TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 3/29/16 (Drew Galloway retains the TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
March 29, 2016 
Announcers: Josh Matthews & The Pope  
Recap by: Josh Boutwell of
Impact opens up with last week’s Battle Royal and then Matt Hardy leads his crew down to the ring. Matt says that the entire #MattHardyBrand is out to protest what happened last week. Matt says the entire Hardy family is out here, except for the Hardy traitor: his brother. Matt says he knows that all the fans can’t wait for Jeff to get his title shot tonight, but he says that won’t happen at all. He says that he is the only one that deserves a title shot and he wants his rematch, damn it! Matt says that he is the greatest TNA World Champion in history and he is demanding that Dixie Carter award him his rematch right now. The lights go out and Maria appears on the stage.
Maria introduces Mike Bennett and he says that Matt is getting a little old so he needs to relax and chill. He says that no one wants to see Jeff Hardy get another title shot but Matt being anywhere near the TNA World Title is something no one wants to see either. Bennett says what TNA needs is a “Miracle.” He says that when he becomes TNA World Champion he will be giving the people the miracle they need. Reby cuts them off and tells them to get out of the ring because this is Matt’s moment. She calls Maria “fire crotch” and says that Matt Hardy is the greatest wrestler alive and they don’t know who they are messing with.
Maria says she is the “First Lady of Pro Wrestling” and she asks Reby if she even knows what it is like to be a lady. Reby starts to get ghetto and tries to go after Maria but Matt and Tyrus hold her back. Tyrus then holds Spud back from going after Maria too. Matt says that in theory Bennett could be his friend at some point but it is obvious he doesn’t have any respect. He says that there is a pecking order and Bennett is “down there” and points to the floor. Bennett says that he used to have a lot of respect for Hardy but right now he is just old and washed up. Tyrus starts to go after Bennett but Hardy calls him off and calls Bennett an “insignificant nobody” that is just as bad as EC3. Matt says he came looking for a fight and if Bennett wants to question his greatness he can fight him. Bennett dares him to throw the first punch but then the lights go out and EC3 comes down the ramp.
EC3 says he was standing in the back watching the clash of the egos in the ring and he had a great idea. He says he has an idea for a new show for Pop called “EC3’s Three Bitches” starring Tyrus, Spud, and Matt. EC3 says that he is an eight time “Altar Boy of the Year” so he has a great relationship with God since Bennett calls himself the miracle. EC3 literally prays for Bennett’s career because he says that when he gets his hands on Bennett he will kill it. Bennett says that he decides when and where he fights and he doesn’t feel like fighting tonight.
EC3 says he is sure Bennett has other plans like getting another “$4 haircut” but EC3 wants to fight tonight so he isn’t leaving until he gets a fight. Hardy says that EC3 wants to make a bunch of cute jokes so he suggests a Handicap Match between EC3 and the #MattHardyBrand and he says they will make EC3 his bitch. Matt says that even Reby will be in the match and EC3 says that at least one of them has balls in that group and accepts the match.
Handicap Match 
Ethan Carter III vs. #MattHardyBrand (Tyrus, Matt Hardy, Reby Sky, & Rockstar Spud)
Tyrus starts off with EC3 and tries to beat on him in the corner, but EC3 turns it around on Tyrus and connects with a series of forearms on all the heels except for Reby. Tyrus charges into an elbow from EC3 and then he goes for a clothesline, but Tyrus catches him with a T-Bone Suplex! Mike Bennett and Maria are still at ringside. Tyrus beats EC3 down in the corner and then lays him out with a Scoop Slam followed by an Elbow Drop for a nearfall. Tyrus hits another Elbow Drop and then does a series of pushups on the back of EC3 before tagging Spud into the ring for the first time. Spud slaps and punches EC3 repeatedly while Tyrus holds him. Spud bites the head of EC3 but as EC3 starts to fight back Tyrus tags back into the match. Tyrus takes EC3 out with a Snake Eyes in the corner and tags Spud back into the match. Tyrus picks Spud up and Scoop Slams him down onto EC3 for another nearfall. Spud tags Tyrus back into the match and they double team EC3 in the corner. Tyrus tags Hardy into the match for the first time and beats him down in the corner. EC3 tries to fight out of the corner but eats a Forearm Smash from Hardy. Hardy holds EC3 while Reby slaps him over and over and Spud tags back in and puts the boots to EC3 while Matt continues to hold him down. Tyrus comes back in and puts EC3 in a nerve hold but EC3 counters with a Jawbreaker. Spud tags in and starts choking EC3 with his tape but EC3 counters with a Back Suplex. Hardy tags back in and eats a series of clotheslines and elbows from EC3 followed by a Jawbreaker. EC3 hits the Stinger Splash in the corner followed by a Flapjack! EC3 goes for the One Percenter but Tyrus comes charging at him. EC3 lets Hardy go and sends Tyrus to the floor. Spud tags back in and dives off the top but EC3 catches him in midair and goes for a Press Slam only for Spud to rakes his eyes. Spud goes for a Twist of Fate but EC3 counters into a Cobra Clutch! Bennett runs in and attacks EC3!
