TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 1/26/16 (Hardy Boyz Implode)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 1/26/16
TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Bethlehem, PA 
January 26, 2016 
Announcers: Josh Mathews & The Pope
Recap by: Josh Boutwell of
As the show opens Jeff Hardy was shown arriving earlier today. He says that he has a lot of things to say to his brother tonight. 
Footage of last week’s crazy ending is shown.
Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring and he says that he has had a full week to let everything set in from last week. He says that what his brother did last week made him sick and he needs some answers from Matt tonight. Jeff calls Matt out and he comes down to the ring alongside Tyrus and Reby with new heel theme music. Tyrus is even carrying Matt’s son with him.
Jeff says he didn’t call Reby nor Tyrus out and he wants to speak to Matt alone because this is a family issue. Reby says that she is Matt’s wife and SHE is his family. She says that she was there for him when the world abandoned him and she was there for him when Jeff abandoned him to play a Redneck Evil Kenevil last year. Reby says that she told Matt to stop giving and start taking for once. She says that he doesn’t need Jeff anymore and their family doesn’t need Jeff nor the fans anymore. Jeff says that he isn’t talking to his “sister bitch in law” which pisses Matt off and demands that Jeff apologize for saying that. Jeff says that Matt is acting like a little bitch too and calls Tyrus “big bitch 3.” Jeff asks Matt what he hell is doing which starts a “why Matt why” chant. 
Tyrus starts to move towards Jeff but Matt stops him and says that it is okay because Jeff is just a little uncomfortable right now. Matt says that Jeff isn’t used to being in Matt’s shadow for a change. Matt says that he took his wife’s advice and it worked as he holds up the World Title. He says that he doesn’t know if Jeff is upset because he is walking around like a cripple but says that is Jeff’s own fault and now Jeff is just “the other Hardy.” Jeff says he can’t be happy or proud for Matt after the way he won the Title and he doesn’t understand what is going on in Matt’s head. Matt says that it is time that they just simply go their separate ways so Jeff can hang out with all the cretins in the crowd while Matt goes on to be the greatest World Champion ever. A big “EC3” chant starts and Jeff says that last time EC3 won the World Title he called EC3 the best wrestler in the planet because he won it fairly. He says that there is only one way to settle this and as everyone knows he is cleared to wrestle again so he wants Matt to make his first defense against Jeff…TONIGHT! Reby whispers something to Matt and Matt says that if he wants this then at this moment he wipes his hands of all guilt for what happens to Jeff tonight and walks away. 
A vignette hypes up the Feast or Fired Match for tonight. 
Feast or Fired Match 
“The IT Factor” Bobby Roode vs. “Cowboy” James Strom vs. Grado vs. “Showtime” Eric Young vs. Bram vs. “The Chosen One” Drew Galloway vs. “The Ultimate Underdog” Rockstar Spud vs. “Sarge” Chris Melendez vs. Jessie Godderz vs. Robbie E vs. Eli Drake vs. Aiden O’Shea  
Rules are simple here. There is four briefcases hanging from poles in four different corners in the ring. One of the briefcases contains a guaranteed World Title shot, one holds a KOTM Title shot, one holds a Tag Team Title shot, and one holds a pink slip meaning the person that pulls that down is fired. The contents of each briefcase will be revealed later tonight. All the babyfaces stand on one side and all the heels on the other side but then Grado walks over and shakes hands with the heels leading to Aiden laying him out. The brawl is on now with fights all over the arena. Robbie dives off the top with a Plancha onto Jessie on the floor after he tossed him to the floor. Melendez hits Aiden with a Bubba Bomb and then clotheslines him to the floor. As Melendez tries to pull down a briefcase EY Back Suplexes him. Bram lays Storm out with a Spinning Heel Kick but then he eats a Blockbuster off the  middle rope from Roode. Spud counters a Roode Bomb into an Underdog attempt, but Roode blocks it and then Roode Bombs Spud over the top onto Bram and EY on the floor! Grado crotches Aiden on the top rope as he reached up for a briefcase and then he climbs onto the back of Aiden and pulls down the briefcase! 
Eli hits a Leaping Neckbrekaer on Drew and then EY/Bram whip Drew into the ropes only to eat a Double Clothesline from him. Drew backrops EY and then hits the Claymore on Bram! Drew reaches up for one of the briefcases but Drake crotches him on the top and then hangs him upside down in the tree of woe. Drew pokes him in the eye but then Drake leaps to the top with one leap only to get hit with the Hanging German Suplex from Drew! Drew pulls himself up and then pulls down the briefcase! 
