TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 12/1/16 (Jade-Rosemary for vacated Knockouts Title in Six Sides of Steel)

TNA IMPACT Wrestling Results

TNA Impact Wrestling Results 10/20/16

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
December 1, 2016
Orlando, FL (Impact Zone)
Commentary: Josh Matthews and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero
By Gerald Bocook of

We want you, Matt Hardy. Jeff Hardy. We know what you love so much. Being broken. Being obsolete… We will take it all away from you. The DCC taunts House Hardy. We see the events of the past few weeks at the Hardy compound, of Reby and Nero and even the referee trying to return the broken brilliance to a Matt Hardy that just wants to make delicious peach cobbler, damnit. Finally, a sign from the heavens, a bolt from above, strikes Matt and he awakens, broken again.

In the Impact Zone, Impact Grand Champion Aron Rex comes down to the ring to defend the Grand Championship against… we’re not sure. Rex asks how everyone is doing. Rex is going to point out the obvious; he has established the Impact Grand Championship as the number one Championship in this company, this industry, and this world. In the spirit of competition, he would like anyone to come down and try to take the Championship from him. MOOSE’s music hits, and Rex isn’t pleased. “No, no. Hit Grado’s music!” He tells the crowd to stop doing the Moose-choo train!

Impact Grand Championship Match: Moose vs (C) Aron Rex

Rex stalls, stretching and preparing and trying to “center” himself before the match starts.

Round 1

Bell rings, and Rex dashes to the ropes to avoid contact. They circle, and Rex again avoids contact, rolling to the outside and doing a cartwheel to the delight of… Aron Rex himself. Rex slowly reenters the ring, tie-up, and Moose shoves Rex away. Rex kips up, taunts, and kicks Moose in the gut, Rex with a side headlock, and he’s dragging his fist across Moose’s face! Moose gets out of the headlock, and the ref is checking on him as Rex fiddles with the tape on his hands. Moose turns to Rex, Aron goes for a big punch but Moose ducks, GAME BREAKER! Moose covers; one, two, three!

Winner and NEW Impact Grand Champion: Moose by pinfall (Game Breaker)

The referee is waiting for Aron Rex to get back to his feet, and Rex looks stunned. Borash calls the decision as Rex collapses into a pile and looks like he’s sobbing. Borash congratulates Moose on the victory, and Moose says he shocked TNA the first night he came to the company. Aron Rex was a good Champion, but stood no chance. If the boys in the back want to challenge Moose for the title, he has one wood for them; “Moose”.

JB tries to talk to Rex, who finally gets to his feet. 1:45 in the first round and Rex has lost the Championship. Aron Rex says he can’t do this right now, and stares off into the Impact Zone before leaving, his towel over his face, in disgrace.

Earlier today, someone asks Brother Nero if Broken Matt has arrived yet. He doesn’t know. Nero isn’t sure how he’s going to be, how he’s going to act. But they will defend the Tag Team Championships tonight. It’s like déjà vu, something he’s seen before, and pulls his sunglasses down to reveal one blank white eye.

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Still to come tonight, Six Sides of Steel, Rosemary vs Jade for the vacant Knockouts Championship.

At the Impact Zone, 3, 2, 1, it’s the DCC. They’re trying to cut a promo, but the weird robot voice is being drowned out by an Impact Zone that is just viciously booing them. James Storm says that the DCC represents the people that have been trampled on, the people passed by, who have never been given an opportunity – they’re the voice of the voiceless, if you will. The masks they wear aren’t there to hide their faces, but to show they’re not afraid to take a stand. They are not here to “delete” anyone. They are not here to make anyone obsolete. But the Hardys found out that when they stood in the DCC’s way, that they would be erased. The more bodies that fall, the more the DCC rises.

