Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone)
July 16, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show starts off with highlights from last week and then the intro hits. Tenay and West hype up the Victory Road Main Event and then Mick Foley’s music hits and the hardcore icon makes his way to the ring. Foley says he feels naked standing out in the ring without the TNA Title over his shoulder. He says he knows that none of us what Foley to be naked in front of us (no doubt) so at Victory Road he will do everything in his power to get the belt back. He says that he knows that a lot more than just the belt are on the line at Victory Road and says that if Kurt retains then the company goes in one direction and if he wins then the company goes in another direction. Mick asks Kurt to come out to the ring and meet him face-to-face without the Mafia. Kurt’s music hits and he comes out to the ring alone. Mick says that he wears his heart on his sleeve and he was hurt when Kurt Angle made fun of him shedding a tear when he lost the title, but he knew that they were just trying to get into his head. He says that when the Mafia wrapped him in barbed wire last week he knew they were also sending him a message, but he says last week when Eric Young rang the bell he knows full and well that he didn?t tap. Mick talks about tapping out to Dory Funk Jr. in Japan when he tapped out and it made him sick and vowed to never do it again. Mick says that he knows that to beat Kurt (who he calls one of the greatest ever) he?ll have to be better than his best and he’s not sure he can. He compares himself to the little engine that could but if Kurt thinks Mick will tap out it just won?t happen. Mick asks Kurt to ban the Mafia from getting involved at Victory Road. Kurt says that the Mafia shows no compassion and talks about the young guys in TNA being spoiled and paid too much. Kurt talks about Mick and him working injured while the young guys won?t work with a blister and that they?re trying to change the business they love and that’s what the Mafia is about. He says that he’s trying to help themselves but also guys like Foley. Sting’s music interrupts him and he walks out to the stage. Sting mocks what Kurt just said and says that it’s bull. He says that’s the same bull that Kurt fed him to get him into the Mafia and in no time it became about money, greed, and power which is what the Mafia truly stands for. Sting says that it’s true that a lot will be resolved at Victory Road but unfortunately he has another agenda for Sunday and that is taking Samoa Joe and his advisor and beating the hell out of them. Kurt just smiles at that. Sting says Sunday is Sunday and tonight he needs a huge favor from Mick because he has unfinished business to take care of. Sting requests a match with Kurt Angle tonight! Mick starts to answer him but Kurt cuts him off and accepts the match himself and adds a stipulation to it: Six Sides of Steel! Kurt says that if he wants a fight he?ll get one and it?ll be against the greatest wrestler of all time! Sting looks shocked about the stipulation added as Kurt is fuming in the ring and Mick just looks on at them and nods his head.

Tenay and West hype up the rest of the card which includes Samoa Joe vs. Amazing Red, Sarita’s debut, an Elimination Match pitting Kevin Nash, Booker T., & Scott Steiner against Beer Money & AJ Styles, and the huge Six Sides of Steel Main Event! Then we cut to the back with Joe throwing Red into a ladder and then a big equipment case!


?Samoan Submission Machine? Samoa Joe vs. Amazing Red

Back from commercials Samoa Joe Superkicks the hell out of Amazing Red sending him tumbling down the ramp head over heels! Joe continues to put the boots to Red and then hits a lariat that turns Red inside-out! Joe tosses Red into the ring and puts the boots to him again as the bell finally rings! Joe shoves down the referee and he calls for the bell!

Winner: Amazing Red via DQ

After the match is thrown out Joe picks Red up and puts him on the top rope, Muscle Buster! Joe then throws repeated right hands at a lifeless Amazing Red until security guards run out with nightsticks to stop Joe. The Head of Security is out to try and calm Joe down and eventually Joe leaves the ring. They then show a vignette hyping up Joe.

In the back Lauren is with Sarita (aka ?Dark Angel? Sarah Stock of CMLL in Mexico) and she says that she’s been preparing for TNA wrestling all over the world so she can be at her best. Lauren asks Sarita about her opponent also making her debut, Alyssa Flash. Sarita says she doesn?t know anything about her because she’s never faced her, but it doesn?t matter who her opponent is because she always prepares with the same intensity. Sarita then says something in Spanish for all the Spanish fans out there.


