TNA Impact Wrestling Results 10/7/15

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IMPACT Results: World Title Series Starts.. (Oct. 7, 2015)

Impact Coverage by Bobby James
October 7, 2015 | World Title Series

The Following 72 Hours

EC3 says he’s filed an injunction with the courts, citing a conspiracy to take away his World Title. The injunction prevents Matt Hardy, the newly crowned TNA World Heavyweight Champion, from appearing on Impact Wrestling. Hardy appears via satellite to say he’s relinquishing the TNA World Title, negating Carter’s injunction against him, Dixie Carter and TNA Wrestling. Hardy says fans deserve a fighting champion that’s able to be seen. Dixie says Matt’s decision was unselfish and put TNA and the wrestling industry first, providing Impact with a unique opportunity – to present the World Title Series!

World Title Series Breakdown

Josh Mathews and Pope declare a total of 32 men and women, or eight groups of four, will compete to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

World Title Series breakdown:

– Group Play: A round-robin style contest, where each opponent will face every member of their group in matches with 15-minute time limits. A victory earns 3 points, draws earn 1 point and losses earn 0.

– Round of 16: The top two competitors from each group move on to the Round of 16, where there are no time limits and single eliminations.

Introducing the first four groups:

– Group UK: Bram, Rockstar Spud, Grado, Drew Galloway
– Group Wildcard: Aiden O’Shea, Crazzy Steve, Kenny King, Mahabali Shera
– Group Knockouts: Awesome Kong, Madison Rayne, Brooke, Gail Kim
– Group Champions: Lashley, Austin Aries, Mr. Anderson, EC3

World Title Series: Group UK | Bram vs. Drew Galloway

Bram takes it to Galloway; Galloway sends Bram outside. Bram pulls Galloway from the ring and swings him into the stairs. He drives Galloway’s head into the apron before rolling him into the ring for a headlock. Galloway is sent crashing into the turnbuckle before being caught in an intense fist trade. Bram is sent back to the outside. With an assist from ringside fans, Galloway unloads a massive set of chops before smashing Bram’s face into the stairs nearly a dozen times. Galloway slams Bram onto the apron before delivering a running boot to earn the victory.

Result: Drew Galloway def. Bram (Galloway: 3, Bram: 0)

Backstage: Gail Kim says Impact Wrestling has always been a place where women could succeed. She asks if there’s anywhere else where women have the opportunity to be the World Heavyweight Champion.

World Title Series: Group Knockouts | Brooke vs. Gail Kim

Brooke holds her own against Gail until she’s sent crashing to the mat. Brooke counters a tilt-a-whirl headscissor with a pin attempt. Gail’s out but caught with a clothesline. Brooke grounds Gail with a bridging chicken wing submission. Gail refuses to tap and counters with a submission of her own. Brooke won’t quit and deflects an Eat Defeat with a face-breaker. Gail and Brooke come to blows. Brooke capitalizes with a facebuster from the second rope. Brooke misses an elbow drop from the top rope; Gail applies a ring post Figure Four. Brooke counters a second Eat Defeat with an inside cradle for the upset.

Result: Brooke def. Gail Kim (Brooke: 3, Gail Kim: 0)

Backstage: EC3 says the World Title Series should be called the “EC3 Memorial Screwjob Series.” Carter vows to win, beginning with a victory over Austin Aries.

World Title Series: Group UK | Rockstar Spud vs. Grado

Grado dominates Spud for the early portion of the match. Spud connects with a series of running forearms; Grado misses a splash. Spud connects with a dropkick; Grado connects with a pedigree! Spud rolls through an ankle lock, countering with a splash, bulldog and his version of The Worm. Grado powers out of Spud’s pin attempt and drops The People’s Elbow. Spud counters a Styles Clash and lifts Grado for a chokeslam! Grado’s out a two! Spud fires back with a stunner and the Underdog for the win.

