TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 1/12/16 (Angle vs. Galloway)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 1/12/16

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
January 12, 2016
Announcers: Josh Mathews & The Pope
Recap by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with highlights from last week and a preview for Angle’s first match in the Farewell Tour.

In the back EC3 is shown looking into the mirror and then down at his title belt when Tyrus approaches him. Tyrus says that “it’s time” and EC3 responds by saying “damn right” before walking away.

EC3 comes down to the ring alongside Tyrus. EC3 says this is not a time for celebration but rather a moment of vindication for him. He says that he is standing in the ring once again as the undefeated two time World Heavyweight Champion, but there is one man that never doubted him. He says that man is Tyrus and he says that they have been through a lot together. He says that Tyrus has taken so many bullets for him that he can’t thank him enough and he knows that Tyrus has earned himself a World Title shot. He says if Tyrus ever wants his title shot just say the word and he thanks Tyrus for having his back. Tyrus starts to stay how he always believed in him but EC3 takes the microphone away from him and says that on screen that it is all business.

Jeff Hardy’s music interrupts EC3 and the Charismatic One makes his way down to the ring. Jeff says that he still can’t stand the sound of his voice but he is out here tonight because he has something to give EC3 that he deserves. EC3 hides behind Tyrus and Jeff says that he used to think EC3 is just a spoiled brat, which he is, but last night he beat Matt Hardy fair and square. He says that holding that title makes EC3 the best wrestler on planet Earth and he congratulates EC3 for winning. He says that EC3 deserves his props but tonight is about Jeff and he has something to share with EC3. Jeff hands Tyrus a paper but says that he might want to give it to EC3 because EC3 can read (nice one).

EC3 says that it is a note from Jeff’s doctor stating that he has been cleared to wrestle. Jeff says that his first match back has to be with the man so he challenges EC3 to a match for the World Title tonight! EC3 gets in Jeff’s face and asks Jeff if he knows how bad he has wanted this match. He then says that he is denying Jeff’s request for a World Title match to a loud chorus of boos. EC3 says that if Jeff wants to EARN a World Title shot he has to start at the bottom. He says that he knows there are a bunch of young talented wrestlers in the back looking for a chance tonight so they should do an open challenge for Jeff.

A masked wrestler comes out, that is Shynron from CHIKARA. EC3 asks his name and Shynron says that he is going to fly all over Jeff Hardy. He says that he will beat Jeff tonight and destroy him.

“The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. “The Master of Motion” Shynron

Jeff and Shynron lockup and Jeff gets Shynron in a wristlock but Shynron reverses it and then transitions into a side headlock. Jeff goes for a Hip Toss but Shynron lands on his feet and then charges at Jeff but Jeff sidesteps him and tries to send Shynron over the top. Shynron shows his athleticism by pretty much doing a headstand on the ropes and then transitioning into a sort of modified 619 under the ropes trying to sweep the legs of Jeff. Jeff leaps over that sweep attempt and then dropkicks Shynron to the floor. Jeff tries to toss Shynron back in the ring but Shynron spinnings back around into an Enziguri on Jeff! Shynron tosses Jeff into the ring and then goes for a Springboard Corkscrew Moonsault but Jeff gets his knees up. Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate but Shynron blocks it and then charges at Jeff. Jeff backdrops Shyrnon over the top and he lands on the apron and then hits a Forearm Smash. Shynron goes for a Springboard Splash but Jeff moves out of the way and Shynron lands on his feet and then goes for a Springboard Moonsault but Jeff dropkicks him in midair. Jeff hits the Alley Oop and then the Twist of Fate for the pin!

Winner: Jeff Hardy via pinfall (Twist of Fate)

Backstage Kong and the Dollhouse are approached by JB, but Marti Belle says that JB doesn’t get to just talk to Kong. She says that the Knockouts division needed a shakeup and everyone thought that The Dollhouse was crumbling but now they have Kong and they are stronger than ever. Kong asks if everyone hates her now and she says that The Dollhouse is her house to do whatever she wants. She says that Gail Kim has something that she wants but then The Beautiful People walk up and Velvet says that the “Dog House” should be worrying about them not Gail Kim right now. Velvet says that she wants to kick Kong’s ass tonight and Madison says that they don’t have to jump anyone from behind. Madison and Velvet attack The Dollhouse but quickly get beat down by the numbers game.


Back from the break the fight between The Dollhouse and the Beautiful People has spilled out into the arena.