They show a video package highlighting the feud between Jenna and Sharmell. We then cut to a sitdown interview from earlier in the day that Don West cut with Sharmell, Sojo Bolt, Jenna, Raisha Saeed, & Awesome Kong. West calls Sharmell the instigator and asks her what about Jenna got under her skin. Sharmell says that she is the first and only women in the Mafia and then all of a sudden she turns around and sees ?this bony little white girl.? Sharmell says the Mafia is all about respect but Jenna has been disrespectful since day one and if Jenna just apologized this would?ve all been over. West then turns to Jenna and asks her to chime and then says that she could stand to put on a few pounds (West is awesome). Jenna says she was invited into the Mafia by Kevin Nash and says that she conducted herself like a lady but Sharmell isn?t a lady. Jenna pretty much calls Sharmell a ho and then calls her a cheap ho again and Sharmell almost went off on her but Sojo calmed her down. Sharmell says she?ll have the advantage at Victory Road because of her husband and Jenna says Sharmell couldn?t last one day in the Amazon. Jenna says that she?ll be about to compete with Sharmell because of Kong and Sojo starts to get pissed which causes Raisha to get involved, SILENCE!


In the back JB is with Kurt Angle and JB wants to know what Kurt was thinking getting into a Cage Match with Sting just a few days away from his match against Foley for the belt. Kurt says he just wants to prove to Sting, TNA, and the rest of the world that he is the real icon and the only way to do that is to get Sting in the cage and whip his a**. JB asks Kurt about Victory Road and he says that in order for MEM to dominate TNA they?ll have to win every title and at Victory Road they?ll do it so this time next week JB will be calling Kurt boss.

Non-Title Match
Suicide vs. Chris Sabin w/Alex Shelley

Suicide appears in the crowd this week. Suicide & Sabin lockup at the bell and Suicide hits an arm drag followed by one from Sabin as well. Sabin with a chop and then Suicide with a big chop. Sabin kicks Suicide and then whips him into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, but Suicide backflips over Sabin and lands on his feet. Suicide then hits another arm drag and locks in an armlock, but Shelley is able to get to his feet and hit an arm drag of his own. Suicide rolls through the arm drag and keeps the armlock on! Sabin gets to his feet again but Suicide springboards off the ropes into another arm drag holding onto the armlock at the same time. Sabin again fights to his feet and grabs Suicide’s mask and then knees him in the gut. Sabin whips Suicide into the ropes and Shelley grabs Suicide’s foot as Sabin distracted the referee. Suicide then stomps Shelley’s hand but turns around and eats a spinning back kick from Sabin. Sabin then hits a running dropkick to the side of Suicide’s head! Sabin chokes Suicide in the corner and then chokes him on the middle rope and attempts to take the mask off. The referee pulls Sabin off but as he’s doing that Shelley hits a Leaping Enziguri to Suicide from the outside! Sabin covers Suicide and gets a nearfall. Sabin whips Suicide into the corner and hits a Flying Forearm in the corner. Sabin goes for the Springboard Clothesline, but Suicide ducks and hits a series of right of hands. Suicide whips Sabin into the ropes and hits the running Russian Legsweep! Sabin retreats to the apron and goes for a right hand as Suicide approaches but Suicide blocks it and then slingshots Sabin back into the ring right into a Diamond Cutter! Classic Frankie Kazarian move right there and I think that’s the first time he’s hit that move since donning the Suicide mask. 1?2?NO Sabin kicks out! Suicide goes for the Suicide Solution but Sabin blocks it and goes for a clothesline, but Suicide ducks and then Sabin goes for a front kick but Suicide catches his foot. Suicide spins Sabin around but Sabin spins right into an Enziguri to the side of Suicide’s head! Sabin comes off the ropes but Suicide catches Sabin on his shoulders and hits the Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam! Suicide springs right up and hits a slingshot cross body block over the top onto Shelley on the floor! Suicide then slingshots back into the ring going for the Slingshot DDT, but Sabin blocks it and then hangs Suicide up on the top rope by his legs and hits a Hanging Swinging Neckbreaker! 1?2?NO Suicide kicks out! Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock but Suicide blocks it and gets a waistlock on Sabin. Sabin quickly backs Suicide into the corner and then rolls forward. Sabin then hits the Mafia Kick in the corner! Sabin hangs Suicide up in the Tree-of-Woe and then goes for the Hesitation Dropkick, but Suicide quickly reached up and grabbed Sabin’s head! Suicide then hits the Running Snapmare Driver into the middle turnbuckle followed by the Suicide Solution! 1?2?3 and he gets the pin!

