TNA Impact Wrestling Results 9/23/15
TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
September 23, 2015
Announcers: Josh Matthews & The Pope
Recap by: Josh Boutwell of
This week’s Impact opens up with highlights from last weeks show focusing on Lethal Lockdown, and then Drew Galloway comes down to the ring which is surrounded by the TNA roster with Dixie Carter and the other members of Team TNA in the ring. 
Dixie thanks Team TNA and Drew says they all love pro wrestling and it is their passion. He says that TNA is their platform to do what they love in front of the fans. He says he isn’t trying to be a leader and they are all equals. He says there plenty more fights to come but they will always overcome and he calls them the warriors of TNA. Dixie she owes them all something for what they did last week and at Bound for Glory the TNA World Title will be defended against the winner of tonight’s main event: Bram vs. Davey vs. Eddie vs. Drew vs. Lashley! Dixie says she has never been more proud of her roster but there is someone missing from ringside and she needs to call him out now: Eric Young! 
EY comes out carrying Chris Melendez’s leg which has “MY LEG” written in Sharpie on it. A big “you sold out” chant breaks out and Dixie says that he turned his back on the fans, her, and everyone of his fellow wrestlers. EY asks why Dixie didn’t punish him after he took Kurt Angle out or when he took a war heroes leg. He says the reason is that he has an iron clad contract so Dixie can’t do anything. He says he hedged his bet with Jarrett but Team TNA won and even though they won he won too because he still has an iron clad contract. Dixie says she may not be able to do anything about it but she can’t speak for the men and women in and around the ring. She calls EY a coward and says that people like Melendez makes it possible for cowards like EY to have their freedom. Melendez comes down to the ring on crutches. Dixie says that Chris will get his chance at revenge and every person around the ring will make sure he gets a fair fight as it will be a Lumberjack Match…NEXT! 
Lumberjack Match 
“Showtime” Eric Young vs. “The Sarge” Chris Melendez 
EY attacks Melendez from behind and then tosses him to the floor, but the wrestlers let him get back in the ring on his own. Melendez hits a shoulder block through the ropes on EY followed by a Slingshot Sunset Flip for a nearfall. EY comes back with a clothesline and puts the boots to Melendez. EY hits a Scoop Slam and then follows up with a Back Suplex for a nearfall. Melendez tries to fight back but EY cuts him off and continues to beat on The Sarge. EY puts Sarge in a chinlock but Melendez fights it off with a Jawbreaker. EY comes back sending Melendez into the turnbuckles and then chokes EY with his boot. EY lifts Melendez up by his leg but Melendez catches him with a series of clotheslines and then a Samoan Drop followed by a Bully Bomb! EY retreats to the corner and uses Earl Hebner as a shield. EY then rakes Melendez’s eyes and hits him with his leg! EY lifts Melendez up for a Spike Piledriver but instead lifts Melendez up to the top rope instead. EY slaps him repeatedly and then goes for a Super Piledriver, but Melendez fights him off and hits a one legged Missile Dropkick off the top! 1…2…3! 
Winner: Chris Melendez via pinfall (Missile Dropkick)
The TNA roster climbs into the ring and celebrates with Melendez after the match.
A vignette highlights the upcoming Gail-Jade match with Terrell trashing the Beautiful People during it. She tells Jade that she needs her to not just beat Gail but to hurt her. She tells Rebel and Marti Belle to show her why they should be her favorites. 
In the back EC3 continues to bully Jeff Hardy and he reminds Jeff that if he tells him to hit Spud he has to do it. 
Backstage Lashley says he has his eyes set on the World Title and BFG now. 
TNA Knockouts Championship 
Gail Kim (c) vs. Jade 
As Gail made her entrance Jade nails her with a big Front Kick and then she chokes the champ in the corner. Jade charges at Gail but Gail sidesteps her and goes for a rollup only for Jade to block it. Jade goes for antoher Front Kick but Gail coutners with a Legbreaker and then a hurricanrana! Gail goes for a Wheelbarrow move but Jade blocks it and counters into a big German Suplex bridging into a nearfall. Jade puts the boots to Gail and gets another nearfall before lighting her up with a chop. Jade hits a big Running Yakuza Kick for another nearfall and then hits a big series of forearms. Jade lights Kim up with a series of chops and then as Gail is laying in the corner she attempts a Rolling Cannonball, but Gail moves out of the way and hits a series of forearms folowed by a Running Shoulder Block. Gail hits a Running Clothesline and then a Flying Cross Body in the corner. Gail drags Jade’s legs out near the ring post and wraps her in the Hanging Figure Four! Gail drags Jade to the floor and hits a 619 around the ring post! Gail tosses Jade into the ring and gets a nearfall before then going for Eat Defeat. Jade blocks it and then Gail goes for a hurricanrana, but Jade blocks it and counters into a Sitout Powerbomb! 1…2…NO Gail kicks out! Jade and Gail trade counters and then Gail hits Eat Defeat for the pin! 
