TNA Impact Wrestling Results 10/21/15
TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, FL 
October 21, 2015 
Commentators: The Pope & Josh Mathews 
Report by: Josh Boutwell of 
Impact opens up this week with highlights from last week’s World Title Series matches followed by a preview for this week’s show which will include a match between Lashley and EC3. 
Matthews and Pope discuss tonight’s matches which will feature Group Future 4, Group X-Division, and Group Champions. 
A roundtable discussion between the members of Group Champions airs with nothing of note being said other than Aries making fun of EC3 for “copying” his style. 
TNA World Title Series 
Mr. Anderson (0) vs. “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” Austin Aries (1) w/Thea Trinidad 
Anderson lost his opening round match to Lashley while Aries went to a draw with EC3. Both are obviously former TNA World Champions as everyone in their group is. Am I the only one that finds it weird that Thea is now just being called “Thea Trinidad” even though she was a part of TNA for years as Rosita? Anderson takes Aries down and then reverses a Hip Toss attempt from Aries into one of his own. Anderson connects with a dropkick and gets a quick nearfall. Aries takes Lashley down and spins him around for a one count. Aries quickly puts Anderson in a side headlock but Anderson shoves Aries into the ropes only to eat a clothesline. Anderson gets Aries in a headscissors on the mat but Aries manages to escape with a headstand and then connects with a basement dropkick. Aries charges at Anderson in the corner but Anderson backdrops him over the top. Aries lands on the apron and then hits Anderson with a Jawbreaker onto the top rope and then dives off only to miss Anderson. Anderson quickly goes after Aries’ arm as he lands on it and goes to work on it with a Kimura lock. Aries fights the Kimura off with a series of knees and takes Anderson down. Aries then hits a Slingshot Elbow Drop over the top for a quick nearfall. Aries hits a series of forearms on Anderson in the corner and then just lays in blatant punches. Anderson fights back with some palm thrusts and chops. Anderson whips Aries into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Aries ducks and then they both collide with cross body attempts.
Aries goes for a clothesline but Anderson ducks and hits one of his own followed by a Running Back Elbow. Anderson then hits the Spinning Neckbreaker and attempts the Mic Check but Aries blocks it. Aries leapfrogs over Anderson and hits a clothesline sending Anderson to the floor. Aries then hits the Heat Seeking Missile through the ropes onto Anderson on the floor! Aries pulls Anderson back in the ring and goes for the IED but Anderson counters into a Running Powerslam. Anderson goes for the Mic Check but Aries blocks it again and goes for the Brainbuster. Anderson counters by crotching Aries on the top rope. Anderson climbs up with Aries and goes for a Superplex but Aries knocks him off and hits the 450-Splash! 1…2…NO Anderson kicks out! Anderson comes back with a Spinning Enziguri on Aries and then he climbs up top. Aries crotches Anderson and climbs up with him but Anderson catches him and hits a Super Green Bay Plunge! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! Anderson goes for the Mic Check again and again Aries blocks it and counters into a Brianbuster attempt. Anderson counters that into another Mic Check but Aries counters with an armdrag! Aries hits a Roaring Elbow and then hits the IED followed by the Brainbuster for the pin! This means it will be impossible for Anderson to advance to the next round as there is no way for him to advance (if he beats EC3 and EC3 beats Lashley that still means EC3 and Aries have more points than him and if Lashley wins any of his next two matches he still has more points than Anderson.). 
Winner: Austin Aries via pinfall (Brainbuster) to earn 3 points! 
Video footage of Earl Hebner’s Hall of Fame induction is shown followed by footage of Tigre Uno’s win at BFG. 