Winner: Suicide via pinfall (Suicide Solution)

After the match Shelley jumps Suicide from behind and holds Suicide down while Sabin gets a chair from outside. Sabin places the chair under Suicide’s face while Shelley holds him there. Sabin springboards off the top rope into a Guillotine Leg Drop sending Suicide’s face into the chair! He’s done. Homicide runs down to the ring and levels Sabin with his briefcase and then nails Shelley with it! Homicide looks down at the X-Division Title and then at the briefcase as the fans chant ?cash it in? and a referee runs out. Homicide cashes in the briefcase!

TNA X-Division Championship
?Notorious 1-8-7? Homicide vs. Suicide (c)

Homicide immediately covers Suicide, 1?2?NO Suicide still kicks out! Homicide can?t believe it as Suicide fights to get to his feet. Suicide with right hands knock Homicide back but he avoids a third right hand and quickly hits the Gringo Killa! No need to commit suicide, he’s dead! 1?2?3 and we have a new X-Division Champion!

Winner & NEW X-Champ: Homicide via pinfall (Gringo Killa)

Homicide can?t believe it and walks around celebrating with the title belt as Tenay asks if it’s ?fair?, get over it! The Notorious one is the X-Division Champion!


In the back Lauren is with the new X-Division Champion and he hits on her and then Homicide says the rules to Feast or Fired was that he could cash it in anytime and that’s what he did. Homicide says he’s about to go drink some tequila and celebrate and then shouts out Brooklyn and drags Lauren off with him to celebrate!

The Beautiful People’s music hits and they come out to the ring with Angelina Love wearing a pimped out Bee Suit. It should be against the law to cover up something like that. Angelina’s entrance just didn?t have the same effect this week for some reason (I wonder what that could be). Angelina says that she has filed a formal complaint with ?Peter? (I think she meant PETA) against Tara for attempting to endanger her with a spider. Angelina says that Tara is an ugly freak show and there is no room in TNA for her. She says that the Beautiful People do not recognize Tara’s win last week and says that it was a fluke. Angelina says that their match was never official so that means Angelina is still the TNA Knockouts Champion because there was no contract signed. She says that she will make it official this Sunday at Victory Road but then Tara’s music hits and the NEW Knockouts Champ makes her way to the ramp. Tara says the belt that she’s wearing around her waist says that she’s ?officially? the Knockouts Champ and she?ll confirm it when she beats Angelina this Sunday. Tara says that Poison (her spider) likes warm and dark places like Angelina’s Bee Suit! Tara says she came in early today and put him in there and she says that she barks and the spider bites! Angelina goes nuts rolling around in the ring like she’s on fire and Madison hitting her with a broom. Tara storms the ring and Madison & Velvet bail out as Tara hits the Widows Peak on Angelina! Tara holds the Knockouts Title over Angelina and then we cut to another video package highlighting Sarita and she debuts next!


