TNA Impact Wrestling Results 9/30/15

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IMPACT Results: #BoundForGlory Set with Major Changes to Main Event with Special Referee & More!

Impact Coverage by Bobby James
September 30, 2015 | Countdown to Glory

Dixie Carter, The Champion and His Challenger

Carter says despite being the unbendable, unbreakable, unpinned, un-submitted, undisputed, undefeated World Heavyweight Champion, he’s not in a very good mood – because no one’s talking about the him, rather they’re clamoring about his challenger, Drew Galloway. Carter calls out Dixie Carter for being one of Galloway’s most prolific supporters. Dixie tells EC3 he’s been a great champion in the ring, but outside the ring, he’s been an embarrassment. Dixie reminds EC3 why he wasn’t selected for Team TNA, because he’d made it clear he wanted no part of TNA vs. GFW.

Carter addresses Galloway by saying that Galloway’s time for self-worship is coming to an end. Galloway and Carter butt heads. Galloway says EC3 is a self-entitled little bitch that turned his back on TNA. Carter says that at Bound For Glory, Galloway will stand down; Galloway vows to become TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Backstage: James Storm says “Khoya” is the reason The Revolution began to doubt him – and he vows to cut “Khoya” down in a no disqualification match.

Backstage: EC3 tells Dixie that he’s destroyed legends and that he’ll destroy “the future.”

Video: Storm recaps “Khoya’s” time in The Revolution before the emergence of Mahabali Shera. Shera rebels and challenges Storm.

No Disqualification | James Storm vs. Mahabali Shera

Storm attacks Shera on the ramp; Shera drives Storm into the barricade. Storm delivers a low-blow, but Shera comes back and trades blows with Storm, ultimately catching him with a fall-away slam. Storm catches Shera with a facebreaker before introducing a pair of chairs to the match. He sets the chairs facing toward each other before pulling Shera from the top rope; one of the chairs snaps in two as Shera crashes through! Storm sets up a table and attempts a powerbomb. Shera counters and the two butt heads. Storm rolls from the ring and grabs a beer. He takes a swig and sprays it at Shera. Shera ducks and it catches Earl Hebner. Shera takes out Storm, but the official is unable to make the count. Storm clubs Shera with a cowbell and then he powers him through the table with the Eye of the Storm! Shera kicks out a two! Storm breaks the bottle on the ring post. As he stalks Shera with the broken bottleneck, Abyss and Manik enter the ring. Storm asks why they’ve come and they signal for The Revolution. Their fingers drop and point to Storm. Abyss connects with a Black Hole Slam and Manik lands a frog splash! Shera delivers a Sky High to secure the victory!

Result: Mahabali Shera def. James Storm (via pinfall)

Backstage: Bobby Roode is headed to the Impact Zone.

Backstage: Dixie says that since EC3 likes reminding her that he’s a fighting champion, that she’s upping the ante for Bound For Glory. She stipulates that if Carter and Tyrus lose in the main event, Matt Hardy will be added to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match!

An Open Challenge from “The ‘It’ Factor”

Roode says he’s been blessed to be a champion in TNA – from his reigns as Tag Team and World champion to his current reign as King of the Mountain. He says the KOTM title represents dedication to professional wrestling. Roode issues an open challenge for his title at Bound For Glory. Lashley enters the Impact Zone. He says he came to TNA for two reasons – to compete against the best wrestlers in the world and to collect as many titles as possible. Lashley challenges Roode for the KOTM title. Roode accepts, making it Roode vs. Lashley at BFG.

Backstage: Taryn Terrell assures Dollhouse will end The Beautiful People and rid TNA of Velvet once and for all.

X-Division Three-Way | DJ Z vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Trevor Lee

Ciampa takes it to Lee and DJ Z early on. He’s sent from the ring as and then DJ Z catches Lee with a hurricanrana. Ciampa pulls DJ Z through the ropes and powers him onto the apron! Lee flies over the top rope and takes out Ciampa! Lee flips with a moonsault from the corner as the crowd chants “Let’s go Trevor;” Ciampa counters with a kick to the midsection. Ciampa scores a vertical suplex; DJ Z rushes back into the action, taking out both with a springboard tornado DDT! Ciampa takes down DJ Z; Lee catches Ciampa with a beautiful German suplex! DJ Z interrupts the count. Lee plants DJ Z; Ciampa takes control of Lee when he turns a powerbomb into a backstabber! DJ Z makes the save again. He sends Ciampa outside and then he and Lee collide mid-air with a crossbody that Lee turns into a corkscrew slam!

Result: Trevor Lee def. DJ Z and Tommaso Ciampa (via pinfall)

Backstage: Jeremy Borash interviews The Beautiful People. Angelina Love says Jade made it personal and Velvet says Taryn should be ringside when they “rip the doll parts off, one ugly limb at a time.”

Video: Brooke updates the fans on her training to come back full-force for the Knockouts’ Title.

