TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 5/3/16 (No. 1 Contender triple threat main event, King of the Mountain title match)

TNA Impact Wrestling Results

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 5/3/16

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
May 3, 2016
Announcers: Josh Mathews & The Pope
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with Bobby Lashley shown arriving at a gym earlier today where Drew Galloway had called him out for a fight. Galloway is shown talking to the camera in the gym when Lashley blindsides him from behind. Lashley beats Galloways ass around the gym for awhile until Galloway manages to catch Lashley with a knee as Lashley talked shit to him. Their fight spills into a nearby MMA cage where guys were training. Lashley locks the cage and climbs over it telling Drew that he is in his world now. Lashley hits a huge haymaker on Drew and then tries to lock him in a Cross Armbreaker, but Drew lifts him up and Powerbombs the hell out of him. A bunch of wrestlers and guys that were working out jump the cage and pull them apart.

A video package highlights Mike Bennett breaking EC3’s winning streak last week.

Maria appears on the stage and cuts a promo about “The Miracle” making the impossible possible. Bennett comes out and he says for weeks he has been saying that he is the “Miracle” of TNA and he will change the company while everyone asks him how he is going to do it. He says that he did what Sting, Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, Lashley, or anyone else couldn’t do and he pinned EC3. He says that he truly is something special and he says that everyone has been saying that he has a God Complex. He says he doesn’t have a God Complex because he IS God. Bennett says that no one in the back can beat him and he has even defeated the World Champion so that makes him the only person that actually deserves to hold the belt. Bennett says that when he becomes World Champion all the people will say “YES WE DO!”

Jeff Hardy comes out and asks if Bennett really just called himself God. Maria says that maybe he should say it a little slower so Bennett repeats it very slowly to Jeffrey. Jeff says he gives Bennett credit for beating EC3 but that does not make him a God and he says that is a joke. A “you’re a joke” chant starts up and Jeff says that he actually believes in miracles but Bennett isn’t one. Bennett says that he is sorry if Jeff can’t take the fact that he is a God, and he respects what Jeff has done in this business but he can’t touch Bennett. Bennett says that all of Jeff’s “Creatures” are becoming “Mike’s Miracles” and that offends Jeff.

Jeff says no one in TNA walks on water and if Bennett wants to prove himself he has to face Jeff. Bennett says that Jeff wants to hop on his coattails because he knows Bennett is the next in line for the title because Jeff couldn’t beat Drew Galloway. Bennett says he is going to do Jeff a solid and he is going to go talk to Dixie and see if she will make tonight’s Main Event Jeff vs. Bennett. Jeff says they don’t need Dixie and then blasts Bennett with the microphone!

Jeff hits a Flying Forearm and Bennett rolls out to the floor and retreats up the ramp. Bennett says that if Jeff wants to do this right now then they will do this right now and screams for a referee to come out!


“The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. “The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/Maria

Back from the break Bennett is working on Jeff in the ring. He hits a Vertical Suplex for a nearfall and then Bennett puts Jeff in a headlock. Jeff fights back to his feet and fights the hold off with a series of elbows only for Bennett to cut him off with a knee to the gut. Bennett hits the ropes but Jeff catches him with an Atomic Drop followed by a dropkick for a nearfall. Jeff goes for a Twist of Fate but Bennett blocks it only for Jeff to lift Bennett up in the air and drop him on the top turnbuckle. Lashley hits the ring and Spears the hell out of Jeff!

Winner: Jeff Hardy via DQ

Bennett pats Lashley on the back and thanks him but then eats a Spear from Lashley too! Lashley says that he did this to Drew and now he’s done to Jeff and Bennett. He says that he is going to continue doing this to the roster until he gets what he wants, a shot at the World Title. He says he isn’t going anywhere until Dixie Carter comes out and gives him what he wants.

Dixie walks out and asks if Lashley is seriously demanding a title shot. Dixie says she is the boss in TNA not him and this is not the way to get things done. She says that she doesn’t just hand out World Title shots and he has to earn that shot. Dixie says if he wants to earn that shot then he can tonight in the Main Event in a Triple Threat between Lashley, Hardy, and Bennett! Dixie says that to make sure things play out fairly for this match, she has a very special referee: Drew Galloway!

In the back Rosemary cuts a promo with The Decay. She says that they destroyed Beer Money and now they have the gold, which was step one in their plan. She says the evolution of change continues tonight. She asks if Steve and Abyss fear change and then she asks Steve is ready for his transformation. Rosemary straddles Steve and then spits the mist in his face causing him to gag and spit up. I have no idea what the hell we just witnessed. Rosemary orders Abyss to take off his mask and then she spits in his face as well.


