TNA Impact Wrestling Results 2/2/16
TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Bethlehem, PA 
February 2, 2016 
Announcers: Josh Mathews & The Pope
Recap by: Josh Boutwell of
Earlier today Ethan Carter III is shown arriving at the arena and he says that everyone wants to know what is going on in his head and then grabs a pen and paper and says if they want an interview to be at the address he writes down. 
Matt Hardy comes down to the ring along with Reby Sky and Tyrus as footage of the injury to Jeff from last week is shown. Matt says sometimes you have to work with people you hate and make tough decisions about people you love. The fans chant “we want Jeff” but Matt says the fans won’t get Jeff because he made the mistake to claim that Matt was tarnishing the title. He said that karma hit Jeff in the form of a Piledriver through a table. Matt says that Jeff’s “peg leg” couldn’t run away from his past fast enough this time.
Reby says that it didn’t have to be this way but after years and years of people saying that Matt was living in Jeff’s shadow this was bound to happy to prove that it wasn’t true. Reby says that Jeff is just jealous that Matt won the World Title fair and square. She says that Jeff’s jealously has resulted in him ending up injured and back at home. 
Matt says that what happened to Jeff wasn’t personal, it was just great business for the “Matt Hardy Brand.” Eric Young and Bram interrupt Matt and EY says that Jeff Hardy is never coming back because of him and THAT is good business. He says that Bobby Roode cost him the World Title and he took his belt, and Jeff Hardy took his #1 Contenders spot so he took Jeff’s career! EY says he has no problem with Matt and says he is a great World Champion, but he needs to know that the World Title goes through him. Tyrus gets in EY’s face but Bram steps up and gets in Tyrus’ face. 
Kurt Angle interrupts all the heels and he says that Matt’s business deal is blowing up in his face, and Matt has been degrading the World Title ever since he won it. Angle says he just talked to a TNA official about the next man in his Farewell Tour and he gave him some great news because it will be Kurt Angle vs. Matt Hardy for the TNA World Title tonight! Matt looks beyond pissed as the fans chant “one more time” at Kurt. 
Matt says that everything makes sense now and Kurt has politicked himself into another World Title shot. He says that he was actually enjoying the Kurt Angle Farewell Tour but if he pushes his buttons that tour will end prematurely. Kurt says he ends his career on his own terms and Matt’s crew may be outnumbering him, but he will STILL kick everyone of their asses whenever he chooses to. Matt says that there is five of them and just one of Kurt so whenever he wants to give a shot he can.
Beer Money comes out and Roode says that Matt can shut his mouth and stick the “Matt Hardy Brand” up his ass. Roode says that the battle lines have been drawn and tonight there will be a fight! Storm says that Beer Money is all about making money and drinking beer. Storm says that they will make sure that Kurt gets his fair shot tonight because they are about to take care of EY and Bram! 
Beer Money and Bram/EY start brawling while Kurt and Matt fight in the ring. The Decay walk out to attack Beer Money but The Wolves attack them as they come down the ramp! Beer Money, The Wolves, and Angle clean house! Roode says that tonight not only will Kurt Angle win the World Title but there will be a Hardcore War with Beer Money & The Wolves against Bram, EY, & The Decay! 
Footage of the Feast or Fired reveal is shown. 
Backstage Drew Galloway says that it feels like he won the lottery and it was a big risk but it paid off. Tyrus walks up to Drew and asks Drew if he wants some free advice. He says that Drew needs to sit that briefcase down and walk away because it is a target on his chance. Drew laughs at him and he says that last he checked Tyrus was #1 Contender but instead of choosing to go after the title and advancing his career he is instead just playing everyone else’s big bitch. Tyrus says that is funny but he needs to remember that he asked for this and then walks away.