Brother Nero’s music hits, drawing the attention of the DCC. Nero comes to the ring, the World Tag Team Championships hanging from his neck. He enters the ring, mic in hand, standing across from the DCC. Nero says the DCC thinks that they’re a virus; that they’re spreading. They want their Championships. The DCC is going to get their title match tonight, but they’re fighting two men that survived the Great War, two men that took part in the Final Deletion and got stronger. Nero might’ve been transformed, but he’s at one with it. The DCC’s fate is far worse and will be sealed with the push of one button; Delete! Kingston laughs and asks where Matt is. Nero kicks him and delivers a Twist of Fate! James Storm and Bram jump him, and Bram gets him against the corner. Storm grabs the Championships and smashes them against the back of Brother Nero. The DCC clock plays, the lights go out, and Broken Matt is in the ring. Bram charges– Side-Effect! Storm charges and Matt dumps him from the ring! Brother Nero gets a mic, “Brother, I knew you’d come.” Matt grabs the mic. “The Tag Team Titles of the World belong to my broken brilliance.” Matt says that tonight, the DCC will get the fight they desire, and that DCC now stands for “Deletion Coming, Cowards”.

Promo package with Mandrews and Braxton Sutter saying that when the Championship is on the line tonight, all bets are off. DJZ says fighting your friends is tough, because they know you best. They know how injured DJZ is, but the question is, will anyone go for them? DJZ says he’ll support his friends regardless of the outcome.

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Earlier tonight, Aron Rex was unseated as Impact Grand Champion by Moose. We also get a highlight video of the high-flying, Xtreme X-Division.

Braxton Sutter hits the Impact Zone. Looks like it’s time for another Championship to be on the line!

TNA X-Division Championship Triple Threat: Braxton Sutter vs Mandrews vs (C) DJZ

All three men circle, and tease locking up but Mandrews rolls up Sutter for a nothing count before DJZ rolls Mandrews up for two. Sutter rolls DJZ up but Mandrews breaks it with a sunset flip pin, broken at two as DJZ crucifix pins Mandrews for two before Sutter breaks it up. Stand-off to a pop.

All three circle, teasing tie-ups, and Sutter kicks DJZ before Mandrews kicks Sutter and tosses DJZ out of the ring. Sutter catches Mandrews, whips him, but Mandrews reverses and throws Sutter with an arm drag, another arm drag, but Sutter blocks a third before Mandrews whips around him and hits the third arm drag anyway. Sutter in the corner and Mandrews charges in, caught with an elbow, Sutter charges, sunset flip, but Mandrews flips out of it, pops up with a basement dropkick. DJZ back in, Mandrews with a northern lights suplex, rolls up out of it, standing moonsault and a pin from Mandrews; one, two– kickout.

Sutter is up, catches Mandrews with a kick, side headlock, Mandrews shoves Sutter off and Sutter shoulder tackles Mandrews down. Sutter hits the ropes and he and Mandrews play with the ropes a bit before Sutter power slams Mandrews hard. Sutter grabs mandrews, front facelock, vertical suplex is thwarted when Mandrews slides off the shoulder of Sutter and shoves him to the ropes where DJZ catches Sutter in the gut with a shoulder block through the ropes. DJZ dumps Sutter out of the ring and Mandrews charges DJZ, catching him with a kick and knocking him to the floor. Mandrews feints a plancha to the men on the outside and lands on the apron, then hits a moonsault on the two! Mandrews grabs his skateboard, heads up the ramp and rides the skateboard down, but DJZ knocks him down with a running elbow! DJZ catches Sutter with a kick and rolls him in the ring. Sutter gets caught with another shoulder to the gut, DJZ flips over him into the ring, but falls down as his knee buckles. Braxton backs off as the ref checks on DJZ, Mandrews back in the ring, Sutter backing him off, but Mandrews rolls Sutter up; one, two– kickout!