Sarita vs. ?Future Legend? Alyssa Flash

Alyssa Flash is in fact Cheerleader Melissa aka Raisha Saeed wrestling under her new gimmick. Alyssa has a cocky gimmick as she strolls out to the ring and then tells David Penzer to refer to her as the ?Future Legend? Alyssa Flash. Sarita makes her way out to the ring for her OFFICIAL debut with TNA and she is a star in CMLL’s women’s division down south of the border. Tenay runs down Sarita’s accomplishments which include training in Muay Thai (which I didn?t know) and talks about her success in body building competitions (which I did know). As the bell rings Flash spits her gum at Sarita! Flash then chops at Sarita’s chest and then hits several body shots. Flash whips Sarita into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Sarita ducks and then blocks another clothesline attempt and turns it into a Springboard Somersault Armdrag! That’s what this luchadora can do ladies and gentlemen! Sarita hits a dropkick that sends Alyssa down to the floor and hell yeah she takes it to the air again as she hits a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Flash on the floor as the fans are going nuts! Sarita picks Alyssa up but she shoves Sarita into the ring post! Flash then scoop slams Sarita on the floor and then breaks the 10 count from the official and shoves Sarita into the guardrail with her foot. Flash rolls Sarita back into the ring as the fans are rallying behind Sarita. Flash puts the boots to Sarita and then hits another Scoop Slam and gets a nearfall. Sarita fires back with body shots but Flash shoves Sarita into the corner and then climbs to the middle rope and begins kicking Sarita into the head (a move that she has used with the Raisha Saeed gimmick) repeatedly. Flash with body shots of her own on Sarita in the corner and then she whips Sarita into the corner but Sarita quickly springs to the top rope and hits a Flying Cross Body Block out of nowhere! 1?2?NO Flash kicks out! Flash comes right back with a clothesline and then she pulls Sarita’s hair and then puts her in a rear chinlock. Flash hits a hip toss and then goes for another one but Sarita lands on her feet and follows up with several chops and a roundhouse kick. Flash goes for another clothesline but Sarita grabs her arm and locks her in the Flying Armbar! Flash reaches over and hooks her hand together and then uses her weight to get a pin on Sarita for a nearfall and then roll Sarita through. Flash hooks Sarita’s feet like she’s going for a surfboard but then hits the Curb Stomp! 1?2?NO Sarita kicks out! Flash goes for a Suplex but Sarita counters and goes for a backslide, but Flash blocks it and Sarita goes for a clothesline but Flash ducks it as well. Flash then hits a Side Slam for another nearfall. Flash attempts to whip Sarita into the ropes but she counters into a shortarm clothesline! Sarita then goes for a Wheelbarrow move but Flash counters with an Ocean Cyclope Suplex right into the corner turnbuckles! Holy crap! 1?2?NO Sarita kicks out! Flash goes for a Michinoku Driver but Sarita rolls through and hooks the legs! 1?2?3 and Sarita gets the pin!

Winner: Sarita via pinfall (rollup)

After the match Flash offers a handshake to Sarita but when she goes to accept it Flash gets her in the stomach and then hits the Michinoku Driver!


In the back Lauren is with AJ Styles and asks AJ about everything that’s been going on. AJ says he can?t do anything about what’s happened except he can bring his ?A? game and he says if he has to he?ll take the Mafia piece-by-piece. AJ turns his attention to Nash and talks about Nash’s interview last week where he talked about how he changed companies. AJ says that Nash changed those companies for the worst and says that TNA was better off without Nash and says that Nash has taken advantage of the system. AJ says it’s not about the money and he says he would wrestle for free because it’s not about the money. AJ says that at Victory Road Nash has cashed his last pay check!

6-Man Elimination Tag Team Match
Main Event Mafia (Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, & Booker T.) w/Sharmell & Jenna vs. Beer Money Inc. & ?Phenomenal? AJ Styles