“The Destroyer” Lashley vs. Aiden O’Shea
Aiden attacks Lashley from behind as he climbs in the ring and puts the boots to him. Suddenly the same chick from the chick last week that told Lashley that his pain is her pleasure. Her name is Raquel according to Josh. Aiden chokes Lashley in the corner and then attempts to whip him into the ropes, but Lashley reverses it and then leapfrogs him and clotheslines Aiden over the top to the floor. Raquel gets between Lashley and Aiden which results in Aiden connecting with a huge Superman Punch to Lashley’s jaw. Aiden tosses Lashley back in the ring and connects with a series of headbutts and then puts Lashley in a Sleeper. Lashley escapes the hold with an Armdrag and then hits a clothesline followed by a Scoop Slam. Lashley whips Aiden into the corner and runs over him with a big Running Clothesline! Lashley whips Aiden into the opposite corner and hits a Running Shoulder Block followed by the Delayed Vertical Suplex! Lashley cuts Aiden in half with the Spear for the pin! 
Winner: Lashley via pinfall (Spear) 
After the match Raquel smirks at Lashley and then climbs in the ring with him. She says that she told Lashley he would see her again and then she puts Lashley’s hands on her waist. She says the message remains the same, “I can bring you pain..or I can bring you pleasure.” She blows him a kiss and walks away as Lashley looks confused as hell. 
Maria is shown walking backstage and we will hear from her next.
Maria comes out and welcomes us to her place of worship. She says that normally she comes out introduce The Miracle but tonight she wants to talk about something she is very passionate about, and that is women’s wrestling. Maria says that she doesn’t think women’s wrestling needs a miracle but what it needs is a leader. She says that it needs an arrow to point it in the right direction. She says that her name is Maria Kanellis-Bennett and she is the first lady of pro wrestling, and she is that arrow that will lead women’s wrestling. She says that many feel that the Knockouts Division is fine but it is broken and she is the only one that can change it. She says it is out with the old and in with the new, but before she can say anything else Gail Kim’s music cuts her off. 
Gail says that she and Maria have known each other for a pretty good while and while she respects what Gail has done she asks to ask if she is being serious right now. Maria says that Gail is a great wrestler but that is all she is, is a wrestler. Maria says she is a business woman and someone that little girls can look up to. She says that she can help and lead Gail and make her “mainstream.” Gail asks Maria who says that she wants or needs her help. She says that the Knockouts Division is about being a strong, tough woman, and if she wants to help the division she needs to put her boots on and get in the ring. Maria says that Gail is the problem and that a fish rots from the head and Gail stinks. Gail tells Maria to fix the problem in that case but Maria gets in Gail’s face and says that people like Gail do not speak to people like Maria in that tone. Gail snatches the microphone away from Maria and says that Maria doesn’t know who she is talking to right now and if she wants fix the “problem” she has the opportunity to do it right here and now. Gail dares Maria to fight her but Maria bails out of the ring and retreats. 
Backstage Beer Money thanks The Wolves for having their back and Eddie says that “the enemy of my enemy is our friend” and they have a common goal. Davey says that they know sooner or later Beer Money is coming for their titles and they will be looking out for them. Storm says that they aren’t here to prove their legacy but here to reinforce it. Davey gets in Storm’s face and says that anytime they want to put their legacy against their titles then they are down. Roode stops them and says they have to go to war together tonight and they will worry about that on another day. 
Hardcore War 
The Wolves & Beer Money vs. Bram, Eric Young, & The Decay (Crazzy Steve & Abyss) w/Rosemary 
Rules to this match are a new wrestler enters the match every two minutes and they get to bring a weapon to the ring. The match cannot be won until all eight men have entered the match. Davey Richards (with a chair) and Crazzy Steve (with a bat) enter first and they start brawling on the ramp. In the ring Davey backdrops Steve and then tosses him into the corner. Steve bounces out of the corner with a huge Lariat on Davey. Steve tosses Davey in the corner and then mounts him and bites his forehead. Steve picks up the chair and licks it as Davey grabs the bat Steve brought to the ring and Barry Bonds the chair into Steve’s face! The next man into the match is BRAM! 