Braxton and Mandrews trading off elbow smashes. Mandrews hits the ropes, Sutter with a big boot! Sutter hits the ropes, Mandrews runs in the opposite directing, dropping and pulling the top rope with him and sending Sutter flying over the ropes to the outside! Sutter and DJZ outside together, Mandrews hits the ropes but DJZ picks the ankle and Mandrews faceplants. DJZ hits the apron, up on the top rope, but Mandrews with a running dropkick takes DJZ to the mat. Mandrews hits the top, looking for a super frankensteiner, but Sutter holds onto the legs of DJZ and Mandrews flips face-first into the mat! Sutter with a huge chop to DJZ, Sutter heads up and tries for a superplex but DJZ holds fast and lifts Sutter, dropping him down on Mandrews! Mandrews and Sutter both up, DJZ with a cross-body takes out both men! DJZ up, lariats Sutter down, and then Mandrews, hopping on one leg! DJZ is kicked by both men, and they double team Irish whip DJZ, but DJZ reverses, twisting around and smacking Mandrews and Sutter into each other. Mandrews tries to pull Sutter into a front facelock but DJZ with a jumping neckbreaker to Mandrews sees the front facelock turn into a DDT on Sutter! DJZ hits the corner, rolls toward Sutter for the ZDT but Braxton Sutter with a big boot cuts that attempt down! Sutter stalks DJZ, DJZ up, Flatliner from Sutter! Sutter is about to go for the pin but remembers that Mandrews is still in the ring, back to his feet. Sutter tries for the vertical suplex again, but Mandrews flips out and connects with a stunner! Mandrews drags Sutter toward a corner, heads to the top, Mandrews with a shooting star press! Before Mandrews can cover, DJZ rolls him up; one, two, three!

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion: DJZ by pinfall (Inside Cradle)

Sutter looks shocked but congratulates DJZ on the win. Mandrews looks frustrated, and has to be goaded by Sutter into congratulating DJZ. Mandrews then kicks DJZ in the back of the knee, taking him down! Sutter wonders what Mandrews is doing, “We’re a team!” but Mandrews says the belt should be his, that he had it won, that DJZ is always stealing the spotlight.

In the back, Laurel is about to be mean to Allie. Laurel says she guesses she’s going to have to be doing some “cheering up tonight” since Braxton lost. Allie questions why she’s never seen Laurel and Braxton together. Laurel says they’re keeping it on the down low. Plus, Braxton feels sorry for Allie. Allie says that’s not what Braxton says to her. Laurel says that’s her point; he’s just being nice to Allie. But Laurel doesn’t have to be nice. She knows Allie tried to hit her in the face with the pie last week. Guess what? Allie will never have a man like Braxton, and after tonight, Allie won’t even have a job.

Later tonight, the DCC challenges House Hardy for the World Tag Team Championships, and our main event, the Knockouts inside Six Sides of Steel for the vacant Knockout Championship. In unrelated but surprising news, Maria isn’t happy, and she’s heading to the ring.

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Maria Kanellis-Bennett comes to the ring with Laurel van Ness, and the crowd is chanting “Pieface” to the displeasure of Maria. Maria says it’s the holiday season, and she’s a very charitable person; she’s given them a role model! But some people don’t appreciate that. Allie, get out here!

Allie comes to the Impact Zone, looking nervous and slowly walking down the ring, being yelled at the entire time by Maria and Laurel. Maria yells at the crowd to not cheer for her, that they don’t love her, that nobody loves Allie. What does Allie have to say for herself?! Allie says she’s sorry for hitting her in the face with a pumpkin pie last week. Maria says she knows Allie wasn’t trying to hit her. She was trying to hit Laurel because Allie is jealous of Laurel’s relationship with Braxton! Allie denies it. Maria demands some answers, asking why Allie lied about Maria’s hand being okay at Bound for Glory, where Maria lost the Knockouts Championship to Gail Kim. Allie says that honesty is the best policy. Maria asks if Allie wants some honesty. Allie is the worst assistant Maria has ever had. Maria’s never had a problem with anybody! Maria and Laurel get along great! Laurel has a question; how does Allie feel knowing that Laurel and Braxton went on a hot date last night? Allie scrunches up her face angrily as Laurel taunts the crowd. Laurel further taunts Allie, and Allie calls Laurel out. Laurel asks if Allie is calling her a liar, and Allie says she is. Laurel wants Maria “let me at ‘er!” Maria backs Laurel off, saying Allie is a loser, and doesn’t know how to fight. Allie doesn’t know how to do anything right, she messes up everything. Allie isn’t a wrestler; she’s just a stupid bitch. Allie slaps Maria hard! Maria is incensed, and yells that was a mistake. Laurel attacks Allie, beating her down until Maria pulls her off. The two leave the ring, leaving Allie in the middle of the ring as the crowd chants for Allie.