TNA World Title Series 
Group X-Division 
Tigre Uno (0) vs. Mandrews (0)
This is the first match for the X-Division group. Mandrews is the only man in the group that is not a former (or current) X-Division Champion. I think this may be the first time they’ve ever faced each other one-on-one as well. Mandrews rides a skateboard to the ring. I don’t get it, is his new gimmick a Bart Simpson character? This makes no sense and is just silly, not a good kind of silly either. Mandrews takes Tigre down earlier and tries for a leg submission but Tigre quickly gets to his feet and they stare each other down. Tigre gets Mandrews in a waistlock and manages to catch Mandrews in a series of nice bridging nearfalls. Tigre quickens the pace and they exchange leg sweeps before staring each other down again. Mandrews tries for a test of strength and then quickly gets caught in a side headlock from Tigre. Mandrews shoves Tigre into the ropes and trips him before standing on Tigre’s back and pretending he’s either surfing or skateboarding. Mandrews then hits a Standing Moonsault for a nearfall. Mandrews goes for a clothesline but Tigre kicks his arm and then takes Mandrews down and climbs to the top. Tigre hits a Guillotine Leg Drop off the top to the sternum of Mandrews! Mandrews rolls out to the floor where he is most certainly not safe from Tigre! Tigre hits a Sliding Dropkick through the ropes and then sends Mandrews back into the ring to get another nearfall. Tigre attempts a Springboard Corkscrew Moonsault but Mandrews moves out of the way. Tigre rolls to the floor and Mandrews follows him out with a Somersault Plancha over the top onto Tigre on the floor! Mandrews rolls Tigre back in the ring and dives off the top, but Tigre moves and then hits a German Suplex sending Mandrews crashing into the turnbuckles! Tigre quickly springs to the top and hits a Split Legged Corkscrew Moonsault! 1…2…3! 
Winner: Tigre Uno via pinfall (Split Legged Corkscrew Moonsault) to earn 3 points! 
Austin Aries cuts a promo backstage about his win and how he isn’t going to let his woman (Thea) down. 
They actually air the full BFG Main Event, that is beyond aggravating. 
Backstage EC3 says that Lashley claims EC3’s back is against the wall, and he is right and that makes him lethal and on the verge of frenzy. He says that makes him an animal and he guarantees he will beat Lashley because this World Title Series is not over until he wins. 
They air the Jeff Jarrett DVD clips for the 8 millionth time. I’m serious, they are actually still airing this BS. My head hurts. 
Footage of Jessie Godderz beating Crimson to earn 3 points is shown, only the finish was shown. So, you mean to tell me they aired a match from f***ing BFG and more damn Jeff Jarrett DVD footage instead of that full match? If you have to be sh*tting me?! I’m so close to being done with this company, man. 
Jessie says that his Adonis Crab submission hold is unbreakable and he is going to use it to mow through his group. He puts over all of the things he has accomplished including being a TV star and winning bodybuilding competitions. 
Footage of Micah vs. Eli Drake is shown with a lot of brawling on the outside. They ending up fighting to a draw, and they didn’t air that full match either?! Good God, you have to be kidding me?! 
TNA World Title Series 
Group X-Division 
“DJ Z” Zema Ion (0) vs. Manik (0)
So Manik dropped the mask at BFG and is back to wearing it now? TJ Perkins has to be one frustrated guy. Josh Matthews says that Manik has a bit of an identity crisis and since he lost at BFG without the mask he is wearing the mask again possibly for luck. Both of these guys are former X-Division Champions and have been in the ring with each other countless times. They lockup and Manik quickly takes Zema down with a top wristlock, but Zema reverses it into a side headlock. Manik reverses that hold into an armbar and goes back to the wristlock. Zema reveres into a hammerlock and Manik swings an elbow to try and reverse, but Zema ducks and catches Manik with an armdrag. They lockup again and Manik again takes him down with a wristlock and puts him in a modified chinlock. Zema shoves Manik into the ropes only for Manik to run him over and then cannonball down across Zema’s back before he can get back up. Zema answers with an armdrag and then a spinning armdrag followed by a beautiful dropkick. Zema charges at Manik but Manik leapfrogs over him and shoves Zema into the ring post. Manik beats Zema down and then he takes Zema down and puts him in a crazy submission move going back to work on the arm. Manik puts Zema in a modified Kimura and then puts it on the mat and stomps his arm. Manik hits a Snap Suplex and then rolls through into a Back Suplex! Manik gets another nearfall and he quickly goes back to the arm again putting him in another modified Kimura. Zema breaks the hold and then as Manik hits the ropes catches him with a hurricanrana! Manik rolls to the apron and Zema hits a beautiful Springboard Dropkick that sends Manik to the floor. Zema hits a Sliding Dropkick under the ropes onto Manik and then he tosses Manik back in the ring. Zema dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body and then an Atomic Drop followed by a Reverse Atomic Drop and a Springboard Back Elbow! Zema follows up with a Slingshot Tornado DDT attempt, but Manik blocks it and then quickly rolls Zema up with a Cross Armbreaker! Zema rolls Manik over and gets a nearfall but Manik rolls back into the armbreaker. Zema reverses into a La Magistral Cradle for another nearfall. Zema hits the Hostile Makeover for another nearfall. Zema climbs up top and dives off right into a dropkick from Manik! Manik climbs up top and dives off with a Frog Splash! Zema rolls out of the way and then hits the Slingshot Tornado DDT attempt, but Manik catches him in midair with the Detonation Kick for the pin! 