Bram runs out with a turnbuckle and swings it at Davey but Davey ducks and hits a series of round kicks backing Bram into the corner. Bram blocks one of the kicks and turns it into a Spinebuster! Davey rolls to the floor and Bram follows him out slamming Davey into the guardrail. Bram whips Davey into the guardrail again and then whips Steve into a Cannonball onto Davey sandwiching him into the guardrail! Bram and Steve roll Davey back in the ring and continue to beat on him in the corner until the next man comes in which is JAMES STORM! 
Storm drags a beer keg onto the stage and clotheslines the hell out of Bram as he charged at Storm. Storm picks up the keg and drags it to ringside. Storm slams Bram into the ring steps and then places the keg between Bram’s legs and slams it into Bram’s nuts with a chair! The fans chant “one more time” at Storm so he obliges them while Steve continues to work on Davey in the ring. The next man in the match is ERIC YOUNG!
EY brings a kendo stick to the ring and starts laying into Storm and Davey with it before choking them. 
Back from the break Eddie has joined the match and he holds a chair in Steve’s face and dropkicks it into him! Bram slams Davey into the ring post while EY slams Storm’s face into the ring step. Bram wraps a chair around Davey’s neck and slams him into the ring post but Eddie lays into Bram with a vicious chop! Eddie attempts to Piledrive Bram on the floor but he gets backdropped onto the concrete. The final man for the heel side in is ABYSS! 
Abyss brings Janice out to the ring along with Rosemary holding the Tag Team Titles. Bram swings Janice at Storm but he ducks and Eddie hits a Slingshot Plancha onto Abyss on the floor! EY tosses Davey into the corner while Steve whips Eddie with a kendo stick. Abyss chokes Eddie and then Steve uses the stick to choke him as well. Storm comes over and starts nailing Abyss with a chair while EY holds Davey in the ring. Steve swings a kendo stick at Davey but he blocks the shot and starts nailing all the heels with the kendo stick. Abyss comes in and Chokeslams Davey and the final man in the match is BOBBY ROODE! 
Roode brings a hockey stick, of course, to the ring and blasts all the heels with it! Roode whips EY into the ropes and then goes for a backdrop but EY kicks him, but as he celebrates the move he runs right into a Double-R Spinebuster! Abyss lays Roode out with a Chokeslam but then Davey hits Abyss with a chair and then holds it over his back as Eddie dives off the top with a Ghetto Stomp into the chair! Bram slams Eddie into the ring post and then lays Davey out with a Spinning Heel Kick! Storm clotheslines Bram but Steve bites Storm and goes for a Suplex. Roode cuts him off and they go for a Beer Money Double Suplex. Bram and EY cut them off and go for a Double Suplex of their own and then The Wolves cut them off and all the babyfaces hit a Quadruple Suplex on the heels! Abyss runs over The Wolves and Beer Money with clotheslines as they were doing the “Beer Money” taunt. Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam on Eddie but he rolls out of the ring to avoid a pin. Storm and EY fight up the ramp while Roode and Bram fight behind them. They fight all the way to the back while Steve grabs a title belt and swings it at Davey, but Davey ducks and then goes to hit Steve with it only for Steve to mist him in the face! Abyss hits Davey with the title belt and Steve covers him for the pin! 
Winners: The Decay, Bram & Eric Young
Backstage Drew approaches Kurt and he tells Kurt that you really don’t know how great someone is until you wrestle them and he now knows how great Kurt is. Kurt says that Drew is a world class athlete and he will help TNA for years to come. Drew says tonight is Kurt’s night and he teases that if Kurt wins the title that he will cash in his title shot against Kurt. Kurt thinks that would be a cool idea and agrees to it. 
