TNA Impact Wrestling Results 10/14/15
TNA Impact Wrestling Results 
Orlando, FL 
October 14, 2015 
Commentators: The Pope & Josh Mathews 
Report by: Josh Boutwell of 
Impact opens up with Josh and Pope running down the World Title Series and then we head straight to the ring. 
TNA World Title Series 
Group: Tag Team Specialists 
Matt Hardy (0) vs. Davey Richards (0) 
Matt beats Davey down in the corner and hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a series of Leg Drops for a nearfall. Davey fights back with body shots as Matt picks him up and then hits the ropes only for Matt to catch him in a Sleeper. Davey fights it off only for Matt to take him down again. Matt whips Davey into the corner and connects with a Running Bulldog for another nearfall. Davey sends Matt to the floor and dives out with a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Matt on the floor. Davey tosses Matt back in the ring and then dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick and then catches Matt with a Backslide for a nearfall. Matt gets back to his feet and catches a charging Davey with a Side Effect for another nearfall. Davey gets back to his feet and walks into a Twist of Fate attempt, but Davey backs Matt into the corner. Davey hits a series of shoulder blocks and then lifts Matt up to the top rope. Davey climbs up with Matt but Matt headbutts Davey repeatedly sending him crashing to the mat. Hardy dives into a roundhouse kick in midair from Davey! Davey follows up with a Mafia Kick in the corner and then a T-Bone Suplex! Richards climbs up top and dives off with the Ghetto Stomp but Matt rolls out of the way and hits the Twist of Fate for the pin! 
Winner: Matt Hardy via pinfall (Twist of Fate) to earn 3 points 
A video package highlighting the careers of Bobby Roode and James Storm airs hyping up their match tonight. 
Jeramy Borash had a roundtable discussion with the X-Division guys about their group and he asked each guy who was the least likely to advance. Tigre Uno made fun of Zema’s hair and Zema called Mandrews “soft” while Manik called him Bart Simpson because Mandrews is walking around with a skateboard for some reason. The X-Division group will face off with each other next week. The Pope picks Zema and Tigre to advance in their group. 
TNA World Title Series 
Group Wildcard 
Aiden O’Shea (0) vs. “The ROH King of the Night” Kenny King (0)
Aiden is the former Jay Bradley having won Gut Check a few years back. King is currently a member of the ROH roster so these World Title Series matches are likely the last matches we will ever see King in as a part of TNA. Aiden attacks King as he makes his entrance and rakes his eyes before tossing him into the turnbuckles repeatedly. Aiden hits a series of jabs and then follows up with a few rights to the ribs. King fights back with a series of elbows but it is all for not as Aiden slams him into the turnbuckles. Aiden whips King into the opposite corner and then attempts the Boom Stick but King ducks and then hits a Front Kick but runs right into a clothesline from Aiden as he charged at the Irishman. Aiden hits a series of elbows to the face of King and taunts him asking where “his boys” (Beat Down Clan) are now. Aiden runs King into the corner and then hits a Spinebuster. A split screen shows King talking about Aiden earlier today calling him a drunk. In the ring King hits a floatover into a Sunset Flip followed by a Crucifix Rollup for another nearfall. Aiden cuts King off and lays him out with a big right hand. King rolls to the floor to get away from Aiden but comes right back in and scores with a Springboard Somersault Senton for the pin. 
Winner: Kenny King via pinfall to earn 3 points 
Another roundtable with the TNA Originals is shown with Roode saying that EY can’t win because he is crazy as hell and Abyss saying he will take Storm out. 
TNA World Title Series 
Group TNA Originals 
“Showtime” Eric Young (0) vs. “The Monster” Abyss (0)
Young attacks Abyss as he is getting in the ring and slams his head into the top turnbuckle repeatdldy but Abyss shrugs him off and then tosses him across the ring. Abyss hits a Splash in the corner and then goes for the Chokeslam but EY bites his hand to cut him off. EY and Abyss go back and forth for a bit and then Abyss pulls out Janice. Hebner takes it away from Abyss and as he is turned away EY low blows Abyss and goes for a Spike Piledriver. Abyss reverses it into the Black Hole Slam for the pin. 