— Commercial break —

From the darkness, Rosemary taunts Jade – Gail’s chosen one (it’s the same promo from last week.) Rosemary wants to end Jade’s career and Gail’s crusade.

3, 2, 1. The DCC is coming to the ring to challenge for the World Tag Team Championships. It looks like Bram and Kingston will represent the DCC as James Storm is still wearing his suit. Matt Hardy and Brother Nero make their way to the Impact Zone, and there’s a fan in the crowd that whipped together a “Deletion Coming Cowards” sign. Nice. The Hardys stand in the ring across from the DCC, calling for their deletion.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match: The DCC (Bram and Kingston (w/ James Storm)) vs (C) The Hardys

Bell rings and all four men go at it, Bram and Brother Nero fighting it out as Kingston and Matt also pair off. Matt smashes Kingston into a corner post as Jeff just barrages Bram, taking the fight outside as Matt bashes Kingston off of another corner post. Bram gets back in as Kingston bails, and now It’s Bram getting his head smashed into the turnbuckles. Nero back in, double team suplex from House Hardy to Bram. Kingston into the ring, and another double team suplex. Matt turns his attention to Bram as the referee finally gets a bit of control, sending Nero to the apron. Matt throws Bram into the corner and tags in Nero.

Double team Irish whip from the Hardys is stopped and Bram is sent back into the corner, colliding hard, back-first. Nero punches Bram about, then drags him to the center of the ring, snapmare, basement dropkick. Nero covers; one, tw– kickout.

Nero pulls Bram up and tags Matt in. Matt up on the second rope, diving elbow strike and pins; one, two– kickout.

Bram tries to get away from Matt, but Matt drops down and pulls Bram face-first into the bottom turnbuckle before tagging in Brother Nero. Both men stomp at Bram, who is only being kept partly upright against the ropes, stomping him down. Nero pulls Bram up and delivers another snapmare, turning it into a rear choke. Bram struggles to his feet, jawbreaker gets separation, and Bram punches– Nero blocks, punches Bram down, and tags in Matt.

Hardys with a double team Irish whip, and they catch Bram on the way back with stereo back elbow smashes. Kingston runs in, gets kicked in the gut by both men for the trouble, and then Matt throws Kingston into the corner as Nero picks Bram up. Double team Irish whip sends Bram smashing into Kingston! Matt drops down and Nero charges, leaps off Matt, big splash from Nero! Matt covers Bram; one, two, th– kickout!

Matt and Bram to their feet, and Matt is smashing Bram in the head with elbows.

— Commercial break —

Back in the Impact Zone, Bram is in control of Broken Matt Hardy, sending Hardy to the DCC’s corner. Bram tags in Kingston, and Kingston starts battering Matt down into the corner. Kingston chokes Matt and yells that the ref better not talk to him about rules. Kingston tags in Bram, and Kingston chickenwings Matt so that Bram can get a free hit in.

Bram with a short-arm clothesline and a cover; one, two– kickout.

Bram slams Matt into the ring, then whips him across the ring. Matt charges in but Matt gets a boot up, and a neckbreaker takes Bram down. Matt up and tags in Brother Nero.

Nero in, charging Bram, and Nero ducks a lariat attempt before hitting the far side ropes, coming back with a flying forearm. Bram back up, Manhattan drop from Nero who picks the ankles and a double leg drop between the uprights! Nero rolls up, basement dropkick to the face of Bram! Nero pulls Bram up, Irish whip to the corner, Bram reverses, but Nero gets the boots up sending Bram reeling. Nero gets on the middle rope as Bram distracts the referee so James Storm can get on the apron and kick Nero in the back! Nero drops to the mat and Matt gets in, getting pulled away by the referee. Kingston in and he and Bram start stomping at Nero, Bram slapping his hands together to sound like they made a tag behind the ref’s back before Kingston covers; one, two– kickout.

