TNA Impact Wrestling Results

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 9/15/16
TNA Impact Wrestling Results
September 15, 2016
Orlando, Florida

* Impact opened with Broken Matt Hardy recapping last week’s #DELETEorDECAY. Matt conducted a regeneration ceremony with Brother Nero.

* Inside the Impact Zone, TNA Champion Lashley is introduced. Lashley brags about injuring EC3. Grado interrupts and calls Lashley a coward. Lashley attacked Grado and took him out with a spear. He said no one in TNA can beat him. Moose is out and brawls with Lashley. Moose challenges Lashley to a match later tonight. Backstage, Lashley turned down the challenge.

* Aron Rex def. Trevor Lee in the first round of the Grand Championship Tournament.

* Broken Matt Hardy sent Vanguard 1 in search of Senor Benjamin.

* Maria played a Hall of Fame package for Gail Kim. Dixie Carter showed up and reminded Maria that it was a conflict of interest for Maria to be the Leader of the Knockouts and the Knockouts Champion. She announces a gauntlet where the winner faces Maria at Bound for Glory for the Knockouts Championship.

* Braxton Sutter def. Rockstar Spud in a Exposed Turnbuckle Empty Arena match.

* Video is shown of Vanguard 1 finding Senor Benjamin. Broken Matt informed Benjamin to prepare the weapons and House Hardy for Bound for Glory.

* Broken Matt, Brother Nero and Reby are in the ring. The Decay comes out. Matt challenges them to a match at Bound for Glory that he dubs The Great War. A brawl breaks out between House Hardy and The Decay.

* Gail Kim won a gauntlet match to earn a shot against Maria at Bound for Glory for the TNA Knockouts Championship. Involved in the match was Jade, Laurel Van Ness, Sienna, Gail Kim, Marti Bell, Raquel and Madison Rayne. Allie tried to enter, but Maria prevented that. She was replaced by the debuting Laurel Van Ness.

* Eddie Edwards def. Mahabali Shera in the first round of the Grand Championship Tournament.


  1. Well that’s more like it. A wrestling show should be more about wrestling and in-ring promos that advance wrestling storylines. Yeah the Hardys inserted more of their kookiness (URRGH, THAT HARDY BELT! THAT F*CKING BELT!!) but at least it was kept to a minimum this week. And look, they have more viewers to show for it. Good stuff TNA.

  2. Aron rex’s debut felt as tho it could have used more wrestling moves. The KO division is crap as usual and the second grand championship tournament sucked. further more granny kim is still wrasslin and madison rayne sucks, get her out of the rign, she’s slow and cannot wrestle no more.

  3. *They’re trying to establish Aron Rex as a dominant wrestler which I think they did.
    *TNA does tend to neglect the X Division at times but they had a great Ultimate X match a couple weeks ago and DJ Z is a deserving champion. Yeah, an exposed turnbuckle match may not be the best way to display the division though.
    *”Granny Kim” is their next Hall of Famer so they’re trying to play her up going into Bound For Glory. She’s also still their best Knockout regardless of age and would be a much better KO champion than what they have now.
    *Shera, AKA: the Great Khali of TNA, is very limited with what he can do in the ring but at least the far superior Eddie Edwards won the match.
    *This Broken Hardy stuff is fine in small to moderate doses but it’ll wear out fast if matches like that Delete or Decay thing from last week become a regular occurrence. It needs to be grounded in some kind of reality too like with the good in-ring promo they all did tonight.

    Overall, for TNA, I think it was a good night of wrestling with matches & promos that perpetuated on-going storyline feuds. Every week can’t be a Hardy version of the Yellow Submarine.

  4. I can say that it was better than raw and smackdown including NXT, but i’m still confused on how is TNA booking their stars and how most outcome of matyches are real predictable. I just wish it went back to how it used to be. Unpredictable and the alternative option.

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