AJ and Steiner start the match off. Steiner puts AJ in a wristlock and then transitions into a side headlock, but AJ is able to shove Steiner off and then eats a shoulder block from Steiner. Steiner comes off the ropes but eats a clothesline from AJ! AJ puts the boots to Steiner and then hits a Knee Drop. AJ puts Steiner in a wristlock and then tags in Robert Roode. Roode throws Steiner into the top turnbuckle and hits several right hands. Roode attempts to whip Steiner into the corner but Steiner reverses it and then charges, but Roode nips up and over Steiner and hits a Snapmare followed by the Rolling Neck Snap. Steiner tags out to Booker and he charges in but Roode hits a drop toe hold and then tags Storm in. They hit the Beer Money Double Suplex! Booker tags in Nash and Beer Money sandwiches Nash and then Storm tags in AJ who hits the Springboard Flying Forearm! 1?2?NO MEM breaks it up! Beer Money throws Steiner & Booker to the floor while AJ is putting a beating on Nash in the ring! Nash is able to come back with a poke to the eyes and then goes for the Jackknife and hits it! 1?2?3 and AJ is eliminated! Not a good omen for AJ. Roode comes in and throws several right hands at Nash and then attempts to whip Nash into the ropes but he reverses it and then goes for a clothesline, but Roode ducks and then ducks a back hand but eats a Sidewalk Slam from Nash! 1?2?NO Roode kicks out! Steiner tags back in and puts the boots to Roode as Nash holds him. Steiner whips Roode into the ropes and hits a Steinerline and then an Elbow Drop for a nearfall. Booker tags in and hits a couple of chops to Roode. Booker whips Roode into the ropes and goes for the Back Heel Kick, but Roode ducks and then whips Booker into the ropes and goes for a backdrop. Booker kicks Roode in the head and then goes for the Back Heel Kick again but again Roode ducks and this time Booker crotches himself on the top rope! Booker tags out to Steiner and Storm tags himself in. Storm with a clothesline to Steiner and then another one and then he hits a chinbreaker followed by a neckbreaker! Storm knocks Booker & Nash off the apron and then hits the Lung Blower on Steiner! 1?2?NO Nash breaks it up! Nash attempts to whip Storm into the corner but Storm blocks it and then charges at Nash, but he backdrops Storm over the top. Storm lands feetfirst on the apron and hits a Leaping Enziguri to the back of Nash’s head and then Roode hits a Lariat on Nash in the ring! Storm climbs up top but Booker crotches him from the outside while Roode and Nash fought to the floor! In the ring Steiner hits the Steiner Flatliner on Storm! 1?2?3 and Storm is eliminated!


Back from commercials Roode hits clotheslines on all of the Mafia but eats a Book End from Booker! 1?2?NO Booker pulls Roode’s head up. Booker hits the Hook Kick on Roode and holds Roode as Steiner puts the boots to him. Steiner tags back in and chops away at Roode. Steiner hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex for another nearfall as he used one finger to pin Roode. Nash tags back in and hits Knee Strikes to Roode in the corner and then back elbows. Nash hits a Shortarm Clothesline, 1?2?NO Roode kicks out! Nash goes for the Jackknife but Roode low blows Nash! 1?2?3 and Nash is eliminated! Steiner quickly comes in and slams Roode into the top turnbuckle and then chops Roode. Steiner hits another Belly-to-Belly Suplex this time the overhead version. Steiner goes for another Elbow Drop but Roode moves and throws right hands at Steiner and then comes off the ropes, but Nash trips him from the floor! Steiner then chokes Roode as Storm comes running down with a steel chair but Matt Morgan was right behind him! Morgan clotheslines Storm from behind and then Morgan throws Storm into the guardrail. In the ring Steiner & Book whip Rodoe into the ropes and goes for a double clothesline but Roode ducks and hits one to both Book & Steiner! Roode with right hands to both Book & Scott and then Steiner goes for a Steinerline on Roode, but he ducks and Steiner hits Booker! Roode hits an Atomic Drop followed by a dropkick to Steiner! Roode then hits a flying forearm on Booker and Steiner goes for another Steinerline, but Roode catches his arm and counters into a Neckbreaker! Roode hits a Spinebuster on Booker! 1?2?NO Steiner breaks it up! Steiner puts Roode up on the top rope and goes for the Super Belly-to-Belly but Roode shoves him off with a headbutt! Roode then hits the Blockbuster, but when turns around Booker kicks him in the gut and then goes for the Axe Kick. Roode moves and then hits the Payoff! Sharmell distracts the referee as Roode had the pin! Roode sees what’s happening and chases Sharmell off but when he turns around Steiner picks Roode up and Booker hits the Harlem Sidekick as Steiner drops him with the Spinebuster at the same time! 1?.2?3 and that’s it.