Kingston with a twisting headlock on Nero, Nero struggles to a vertical base, punches away at Kingston, but Kingston with an overhead throw! Kingston covers; one, two– kickout!

Kingston holds Nero down and tags in Bram. They wishbone Nero and Bram covers; one, two– kickout!

Bram with a rear chinlock on Nero, and Nero eventually struggles up, punching Bram in the gut, shoving Bram off who takes off the ropes and hits a huge lariat on Nero! Bram covers; one, two, t- kickout!

Bram drags Nero over to the DCC corner and tags in Kingston. Kingston whips Nero to the ropes and barrels Nero down with a lariat before getting another two-count. The Impact Zone starts a “DELETE!” chant. Kingston with a front facelock, gets the tag from Bram, and Bram slams Nero with a forearm before another two-count.

Rear chin lock again, Nero back up and elbowing out, punches at Bram, kick to the gut, Twist of Fate– no, Bram spun out, and the two charge each other, double clotheslines and both men are down! Matt is trying to rally Nero, and both men are down without moving until the ref’s 5-count! Both men dive and make tags!

Kingston charges but Matt cuts him off, punching him and then repeatedly headbutting Kingston, who shoves Matt away, only for Matt to charge and take Kingston down with a huge lariat! Kingston up, goes for a lariat but Matt gets his arms up to protect himself, grabs Kingston’s arm and starts biting him! And then starts biting Kingston’s fingers! Kingston screams in agony until Bram rushes the ring, only for Matt to let Kingston go and to start biting at Bram! Matt leaves Bram be, turns around, and then levels both Bram and Kingston with a double clothesline!! James Storm on the apron, trying to distract the official, as Kingston gets back up in the corner. Matt with a splash, grabs Kingston in a headlock, charges out of the corner with a bulldog as he levels Bram with a jumping clothesline! Storm back on the apron and Matt knocks him down with a forearm! Side-Effect to Kingston, Matt covers; one, two, th– kickout!

Matt starts calling for deletion, stalking Kingston, Matt going for the Twist of Fate but Bram cuts it off with a running forearm. Nero sends Bram over the top rope to the outside with a lariat! Storm comes to check on Bram and Nero slings himself over the top rope, a sunset flip sending all three men to the floor! Kingston levels Matt with an STO and covers; one, two, thre– kickout!!

Nero is in the ring, Kingston grabs Matt but Matt with a jawbreaker staggers Kingston who turns around into a kick in the gut by Brother Nero, Twist of Fate! Kingston pops up, Twist of Fate from Matt! Matt covers; one, two, three!!

Winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions: The Hardys via pinfall (Twists of Fate)

James Storm stares down Matt from the outside.

We get a video package of Gail Kim’s “big announcement” a couple weeks ago before Rosemary and Decay’s attack. We see Jade training, doing some muay-thai kickboxing in an MMA setting. Jade says that they’re the main event, that they’re going to give everyone what they came to see, and that’s Jade destroying Rosemary and walking out the new Knockouts Champion.

Last week, EC3 put his World Heavyweight Championship opportunity on the line against Eli Drake’s voice, and EC3 pulled off the victory. In the back, we see EC3 approaching Eli Drake in the back. Drake reluctantly engages EC3. Carter asks if Eli is listening to Simon & Garfunkle’s Sound of Silence, then chortles at his own joke. Eli doesn’t join him. Carter says Eli proved himself last week, that he belongs in the main event. Ethan has his shot next week, and when he wins, if Eli wants a title shot, all Eli has to do is say the word. Eli just stares him down as Carter eggs him on. “Oh, well. See you never,” Carter says and walks off.