Winner & STILL Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim via pinfall (Eat Defeat) 
Rebel Spears Gail after the match and she along with Marti put the boots to her. Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky run out to help Gail out. They chase The Dollhouse to the back and then Awesome Kong comes down to the ring and she steps on the Knockouts Title stopping Gail from picking it up. Gail and Kong stare each other down as the referee tries to make sure they don’t fight. 
In the back Rockstar Spud says that no matter what he or EC3 do it seems that they always come around with each other. Spud says he knows what Jeff Hardy is going through but tonight it is about the TNA World Title. 
They show those same damn clicks from the freaking Jeff Jarrett DVD again, are you kidding me?! This is unbelievable, oh my God I want to kick a puppy at this point. 
TNA X-Division Championship 
Tigre Uno (c) vs. “King of the Night” Kenny King 
Tigre Uno will defend his title against former X-Division Champion and now ROH star Kenny King. If you hadn’t heard King made his return to ROH this past weekend. King shoves Tigre as the match starts and then they lockup and King tosses Tigre across the ring. Tigre hits the ropes but King runs him over with a shoulder block. Tigre hits the ropes again and this time King lifts Tigre high up into the air and Press Slams him. King whips Tigre into the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Tigre ducks and connects with a dropkick. Tigre hits a drop toehold and then a sliding dropkick. King rolls to the floor and Tigre hits a Springboard Tornillo onto King on the floor! Tigre rolls King back into the ring and then attempts a springboard move but King catches him in midair with a Spinning Enziguri! 1…2…NO Tigre grabs the bottom rope to break the count. King field goal kicks Tigre in the ribs and then whips him into the ropes. King hits a Spinning Backbreaker over his shoulder for another nearfall and then puts Tigre in a headlock. Tigre fights up to his feet and breaks the hold with elbows before King tosses him into the corner. King lifts Tigre up to the top rope and then climbs up with him and attempts a Superplex, but Tigre blocks it and shoves King to the mat. King backflips to his feet but runs right into a Flying Cross Body from Tigre! King hits a series of jabs but then Tigre ducks and hits a Spinning Headscissors. Tigre hits a Dropkick Salto followed by an Enziguri for a nearfall! Tigre attempts to whip King into the corner but King reverses it and then catches a floatover attempt from Tigre and hits a Spinning Backbreaker followed by a T-Bone Suplex! 1…2…NO Tigre kicks out again! King goes for the Royal Flush but Tigre blocks it and goes for a rollup. King blocks it and hits an Arn Anderson style Spinebuster for yet another nearfall! King gets frustrated and just starts punching away at Tigre sending him into the corner. King then attempts a Flying Knee attempt but Tigre moves and hits a Spinning DDT! Tigre follows up with a Springboard Frog Splash for the pin! 
Winner & STILL X-Division Champion: Tigre Uno via pinfall (Springboard Frog Splash) 
A vignette highlighting the drama between Hardy, Spud, and EC3 is shown. 
TNA World Heavyweight Championship 
Ethan Carter III (c) w/Tyrus & Jeff Hardy vs. “The Ultimate Underog” Rockstar Spud
Spud and EC3 had a pretty intense feud earlier in the year which ended in a bloody Hair vs. Hair Match which EC3 won. This is Spud’s second World Title shot ever, his first came earlier this year against Kurt Angle at Destination X.