Street Fight
The Dollhouse (Jade & Awesome Kong) w/Marti Belle & Rebel vs. The Beautiful People

Jade chokes Velvet on the guardrail while Kong beats down Madison on the other side throwing her into the ring post. Jade goes for a Package Piledriver on the stage but Velvet counters into a Suplex onto the ramp! Kong tosses Madison into the ring and then chokes her in the ropes. Velvet tries to whip Jade into the ring steps but Jade reverses it slamming her back first into the steel steps. Jade tosses some weapons into the ring and Kong uses a kendo stick to continue choking Madison. Jade wedges a chair between the turnbuckles and then sets Madison up against the chair and attempts the Rolling Cannonball, but Madison moves out of the way and Jade slams into the chair. Kong lifts Madison up in the air and Jade hits her in the back with a trashcan lid. Jade attempts a Lionsault but Madison rolls out of the way and then avoids a Kong Splash in the corner. Velvet whips Kong in the back with chair shots and then tosses the chair to her and kicks it in Kong’s face! Velvet clotheslines Jade repeatedly and then hits a Spinning Back Elbow. Velvet hits a series of kicks on Jade and then hits a Running Bulldog on Jade onto the chair! Rebel and Marti get in the ring but the Beautiful People lay them out with kendo sticks! Kong goes for a Double Clothesline but they duck and lay into Kong with kendo sticks as well. They hit Double Running Big Boots and then continue to whip Kong in the back with the kendo sticks. Madison climbs up top but Jade runs in and hits a Yakuza Kick on Velvet as Madison dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick to Kong for a nearfall. Jade goes for a Yakuza Kick on Madison but she ducks and runs into a Cross Chop from Kong! Jade hits the Package Piledriver for the pin!

Winners: The Dollhouse via pinfall (Package Piledriver)


Beer Money come down to the ring for a “Beer Bash.” There are tables with beer all over them set up in the ring along with Beer Money coolers. A “Beer Money” chant starts and Storm says it sounds like everyone is here for a good time so they may be here all night. Storm says this is the first episode of the “Beer Money Drunk & Ready Show” because when they get drunk they are damn sure ready. He says that the fans have been wanting the reformation of one of the greatest tag teams in the history of wrestling and a big “welcome back” chant starts.

Roode says that he has been doing a little drinking today, not as much as Storm, and he gets a little emotional when he drinks. He says the reason that tore them apart was the same reason that brought them together for the first time: their passion to be the best. He says that even though Storm is from the country and Roode is from the city they are cut from the same cloth. He says that it took him a few years to realize that what he did to Storm and the fans was wrong and he just wants to say he is sorry for that. The fans chant “Hug it out” and Beer Money do hug.

Storm says that he was sorry for “kicking you all those times in the face” and then hands Roode another beer, and Roode says he is sorry for smashing a beer bottle over Storm’s face. Storm snatches the beer bottle away from Roode and pours it into a cup. Storm says that he is sorry for all of the times he stuck Roode with all those bar tabs. Roode says that he was sorry for puking in Storm’s cowboy hat and blaming his dog.

Storm offers a toast to the greatest tag team partner he has ever had and says that Roode has proven that he is the best and the “It Factor” of pro wrestling. Roode makes a toast to the man that has started more bar fights than any man on the planet and always had his back when they were partners. Roode also toasts to the fans that wanted them to come back together. Roode says that a beer bash needs to get a little rowdy and a little loud and then they do the “Beer Money” taunt.

Eric Young and Bram interrupt Beer Money’s celebration and EY says that they make him sick sucking up to the morons in the crowd. EY says that he hurt Storm in the World Title Series and he made Storm quit, and the worst mistake of his career is coming back to TNA and sticking his nose in EY’s business. EY says that Roode knows what sticking your nose in his business means. EY says that taking the World Title away from Roode was the best day of his life and he says that he doesn’t need friends and he doesn’t even like Bram. He says that he likes the way Bram thinks and the way Bram hurts people. EY says that they hate Beer Money’s guts.

Storm mockingly says that EY hurt their feelings and then tells EY to get on his knees and suck their beer bottles. EY says that he told Roode he would never forget what Roode took from him and he would take from Roode for the rest of his life. EY says he wants the KOTM Title and he wants it now. Roode says that EY stuck his nose in his business last week and now he wants to whine and complain like a little bitch. Roode says that he will put the KOTM Title right now and kick EY’s ass like a little bitch too!