“The Chosen One” Drew Galloway vs. Tyrus 
Tyrus cheap shots as Drew as he was getting in the ring and then hits a big Scoop Slam. He goes for another one but Drew blocks it this time and backs Tyrus into the corner with some nasty chops. Drew avoids a Splash attempt and then hits a Running Forearm Smash. Drew climbs up top and dives off right into a big Headbutt from Tyrus followed by an Elbow Drop. Tyrus chokes Drew and then lays him out with a clothesline. Tyrus whips Drew into the corner hard and then he hits a big T-Bone Suplex! Tyrus goes for another Splash in the corner but Drew moves out of the way lays into Tyrus with some big chops and right hands. Drew puts the boots to Tyrus in the corner and then climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Clothesline! Drew goes for the Future Shock DDT but Tyrus backs him into the corner and hits a Heart Punch! Tyrus climbs to the middle rope for a Splash but Drew cuts him off and Superbombs Tyrus off the top! Drew calls for the Claymore but as he was setting up for it the lights go out. Maria appears on the stage and asks if Drew believes in miracles and then says that his miracle is now! The lights come on and Bennett belts Drew with his Feast or Fired briefcase! 
Winner: Drew Galloway via DQ
Bennett shows off the dent in the briefcase and then asks Drew if he believes in “The Miracle” now. Bennett says that he knows that Drew believed that his briefcase was the answer to all of his questions. Bennett says that isn’t the miracle that TNA needs and Bennett is the miracle that TNA really needs.
Kurt says that he has had the time of his life in TNA and a lot of great matches. He says that it would be pretty cool to retire as champion but Lashley interrupts him and wishes him luck tonight. He says how fitting it would be for Kurt to win tonight and then Lashley beats him in the UK and takes the title from him in the same place that Angle took the title from Lashley last year. 
Tigre comes out for his match with Shane Helms but Helms comes out in his street clothes. Shane says that he isn’t quite dressed for the occasion tonight but there is a reason for that. He says that Tigre agreed to a Title Match but he never said that it would be against him. He says that Tigre isn’t ready for that challenge but his challenger tonight is the man that he has trained, coached, and mentored for years: Trevor Lee! 
TNA X Division Championship 
Tigre Uno (c) vs. Trevor Lee w/Shane Helms 
Trevor comes after Tigre at the bell but Tigre uses his speed to sidestep him constantly. Tigre hits a series of round kicks but then eats a knee to the gut from Trevor followed by a series of elbows. Trevor whips Tigre into the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Tigre ducks and then hits a Dropkick Salto. Trevor rolls to the floor and then Tigre sets up for a dive but Trevor slides back into the ring between Tigre’s legs. Tigre slingshots himself to the apron and then hits a shoulder block through the ropes on Trevor and climbs to the top. Tigre dives off the top but Trevor moves out of the way and hits a huge Flying Forearm! Trevor rains down right hands on Tigre and then as Tigre fights back and hits the ropes Trevor turns him inside-out with a nasty Lariat! 1…2…NO Tigre kicks out! Trevor puts Tigre in a Crossface but Tigre fights back to his feet only for Trevor to slam Tigre down to the mat by his mask. Trevor tosses Tigre into the corner and then rakes his elbow across the face of Tigre. He whips Tigre into the opposite corner and then attempts a Flying Forearm, but Tigre sidesteps him and goes for a Running Enziguri only for Trevor to duck it. Trevor lifts Tigre up into the air for a Gutwrench Suplex, but Tigre counters into a rollup for a quick nearfall. Trevor lays Tigre up with a Big Boot and then he chokes Tigre in the ropes. Trevor tosses Tigre to the floor and attempts the Running Punt Kick on the apron, but Tigre blocks his kick and then slams him into the apron! Tigre dives off the ring steps with a gorgeous Hurricanrana on the floor! Tigre rolls Trevor into the ring and dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick! Tigre goes for a German Suplex but Lee reverses it into one of his own only for Tigre to counter into a rollup for another nearfall. Tigre ducks a clothesline and hits a Leaping Enziguri! Tigre then hits the ropes only for Lee to destroy him with a Leaping Double Foot Stomp! Lee hits the Cradle Fisherman Buster for the pin! 