Winner: Abyss via pinfall (Black Hole Slam) 
EC3 says that he was robbed of the World Title and that at the end of the World Title Series he will have what is rightfully his. 
TNA World Title Series 
Group Tag Team Specialists 
Robbie E (0) vs. Eddie Edwards (0)
Eddie and Robbie shake hands before the match. Robbie and Eddie lockup and Robbie attempts a side headlock but Eddie flips out of it and gains control with a headlock of his own. Eddie tosses Robbie into the corner and hits a series of elbows. Robbie comes back with a Scoop Slam but Eddie answers with an Atomic Drop for a nearfall. Eddie charges at Robbie but he moves and Eddie crashes into the corner. Robbie hits a clothesline and gets a nearfall. Eddie answers back with a hurricanrana that sends Robbie to the floor. Back in the ring the two exchange strikes but then Robbie catches Eddie with the Boom Drop for another nearfall. Eddie attempts a Shining Wizard but Robbie counters it into a pinfall for the win.
Winner: Robbie E via pinfall to earn 3 points 
Footage of the Eddie-Robbie match is shown. Backstage Robbie says that everyone laughs and giggles when they think of him, but people forget about the fact that he is a former TNA Tag Team & X-Division Champion. He says that he is a great singles wrestler and he is going to prove it in this tournament. Eddie says that Robbie E surprised a lot of people tonight and he regrets poking fun at Robbie before the match. He says they will face each other again and next time it won’t end the same way. 
JB does a roundtable with Group Future Four which is a bracket made up of young guys. Eli Drake is pissed that he was introduced last and he taunts his former Rising partner Micah. Drake claims to have never heard of Micah and Jesse says he’s the only one in the group that matters. Crimson pulls the military card yet again. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard him speak and not bring up his military past, we get it. This roundtable was horrible; I mean it was seriously awful. Everyone except Drake were cringe worthy when they spoke. 
TNA World Title Series 
Group Wildcard 
Crazzy Steve (0) vs. Mahabali Shera (0)
Steve does pushups before the match, I guess to show Shera how athletic he is, and then he gets in Shera’s face and dares him to do a test of strength. Shera obliges him and takes Steve down to his knee. Steve slaps Shera and then hits the ropes but eats a shoulder block from Shera. Shera whips Steve into the corner and then hits a Running Corner Clothesline. Shera goes for a Running Powerslam but Steve counters and shoves Shera into the corner. Steve ducks a clothesline attempt and then botches a duck under before connecting with a clothesline. Steve then leaps up to the shoulders of Shera and bites his head. Steve bounces off the ropes and runs right into the Sky High from Shera for the pin. God, Shera is bad. 
Winner: Mahabali Shera via pinfall (Sky High) to earn 3 points 
Another video package highlighting Storm and Roode’s careers is shown. 
TNA World Title Series 
Group TNA Originals 
“The IT Factor” Bobby Roode (0) vs. “The NXT Cowboy” James Storm (0)
This is one of the last times we will probably ever get to see these two in the ring with each other, unless Roode jumps to WWE/NXT I guess, but this is a match between two men that not only had one of the best tag teams in the history of TNA but also one of the best feuds in the history of TNA. They were also a part of the best group (or at least my favorite) in the history of TNA, Fortune. They are both former TNA World Champions as well. Storm teases the “Beer Money” taunt before the match but Roode doesn’t bite. They lockup and Roode forces Storm into the corner before breaking clean as they stalemate. Another lockup leads to another stalemate in the corner but this time Storm shoves Roode. Roode answers with a shove and then locks Storm in a side headlock. Storm shoves Roode into the ropes but Roode runs him over and Storm bails out to the floor.