— Commercial break —

Last week, Mahabali Shera and Al Snow took on The Tribunal in a match that ended in disqualification when Basile Baraka attacked Mahabali Shera with a belt. In the back, Al Snow is really mad at a cameraman. Al Snow tells the camera to look at their backs. He calls The Tribunal egg-sucking dogs that owe him for everything they have in TNA. The Tribunal wouldn’t have anything if not for Snow, and now he’s going to take it all away. They beat he and Shera like dogs, but now The Tribunal’ll get to see what an animal they really are. Snow challenges The Tribunal to a strap match. The Tribunal owes Snow, but now Snow and Shera owe The Tribunal something, too, and Al Snow is going to make sure that a Lannister he and Shera always pay their debts. “We are coming,” says Shera.

In the Impact Zone, EC3 is headed to the ring. Matthews puts over EC3 for “shutting up” Eli Drake. They mention that if Drake talks, his fine will be $25,000. EC3 has a mic. Strap in. The crowd chants for EC3, and Carter says the reception is very kind, that the support means a lot to him. At Bound for Glory, he suffered the greatest defeat of his career. But here he stands, once again #1 Contender. Carter has a couple words for Eddie Edwards, and wants Eddie to come down so he can share them. The World Heavyweight Champion obliges, coming to the Impact Zone with the Championship held high to a big “Eddie! Eddie!” chant.

Carter says that Eddie is having a tremendous run as Champion, especially for beating Lashley, the man that Carter couldn’t beat at Bound for Glory. He says he failed, saying he brought a broadsword and swung it to high hell, but Eddie brought a dagger and stabbed the beast in the heart. Eddie says that being Champion has changed how a lot of people look at him, but he’s still the same guy that comes out to the ring and leaves it all out there each and every time. Carter says that’s why people love him. Carter says he failed twice to capture the World Heavyweight Championship; he won’t fail a third time. Edwards tells him to bring that fire, because at Bound for Glory, he was so, so close to winning the title again, but it wasn’t Ethan’s night. And now, Eddie is holding the Championship, and it’s going to take someone truly special to take the Championship away from him. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your family name is, all that matters is who is holding the title. Carter says that Eddie is missing the point. Family and friends don’t matter when they’re in the ring; only the Championship matters. Carter says that it’s different to keep a Championship than it is to win it. Carter says it takes a different set of skills. Carter says he has a dagger of his own that he isn’t afraid to stab in a friend’s back, to slit a friend’s throat, to get what he wants; he’ll do what is necessary. Carter says “Kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out. That is a Champion’s mentality.” Carter’s music hits and he walks off as Eddie holds the Championship up high.

Up next, Jade will attempt to secure the Knockouts Championship for the second time, She and Rosemary are heading to the ring for Six Sides of Steel, next.

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In the Impact Zone, the Six Sides of Steel has descended. Madison Rayne has joined commentary. Gail Kim comes down to the ring and she relinquishes the Knockouts Championship to Jeremy Borash who stands inside the cage. Rosemary is the first competitor out, the competitors calling out the yellow in her attire as a sign of change after the Great War. Rosemary seems to love the cage, and crawls into the ring under the ropes. Jade is out next, to a huge crowd response. Jeremy Borash does the introductions.

Main Event for the vacated TNA Knockouts Championship inside the Six Sides of Steel: Rosemary vs Jade

Rosemary charges Jade before the bell rings – before Borash has even exited the ring! Rosemary and Jade spill to the outside, both throwing blows, as the commentary team tells us that there is no escape victory condition in this match; the only way to win is pinfall or submission. Rosemary starts hammering and then connects with a European uppercut before intimidating the referees. Jade gets a blow in, then starts attacking Rosemary, but Rosemary slams Jade into the stairs. Rosemary digs under the ring and grabs a trash can, tossing it into the ring and throws Jade back into the ring. She gets in and the cage is locked behind her. Jade starts kicking Rosemary, huge combo that she finishes with an overhead kick (a.k.a.; Pele kick). Jade covers; one, two– kickout.

Jade mounts Rosemary and starts punching her. Jade gets off, and kicks Rosemary in the chest as she tries to get up. Jade picks Rosemary, gutwrench suplex! Jade covers, hooks the leg; one, two– kickout!

Jade kicks away the trash can as we go to break.