Winner: EC3 via DQ 
Bennett puts the boots to EC3 and then the #MattHardyBrand joins in on the attack. Beer Money hits the ring and most of the heels bail except Tyrus. Storm lays Tyrus out with a Flying Forearm and they have cleared the ring of all the heels now. Storm says they were sitting in the back counting money and drinking beer when they heard a fight going on in the ring. Roode says the fight doesn’t have to stop now and they can keep it going here because they are always ready for a fight. Roode issues a Six Man Tag challenge to Tyrus, Bennett, and Matt!
Six Man Tag Team Match 
Beer Money & Ethan Carter III vs. Matt Hardy, Tyrus, & Mike Bennett w/Reby Sky, Maria, & Rockstar Spud
Back from the break Storm hits the Calf Wrangler on Bennett followed by a Neckbreaker. Storm charges at Bennett in the corner but Bennett backdrops him over the top. Storm lands on the apron and hits a Leaping Enziguri but then Tyrus sweeps his legs out from under him! Tyrus hits a Scoop Slam on Storm on the floor and then tags himself into the ring as he drags Storm back in the ring. Hardy then lays him out and knocks him to the floor again as Tyrus was distracting the referee. Tyrus hits an Elbow Drop on Storm and then does the pushups on his back before covering him for a nearfall. Tyrus rakes the face of Storm and puts him in a Vice Grip, but Storm bites the hand of Tyrus and lays into him with a series of right hands. Tyrus comes right back with a crazy Fall Away Pump Handle Slam! Hardy tags in and picks Storm up only to eat a Closing Time! Storm reaches for a tag but Bennett knocks EC3 and Roode off the apron! Hardy picks Storm up again but eats another Jawbreaker! Storm tags Roode into the match and he hits a series of clotheslines on Hardy. Roode hits the ropes and connects with a Flying Forearm but then walks into a boot from Bennett. Roode answers with a Rock Bottom on Bennett only to run into an elbow from Hardy. Hardy charges at Roode but Roode catches him with a Double-R Spinebuster! 1…2…NO Bennett breaks it up but then EC3 clotheslines Bennett to the floor! EC3 goes after Bennett on the floor but he retreats up the ramp. In the ring Roode goes for the Blockbuster off the top but Tyrus trips him up only to eat a Last Call from Storm! Beer Money hits the Beer Money Double Suplex on Tyrus and then one for Hardy as well! Beer Money goes for the DWI on Hardy but Tyrus cuts them off and saves Matt. Tyrus hits a Heart Punch on Roode and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate! 1…2…3!
Winners: Bennett, Hardy, & Tyrus via pinfall (Twist of Fate) 
Backstage Gail Kim does an interview with JB. Gail says Maria has been ducking her for two months and she says she did a little talking of her own to TNA management. Madison and Velvet walk up and Gail says that they will face each other to decide who the next contender will be (after Jade).
Backstage Bro-Mans talk about their reunion and Jessie says he never thought they would get back together but it felt good. Eli Drake walks up and makes fun of them getting back together and says Jessie can’t right his coattails anymore. Drake says if he was them he would find a dark hole and go hide in it. Robbie says that Drake’s breath stinks as he walks away and Jessie agrees but says that he gave him an idea. Jessie says they need to “go a little darker” and tells Robbie to trust him.
Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky 
Velvet immediately catches Madison with an inside cradle as the match starts for a nearfall. They shake hands after that and Velvet winks at Madison. They lockup and Madison catches Velvet with an arm drag into a nearfall. They lockup again and Velvet puts Madison in a side headlock but Madison reverses the hold into one of her own. Velvet shoves Madison into the ropes but eats a shoulder block from Madison followed by a beautiful rollup for a nearfall. Velvet comes back with a leg sweep and a cover for another nearfall. Madison rolls her up with another inventive rollup for another nearfallf and Velvet comes back with another nearfall of her own. They shake hands again but this time Velvet pulls her into her face and they start shoving each other. They exchange forearms in the corner and then Madison gets the advantage and hits a series of chops before whipping Madison into the opposite corner. Madison hits a Flying Forearm for another nearfall. Madison hits a Sliding Dropkick for yet another nearfall and then she hits a gorgeous Bridging Northern Light Suplex for a nearfall. Madison charges at Velvet but Velvet gets her foot up and then she catches Velvet in a Headscissors. Velvet kicks Madison and connects with a series of clotheslines and then kicks followed by a Leaping Neckbreaker! Velvet hits a Running Bulldog for a nearfall. Velvet goes for another Bulldog but Madison shoves her into the corner. Mdaison charges at Velvet but Velvet moves out of the way causing Madison go crashing into the turnbuckles. Velvet goes for the In Yo Face but Madison jackknifes her into a pin!
Winner: Madison Rayne via pinfall (Jackknife)
After the match Velvet gets pissed at Madison but then raises her hand and hugs her.
Backstage Drew Galloway talks about he and his brother imitating Jeff Hardy in their grandmothers backyard and now 15 years later he gets to face Jeff Hardy for the World Title. He says Jeff Hardy is one of the best and he will have to be at his best to beat Jeff tonight.
Josh tries to get Pope to get us a prediction for the Main Event tonight but Pope stops before answering and says that he has something on his mind that he needs to talk about now. Pope gets in the ring and we will find out after the break what that is.
The Pope says there are a lot of things he needs to get off his chest. He says over the last few weeks he is gone from being the “happy go lucky Pope” to the “bad get ‘em Pope” and he says that when Pope is good he is real good but when he is bad he is REAL bad. Pope says that he did what he felt he needed to do to help his partner a few weeks ago when Lashley assaulted him, but now it is time for Pope to be the man that everyone knows him to be.
Lashley interrupts Pope before he can say anything else and he says Pope isn’t a man anymore, he is just an announcer. Lashley says that Pope has stuck his nose his business twice now so he wants Pope to apologize and then go sit behind the announce table and do what he is supposed to do before he gets hurt. Pope says when he looks back at the years he sees how they started in wrestling together and he thought their bond was stronger than this. Pope says somewhere along the way Lashley has lost it and if he thinks for one second he will apologize he is nuts. Pope says he won’t regret anything and he says that he has share the ring with some of the greatest wrestlers of all time and been on TV and movies so he has no regrets. Pope says as much as he loves being in the announcers chair he would regret it for the rest of his life if he went back into the chair again right now. Pope challenges Lashley to a fight and Lashley laughs at him. Lashley says that Angle wanted to fight him and now he’s not around anymore so Pope better think about what he is saying. Lashley says he will hurt Pope so he is going to give him one more chance to get out of the ring. Lashley gets in Pope’s face and tells him to get out of his ring right now before he gets hurt. Pope ponders his predicament and then tells Lashley to get out of the ring and lays Lashley out with a big right hand!
Lashley takes Pope down quickly and destroys him with a series of strikes. A bunch of referees and security run out and pull Lashley away from Pope. Lashley lays out security and eats a huge Flying Forearm from Pope! Pope mounts Lashley in the corner and rains down right hands but then Lashley hits a Spinebuster on Pope! Lashley goes for the Spear but Pope moves out of the way and Lashley goes flying through the ropes to the floor! Pope lays out the rest of the referees and then dives off the top with a Plancha onto Lashley on the floor! Pope and Lashley continue to throw down as more security runs out to separate them!
Earlier today Jeff Hardy cuts a promo and says, “you are Drew Goliath and I am David Hardy, but I don’t need a slingshot to beat ya!”
Matt Hardy says tonight’s Main Event is a travesty and says that the title is his. He teases that he might get involved tonight.
Footage of the fight between Pope and Lashley is shown. JB is on commentary now.