Rosemary leads The Decay to the ring and both Steve and Abyss have hoods over their head. She is using the Tag Titles as kind of a leash to lead them to the ring. Abyss is wearing a black jacket, different from the jacket he has be wearing for the last couple of years. Rosemary says that they have fought to survive and now they have destroyed the fans heroes. She says they are the death dealers and they have evolved now. She calls Steve the “man without a voice” and says that he is silent no longer. She removes the hood from his head and he is wearing a suit now and is wearing different paint on his face.

Steve says that Rosemary gave them a voice and their monster gave them a purpose as he points to Abyss. Steve starts laughing and he says that everyone’s pain and suffering is their pleasure. Rosemary says that so many have sought to control him over the years and even mentions James Mitchell, and says that they just want to free Abyss. She removes the hood over his head and reveals some cool facepaint that looks like scars as Rosemary says she wants to free Abyss from his scars. Abyss says that he has hidden behind his mask for years from the pain but now he is free from his pain and he is beautiful now. His face paint looks kind of like Halloween from Mexico’s. Abyss says he takes joy in his beauty and in Decay. Rosemary says that their destruction will not stop and they will not stop with just destroying Beer Money. She says that anyone that gets in their path will suffer Decay!

James Storm comes out and Abyss screams for the Beer Money music to shut off because Beer Money is now dead. Storm says that The Decay made a mistake by leaving him standing. Storm cuts a promo reminding us that he is the “Cowboy James mother f’ing Storm” and he says usually he would let them choose which he is going to kick the shit out of but he isn’t feeling that nice tonight.

Storm hits the ring and starts throwing punches all over the place! The Decay retreats and Storm says Abyss can get in the ring since they have unfinished business anyway and he will whip his ass so bad he’ll put that mask back on.


“Cowboy” James Storm vs. “The Beautiful Monster” Abyss w/The Decay

Storm and Abyss brawl around ringside and Rosemary hits Storm from behind as he gets the advantage. Storm chases her up the ramp but then Steve jumps on his back only to get Snapmared on the ramp. Abyss hits Storm from behind and slams him into the ring post before tossing him in the ring. Abyss brushes off a clothesline from Abyss and then tosses Storm over the top where Steve lays into Storm with rights and lefts as Abyss distracts the referee. Abyss headbutts Storm as he rolls back in the ring and puts him in a modified Vice Grip. Storm fights the hold off with a series of elbows and right hands. Abyss cuts him off with a knee to the gut and then he throws Storm over the top, but Storm skins the cat back in the ring. Storm hits a series of clotheslines and then a Flying Forearm! Storm hits a spinning back kick and then a front kick followed by a Running Bulldog for a nearfall. Storm charges at Abyss in the corner but Abyss backdrops him over the top. Storm lands on the apron and hits a Leaping Enziguri! Storm then charges at Abyss but gets caught with a Chokeslam! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Abyss goes for a Splash in the corner but Storm moves out of the way and then hits a Calf Wrangler! Storm climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Elbow Drop for another nearfall. Storm climbs up top and doves off with a Flying Axe Handle, but Abyss catches him in midair with another Chokeslam attempt. Storm blocks it and counters into Closing Time! Steve tries to spit mist in Storm’s face but he ducks it and kicks Steve in the face! As the referee is yelling at Steve, Abyss blows mist in Storm’s face and hits the Black Hole Slam for the pin!

Winner: Abyss via pinfall (Black Hole Slam)

Maria is pissed about Dixie refusing to see her backstage and then she says that she has already made such a big impact since becoming the leader of the Knockouts. She says that she hopes Jade is a lot smarter than Gail Kim because she needs to realize what happens when anyone opposes her.


Backstage Jeff Hardy says every part of his body hurts but he is focused because it has been three years since he has been World Champion. He says that Bennett drives him crazy with his mouth and Lashley is bad to the bone but he has to go through both of them. He says that he fights every fight like it is his last. Jeff talks about the match with Matt and he says that he has heard Matt has changed even further since their match and not for the better.

Maria is standing in the ring as we cut to the arena. She says now that she is the Leader of the Knockouts Division and she plans to make the Knockouts great again. She calls Jade out to the ring and calls her a remarkable woman. Jade’s music hits but she doesn’t come out the first time but as Maria screams at Jade to come out she finally does.

Maria says that Jade is currently the KO Champion and she wants her to see her vision, but everyone saw what happened to Gail Kim because she disagreed with Maria. Maria says that she sees Jade’s star shining so brightly and she would hate to see that star fade and die. She needs Jade to stand behind her and admit her mistake. Jade says she didn’t make “no mistake” and Maria says that without her Jade would not be champion. Maria says that everyone thinks Jade is some bad ass chick but Maria thinks Jade is a scared little girl that needs to be taught a lesson by her boss. Maria says that she isn’t asking Jade to lay down her title but instead she is telling her to lie down on the mat herself.