Melendez hits the Tower of Doom on EY and Robbie in the corner but then Jessie tosses him to the floor. Storm and Aiden fight under one of the briefcases but then Storm levels Aiden with an Enziguri! Storm hits a Frankensteiner on Aiden off the top and then Roode dives off the top with a Frog Splash on Aiden! Jessie dropkicks Roode and then grabs a briefcase only for Robbie to stop him while Eli Drake climbs up the opposite corner and pulls down a briefcase. 
Jessie hits a Powerslam on Robbie only to walk into a Catapult from Roode right into a DDT from Storm! Bram and EY clean house on everyone and then Bram hits the Brighter Side of Suffering on Melendez. Spud fights both Bram and EY off only to eat a Spike Piledriver from EY! Beer Money whips Bram into the ropes and hits a Double Hip Toss and then a Beer Money Double Suplex on EY! Roode hits a Double R Spinebuster on Bram and then climbs up top only for EY to knock him off. EY reaches up to pull down the briefcase but Storm cuts him off and pulls him down into a Backstabber! Bram charges right into a Last Call from Storm and then Roode comes in and guards Storm as Storm reaches up and pulls down the briefcase! 
Winners: Grado, Drew Galloway, Eli Drake & James Storm 
Backstage Kurt Angle approaches Jeff Hardy and says that he saw what happened last week and he just wants to see how Jeff is doing. Jeff says that Reby is in his head and Angle says that Jeff is doing the right thing because he knows what it takes to have to fight his brother. Kurt says that there is no telling what Matt is capable of right now and he has Jeff’s back. 
TNA X-Division Championship 
Triple Threat 
Tigre Uno (c) vs. Mandrews vs. “DJ Z” Zema Ion 
Mandrews nails Zema with a Spinning Back Kick but then eats a Dropkick Salto from Tigre. Tigre hits a Wheel Barrow Armdrag on Zema and then he hits a Double Backflip Armdrag on both opponents. Tigre whips Zema into the ropes only to eat a big dropkick from Zema followed by a Springboard Back Elbow out of the corner. Mandrews hits a Slingshot Spinning Headscissors on Zema followed by an Atomic Drop and then a beautiful rollup for a nearfall. Zema hits a series of strikes only to walk into a dropkick from Mandrews. Mandrews drags Tigre back in the ring and hits a Snapmare Takeover only for Zema to catch him in a Backslide for a nearfall. Zema hooked Tigre with his feet at the same time for a nearfall. Tigre counters with a Deathlock on Zema while also putting Mandrews in a Guerrero Special! Mandrews counters with an armdrag and then Zema rolls Mandrews up for a nearfall. Zema goes for a Suplex but Mandrews blocks it only to eat a huge Lariat for a nearfall! Tigre climbs on the apron but Zema knocks him to the floor with a Missile Dropkick! Zema hits a beautiful Somersault Plancha over the top onto Tigre on the floor! Mandrews then fakes a dive and as the babyfaces turn around he hits a Standing Moonsault off the ring steps onto both Tigre and Zema! Mandrews rides down his skateboard and hits a Spinning Headscissors off the skateboard on the ramp on Zema! Tigre sets up for a dive but Mandrews catches him with a Leaping Enziguri and then a Moonsault attempt, but Tigre moves out of the way right into a Slingshot DDT from Zema! Zema hits the Hostile Makeover on Mandrews followed by a Reverse Rana Driver! 1…2…NO Mandrews kicks off! Zema lifts Mandrews up to the top and climbs up with him and attempts a Superplex, but Mandrews blocks it and shoves Zema to the floor. Tigre nails Mandrews with a Running Dropkick and then hits the Spanish Fly off the top for the pin! 
Winner & STILL TNA X Division Champion: Tigre Uno via pinfall (Spanish Fly) 
Shane Helms comes down to the ring and finally grabs a microphone. Helms says that this company was defined by the X-Division for years and this company was built on the back of the X-Division. He says that the return to prominence of the X-Division is currently at hand. He says that he knows Tigre just had a match and he doesn’t want there to be any excuses so he will give Tigre one more week, but he asks Tigre if he is prepared to defend the title for the last time. Helms says that Tigre’s time as X-Division Champion is over and Tigre says that he is ready for Helms! 
