed Vertical Suplex on Myers! TNA has taken the advantage of the match now, Galloway hits a Michinoku Driver on Myers! The next man in the ring is MORDETZKY and he goes right for Lashley. The GFW guys turn things around on TNA as they get the numbers advantage. EY rakes Galloway’s face across the steel cage and Mordetzky hits a big Atomic Drop on Lashley. Galloway and Lashley rally a comeback on the heels and Lashley hits a Snap Suplex on Mordetzky but EY attacks him from behind. The next man in is EDDIE EDWARDS as he evens things up again.

Eddie hits an Atomic Drop on EY and then the Backpack Stunner on Dutt out of the corner! The Wolves double team Myers in the corner and then whip him into a clothesline from Galloway. The Wolves continue to double team Myers and then Galloway press slams Dutt into the turnbuckles! Lashley hits a Powerslam on Mordetzky and then the final member of GFW, JEFF JARRETT makes his way down to the ring. Jarrett tosses Eddie into the cage wall and then tosses Galloway into it as well as Davey. Dutt tosses Davey into the cage again as the heels have taken firm control of the match. Jarrett rakes Galloway’s face across the cage wall and then clock ticks down and the final man for TEAM TNA is…BRAM! Well I didn’t expect that, but there is no woman in the match so I don’t know how well he will fare…

The ceiling is lowered and now weapons have been introduced!


All ten men go at it in the ring at once and it is hard to keep up with everything. TNA takes the early advantage until Sonjay Dutt grabs a kendo sticks and starts laying everyone out. Jarrett then grabs a trashcan and joins in on the party laying out all of the babyfaces. The heels continue to work on the babyfaces using all kinds of weapons including trashcans, trashcan lids, chairs, and kendo sticks. Mordetzky puts Galloway in the Masterlock and then Myers and Dutt attempt a Doubel Superkick but Galloway escapes and they nail Mordetzky! The TNA guys are fighting back now and The Wolves hit the Alarm Clock on Dutt! Mordetzky lays The Wolves out but Lashley Spears him out of his boots! Jeff Jarrett gets to his feet and realizes he is surrounded by all of the TNA guys! Jarrett tries to escape through the camera hole in the cage and yells to Karen “don’t let them take me!” The babyfaces toss Jarrett into the cage wall and then they take turns splashing him in the corner. Lashley hits a Snap Suplex on Jarrett and then Galloway goes for Future Shock but Myers hits him from behind. EY hits the Spike Piledriver on Galloway! Lashley Spears the shit out of EY but then Jarrett grabs Lashley and hits the Stroke! The Wolves attack Jarrett and lay him out in the corner. Davey puts a trashcan over his head and then they dive from opposite corners with a Double Van Terminator! Bram and Mordetzky exchange trashcan shots and then Myers starts laying into anyone that moves with a trashcan. Galloway dropkicks the traschan into Myers’ face and then hits the Future Shock DDT onto a trashcan! 1…2…3!

Winners: Team TNA via pinfall (Future Shock DDT)

All of the babyfaces of Team TNA raise each others hands and celebrate while Bram just stands and glares at them. Karen Jarrett is shown crying as she and the GFW guys try to help Jeff up. Dixie Carter walks out and celebrates with the TNA guys as well. Galloway hugs Dixie and then presents her with the briefcase and she hugs Lashley as well. Finally Bram allows Galloway to raise his arm with the rest of the TNA guys.


1) Mahabali Shera def. Abyss
2) TNA Knockouts Title Fatal 4-Way: Gail Kim def. Brooke Tessmacher (c), Awesome Kong, & Lei’D Tapa to win the title!
3) Lethal Lockdown Six Sides of Steel Cage Match: Team TNA def. Team GFW

Scheduled for Next Week:
– TNA World Title: Ethan Carter III (c) vs. Rockstar Spud