EC3 offers Spud a handshake but then pie faces him and slaps him. EC3 lights Spud up with chops but Spud answers back with some big right hands and chops! Spud puts the boots to EC3 in the corner and then puts him in a headlock and continues to throw punches. EC3 answers with a Running Clothesline and then he mounts Spud and lays in right hands of his own. EC3 tosses Spud into the corner and beats him down and chokes him. EC3 puts Spud in a Cravate but Spud counters into a Jawbreaker! Spud then hits a series of leg kicks and punches that takes EC3 off his game. Spud avoids a Stinger Splash attempt from a desperate EC3 and then he connects with a sereis of Flying Forearms followed by a Sliding Dropkick in the corner! Spud then sends EC3 out to the floor and hits a Somersault Plancha over the top onto EC3 on the floor! Spud rolls EC3 back into the ring and then dives off the top with a Diving Forearm Smash! Spud attempts the Underdog but EC3 shoves Spud into the corner and then rolls him up! 1…2…NO Spud kicks out and EC3 dead lifts Spud up into the air and drops him with an impressive one armed Sitout Powerbomb for another nearfall! EC3 goes for the One Percenter but Spud blocks it by holding onto the leg of EC3. Spud then bites the hand of EC3 and hits an Enziguri followed by a Shining Wizard! Spud goes for the Underdog again but EC3 counters into a Spinning Facebreaker and then the One Percenter for the pin! 
Winner & STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: EC3 via pinfall (One Percenter) 
After the match EC3 tells Tyrus to Heart Punch Spud which Tyrus happily does. Tyrus then picks Spud up and EC3 tells Jeff to end Spud’s career. He tells Jeff to give Spud a Twist of Fate but Jeff refuses. Matt Hardy runs down to the ring and Tyrus attacks him. EC3 tells Jeff to hit Matt but Matt mule kicks Tyrus in the balls and Jeff punches EC3! EC3 freaks out at ringside as the Hardyz shake hands. 
Backstage EC3 freaks out about what just happened with Jeffrey. 
James Storm talks about the drama between he and Shera recently. He says that The Revolution is about family and he made all of them. Abyss says that he helped build TNA from the ground up by spilling his blood, sweat, and tears and scarring his body up. He says that Storm didn’t make Abyss, he made himself and if Storm ever lays his hands on him again he will kick his ass all the way back to Tennessee. Abyss says that from here on out he destroys who he wants, when he wants and he is done with the Revolution. Storm screams at Abyss to get back in the ring right now because he isn’t done with him but Abyss walks up the ramp and leaves. Storm says that he will be back because everyone wants to stand beside him.
Storm calls out Khoya but Manik yells “his name is Mahabeli Shera!” Storm pie faces Manik and screams that his name is Khoya and demands that Manik say his name is Khoya. Manik refuses and Storm pie faces him again. Storm says he made Manik and he is the one that gave him that mask and that name. Manik snatches the microphone from Storm and says that Storm didn’t make Shera or him and then he removes his mask. Manik drops the mask and leaves the ring as the fans chant “TJP” at him. 
Shera comes out and Storm screams that he is the cause of all these problems. Shera says that The Revolution is over and if he wants to fight he will fight Storm right now! Storm says if Shera wants to go right now then they can fight right now, but then says they fight on his time and leaves. 
In the back Drew Galloway approaches The Wolves and he thanks them for going to war with GFW with him. He says they are the best tag team on the planet but Eddie says they appreciate to be given the chance to fight beside him. Davey says that tonight it is about the World Title and all bets are off because they have to do what they have to do to win. They wish each other luck and part ways. 
In the back Matt Hardy reminds Jeff that he has a family to feed and he feels responsible for all of this. Jeff says that if EC3 wants to fire him then he will have to call him to the ring and fire him to his face. 
Main Event
TNA World Title #1 Contenders Elimination Match
“The Destroyer” Lashley vs. Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards vs. “The Chosen One” Drew Galloway vs. Bram 
Galloway attacks Lashley at the bell and The Wolves double team Bram in the corner. The Wolves beat Bram down while Lashley and Galloway spill out to the floor. Bram hits a double clothesline on The Wolves and they roll to the floor as Galloway rolls back in the ring and gets face to face with the Scottish beast. They exchange right hands and Bram hits a Spinning Heel Kick to take Galloway off his feet. Lashley rolls into the ring and whips Bram into the corner where he comes flying in with a Running Shoulder Block! Lashley follows up with the Vertical Suplex followed by a Backbreaker attempt, but Bram blocks it and then hits a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall! Bram clotheslines Lashley to the floor but then turns around right into a double kick from The Wolves. The Wolves attempt a Double Suplex on Bram but he reverses it and then attempts a Double Clothesline, but they duck and hit Double Suicide Dives through the ropes onto Lashley and Galloway on the floor! They hit a Double Dropkick to Bram followed by a Superkick from Davey and then a German Suplex from Eddie for a nearfall. The Wolves hit a Double Superkick for another nearfall and then they both climb to the top. Eddie hits a Ghetto Stomp to the back of Bram and then a Ghetto Stomp from Davey and they both cover Bram to eliminate him! 