Backstage Kong talks with The Dollhouse about her match last week and she says that they have never had anyone like Kong in their house. She says that she should have that title and they will help her get it, but tonight is about revenge and about destroying The Beautiful People. She says that she has to take Velvet out alone tonight because TNA has banned Dollhouse from ringside. Kong says that Velvet will be taken out on a stretcher tonight. 
Backstage Jessie approaches Eli Drake and Eli is freaking out over possibly getting a pink slip in his briefcase. Jessie tells Eli to screw the rules about the Reveal Ceremony and look inside it now. As Jessie walks away Eli sneaks a peek inside the briefcase as the camera cuts away. 
Backstage Kurt Angle approaches Matt Hardy and Kurt tells Matt to look at what he has become and says that he has tarnished the Hardy name. Matt says he has become an “Icon” and he says that he doesn’t destroy things, he creates them. He says he is creating the Matt Hardy brand but Kurt says that Matt is a selfish jerk and says he helped build TNA. Matt tells Kurt not to go there and he says that if Kurt sticks his nose in his family business he will get it broken. 
Awesome Kong vs. Velvet Sky 
Kong and Velvet lockup with Kong shoving Velvet to the side. Kong picks Velvet up but Velvet surprises her with a Jawbreaker and a series of kicks. Velvet hits the ropes but Kong runs her over and Velvet falls through the ropes to the floor. Kong slams Velvet into the ring apron and then whips her into the ring steps. Kong tosses Velvet back in the ring and then goes for a Splash in the corner but Velvet moves out of the way and attempts a Running Bulldog. Kong shoves Velvet into the corner and then goes for another Splash and again Velvet gets out of the way. Velvet hits a DDT as Kong was on her knees which gives Velvet a nearfall. Velvet hits a Running Bulldog for another nearfall and then Velvet climbs to the top and dives off with a Flying Cross Body Block only for Kong to catch her and hit a Powerslam and an Awesome Splash! Kong covers Velvet but then pulls her up before the three count and follows up with the Implant Buster for the pin.
Winner: Awesome Kong via pinfall (Implant Buster) 
After the match Kong continues to beat on Velvet but Madison runs out to make the save only for The Dollhouse to run out and jump on Madison. Rebel and Marti hit a terrible Total Elimination on Madison followed by a gorgeous Package Piledriver from Jade. Kong picks Velvet up and hits another Scoop Slam. The Dollhouse holds Madison and forces her to watch as Kong dives off the second rope with an Awesome Splash on Velvet. 
Backstage The Wolves cut a promo with Davey calling them the greatest Tag Team in the world. They are missing their titles because whoever attacked them last week stole their belts. Eddie says that men don’t attack over men from behind but freaks and cowards do. He says that Crazzy Steve wanted to send a message but they have one for Steve as well. The Wolves challenge Steve and whoever his buddy that attacked them is for a fight. 
All the winners of Feast or Fired briefcases walk into a room with JB for the reveal. 
Backstage they do the reveal of the Feast or Fired cases. Mike Bennett and Maria interrupt the reveal and mocks them all talking about how one of them will be fired. He says that one of them will need a “miracle” after tonight and says that when you are “The Miracle” you don’t have to take chances like Feast or Fired because everything comes easy to him. He says he likes Trainwrecks so he will sit back and enjoy, and then Galloway gets in his face and asks who he thinks who the hell he thinks he is. Drew says that unlike him they didn’t sit on their ass and wait for something to happen, they took the chance to do something big. He says that it is obvious that Mike isn’t the brains of the operation and looks over at Maria. Maria laughs at him and says that they are doing him and everyone in the company by being in TNA. Bennett says that the next time Drew insults him or his wife he will need a miracle to survive. 
Eli Drake’s briefcase contains the KOTM Title shot, they will reveal the rest later. 
Crazzy Steve has new crazy music and a chick dressed kind of like a cross between Harley Quinn and a Juggalo. She says that in their world they are a little mad and then she starts screaming about “decay.” Steve walks out with a new wild face paint job and new tights. As The Wolves walk up the ramp to confront Steve, Abyss’ music hits and The Wolves look shocked! 