Result: Rockstar Spud def. Grado (Rockstar Spud: 3, Grado: 0)

World Title Series: Group Champions | Ethan Carter III vs. Austin Aries

Aries makes his Impact return accompanied by Thea Trinidad. Aries takes Carter down with a snapmare. A dropkick from Aries sends Carter through the ropes. Aries gains momentum and Carter retreats. Aries drills Carter with a series of rights before slamming his face onto the stairs. Tyrus closes in on Thea, bringing Aries from the top rope. Carter capitalizes by sending Aries into the barricade. Carter applies a headlock and executes a neckbreaker. He reapplies the hold as the clock begins counting down from five minutes. Aries sends Carter over the top rope and drives him face-first into the turnbuckle. Aries drops him with neckbreaker on the second rope and connects with a suicide dive! Aries catches Carter with a missile dropkick and discuss elbow for a two-count. Carter pulls Aries from the ropes with a TKO and a near-fall. Carter misses a splash; Aries sets up for the brainbuster. Carter counters with a series of shoulder blocks. Aries battles out of a superplex with a 450 splash! Carter just kicks out as the crowd chants, “That was three!” Tyrus interferes and Carter grabs Aries for a schoolboy that turns into a sit-out powerbomb and two count! Carter rakes Aries’ eyes; Thea grabs Carter’s ankle. Aries is there with a schoolboy that turns into the Last Chancery! Chrisy Hemme announces one-minute remaining of the time limit as Carter reaches the ropes. Aries and Carter trade set-ups for brainbusters and One Percenters, but neither man scores. Aries is moments away from locking in a second Last Chancery when the time limit expires.

Result: Draw (Ethan Carter III: 1, Austin Aries: 1)

Post-match: The Impact Zone chants, “Let them fight!” Aries finally counters a One Percenter with a brainbuster.

Backstage: Austin Aries has words for Ethan Carter III.

World Title Series: Group Knockouts | Awesome Kong vs. Madison Rayne

Madison counters an early implant buster by Kong. Kong splashes her in the corner and tosses her across the ring. Madison rallies back with a series of rights, but Kong overpowers her, planting her on the mat. Madison leaps onto Kong with a rear-naked choke. Kong breaks the hold and applies a torture rack! Kong releases for a press slam, but misses a splash, earning Madison a two-count. Madison connects with a crossbody; Kong grabs the ropes. Madison answers with an enziguri, big boot and missile dropkick. Kong’s out a two. She lands a back fist, followed by the implant buster for the win and three points.

Result: Awesome Kong def. Madison Rayne (Awesome Kong: 3, Madison Rayne: 0)

Backstage: Lashley says Mr. Anderson is “Victim #1.”

Exclusive Interview with Matt Hardy

Hardy describes what he felt after finally achieving his dream to become a World Heavyweight Champion. Hardy says the controversy surrounding his Bound For Glory match with Drew Galloway and EC3 opened the door for EC3’s injunction, leaving him no choice but to forfeit the title. Hardy says the World Title Series provides him with an opportunity to prove he’s the best – and the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.

World Title Series: Group Champions | Mr. Anderson vs. Lashley

Lashley immobilizes Mr. Anderson at the opening bell; Anderson forces a break with the ropes. Lashley connects with a standing vertical suplex, but collides with the ring post after a missed shoulder block. Anderson targets Lashley’s shoulder with an armbar. Lashley sends Anderson into the ropes; Anderson’s back with a shoulder tackle and standing dropkick. He reapplies the armbar. Anderson drops over the top rope with Lashley’s arm. Anderson’s quickly back in the ring to take Lashley down with a single arm DDT. Lashley powers out of a third armbar and powers Anderson down with a spinebuster. The clock begins counting down from five minutes. Anderson scores with two Green Bay Plunges and a version of the TKO – it’s good for a two-count. Lashley counters a Mic Check with a spear to claim the victory and three points!

Result: Lashley def. Mr. Anderson (Lashley: 3, Mr. Anderson: 0)