TNA King of the Mountain Championship
“The IT Factor” Bobby Roode (c) w/James Storm vs. “Showtime” Eric Young w/Bram

Roode and EY exchange wristlocks and headlocks before EY pops Roode with a big rihgt hand. EY puts Roode in a side headlock but Roode shoves EY into the ropes and then hits a Hip Toss. Roode hits a series of beautiful arm drags and locks in an armbar. Roode puts EY in a wristlock and then a hammerlock before eating a back elbow from EY. EY hits a shoulder block on Roode through the ropes and then goes for a slingshot move but Roode ducks underneath him and then slams Roode’s arm down across the top rope. EY answers right back with a Leaping Neckbreaker for a nearfall. EY hits a Snapmare Takeover and then puts Roode in a chinlock. Roode fights back to his feet and connects with a series of right hands before whipping EY into the ropes. Roode goes for a backdrop but EY counters with a Spinning Neckbreaker for another nearfall. EY hits a Back Suplex and then climbs up top and he dives off the top, but Roode gets his boot up and connects with a series of clotheslines. Roode whips EY into the ropes and lifts him way up into the lights with a backdrop. Roode whips EY into the ropes and connects with a series of knees and then a T-Bone Suplex! Roode goes for the Roode Bomb but EY rakes the eyes and then hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex for another nearfall. EY attempts the Spike Piledriver but Roode counters into a Sharpshooter! EY almost reaches the ropes but Roode pulls him back to the center fo the ring and locks in the Crossface! EY rolls him over into a nearfall and then gets back to his feet and connects with a big right hand. EY hits the ropes but runs right into a Double-R Spinebuster for a nearfall for Roode! Roode lifts EY up to the top and climbs up with EY for a Superplex, but EY blocks it and bites Roode knocking him off the top to the mat. EY sets up for the Flying Elbow but Roode gets back up and catches EY with a Roode Bomb off the top! 1…2…NO Bram pulls the referee out of the ring! Storm spits beer into Bram’s face and then tosses him into the ring where Beer Money hits the Beer Money Double Suplex on him! EY attacks Storm from behind and then kicks Roode in the balls as the referee was trying to get Storm out of the ring. EY hits the Spike Piledriver for the pin!

Winner & NEW TNA King of the Mountain Champion: Eric Young via pinfall (Spike Piledriver)

In the back Mr. Anderson is talking about his new interview segment tonight which will feature an interview with Matt Hardy.


Backstage Mike Bennett and Maria approach EC3 and Tyrus and Bennett congratulates EC3 on his win last week. Bennett says that he makes his in-ring debut next week but EC3 set the precedent for what he is trying to do like getting rid of all of the dinosaurs in TNA. EC3 mocks Bennett and starts to walk away but Bennett says that EC3 better not just blow him off because he is the Miracle of TNA. EC3 says that Bennett doesn’t want any issues with him so he better back off but Bennett laughs and says the belt looks good on him…for now before walking off.

The history between Matt Hardy and EC3 is shown.

Mr. Anderson comes out for his new interview segment called “Huh??!! With Mr. Anderson.” This is going to suck major balls. Anderson comes to the ring for this thing to some weird ass lounge music sounding theme. There is a coffee table and couch set up in the ring. He says that a lot of people have accused him of being an asshole and that would be a correct assumption. He asks if there are any other assholes in the building, and his first guest Matt Hardy will be accompanied to the ring by his young son and his wife Reby Sky.

Matt and his family come down to the ring and I am having glorious Lucha Libre USA flashbacks as Reby comes ot the ring in a very tight dress. Anderson makes some corny jokes about them acting up on the road and he talks about Matt “choking” in the match last week. Matt asks Anderson if he choked when he won the title originally or when he went undefeated during the World Title Series. He says that he thought he had EC3 beat last week but what beat him was the Piledriver he received earlier in the night from EY. Anderson says that Matt is making excuses for his loss and Matt says that he doesn’t make excuses. He says that he holds himself accountable for everything he does in his life. Matt asks Anderson what he wants and asks if he wants him to apologize to his family and his fans. He says that he isn’t apologizing because he has not quit and he will once again hold that title. Anderson asks Matt if he is having his brother do his dirty work for him.

Matt says that he loves his wife and his son very much but tonight he will make EC3 an offer he cannot refuse. He says that he needs one more shot to fulfill his destiny because he is the guy that has EC3’s number. Matt says that he does not stop and he will not quit and he will not die. Reby Sky ends the interview and they leave as Anderson tries to get them to stay. Reby mean mugs Anderson as they go back up the ramp.