Backstage: EC3 addresses Dixie Carter’s added stipulation. He says he’s a winner – and that Dixie was a winner, but not anymore because, “Winners don’t make questionable decisions.”

3-on-2 Handicap Match | Dollhouse vs. The Beautiful People

Pope declares that the Dollhouse is “Every girl’s nightmare, but every man’s dream,” as Rebel leads Jade and Marti Bell to the ring. Angelina Love accompanies Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky. Madison leads the charge as she rams Rebel into the apron. All five women scuffle until the opening bell sounds as Velvet is spearing Marti Bell. Velvet follows up with a series of clotheslines before tagging Madison. Madison delivers a stiff kick, but that doesn’t stop Jade from entering that match. Jade scores some offense, but Madison takes control with a dropkick on the apron. Madison drags Jade to her corner and The Beautiful People take Jade down for a near fall. Velvet whips Jade across the ring; she’s distracted by the Dollhouse. Jade connects with a running dropkick! Rebel makes the tag and lands a series of kicks to the midsection. Then, she distracts the official and Madison while Jade and Marti Bell double team Velvet. Jade tags in and connects with a suplex to Velvet; she kicks Madison in the face. Jade applies a choke. She and Velvet connect with a double clothesline. Marti Bell and Madison tag in; Madison assumes control with an enziguri! Madison scores a two-count. Rebel takes a cheap shot. Madison misses with a swing but sidesteps as Marti Bell charges with a shoulder block that ultimately sends Rebel from the apron. Madison catches Marti Bell with a Rayne Drop. Jade interrupts the count and Velvet sends her outside. Velvet whips Jade toward the stairs; Jade reverses. She positions Velvet’s hand on the stairs and swings a chair. Velvet just rolls out of the way as Rebel throws powder into Madison’s eyes. Marti Bell scores the roll-up and three!

Result: Dollhouse def. The Beautiful People

Backstage: Eric Young rants against TNA.

Video: Gail Kim addresses Awesome Kong. She says Bound For Glory is about their legacies and determining the best Knockouts’ Champion. Gail says history will show that she defeated Awesome Kong.

“God” Against The World

Eric Young says last week he had Chris Melendez beat, but that Melendez had thirty men run interference. Young says no one on the roster is good enough to beat him – that he is too strong to die – he is God. Robbie E interrupts claiming he’s from Jersey and loves to fight. He punches Young through the ropes as he jumps into the ring. Robbie spears Young, but Young grounds him with a low blow. Young tosses him from the ring and screams, “Looks like that boom’s a bust!” Young challenges anyone else. “The Sarge,” Chris Melendez, answers the call. Melendez takes him down; Young nails a back body drop and grabs a chair. He swings and misses wildly. “The Sarge” takes possession, sending Young into retreat. Mr. Anderson stops Young from leaving the Impact Zone. He feeds Young to Robbie E and Chris Melendez! Robbie E delivers a Boom Drop! Melendez connects with a stunner and Anderson finishes him with a Mic Check.

Backstage: Matt Hardy tells Drew Galloway that he’ll never end his quest to become TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Galloway tells Hardy that it’s his opportunity as well.

Backstage: Eric Young demands that Dixie Carter do something about what happened to him. Dixie tells Young that he’ll be facing Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory!

Tag Team Match | Ethan Carter III & Tyrus vs. Matt Hardy & Drew Galloway

Carter and Galloway are the first legal men. They come face-to-face; EC3 backs up, allowing Tyrus to tag. Tyrus overpowers Galloway; Hardy makes the tag. Hardy and Galloway double team Tyrus. Tyrus is quick to overcome Hardy and bring in the champion. Carter and Hardy trade blows; Hardy scores a side Russian leg sweep and bulldog. Carter comes back with a standing dropkick. Carter drags Hardy to the corner and brings in Tyrus, who connects with a splash. Tyrus applies a pressure-point hold that turns into a choke. Tyrus shoves Hardy into the corner and Carter nails a splash. Galloway sends Carter from the ring, which distracts the official. Tyrus and Carter workover Hardy again; Tyrus drops onto Hardy. Tyrus remains in control as the crowd comes alive for Hardy. Tyrus distracts the official, allowing EC3 an opportunity to choke Hardy using the ropes. Carter chokes him again; Tyrus drops him with a splash. Carter’s in with a headlock; Hardy scores a Side Effect! Hardy makes the tag and Galloway punishes EC3! Galloway connects with a diving clothesline; Carter delivers a jawbreaker. Tyrus tags in as Galloway catches Carter with a belly-to-belly suplex. Galloway makes the cover, but Tyrus drops an elbow to the back of his head. Tyrus sets Galloway up for a powerbomb, but Hardy comes off the ropes with a clothesline. Hardy drops Tyrus with a Twist of Fate and Galloway drives through him with a single leg running dropkick for the win.

Result: Drew Galloway & Matt Hardy def. Tyru & Ethan Carter III

Post-match: Dixie Carter enters the Impact Zone. She announces the main event for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and that it will be a fair fight because there’s a special guest referee: Jeff Hardy!