— Commercial break —

Back in the Impact Zone, Jade is still in control, battering Rosemary. Irish whip, Rosemary reverses, Jade off the ropes, ducks a lariat, off the far side ropes and a headscissors sends Rosemary flying. Jade presses the attack, clubbing blows against Rosemary’s back before delivering kicks to the head, sending Rosemary reeling to the corner. Jade charges, Rosemary feigns spitting mist and Jade stops dead, ducking low, and when Jade realizes she was duped, Rosemary delivers a jumping knee to the face! Rosemary mounts and starts raining blows on Jade, screaming in her face as she does. Rosemary relents, taunting Gail Kim who is on the outside, and this gives Jade a chance to kick Rosemary and roll her up; one, two– kickout.

Rosemary clobbers Jade with a lariat, and Jade retreats to the corner, kicking the approaching Rosemary away. Jade goes to follow-up, but Rosemary chops at Jade and grabs her by the neck, looking to toss her into the cage but Jade blocks it and elbows Rosemary away. Jade with kicks, and then elbow smashes. Jade takes to the ropes, and Rosemary levels Jade with a jumping clothesline! Rosemary grabs Jade and grinds her face against the cage. Rosemary starts choking Jade with her boot. The crowd starts to chant for Jade and Rosemary isn’t too happy about that. She approaches Jade who catches her in the gut, hammers and kicks, but Rosemary clubs Jade down. Rosemary pulls at Jade’s hair and then licks Jade’s face. Rosemary stomps at Jade, grinds her face against the cage again, and starts in on the referee again. Jade in the corner, Rosemary approaches, and Jade starts laying kicks, landing blows all over. Jade hits the ropes, goes for a big boot but Rosemary catches the leg, lands a couple punches, and then the overhead captured suplex over the ropes and right into the cage!! Rosemary grabs the trash can she threw in earlier, setting it up right next to Jade, and Rosemary is looking to climb the turnbuckles! Jade gets up and throws the trash can at Rosemary, though, and Rosemary is sitting prone on the top turnbuckle, Jade mounts the corner, using the cage for support– top rope frankensteiner! Rosemary gets flung all the way across the ring!! Jade levels Rosemary with a lariat, running dropkick from Jade, and Jade throws Rosemary into the cage! Jade throws Rosemary into the cage again! Jade with a double choke lift, slamming Rosemary into the sides of the cage, and the chokebomb! Jade holds Rosemary into the pin; one, two, thr– kickout!

Jade with a standing headscissors, looking for maybe the Package Piledriver, but Rosemary breaks out, short-arm into a German suplex! Both women are down, the ref is counting, and it’s at 7 before either Knockout gets up. Rosemary starts climbing the cage, but Jade gets up and starts smashing Rosemary’s face into the cage! Jade throws Rosemary down, and keeps ascending! Jade climbs up to the top standing tall atop Six Sides of Steel, and Jade leaps!! Flying cross body from the top of the cage, huge “HOLY SHIT!” chant, and Jade slowly crawls into the cover; one, two, thre– KICKOUT!!!

Rosemary was absolutely flattened by that flying cross body, but Jade rolls Rosemary over towards the corner, signaling for the 450 Splash, but Rosemary is up and MIST! Rosemary sprays the mist into the face of Jade! Rosemary pulls Jade off the top into a fireman’s carry, carries Jade mid-ring, Red Wedding! The Red Wedding!! Rosemary covers; one, two, three!!

Winner and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Rosemary by pinfall (The Red Wedding)

Rosemary is given the Knockouts Championship and waits for the referee to raise her hand, but the referee looks creeped out and doesn’t want to. Gail Kim looks disappointed on the outside of the cage, and Rosemary taunts her, holding the Knockouts Championship in front of Kim and licking it, taunting Gail before climbing the cage and holding the Championship up high for all to see.



1) Moose def. Aron Rex to become the new Impact Grand Champion
2) DJZ def. Mandrews and Braxton Sutter to retain the TNA X-Division Championship
3) The Hardys def. DCC to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championships
4) Rosemary def. Jade inside the Six Sides of Steel to become the new TNA Knockouts Champion

Next Week

– Eddie Edwards defends the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Ethan Carter III