Maria calls a referee to the ring and she says that she deserves that championship and it would look much better around her waist anyway. Maria screams at Jade to lay down but Jade says she isn’t laying down for anyone whether “it’s a man, woman, or a bitch!” Maria says that if Jade wants to defy her then that is fine because she has someone that shares her vision, and she won’t have a match she will have a fight!

A new Knockout named Sienna walks out, this is Indy wrestler Alysin Kay. Jade goes after Sienna but Sienna tosses her clear across the ring by her hair! Sienna lifts Jade up in a Choke and drops her to the mat! Jade answers with a series of forearms and right hands but as she hits the ropes she eats a huge Big Boot! Jade rolls to the floor and their begin brawling on the floor. Jade attempts a Package Piledriver on the ramp but Sienna backdrops her on it! Jade fights back with some stiff chops and then she attempts to whip Sienna into the steel steps but Sienna reverses it! Sienna lifts Jade up in a Wheelbarrow type move and slams her face first into the steps kind of like the move that Kong used to do into the guardrail. Sienna rolls Jade back in the ring as Maria continues to scream at Jade. Maria tells Sienna to finish her and then Sienna hits an over the shoulder suplex!

Bram talks about all of the drama with EY backstage and he says that now EY is gone and he is the KOTM Champion. He says that he is still the same Bram and is as crazy as ever. He is putting the title on the line tonight.

Backstage JB says he will have an exclusive interview next with EC3.


Bennett crashes in on JB who is still waiting for EC3. Bennett says that EC3 is a coward and the legend of EC3 is old news while he is current. Bennett says if he has to beat two guys tonight to get his title that is exactly what he will do because he can beat anyone.

TNA King of the Mountain Championship
King of the Mountain Ladder Match
“The Chesterfield Plague” Bram (c) vs. Eddie Edwards vs. “The Skywalker” Andrew Everett w/Shane Helms vs. Jessie Godderz vs. Eli Drake

Jessie and Drake trade nearfalls quickly over and over. Helms and Everett are discussing strategy on the floor. Drake whips Jessie into the ropes and they collide into each other with Cross Body Blocks. Bram tosses Eddie to the floor and Everett tries to take a ladder into the ring, but Eddie pulls it away from him. Everett goes for a Springboard Rana on Bram in the ring but eats a nasty Powerbomb for the pin! Bram grabs the KOTM Title but Eddie starts swinging the ladder at everyone! Eddie throws the ladder at Bram and then nails Drake with a Leaping Enziguri followed by a Backpack Stunner! 1…2…NO Drake kicks out but then Eddie locks him in the Half Crab! Everett gets out of the penalty box only to get tossed back to the floor by Eddie. Eddie hits a Plancha over the top onto Everett on the floor! Eddie climbs up top but Helms shoves him off and Drake covers for him for a pin. Drake slides another ladder into the ring but Jessie dropkicks the ladder into his face! Bram tosses Jessie into the ropes and nails him with a Running Back Elbow. Bram sets up the ladder and goes to hang the belt but Jessie dropkicks him off the ladder! Drake lifts Jessie up into the air with a Press Slam into a Samoan Drop! Jessie grabs his knee like he may have injured it as Bram clotheslines Drake to the floor. Everett with an insane Moonsault but Jessie rolls out of the way and locks Everett in the Adonis Crab and Everett taps! Jessie is still selling his knee however. Eddie comes out of the box and starts beating the hell out of Everett instead of letting him go in the penalty box. They brawl to the back while Jessie put the boots to Bram. Jessie limps his way up the ladder but Drake pulls him off the ladder and then blasts him with his briefcase. Drake goes go hang the title but Bram dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick knocking Drake off the ladder! Bram hangs the belt and retains his title.

Winner & STILL TNA King of the Mountain Champion: Bram via hanging the title

After the match Drake knocks Bram off the ladder and then tells the referee he wants to cash in his KOTM Title but as Bram gets back to his feet Drake decides against cashing in his shot.

Drew Galloway says that the title means everything to him and he has spent his entire adult life trying to get in and he won’t let it go. Drew says that the final decision tonight is in his hands and if anyone puts their hands on him he will be happy to fight back.


A weirdo promo from Matt Hardy is shown with him talking about Jeff trying to end him and how he didn’t care that he could have ended Matt’s career. He says that the doctors have told him to never wrestle again and he may as well have cut his heart out. He says that Jeff’s cruelty knows no limits. Matt is wearing a hoodie over his face but you can see that he has grown a very scraggly beard.