Footage of the tension between Bram and EY last week is shown. EY says that he has never been this serious in his entire life and he says that he is the most dangerous man in Pro Wrestling. He says that he is the God of wrestling and he has everything going for him when they hit a bump in the road last week. He blames Bram for the miscommunication and he says that he gets it that it is every man for himself. EY says that everyone wants to be the World Champion and everyone wants to be like him too. EY says that he is going to sit back and watch Jeff Hardy win his World Title and then he is going to take it from him and he is going to take his career from him too. EY says he will do what he wants, to who he wants, and when he wants but then the Bro-Mans interrupt him.
Robbie calls Bram and EY “angry beards” and Jessie that everyone gets it that EY is crazy, but he says the Bro-Mans can get crazy too. They challenge Bram and EY to a match and he says they will kick their ugly asses tonight.
The Bro-Mans (Jessie & Robbie E) vs. Bram & Eric Young
Bro-Mans hit Double Thesz Presses on Bram and EY! They Double Clothesline Bram to the floor and then hit a Double Backdrop on EY! Robbie covers EY for an early nearfall. Robbie hits the ropes and Bram hits him as he bounces off the ropes allowing EY to clothesline him from behind knocking him to the floor. Bram clotheslines Robbie on the floor and then tosses Robbie into the ring and covers him for a nearfall as he tags into the match. Bram hits a series of elbows and gets another nearfall. Bram tags EY back into the match and he hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker for another nearfall. EY knocks Jessie off the apron and then Bram chokes Robbie in the ropes before tagging into the match. Bram gets another nearfall on Robbie and throws him into the corner where the heels continue to work on him. EY and Bram whip Robbie into the ropes but EY kicks them both and then sends EY to the floor. Jessie tags into the match and hits a Springboard Flying Forearm followed by a series of elbows! Jessie hits a Stinger Splash on Bram and then whips him inot the corner and leaps over him before hitting a Dropkick! EY charges right into a Powerslam from EY as he had blind tagged Bram! Bram breaks up the nearfall attempt and now all hell breaks loose with all four men in the ring. EY goes for a clothesline as Bram holds Jessie but Jessie moves out of the way and EY nails Bram! Jessie hits a Flying Knee to the back of EY knocking him into Bram and then the Bro-Mans hit the Bro-Down for the pin!
Winners: The Bro-Mans via pinfall (Bro-Down) 
Footage of Grado’s Ladder Match a few weeks ago is shown and then cut to backstage where Grado is talking about his party later tonight with Mahabali Shera. They start doing that stupid Shera Shake when Al Snow walks up to them. Grado says that he’s always wanted “head” at his party and he asks Snow if he is here for the party. Snow says that he is here for Grado and Shera and then he sucker punches both of them! Snow throws Shera into a wall and then proceeds to beat the ever loving piss out of Grado! Snow grabs a pipe and slams it down across Grado’s arm causing him to scream in agony. Snow screams at Grado that he doesn’t belong here!
Trevor Lee and Shane Helms are in the ring. Helms says he didn’t come to TNA on a whim and he says that he came here with an agenda. He says that TNA was built around the X-Division and he says that he came here to make people talk about the X-Division again. He calls Trevor Lee the “Technical Savage” and he says that his agenda is much bigger than that. He says that he has invited someone out here for a public conversation, Eddie Edwards.
Eddie comes to the ring and Helms says he doesn’t care what company or era you are talking about, in his opinion The Wolves are one of the greatest tag teams ever. Eddie says he appreciates that coming from Helms but he came to TNA with Davey and they came to TNA to prove to everyone including themselves that they were the best tag team in wrestling. He says that injuries are part of the game like last year when he broke his heel which forced Davey to carry on as a singles wrestler. Now that Davey is out with an injury he will do the same thing and carry on as a singles wrestler.
Helms says that is true but he is still due a rematch for the Tag Team Titles. Helms says that his in-ring debut in TNA is imminent and he plans to make it special. He says he understands that Eddie doesn’t want to team with anyone other than Davey but he reminds Eddie that he has been a Tag Team Champion multiple times with multiple partners. Helms asks Eddie what if they set the tag team division on its ear the same way that Helms and Lee set the X-Division on its ear. He suggests he and Eddie team up and tag that rematch and take the titles from Beer Money. Helms says he will give Eddie a week to think about it but he expects Eddie to make the smart decision. Lee stared at Edwards the entire time.
Backstage The Pope says he finally got his hands on Lashley but not in the way he wants it. Pope says that he wants Lashley one-on-one in the ring in next week and he may not be as big, strong, or bad as Lashley but he will show Lashley just how bad he can get.
