TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 12/16/15 (Final DA show)

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IMPACT Coverage: All Star Match-up and Round Table

Showcase of the All-Stars | December 16, 2015

In Depth with Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy recaps winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship – reaching the pinnacle of his career and achieving his dream at Bound For Glory. He moves into the World Title Series and discusses developing the Matt Hardy Formula: Bell + Wrestle + Twist of Fate = Victory.

Hardy recaps his experiences against Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards and Robbie E as footage from their encounters in Group Play airs. His recollections advance to the Round of 16, where he met Bobby Roode and Robbie E.

He predicts his advancement into the Finals, through his next opponent, Eric Young. Their match is scheduled LIVE on January 5, 2016, when Impact Wrestling debuts on Pop TV.

All-Star Tag Team Match | Group Future 4 vs. Group X-Division

Group Future 4: Crimson, Eli Drake and Micah are followed by Jessie Godderz. Group X-Division: DJ Z, Tigre Uno and Mandrews are followed by Manik.

Eli Drake and Jessie argue about who’ll begin against DJ Z. Drake wins out, but quickly tags Micah before the action’s underway. DJ Z delivers a pop-up dropkick and armdrag before Mandrews becomes the legal man.

Micah backs Mandrews into his corner, where he brings in “The Man, The Modern Day Adonis,” Jessie Godderz. Jessie’s overconfidence gives Mandrews a fighting chance, but a knee to the gut takes it away. Jessie’s arrogance costs him again and Mandrews reaches Manik.

Manik delivers a huge standing dropkick and then brings the X-Division Champion, Tigre Uno. Uno tangles Jessie’s arm in the ropes and then he delivers a shot to the shoulder. Mandrews is in again, but his efforts are thwarted by Jessie.

DJ Z comes to his aid and together, they attempt to suplex Jessie. Micah counters, setting up a double suplex. Team X-Division blocks the suplex and when Eli Drake comes in for the assist, Manik answers with a running dropkick! Mandrews, DJ Z and Tigre Uno score the triple-double suplex on Jessie and Micah.

The action spills outside and bodies start flying over the ropes. As Mandrews heads toward the group, Jessie catches him with a huge clothesline!

Manik sends Jessie through the ropes before connecting with a turnbuckle crossbody. Mandrews finds himself atop the turnbuckle as Eli Drake picks his ankle. Drake tags Jessie from behind and takes control. Quickly, he brings in Crimson, who’s quick to tag Jessie and there’s a double team on Mandrews.

Eli Drake tags back in and just as he’s beginning to score offense, Jessie tags in. Jessie tags Crimson and sends Mandrews into the ropes. As he comes off, Jessie pops him overhead into a hanging chokeslam from Crimson!

Eli Drake tags back into the match while Crimson is showboating; an argument ensues. Meanwhile, Mandrews makes the tag to Tigre Uno, who connects with a running dropkick. Drake quickly regains control of the match and reaches for the tag.

Crimson refuses and leaves the apron. He’s followed by Jessie and Micah. When Drake attempts to walk out entirely, the rest of his group sends him back into the ring for Group X-Division. He tries leaving again, but Jessie lands a right hook that sets him up for a Detonation Kick from Manik!

DJ Z follows up with a springboard DDT, followed by Tigre Uno and a dropkick! Eli Drake is set up to receive the Shooting Star Press from Mandrews!

Result: Group X-Division def. Group Future 4

In Depth with Lashley

Footage airs of Lashley’s encounter with Austin Aries on November 25. That match concluded with Lashley countering the 450 Splash with a Spear!

Josh Mathews and The Pope detail Lashley’s prowess in TNA, from his title victory at the beginning of 2015, to his performance in the World Title Series. They both consider Lashley a favorite in the Semi-Finals and predict his victory over Ethan Carter III, LIVE on January 5, 2016, when Impact Wrestling debuts on Pop TV.

In Depth with Ethan Carter III – Part 1

EC3 gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at his preparation for the World Title Series Semi-Finals. He discredits the World Title Series as a whole, saying it’s predicated on a loss he never should have had. He goes on to say it’s a loss he didn’t have, before detailing why he’s competitively unbeatable.

Carter says both his Aunt [Dixie Carter] and Billy Corgan created the World Title Series to provide equal access to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, but that they’ve failed to realize he’s spent the past two years perfecting his craft and “being perfect.”

He justifies his actions over those two years – from turning back challenges from the likes of Kurt Angle or Sting, to his refusal to partake in the fight against Global Force Wrestling – as being for his own self-preservation, a trait the Carters are known for.

EC3 says he’s earned the right to be a one percenter, and that he’ll continue winning, through the end of the World Title Series, which takes place LIVE on January 5, 2016, when Impact Wrestling debuts on Pop TV.

All-Star Four Way Elimination | Rockstar Spud vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Roode vs. Mr. Anderson

Rockstar Spud and Eddie Edwards are just squaring off, when Bobby Roode makes a blind tag to Eddie. Roode locks Spud in a side headlock, but Eddie returns the blind tag, setting Roode up for an enziguri from Rockstar Spud!