Drew Galloway cuts a promo in the crowd with Christy Hemme. Drew says that when he was fifteen and he had his first training lesson, he actually dreamed of wrestling Kurt Angle. He says that tonight he gets to live out that dream and he makes a guarantee that this match will be a spectacle. He says that he has at his peak and Kurt has been at his peak his entire laugh. He says that Kurt HAS to win tonight to prove he is still the best but that is the same reason that Drew has to win because he has to prove he is the best against one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He says the fans can expect everything from this match.


Backstage EY says that he and Bram will do and take whatever they want and they started with Roode’s title belt. He says that they will make Beer Money extinct as Bram gets fired up.

The Wolves & Tigre Uno vs. Eli Drake, Jessie Godderz, & “DJ Z” Zema Ion

At this past Friday’s “One Night Only: LIVE!” Uno successfully defended his title in an X-Division 4-Way and The Wolves defeated Drake and Jessie along with Kurt Angle and Galloway in a wild Triple Threat. Zema and Tigre start the match off against each other. Zema quickly catches Tigre in a hammerlock and transitions into a series of arm drags. Tigre comes right back with a Dropkick Salto and then puts Zema in a wristlock. Zema tries to reach for a tag but his partners ignore him as Tigre tags in Davey. Davey hits a Diving Axe Handle Drop onto Zema as Tigre held him in place. Zema rolls through a wristlock and counters with a dropkick. Jessie blind tags Zema and then runs right into an armdrag from Davey. Eddie tags himself in and The Wolves whip Jessie into the ropes. Eddie catches him with a drop toe hold and then a sliding dropkick from Davey. Eli comes in and eats a series of forearms and elbows from The Wolves. Tigre comes in and The Wolves lift Tigre up in the air and run his knee into Drake in the corner. Eddie hits the ropes but is tripped by Eli allowing Jessie to nail him with a dropkick. Jessie Press Slams Eddie and Drake tags into the ring. Drake whips Eddie into the ring and he hits a big Tilt-A-Whirl Powerslam for a nearfall. Jessie tags into the ring again puts the boots to Eddie and then tags Eli back into the ring. Eli hits a Snap Suplex for another nearfall and then tags Jessie into the ring again. They go for a Double Back Suplex but Eddie lands on his feet and hits a Double Rana on the heels! Eddie tags in Davey and he runs over the heels with clotheslines and atomic drops. He hits a dropkick sending Jessie into a DDT from his own partner! Davey climbs up top and dives off with the Ghetto Stomp but Drake moves out of the way only to get caught in a wild Reverse Indian Death Lock! Zema comes running in but Davey catches him in an Ankle Lock! Drake runs in and puts the boots to Davey to releas the hold but then Tigre comes flying in with a dropkick to Eli. Davey runs into an elbow from Jessie and then Jessie goes for a Lariat but he ducks and Jessie nails Zema! Eddie blind tags Davey and then Jessie runs into the Alarm Clock from The Wolves! The Wolves set up for the Force of Nature but Drake pulls Davey to the floor and slams him into the guardrail. Tigre dives over the top with a Somersault Plancha onto Drake and in the ring Jessie reverses Eddie into the Adonis Crab! Zema gets pissed at Jessie and Superkicks the piss out of him! The Wolves hit Chasing The Dragon on Jessie for the pin!

Winners: The Wolves & Tigre via pinfall (Chasing The Dragon)

Zema leaves his partners laying in the ring after the match.


Backstage Jeff Hardy approaches Matt and he tells Matt to go get what he wants. Matt says that he knows everyone believes in him and he will make EC3 an offer he cannot refuse. Reby walks up and gets between Matt and Jeff saying that they need to talk and pulls Matt away as Jeff looks confused.

EC3 comes down to the ring and says that Matt said he had an offer so he is listening. Matt Hardy comes out and says that they are completely different. He says that he came from nothing and had to work his way up while EC3 had everything given to him because of his last name. Matt calls EC3 a “trust fund baby” and says they are totally different but they will be forever be linked because they are life long rivals. He says that he is always talking about a Twist of Fate and he offers EC3 the chance to own Hardy’s fate in his hands. Matt says that if EC3 gives him one more match for the TNA World Title then if he can’t beat EC3 he will leave TNA forever. EC3 asks Matt if he really wants to do that and he says that he does not respect anything about Matt because he has beaten Matt time and time again. He says that Matt cannot beat him and if they do this then they do this on his terms. EC3 says he doesn’t want to pin Matt or make him submitt or knock him off a ladder. He wants to be the Last Man Standing over Matt as his legacy dissapears. He wants Matt Hardy in a Last Man Standing Match next week! Hardy agrees and they shake hands!