As Mike Bennett is making his entrance for the Main Event EC3 walks down the ramp much to Bennett’s surprise. EC3 gets in Bennett’s face and says he has just one thing to say to Bennett, “congratulations,” he says. EC3 says that he and Bennett will never be friends and he sure as hell won’t shake Bennett’s hand because that is a sign of weakness he will never show, but he can appreciate the fact that Bennett said he was going to do something and he did it. EC3 says Bennett did pin him but for 2 ½ years he beat everyone he got in the ring with, and everytime he beat one they whined after the loss. EC3 says that isn’t him and he will accept his loss, but that loss has changed him. EC3 says this moment tonight defines Bennett and he hopes Bennett wins it and goes on to win the World Title because he wants Bennett to know the pride and feeling of winning that title because that feeling is the feeling that Bennett took from him when he cost him the World Title. EC3 says that is the feeling he will take away from Bennett and they will fight again. EC3 says that Bennett’s win over him has actually defeated Bennett himself because that defeat has catapulted him to becoming even better than he was before and being the greatest wrestler on the planet. He says that if Bennett is God then he is the Devil. EC3 literally does a mic drop and leaves Bennett in the ring.

TNA World Title No. 1 Contender Triple Threat
Special Referee: Drew Galloway
“Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. “The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/Maria vs. “The Destroyer” Lashley

Bennett hits Hardy from behind as the bell rings but Lashley pulls Bennett off and starts stomping Hardy down himself. Lashley chokes Hardy but Galloway pulls him off allowing Hardy to catch him with a series of forearms. Bennett slams Hardy to the mat and puts the boots to him. Lashley puts the boots to him as well and then Bennett chokes him in the ropes while Lashley blocks Galloway from stopping him. Lashley hits a Forearm Smash on Hardy and then he and Bennett double team him. They whip Lashley into the ropes and Lashley shoves Bennett down and then clotheslines Hardy. Bennett covers Hardy but Lashley pulls him off. Lashley cannonballs down across the back of Hardy while Bennett puts the boots to him. They whip Hardy into the ropes and then attempt a Double Clothesline but Hardy ducks it and connects with his own Double Clothesline on Lashley and Bennett! Hardy elbows both Lashley and Bennett and then nails them with clotheslines. Hardy clotheslines Lashley to the floor and then hits a Flying Dropkick through the ropes onto Lashley! Hardy backdrops Bennett to the floor and then hits a Whisper In The Wind off the top onto Lashley and Bennett on the floor!


Jeff rolls Bennett back in the ring and hits a Stunner of Fate. Jeff dives off the top with the Swanton but Lashley grabs him and hits the Running Powerslam! Lashley grabs Bennett and hits a Delayed Vertical Suplex. Lashley attempts a Spear on Bennett but he moves and Lashley Spears Drew! Bennett hits a Jumping Cutter on Lashley! Jeff dropkicks Bennett to the floor and then hits a Twist of Fate on Lashley! Jeff hits the Swanton on Lashley but Galloway is still down. Jeff hits a Slingshot Dropkick to Bennett on the floor and then hits a Slinghsot Plancha onto Bennett on the floor as well! Jeff moves the ring steps away from the ring and slams Bennett’s face into it repeatedly. Jeff lays Bennett out onto the steps with a clothesline and then climbs to the top rope. Jeff lands the Swanton off the top onto Bennett on the steps! Jeff Hardy is nuts! The Decay hits the ring and attacks Jeff Hardy for some reason! Abyss Chokeslams Jeff onto the steps! Jeff’s elbow is bleeding. As Jeff is trying to pick himself up Lashley Spears Jeff off the steps and into the ring post! Lashley rolls Jeff back in the ring and hits another Spear! 1…2…3!

Winner & NEW No. 1 Contender for the TNA Championship: Lashley via pinfall (Spear)

After the match Lashley demands Drew raise his arm but Drew tells him to shove it. Lashley continues to demand it and finally Galloway relents and raises Lashley’s arm in victory. Lsahley then swings at Drew but he saw it coming and ducks. Drew nails Lashley with the Claymore! Lashley and Drew continue to brawl all around the ring as Impact ends.


1) Jeff Hardy def. Mike Bennett via DQ
2) Abyss def. James Storm
3) TNA KOTM Title King of the Mountain Ladder Match: Bram (c) def. Eli Drake, Andrew Everett, Eddie Edwards, & Jessie Godderz to retain the title!
4) TNA World Title #1 Contender 3-Way Dance: Lashley def. Jeff Hardy & Mike Bennett