Spud rolls up Eddie for a two-count. Eddie’s out and quickly over Spud and through the ropes to Roode with a suicide dive. Spud mocks Mr. Anderson, but he’s not amused. He powers through Spud with a clothesline. Spud’s quick to answer with a tilt-a-whirl headscissor.

Anderson rolls outside, where Spud takes out his three competitors with an over-the-top-rope senton! He sends Eddie Edwards back into the ring and moves in with an Underdog. Eddie pushes out and rolls him up for three!

Rockstar Spud is eliminated.

Roode and Anderson double team Eddie Edwards, shoving one another in between. They agree to join forces, but Eddie turns a double suplex into a double hurricanrana! Eddie catches Roode and Anderson with a pair of enziguris. Roode takes his on the turnbuckle before being dropped with a Chin Checker! It’s good for a two-count.

Eddie howls and attempts a double stomp. Roode rolls through and comes off the ropes with a crossface. Mr. Anderson makes a blind tag and then he mocks Roode as the official explains what just happened.

Roode and Anderson come to blows. Eddie swoops in with a rollup that Anderson’s out of at two. He delivers a Mic Check for three.

Eddie Edwards is eliminated.

Roode rushes in from behind and nearly receives a Mic Check of his own. Roode works through an elbow to the jaw and connects with a spinebuster that leads into a crossface. Anderson nearly taps, but rolls through into a pin attempt.

Anderson scores a neckbreaker and ultimately a Green Bay Plunge! It’s good for a near-fall! He stalks Roode with a Mic Check. Roode counters into a Roode Bomb attempt that Anderson rolls through into a two-count. Roode kicks out and immediately rolls Anderson into the crossface for the submission victory.

Result: Bobby Roode def. Mr. Anderson, Eddie Edwards and Rockstar Spud

Kurt Angle comments on the World Title Series Final Four

Angle says the “toughest tournament in Impact Wrestling history” has been impressive, albeit tough to watch from a competitive standpoint. He says whomever is victorious will be the undisputed wrestling champion.

Angle recounts his experiences against each of the finalists throughout 2015. He says Eric Young has a solid chance at victory, but that Lashley is his favorite to win, despite the strides made by Matt Hardy and Ethan Carter III.

Find out if Angle’s prediction rings true on January 5, 2016, when Impact Wrestling debuts LIVE on Pop TV.

In Depth with Eric Young

Eric Young recaps his year, from having the title “stolen” by Lashley, to his encounters with Bobby Roode – his former best friend. He says Roode wasn’t a friend, but rather a thieving snake. Then, Young details his defeat of Roode in the World Title Series.

Footage airs from Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode’s Group Play encounter on November 4.

Young says he’s a world class professional wrestler that’s held every major title in TNA on several occasions. He concludes by saying the World Title Series was made for him, as he assures victory on January 5, 2016, when Impact Wrestling debuts LIVE on Pop TV.

In Depth with Ethan Carter III – Part 2

Footage airs of EC3’s match against Mr. Anderson on November 11.

EC3 shares another behind-the-scenes look at his preparation regimen for the World Title Series. He recaps his matches against DJ Z and Davey Richards, saying both lost to a superior performer, despite being world class competitors.

He says when he meets Lashley in the semi-finals, he’ll “destroy ‘The Destroyer,'” and advance to the finals of the World Title Series, which he hopes will be contested against Matt Hardy. Carter vows to righ injustice on January 5, 2016 when Impact Wrestling debuts LIVE on Pop TV.

Final Four Roundtable Discussion

Lashley says he plans to defeat EC3, but wonders whether or not it will be a one-on-one encounter, or if Tyrus will again be involved in the decision. Carter says regardless of the circumstances surrounding his victory over Lashley in the first round, that he will be victorious. He adds that, because of his prior victory, it’s unfair to have to confront Lashley again.

Matt Hardy says EC3 is delusional and that he’s convinced himself he has integrity. He acknowledges that before he reaches the finals, he must battle Eric Young. Hardy vows to beat the meanness and toughness out of Eric Young and set him up for a “very appropriate Twist of Fate.”

Eric Young mocks that Matt Hardy “swept” his group – of tag team wrestlers. He says Hardy doesn’t deserve his position, because he came from the weakest group. Unlike Hardy, Young claims to have emerged from the “Group of Death,” the TNA Originals.

Josh Mathews offers a counterpoint, saying the “Group of Death” is believed to be Group Champions, from which Lashley and EC3 emerged. Eric Young says he is a champion – and that he’s won every championship there has been to win. He asks if any of the other competitors have that distinction.

Hardy interrupts, saying he’s undefeated in the World Title Series and adds that he’d like to face Lashley, despite Tyrus’ presence favoring EC3. Likewise, Lashley says he’d like to face Matt Hardy. EC3 says he’d like to face Eric Young. Eric Young names EC3 as his finals opponent.

Young adds that he’s going to hurt Matt Hardy in the semi-finals and quite possibly end his career. An argument ensues an Impact Wrestling goes off the air.

Find out who advances and wins in the finals of the World Title Series on January 5, 2016, when Impact Wrestling debuts on Pop TV!