Back from the break Storm has Roode in a side headlock but Roode shoves him into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block. Storm hits the ropes again but Roode lays him out with a back elbow. Roode mounts Storm in the corner and rains down right hands but Storm counters with an Atomic Drop. Storm hits the ropes but runs right into a dropkick from his former teammate. Storm rolls out to the floor but Roode grabs him by the hair only to eat an uppercut from Storm. Storm pulls Roode out to the floor and attempts to whip him into the guardrail but Roode reverses it and then tosses Storm back in the ring. Roode grabs Storm but Storm mule kicks him in the nuts as Storm had the referee blocked out. Storm puts the boots to Roode and then hits a Snapmare Takeover and locks in a Rear Chinlock. Roode fights up to his feet and breaks the hold with elbows. Roode hits the ropes but Storm catches him with a Back Kick and then a Reverse DDT for a nearfall. Storm chokes Roode in the ropes and then argues with fans at ringside while he rakes the eyes of Roode. Storm hits another Snapmare Takeover and then a Knee Drop followed by a Leg Drop for a nearfall. Storm quickly grabs a chinlock as the fans try to get behind Roode. The time drops under five minutes left in the match as Storm continues to wear Roode down with the chinlock. Roode fights back to his feet and breaks the hold with elbows and then connects with a series of big right hands. Roode hits the ropes and as Storm attempts a backdrop Roode kicks him. Roode goes for a clothesline but Storm kicks his arm away and then goes for a Russian Leg Sweep. Roode blocks it and rolls away and catches a charging Storm with a Double-R Spinebuster for a nearfall! Roode dives off the top with a Blockbuster for another nearfall! Storm goes for the Eye of the Storm but Roode blocks it and hits the Payoff! 1…2…3! 
Winner: Bobby Roode via pinfall (Payoff) to earn 3 points 
1) Group Tag Team Specialists: Matt Hardy (0) def. Davey Richards (0) to earn 3 points 
2) Group Wildcards: Kenny King def. Aiden O’Shea 
3) Group TNA Originals: Abyss (0) def. Eric Young (0) to earn 3 points 
4) Group Tag Team Specialists: Robbie E (0) def. Eddie Edwards (0) to earn 3 points
5) Group Wildcards: Mahabali Shera (0) def. Crazzy Steve (0) to earn 3 points
6) Group TNA Originals: Bobby Roode (0) def. James Storm (0) to earn 3 points 
Scheduled for Next Week
1)Group Champions: EC3 vs. Lashley 
2)Group Champions: Austin Aries vs. Mr. Anderson
TNA World Title Series Leaderboard 
Group Champions 
-Lashley: 3 points (1-0-0)
-Austin Aries: 1 point (0-0-1)
-Ethan Carter III: 1 point (0-0-1)
-Mr. Anderson: 0 points (0-1-0)
Group TNA Originals
-Bobby Roode: 3 points (1-0-0)
-Abyss: 3 points (1-0-0)
-James Storm (0-1-0)
-Eric Young (0-1-0)
Group Tag Team Specialists 
-Matt Hardy: 3 points (1-0-0)
-Robbie E: 3 points (1-0-0)
-Eddie Edwards: 0 points (0-1-0)
-Davey Richards: 0 points (0-1-0)
Group Knockouts 
-Brooke Tessmacher: 3 points (1-0-0)
-Awesome Kong: 3 points (1-0-0)
-Gail Kim: 0 points (0-1-0)
-Madison Rayne: 0 points (0-1-0)
Group Wildcards 
-Mahabali Shera: 3 points (1-0-0)
-Kenny King: 3 points (1-0-0)
-Aiden O’Shea: 0 points (0-1-0)
-Crazzy Steve: 0 points (0-1-0)
Group UK  
-Drew Galloway: 3 points (1-0-0)
-Rockstar Spud: 3 points (1-0-0)
-Bram: 0 points (0-1-0)
-Grado: 0 points (0-1-0)
Group Future 4
-Crimson: 0 points (0-0-0)
-Micah: 0 points (0-0-0)
-Eli Drake: 0 points (0-0-0)
-Jesse Godderz: 0 points (0-0-0)
Group X-Division 
-Mandrews: 0 points (0-0-0)
-Manik: 0 points (0-0-0)
-Zema Ion: 0 points (0-0-0)
-Tigre Uno 0 points (0-0-0)