Main Event 
TNA World Heavyweight Championship 
“The Chosen One” Drew Galloway (c) vs. “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy 
They lockup and stalemate in the corner before locking up again. Galloway gets Hardy in a Waistlock and takes him down before staring him down. A third lockup leads to Hardy putting Galloway in a side headlock but as Galloway goes for a Back Suplex Hardy counters into a Side Headlock Takeover. Galloway fights back to his feet and shoves Hardy away before catching Hardy with a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplexas Hardy bounced off the ropes. Galloway gets a nearfall and then lights Jeff up with chops. Galloway hits a Vertical Suplex for another nearfall. Galloway continues to chop away at Hardy and then whips Hardy into the corner only for Hardy to catch him with a float over into a Spinning Headscissors. Galloway falls through the ropes to the floor and then Hardy hits a Slingshot Plancha over the top onto Galloway on the floor!
Galloway charges into a boot from Hardy and then Hardy springs to the top and dives off with Whisper In The Wind for the nearfall! During the commercial Galloway hit the Celtic Cross on Hardy for a nearfall. Hardy hits a clothesline followed by an Atomic Drop and then a Leg Drop to the balls and a Sliding Dropkick for a nearfall. Hardy hits a Stunner of Fate and then climbs up top for the Swanton but Galloway gets back to his feet and sweeps the legs of Jeff. Drew climbs up with Jeff and hits a Superplex and floats right over into a pin! 1…2…NO Drew kicks out! Galloway hits the Clyamore but Jeff manages to kick out a two which pisses Drew off! Drew lifts Jeff up to the top rope and he climbs up with him for a Super Powerlsam, but Jeff counters in midair into kind of a Super Hip Toss move. Jeff hits a Twist of Fate and then climbs up top and hits the Swanton Bomb! 1…2…NO Drew kicks out! Drew rolls to the floor to get away from Jeff but Jeff hits a Slingshot Swanton Bomb onto Drew on the floor as he was laying on the floor! Jeff rolls Drew back into the ring and then he covers Drew but Drew still manages to kick out. Jeff goes to the floor and drags the steel steps away from the ring post and then tosses Drew to the floor. Jeff slams Drew’s face into the steps repeatedly and then clotheslines him onto the steps leaving him laying there. Jeff climbs up top and dives off with the Swanton Bomb but Drew got his knees up and Jeff slams right across them in a disgusting move! That could have hurt Drew as bad, if not worse, as it did Jeff. Both men almost get counted out but Drew manages to roll Jeff back in the ring before the referee gets to ten. Drew gets back to his feet and hits the Future Shock DDT! 1…2…3!
Winner & STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Drew Galloway via pinfall (Future Shock DDT) 
After a series of highlights Drew and Jeff shake hands after the match but then Matt Hardy’s music interrupts them. Matt promises that he will get exactly what he deserves and he says that he kind of hoped Jeff would win tonight because nothing would have made him more happy than to have taken the title from Jeff. Matt says that instead he is left with Drew Galloway and next week he gets what he deserves, his rematch for the TNA World Title. He says he cannot wait to stand over Drew’s motionless carcass and hold up his World Title.
Drew says that Matt is really good at one thing, pissing him off. Drew says that he and Jeff just killed each other over that title but if Matt wants his shot he will give him the shot right now!
Bram and EY hit the ring and attack Jeff while Galloway goes after Matt. Bram and EY attack Galloway now and the heels put a beating on the babyfaces. Bram and EY whip Galloway into the ropes and attempt a Double Clothesline but he ducks and hits a Double Claymore on them! Jeff counters a Matt Twist of Fate into a Twist of Fate of his own!
Jeff says that Matt’s time is coming and he will “twist his fate” but this thing with EY will end next week and he wants EY in a Six Sides of Steel Cage Match!
1) Handicap Match: EC3 def. #MattHardyBrand via DQ
2) 6-Man Tag Match: Matt Hardy, Tyrus, & Mike Bennett def. Beer Money & EC3
3) Madison Rayne def. Velvet Sky
4) Bro-Mans def. Bram & Eric Young
5) TNA World Title: Drew Galloway (c) def. Jeff Hardy to retain the title!
Scheduled for Next Week:
-Lashley vs. The Pope
-Six Sides of Steel Cage Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Eric Young
-TNA World Title: Drew Galloway (c) vs. Matt Hardy