Winners: Main Event Mafia via pinfall (Spinebuster/Harlem Sidekick combo)

After the match the MEM celebrate until Sharmell and Jenna start catfighting! Nash and Booker try to keep them apart as we go to commercials.


In the back 3D is with JB as he promotes that damn Twitter. JB says that 3D will be facing the Brits this Sunday and Devon says that he guesses ?that’s just how them b*tches roll across the pond? when talking about the Brits biting the hand that fed them. Devon says that the Brits have talent, size, speed, and great bodies but lack respect and class. He says Beer Money had that same problem until 3D took them to school and this Sunday they?ll do the same to the Brits. Bubba says that after 20 Tag Title reigns you would think they would?ve earned a little respect from the Brits and says that the Brits screwed them out of their TNA Tag Titles and then screwed them in the #1 Contenders Match. Bubba says that at Victory Road 3D has one thing on their mind and that’s revenge. The Brits then walk up as security gets in between them. Magnus says that they just talked to Mick Foley and the IWGP Tag Titles are on the line this Sunday! Kiyoshi & Bashir were about to sneak attack 3D but they saw them and nailed them while saying ?forget about Victory Road? and then they push the security aside and jump on the Brits!

Tenay & West hype up Victory Road with the only new matches added being Stevie Richards vs. Abyss, Angelina Love vs. Tara, & the Brits vs. 3D for the IWGP Tag Titles!

In the back Lauren is with Abyss and he apologizes to Lauren about everything that has happened and promises he won?t let anyone hurt her again. Abyss then turns his attention to Stevie and says that they treat animals like the way Stevie has treated him but he is not an animal, but what he is one pissed off 300+ pound monster! Abyss is holding a black bag and he says that Stevie taught him how to hold back his lust for pain and suffering, but Stevie has failed because he likes pain and then starts poking thumbtacks into his arm. My God, this guy is freaking touched. He screams that it feels good as he pokes himself with the tacks. Abyss says he doesn?t need Stevie anymore and says he doesn?t need the hospital jumpsuit anymore and he has written a prescription for Stevie for one major a** beating with no refills! Abyss says this Sunday they?ll have one last therapy session but this one’s on him. I swear that dude has a screw loose, legit.


Main Event
Six Sides of Steel Match
?Olympic Hero? Kurt Angle vs. ?The Icon? Sting

Jeff Jarrett comes out to do guest commentary for the match. Don West actually stands up and claps for Jarrett and tries to shake his hand only an hour after calling him ?King of the Hamstring?, classic. West even mentions the hamstring which pisses Jarrett off. Sting and Angle circle each other and then lockup with Sting getting the advantage with a side headlock. Angle shoves Sting off and then drops down as Sting leaps over him and then Sting hits a shoulder block. Kurt goes for another lockup but Sting sidesteps him and puts Kurt in a waistlock. Kurt reverses it and then Sting reveres it and Kurt reverses it again. Sting reverses it one final time and then hits a belly-to-back suplex and transitions into a front chancery. Angle grabs Sting’s arm and rolls through right into a wristlock! Angle transitions into a hammerlock but Sting gets to his feet and hits a back elbow. Sting then hits back hands and chops to Angle in the corner until Angle kicks him in the gut and then whips Sting into the opposite corner. Kurt charges at Sting but eats a boot from the Stinger. Sting hits a Vertical Suplex on Angle and gets a nearfall. Angle pokes Sting in the eye and then throws him into the cage!


