TNA Impact Wrestling Results

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 8/11/16
TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
August 11, 2016

* The show opened with a promo by EC3 talking about how he will face the current TNA World Heavyweight Champion at Bound For Glory. Current TNA Champion Lashley interrupts along with TNA King of the Mountain Champion James Storm. Storm says he will beat Lashley tonight. Lashley and Storm brawl to the back. Mike Bennett and Moose jump EC3. Eddie Edwards ran out to make the save.

* Mike Bennett and Moose def. EC3 and Eddie Edwards.

* Former WWE star Damien Sandow made his debut under the new name of Aron Rex. Josh Mathews mentioned other free agents like Cody Rhodes, Ryan “Ryback” Reeves and Stu “Wade” Barrett as also being available. Rex cut a promo talking about his former employer and how TNA is about talent. He said he came to TNA to make an impact.

* Gail Kim def. Marti Bell in a No DQ match. After the match, Maria announced that Gail Kim would be facing Jade next week on Impact.

* Another “Broken” Matt Hardy video aired. He then arrived inside the Impact Zone and talked about leaving his wife and son at home with The Decay now being a threat. The Tribunal with Al Snow came out trading insults with Hardy.

* “Broken” Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy def. The Tribunal w/ Al Snow. Jeff scored the winning pinfall. After the match, Jeff went crazy hitting a Swanton Bomb on a table over Al Snow and then over another table with no one on it. He laughed and yelled out, “I am Brother Nero.” Matt yelled back, “You are broken.”

* The Decay cut a promo where Rosemary said Bram was on a stairway to hell.

* Drew Galloway cut a promo in the ring and said EC3 was jealous of him. He challenged EC3 to a match where the winner will face the TNA Champion at Bound For Glory.

* Lashley def. James Storm in a Title vs. Title match to become the new TNA King of the Mountain Champion. Lashley now holds the TNA World Heavyweight, X Division and King of the Mountain Championships in the company. After the match, Lashley and Aron Rex had a stare down to close the show.


  1. Cool stuff. Here’s hoping TNA can revive Damie….that is, Aron Rex’s career the way it did Bobby Lashley’s, EC3’s, & Drew Galloway’s.

  2. that lashly vs storm match was damn good and i don’t use that word much when it comes to tna or even wwe anymore for that matter. if you didn’t see it then you should def check it out on youtube. rex aka sandow looks right at home in tna. why wwe ever let him go is beyond me…

  3. So weird to see Sandow/Rex without the beard! Looks like a new man. I agree though in hoping TNA can make better use of him. Pretty hard to do any worse than Vince did with the guy. Say what you want about TNA, but they have made some monster stars out of WWE’s “scraps” these past couple of years.

  4. I’ll be honest. I was kinda hoping Sandow was going to go to ROH or New Japan. Best of luck to him in TNA… hope he can survive the experience.

  5. I don’t hear Drew Galloway or EC3 or Matt Hardy complaining about their post-sports entertainment TNA careers.

  6. *Channeling Matt Hardy*–Because lowly ant questioning a God, Brother Nero must pay by going through ALL lesser tag teams to regain MY tag team titles which I never lost. And pay he will if that mule must break both his legs AND his back until he goes through every lesser tag team so that I may return to my righteous glory! *mouthing biting noises*

  7. I’m excited for the direction of tna now that they seemed to have stacked up on stars now. They have the almost unbeatable Lashley, EC3, Drew Galloway, hopefully revived James Storm, Mike Bennett and Moose, Bram and the newly signed Aron Rex to freshen things up. Also, they’re kinda teaming up Matt and Jeff again so it might give the tag team scene a little boost. What they seem to be missing the boat on is the xdivision. Or maybe they don’t plan on bringing back the weight limit on the the xdivision title so it can touted as their secondary title. That would be alright.

    I would love for them to bring in someone new to the knockouts division or build up the others. I know Gail Kim’s run recently is kinda her hall of fame induction parade and then ride off to the sunset but no disrespect to her, I hope she goes out putting someone over big. That someone will be the new face of the knockouts division. Honestly, I don’t know if Gail’s ever gonna retire because she’s been there for so long like her name is synonymous to Knockouts.

    I just remembered other stars who haven’t appeared on the show like Tyrus, Spud, Bro-mans and the guys Shane Helms managed for a bit. I don’t read the spoilers, what happened to them? Are they still employed? Oh and former kotm champ Eli Drake. How could I forget about dummy yeah. He should still be a player there as a singles competitor.

    I wish nothing but the best for TNA as they continue and strive to be a compelling wrestling entertainment show. Pro-Wrestling fans would only benefit from this. So happy for 2016 pro-wrestling fans!

  8. Eli Drake, Tyrus, Spud, & Trevor Lee with his manager Shane Helms are all still there as are the Bro Mans who last competed at Slammiversary with their valet Raquel. I’d personally like to know if Tigre Uno is still there. But moving along…
    As for the X Division title, seeing as Lashley is the current champion, they’ve reestablished it as a title of “no limits” over “weight limits”. The X Division title having a weight limit on it was a Hogan/Bischoff idea which thankfully went out in the trash with them.

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