Main Event
“Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. “The Chosen One” Drew Galloway

This is a first time ever match up here, the first match in Kurt Angle’s Farewell Tour. Angle andGalloway lockup and Kurt gets the early advantage with a waistlock, but Galloway quickly reverses it and then locks Kurt in a side headlock. Kurt shoves Galloway into the ropes but Drew runs him over and then stares Kurt down. Galloway gets Kurt in a side headlock but again Kurt shoves him into the ropes and again Drew runs him over and they stare each other down again. They go for the test of strength this time but Drew quickly gets Kurt in a headlock again and again Drew runs Kurt over as he hits the ropes but as he went for it another time Kurt caught him with a backdrop. Kurt hits a European Uppercut and then bounces off the ropes only to eat a big Lariat from Drew! Drew lights Kurt up with chops and then he hits the ropes and connects with a boot to Kurt. Drew charges right into a Belly-to-Belly Suplex from Kurt for a nearfall! Kurt puts Drew in a chinlock but Drew fights back to his feet and breaks the holds with right hands and chops. Kurt answers back with strikes of his own and then he goes for a clothesline but Drew ducks it and then hits the ropes and they collide into each other with clotheslines.


Galloway lights Angle up with chops and then starts blasting him in the corner with right hand after right hand. He hits a Corner Splash and then climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Clothesline! Drew goes for the Claymore but Kurt ducks and connects with the Rolling German Suplexes! Kurt hits five before Drew manages to free himself after a series of elbows but Kurt comes right back with an Olympic Slam! 1…2…NO Drew kicks out! Kurt locks in the Ankle Lock but Drew manages to roll thorugh it sending Kurt into the turnbuckles. Drew goes for a clothesline but Kurt counters into a Backslide for another nearfall. Drew rolls through the backslide and hits the Future Shock DDT! 1…2…NO Kurt kicks out! Drew goes for a Powerslam but Kurt counters it into an Ankle Lock attempt, but Drew counters that into a modified Crossface! Kurt manages to drag himself close to the ropes but Drew pulls him back to the center of the ring, but as he was dragging Kurt back Kurt manages to grab Drew’s leg and catch him in the Angle Lock! Drew rolls through it again this time sending Kurt flying through the ropes to the floor as Drew clutches at his ankle. Drew rolls out to the floor and as he goes to grab Kurt he eats a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex into the guardrail from Kurt out of nowhere! Kurt rolls Drew back into the ring and covers him for yet another nearfall! Kurt hits the ropes but eats the Claymore out of nowhere! 1…2…NO Kurt kicks out! Drew hits a second Claymore and again only manages a two count as Galloway can’t believe that Kurt kicked out again! Drew lifts Kurt up to the top rope and climbs up with him for a Superplex but Kurt cuts him off and hangs him upside down from the top. Drew lifts himself up and hits the Hanging Superplex off the top! Both men get back to their feet and begin exchanging right hands. Drew connects with a Lariat off the ropes and goes for the Claymore again but this time Kurt moves out of the way and Drew slams into the turnbuckles. Kurt hits the Olympic Slam again, 1…2…NO Drew still manages to escape the pinfall! Drew headbutts Kurt out of desperation as Kurt was lifting him up for likely another suplex. Drew climbs back to the top but Kurt cuts him off and climbs up with Drew. Kurt goes for a Super Olympic Slam but Drew fights him off only for Kurt to hit the Super Olympic Slam anyway! 1…2..3!

Winner: Kurt Angle via pinfall (Super Olympic Slam)

Angle and Drew hug after that epic match.


1) Jeff Hardy def. Shynron
2) Street Fight: The Dollhouse def. The Beautiful People
3) TNA KOTM Title: Eric Young def. Bobby Roode (c) to win the title!
4) The Wolves & Tigre Uno def. Eli Drake, Jessie Godderz, & Zema Ion
5) Kurt Angle def. Drew Galloway

Scheduled for Next Week:
– TNA World Title vs. Career Last Man Standing Match: Ethan Carter III (c) vs. Matt Hardy

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