The Wolves vs. Crazzy Steve & “The Monster” Abyss 
Steve and Abyss work on Davey in the corner as footage of the big brawl the two teams had during the break is shown. Abyss hits a Splash on Davey in the corner and then tags in Steve who hits a Backsplash Senton on Davey before locking him in a chinlock while raking the face of Davey. Steve puts Davey in a wristlock and he bites the hand of Davey before putting him in another chinlock. Davey fights back to his feet and breaks the hold with elbows but then Steve distracts the referee as Abyss lays Davey out. Steve hits a clothesline on Davey and tags Abyss back in the ring. Abyss stomps on the hands of Davey and hits a Scoop Slam followed by a Big Splash! Steve tags into the match again and Abyss Chokeslams Steve on top of Davey as Steve smiles for another nearfall. Steve rakes the eyes of Davey and then connects with a series of crossfaces on Davey. Abyss tags in and whips Davey into the corner but as he goes for a Splash Davey rolls out of the way. Steve tags himself in and stops Davey from tagging out only for Davey to kick him off and tag Eddie in. Eddie hits a Mafia Kick on Abyss and then a series of elbows on Steve. Eddie knocks Abyss of the apron and then hits a Slingshot Plancha onto him followed by an Atomic Drop on Steve. Eddie whips Steve into the corner and then lifts him up to the top and connects with a European Uppercut. Eddie goes for the Chin Checker but Steve counters into the Crossface Chickenwing. Eddie counters with an armdrag and then The Wolves catch him with the Alarm Clock out of nowhere! The Wolves set up for the Hammer of the Gods but that woman appears on the stage with the title belts to distract them. Abyss nails Eddie with the Black Hole Slam and Steve spits mist into the face of Davey! 
Winners: The Wolves via DQ 
The woman spits mist into Davey’s face as well and Steve locks him in the Crossface Chicken Wing as she bites Davey’s head! Abyss Chokeslams Eddie in the ring and Steve and Abyss raise the belts over a fallen Eddie while the weird chick poses with them. That chick is Indy wrestler Courtney Rush by the way and she is more than competent in the ring so this should be interesting. 
The next case revealed is Storm’s and they have earned a Tag Title shot! Everyone seems to be slapping Grado on the back, hard, leading to some hilarious facial expressions from him. Galloway opens his case and he has won the World Title shot which means Grado has the pinkslip! It was hilarious seeing Grado smiling and congratulating Drew until it started to dawn on him that it meant he was fired. 
Josh says that EC3 will discuss his future next week. 
Main Event 
TNA World Heavyweight Championship 
“The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. “The Iconic” Matt Hardy (c) w/Reby Sky & Tyrus 
JB does the boxing style intros for this one and as they are about to lockup Eric Young walks out and screams at them to stop. He says that Jeff hasn’t earned this title shot and he should be the #1 Contender because he is the KOTM Champion and then Bram attacks Jeff out of nowhere! 
An “EC3”chant breaks out as Bram and EY beat Jeff down while Jeff and Tyrus watch on. EY pulls out a table and sets it up at ringside. Jeff tries to fight them off but Bram and EY have targeted his leg. Beer Money run out to make the save but Crazzy Steve and Abyss hit the ring and outnumber Beer Money. Beer Money cleans house on all of the heels and they brawl with Steve and Abyss to the back. Matt comes face to face with Jeff but Kurt Angle’s music hits and he runs down to confront Matt only for Tyrus to attack him from behind. Matt levels Kurt with the title belt and then Matt, Reby, and Tyrus leave as EY and Bram return to the ring to continue the assault on Jeff. Jeff fights EY and Bram off and goes for a Twist of Fate on the apron, but EY stops him and slams Jeff’s head into the ring post. EY grabs Jeff on the ring apron and Piledrives him off the apron and through the table! Matt looks on at what just happened to his brother and Reby smiles. 
1) Feast or Fired Match: Grado, Drew Galloway, Eli Drake, & James Storm def. Bram, Eric Young, Chris Melendez, Aiden O’Shea, Jessie Godderz, Rockstar Spud, & Robbie E 
2) TNA X-Division Title Triple Threat: Tigre Uno (c) def. Zema Ion & Mandrews to retain the title!
3) Awesome Kong def. Velvet Sky 
4) The Wolves def. Abyss & Crazzy Steve via DQ 
5) TNA World Title: Matt Hardy (c) fought Jeff Hardy to a NO CONTEST (Matt retains) 
Scheduled for Next Week:
-TNA X-Division Title: Tigre Uno (c) vs. Shane Helms
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