Winner: Manik via pinfall (Detonation Kick) to earn 3 points! 
Footage of EC3 and Lashley’s match back in June is shown. 
Main Event 
TNA World Title Series 
Group Champions 
Ethan Carter III (1) w/Tyrus vs. “The Destroyer” Lashley (3) 
EC3 and Lashley lockup and EC3 quickly retreats to the corner to cause a break, and then EC3 steps out to the floor and regroups with Tyrus at ringside. EC3 and Lashley go back and forth for several minutes but everytime Lashley looks to take advantage Tyrus gets involved, whether distracting Lashley or the referee. EC3 hits a Snap Suplex and gets another nearfall. EC3 hits a Stinger Splash in the corner and then mounts Lashley, raining down right hands. Lashley grabs EC3 and Powerbombs him out of the corner and then hits the Spear! As Lashley goes down for the pin Tyrus pulls him out of the ring as Earl Hebner was out of position. Lashley slides back in the ring and covers EC3, only getting a two count. Lashley goes for the Running Powerslam but Tyrus climbs in the ring with a chair. Lashley Spears Tyrus and EC3 picks up the chair. As Hebner is trying to get Tyrus out of the ring EC3 swings the chair at Lashley but Lashley blocks it only for EC3 to kick him in the nuts! EC3 hits the One Percenter for the pin! 
Winner: EC3 via pinfall (One Percenter) to earn 3 points! 
1) Group Champions: Austin Aries def. Mr. Anderson to earn 3 points! 
2) Group X-Division: Tigre Uno def. Mandrews to earn 3 points! 
3) Group X-Division: Manik def. Zema Andrews to earn 3 points! 
4) Group Champions: Ethan Carter III def. Lashley to earn 3 points! 
Scheduled for Next Week
1) Group Knockouts: Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong 
2) Group Tag Specialists: Matt Hardy vs. Robbie E 
3) Group TNA Originals: James Storm vs. Abyss 
TNA World Title Series Leaderboard 
Group Champions 
– Austin Aries: 4 points (1-0-1)
– Ethan Carter III: 4 points (1-0-1)
– Lashley: 3 points (1-0-0)
– Mr. Anderson: 0 points (0-2-0) *ELIMINATED* 
Group TNA Originals
– Bobby Roode: 3 points (1-0-0)
– Abyss: 3 points (1-0-0)
– James Storm (0-1-0)
– Eric Young (0-1-0)
Group Tag Team Specialists 
– Matt Hardy: 3 points (1-0-0)
– Robbie E: 3 points (1-0-0)
– Eddie Edwards: 0 points (0-1-0)
– Davey Richards: 0 points (0-1-0)
Group Knockouts 
– Brooke Tessmacher: 3 points (1-0-0)
– Awesome Kong: 3 points (1-0-0)
– Gail Kim: 0 points (0-1-0)
– Madison Rayne: 0 points (0-1-0)
Group Wildcards 
– Mahabali Shera: 3 points (1-0-0)
– Kenny King: 3 points (1-0-0)
– Aiden O’Shea: 0 points (0-1-0)
– Crazzy Steve: 0 points (0-1-0)
Group UK  
– Drew Galloway: 3 points (1-0-0)
– Rockstar Spud: 3 points (1-0-0)
– Bram: 0 points (0-1-0)
– Grado: 0 points (0-1-0)
Group Future 4
– Jessie Godderz: 3 points (1-0-0)
– Micah: 1 point (0-0-1)
– Eli Drake: 1 point (0-0-1)
– Crimson: 0 points (0-1-1)
Group X-Division 
– Tigre Uno: 3 points (1-0-0)
– Manik: 3 points (1-0-0)
– Zema Ion: 0 points (0-1-0)
– Mandrews: 0 points (0-1-0)