Winner & NEW TNA X Division Champion: Trevor Lee via pinfall (Cradle Fisherman Buster) 
EC3 says in 2016 when something happens to someone everyone expects that person to go nuts. He says that he has had a few weeks to think about things. He says that after two years of being unpinned he thought the party would never end. He says that he can admit now that sometimes during that run he was a piece of shit and everything came to a head when he suffered the worst beating of his life. He says that he was never unbeatable but he just wants to win. He says that winning is an addiction for him and it culminated for him when he won the World Title. He congratulates Matt Hardy for beating him but he says that it took everything Matt had and then some and EC3 still kept getting up. He says that it is ironic that the thing that kept him down was the World Title itself (when Matt hit him with it). He says that the question now is what does he do next and people are asking if he is going to take a break. He asks if you run away from a problem and says that he won’t run away from anything. He says that he will bring wrath, fury, and vengeance upon Matt Hardy and he says that he will now be that “pale rider” and he will bring hell with him to the UK to find Matt. 
Main Event
TNA World Heavyweight Championship 
“The Iconic” Matt Hardy (c) w/Reby Sky vs. “The Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle 
Reby gets on the apron as the match starts and throws her jacket at Kurt allowing Matt to jump on Kurt and lay into him with strikes in the corner. Matt hits a Running Clothesline into a Running Bulldog out of the corner for a nearfall. Matt chokes Kurt in the ropes and then distracts the referee as Tyrus chokes Kurt as well. Matt hits a Leg Drop and a Snapmare Takeover and he locks in a Rear Chinlock. Kurt fights off the hold with elbows to the back and then he connects with a series of clotheslines. Kurt whips Matt into the corner and charges into a boot from Matt only to come right back with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex to Matthew! Kurt hits the Rolling German Suplexes and after the fourth one Tyrus gets on the apron so Kurt shoves Matt into Tyrus and then connects with the Olympic Slam! 1…2…NO Matt kicks out! 
Back from the break Kurt still has control of the match with an Angle Lock on Matt! Matt manages to roll through sending Kurt flying through the ropes to the floor. Tyrus clotheslines Kurt as Matt distracts the referee by pretending he is injured. Tyrus taunts Pope at the announce table and even slaps the headset off his face. He calls Pope a “washed up has been.” Kurt rolls back in the ring and Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but Kurt shoves him into the corner. Kurt goes for the Olympic Slam but Matt counters into an armdrag. Matt goes for another Twist of Fate but Kurt blocks it and locks in the Angle Lock! Matt rolls through into a nearfall this time and then connects with the Side Effect for another nearfall. Matt charges at Kurt in the corner but Kurt moves out of the way and hits another Olympic Slam! 1…2…NO Matt kicks out again! Kurt and Matt both get back to their feet and exchange stiff slaps and right hands. Matt rakes the eyes of Kurt and then goes for a clothesline but Kurt ducks and hits the Rolling German Suplexes again! After a third one Matt grabs the rope but Kurt still pulls him back and hits another three! Matt grabs the referee to stop a fourth Suplex and then elbows Kurt in the face and kicks Kurt in the nuts as the referee was distracted! Matt hits the Twist of Fate, 1…2…NO Kurt still kicks out and Matt can’t believe it! Matt argues with the referee and then goes for another Twist of Fate but Kurt counters into yet another set of Rolling German Suplexes! He hits three more this time and then climbs up top only for Tyrus to grabs his boot. Kurt kicks Tyrus away and Reby grabs his foot as well allowing Matt to come over and crotch Kurt on the top and hit a Super Twist of Fate for the pin! 
Winner & STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Matt Hardy via pinfall (Super Twist of Fate) 
1) Lashley def. Aiden O’Shea
2) Hardcore War: The Decay, Bram, & Eric Young def. Beer Money & The Wolves 
3) Drew Galloway def. Tyrus via DQ
4) TNA X-Division Title: Trevor Lee def. Tigre Uno (c) to win the title! 
5) TNA World Title: Matt Hardy (c) def. Kurt Angle to retain the title!