Back from the break Lashley hits a Gutbuster over the shoulder on Davey and then hits a Running Shoulder Block on him in the corner. Lashley follows up with an attempt at the Delayed Vertical Suplex but Eddie comes in and kicks Lashley. Lashley keeps Davey up and Drew comes in and kicks him as well but again Lashley keeps him up! Eddie finally comes in and pulls Davey down and then The Wolves send him to the floor. Davey rolls Galloway up and then Eddie hits him with a Shining Wizard! Davey hits an Atomic Drop on a charging Lashley and catapults him into a Superkick from Eddie! The Wolves climb to the top but Drew cuts Davey off and Eddie leaps over Lsahley. Eddie rolls Lashley up in a Half Crab while Davey catches Drew in a Texas Cloverleaf! Davey and Eddie release the holds and then get in each others faces. They slap and chop each other and then lay into each other with round kicks. Davey hits an Alarm Clock on Eddie but Eddie answers with an Enziguri! Lashley hits the Spear on Davey and Drew hits the Future Shock on Eddie! They both pin The Wolves and they are eliminated! It is now down to Drew and Lashley! 
Lashley and Galloway exchange some big, stiff shots and then Drew lays Lashley out with a Running Clothesline. Drew hits a Running Forearm to Lashley in the corner and quickly climbs to the top and hits a Flying Clothesline. Lashley answers with a Running Clothesline of his own for a nearfall. Lashley beats Drew down in the corner and chokes him with his boot. Lashley hits a Snap Suplex for another nearfall and then puts him in a side headlock. Drew fights up to his feet and then he attempts to float over a charging Lashley but he gets caught and dropped with a Running Powerslam from Lashley for another nearfall. Lashley whips Drew into the ropes and charges at him but Drew gets his boot up and then attempts a clothesline, but Lashley ducks and hits a German Suplex! He rolls through it and sets up for another one but Drew swings his elbow at Lashley only for Lashley to duck and hit a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Lashley goes for a Spear but Drew ducks and then rolls him up for a nearfall. Drew quickly gets to his feet and hits a Running Mafia Kick! 1…2…3! 
Winner & NEW #1 Contender: Drew Galloway 
Galloway and Lashley shake hands after the match and Lashley raises Drew’s hand. 
Backstage EC3 says that he is firing Jeff Hardy tonight! 
Backstage EC3 puts over his opponents from tonight calling them the best wrestlers in the world. He says that there is a reason the fans react to the things he says and it is because he is real. He says that he will win the World Title not just for himself but for everyone that has a dream. 
EC3 comes out to the ring with Tyrus and he says that Jeff agreed to his stipulation that Jeff would become his personal assistant if he defeated Matt. He says that he will give Jeff one more chance to come out and beg for his job. Jeff Hardy comes down to the ring and he lives to inspire and create, and his creatures don’t live in EC3’s reality because they create their own. Jeff says that if he wants to fire him then he should go ahead because he isn’t scared. EC3 reminds Jeff that if he fires him then he has no way to support his family and no way to create and inspire his fans. EC3 says that he is the only person standing between Jeff and the unemployment line. He says that he will give Jeff one more chance to beg him and kiss the World Title as if it is the King’s ring. He tells Jeff to get down on his knee and Jeff does get down on one knee. EC3 tells Jeff to recite an apology to him and kiss the title, but Jeff says that EC3 can’t fire him because he quits. Jeff tells EC3 that he can take the job and shove it up his ass because he isn’t working here anymore. 
EC3 tells Jeff not to let the door hit him on the ass on the way out. 
1) Lumberjack Match: Chris Melendez def. Eric Young 
2) TNA Knockouts Title: Gail Kim (c) def. Jade to retain the title!
3) TNA X-Division Title: Tigre Uno (c) def. Kenny King to retain the title!
4) TNA World Title: EC3 (c) def. Rockstar Spud to retain the title!
5) TNA World Title #1 Contenders Elimination Match: Drew Galloway def. Bram, Lashley, Eddie Edwards, & Davey Richards 
Scheduled for Next Week:
– No DQ Match: Mahabali Shera vs. James Storm 
– Drew Galloway & Matt Hardy vs. Ethan Carter III & Tyrus 
Bound for Glory Lineup:
– TNA Knockouts Title: Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim (c)
– TNA World Title: Ethan Carter III (c) vs. Drew Galloway