Back from commercials Angle throws Sting into the cage wall once again and then chokes Sting on the mat and puts the boots to him. Angle and Sting then trade right hands in the center of the ring until Sting hits a clothesline followed by 2 more! Sting whips Angle into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Angle kicks him in the head and then charges at Sting, but Sting picks Angle up and slams him into the cage! 1?2?NO Angle kicks out! Sting hits the Stinger Splash on Angle and then goes for the Scorpion Deathdrop but Angle counters and pushes Sting into the corner. Angel with shoulder blocks in the corner and then goes for a running shoulder block but Sting moves and Angle slams into the cage! Sting then slams Angle into each side of the cage! Sting follows up with a clothesline and gets another nearfall. Sting goes to pick Angle up but he quickly counters into the German Suplex! Angle pulls the straps down and goes for the Olympic Slam but Sting counters with an arm drag! Sting hits a double leg takedown and locks the Scorpion Deathlock! All of a sudden Samoa Joe shows up at ringside and KO’s Jarrett at the announce table! Joe grabs the referee and slams him into the steps and takes the key from him! Joe unlocks the cage and climbs in as Sting still has the Scorpion locked in! Joe locks the cage door again from the inside but Sting sees him and stands behind him waiting for Joe to turn around! When Joe turns around he eats right hands from Stinger! Sting locks Joe in the Scorpion now! The lights go out and on the screen the letters ?FTW? and the number 13 flash on the screen with a very familiar sounding music playing! TAZ! In the ring Joe has the Coquina Clutch locked in on Sting as the lights come back on and a nightstick is laying on the mat in the ring! Jarrett and Foley both attempt to climb into the cage but Angle hits their hands with the nightstick as they attempt to climb in. Kevin Nash comes out and lays out Jarrett as Booker and Steiner come out and lay Foley out! All of this as the music continues to play and Sting chokes Sting out in the ring with Kurt Angle celebrating over him. We see blooding coming from the mouth of Sting as we fade to black!


Final Thoughts

Wow, I?m going to be completely honest I came into this week having absolutely no desire to see Victory Road but now I actually want to see it!

The opening promo with Foley and Kurt was very good and set up the rest of the show nicely.

There was no point in Red getting obliterated, we already know Joe is a bada**.

Suicide and Chris Sabin have a very good short little match that went back and forth. Then Homicide comes out and cashes in the Feast or Fired case and I loved it! Homicide finally has single gold in TNA, I just wish they gave him something to do at Victory Road but the card is already full with I think 9 matches.

Sarita & Alyssa Flash was absolutely awesome and easily the Women’s TV Match of the Year thus far. Sarita is awesome and I already knew that coming in but I have said since day one that she is absolutely the answer to Gail Kim leaving and the fans tonight showed exactly that with how they rallied behind her on her DEBUT! Alyssa played her role perfectly and was just as impressive as Sarita was, these two should definitely continue to feud before moving onto bigger and better things. Sarita as a face against Tara as a heel could be incredible as will the eventual Sarita vs. Kong feud. I?m going to guess that the Raisha Saeed gimmick is coming to an end. Despite that character being very fun, I?m looking forward to this new gimmick for Melissa.

I have no desire whatsoever to see Jenna vs. Sharmell unless Kong commits a murder on both chicks.

The Elimination Match did an awesome job of putting Beer Money over especially Roode, but it didn?t do AJ any favors (though Nash had to cheat to pin him). Roode came out looking like a million bucks in that match, but my question is where was Daniels?

3D’s promo was great and they could really give the Brits a good rub this Sunday.

Abyss? promo was just freaking insane, that’s about all I can say. That dude is nuts.

Angle and Sting had a really good match going on until Joe came out and went nuts on him. Nice way to pretty much give away who was going to be Joe’s advisor (as if you didn?t already know) as well. I liked the music playing and the graphic on the screen as most people will know who that is. Now I want to see where they go with it from here. Great go-home show to a PPV I had no desire to see beforehand.

Oh, and if you didn?t already know Bobby Lashley has officially signed with TNA!

Match of the Night: TIE-Main Event and Sarita vs. Flash (***)
Promo/Segment of the Night: Abyss? pin cushion promo
Overall Grade: A +

Victory Road Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Kurt Angle (c) vs. Mick Foley
– TNA Tag Titles: Beer Money (c) vs. Booker T. & Scott Steiner
– TNA Legends Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Nash
– TNA Knockouts Title: Tara (c) vs. Angelina Love
– IWGP Tag Titles: Team 3D (c) vs. British Invasion
– Sting vs. Samoa Joe (Plus Joe’s advisor is revealed!)
– Daniels vs. Matt Morgan
– Abyss vs. Stevie Richards
– Jenna w/Awesome Kong vs. Sharmell w/Sojo Bolt

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