Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone)
July 2, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show starts off with a recap from last week highlighting the Main Event Mafia drama. The intro hits and then the Main Event Mafia’s music hits and TNA’s resident ?Goodfellas? make their way out to the ring. No Matt Morgan so I?m guessing he’s not an official member. Kurt Angle grabs the stick and says that he knows Sting is at home licking his wounds, but he wants to say that it wasn?t personal, it was all business. He turns his attention to Mick Foley and says that tonight Mick can?t run and he can?t hide, and then calls Foley out to the ring. Foley’s music hits and he walks out to the ring along with his personal security. Mick starts to talk but Kurt cuts him off and tells him to save it. He says last week Mick committed a ?cardinal sin? when he went back on his word making the 3D vs. Steiner/Booker #1 Contenders Match tonight. Kurt asks Mick why he did that since he knew there would be consequences. Kurt calls the Mafia the most dominating force in wrestling and Kurt the most dominated wrestler. He says Mick’s reason isn?t important but what is important is the Mafia’s reputation. Kurt quotes Rocky and says that if Mick wants to dance, he has to pay the band. Mick tells Kurt to leave him alone because he’s had a very bad few weeks and let him just wrestle Kurt at Victory Road. Kurt says that Mick lied to the Godfather. Mick tells Rocco and Sali Boy to do their best to take out the Mafia as they were standing between Mick and the Mafia, but Samoa Joe and Steiner (with a pipe) lays them out and they?re done. Mick calls them the worst security in the world and then Mick starts going psycho asking Kurt what he’s going to do and tells Scott to go ahead and hit him with the pipe. Mick asks that Kurt leave just enough of him that he can recover to face Kurt at Victory Road. Kurt says if Mick wants to make a deal then he pick door number one: Kurt kicks his ass, door number two: Booker T. kicks his ass, door dumber three: Nash kicks his ass, or behind the curtain: Samoa Joe is unleashed on Mick! Mick chooses door number one and punches Kurt in the face! The Mafia then jump Foley and begin stomping him into the mat. Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and he runs down to the ring with his guitar in hand. The Mafia retreat as Samoa Joe has blood all over him (I think he took Foley’s blood and rubbed it on himself). Foley picks himself and when he turns around Jarrett blasts him with the guitar! What the hell?! Jeff gets out of the ring and walks right past the Mafia and stops at the top of the ramp and looks at Kurt. Kurt smiles and then Jeff turns around and walks backstage!


Back from commercials they show a replay of Foley getting hit with the guitar and then during the commercials Foley refusing medical treatment. Tenay and West then talk about what just went down and cut to JB in Jarrett’s locker room where Foley is trying to get to Jarrett, but security drags him away as Jarrett screams that it ?ain?t gonna work between us? and we cut back to the arena. West thinks that Jarrett has realized that Jarrett can?t go against the Mafia.

They show an interview between Mike Tenay and Kevin Nash from earlier today. Tenay states that Nash may be the most controversial wrestler ever and then brings up Nash and Hall jumping to WCW in ?96 saying that it changed the face of wrestling forever and how back in the day wrestler did it for the love of the business and not necessarily the money. Nash says that the year before that he was the ?WWF Champion? and was working 300 days a year making ?barely? 7 figures when Bischoff offered he and Hall $1.5 million for half as many days. He says the thing that starting it all was back in the day no one ever told anyone what they made but he and Scott Hall would always call each other and talk about how much money they made. They would know when someone was getting paid a lot less than another when they were working the same match. He says they changed it from being about who had a great match to who’s getting paid. He says its about the money, it’s a job. He enjoys his job but he’s there for one thing and that’s to make money. He says that he and Hall changed the landscape of the business. Tenay questions whether it is just about all the money and asks Nash if his Legends Title shot means anything to him or not. Nash says that he isn?t saying it doesn?t mean anything to him and to beat someone like AJ Styles who he thinks they will still be talking about in 20 years (Nash said that) would mean a lot to him. He says that he feels that he is a legend and to have the Legends belt would be ?beyond sweet?, but at the end of the day that belt means an extra 3 grand at autograph signings because he gets to hang that belt over some kids shoulder and take pictures with it because everyone wants a picture with the belt.


In the back Abyss is screaming and looking for Stevie Richards with Lauren trying to stop him. Abyss throws a chair against the wall and kicks over some cans. He walks up on the ?Spine Cycle? set as Lauren grabs his arm. Abyss picks her up and sets her down on the table as she starts crying. Abyss says he would never harm her and says that he cares about her, but she has to understand that he is sick and he will always be sick. He rubs her head and then he says that he never asked Lauren to stop being a woman so she shouldn?t ask him to stop being a monster. She says that Abyss is a man not a monster, but Abyss just puts his head down and says that he?ll be back to get her when it’s all over. He turns around and starts screaming for Stevie again. That was kind of creepy.

?Alabama’s Resident Redneck? Cody Deaner w/ODB vs. Amazing Red

Deaner actually uses ODB’s breasts as a ‘speed bag? as he enters the ring. Tenay talks about how impressive Red returning from his knee injury and says that he has been given a chance to resume his career in TNA. Deaner charges at Red with a clothesline attempt but he ducks and then lights up Deaner with some leg kicks. Deaner goes for another clothesline but Red ducks again and this another leg kick. Deaner goes for a couple rights and lefts and Red again ducks them both and then leg kicks him again. Red gets a wristlock on Deaner and he’s able to reverse it. Red rolls through and nips up three times and then transitions into an arm drag. Red hits another arm drag and then comes off the ropes and hits a gorgeous head scissors takeover that sends Deaner out to the floor. Red takes to the sky and hits that gorgeous Corkscrew Plancha! Red rolls Deaner back into the ring and rolls Deaner up for a nearfall. Red with more leg kicks to Deaner and then a spinning back kick to the beer gut. Red comes off the ropes again but Deaner finally connects with a clothesline and he nearly decapitates Red with that shot! Wow! Deaner can?t believe that he hit and then covers Red, but only gets a two count. Deaner throws Red into the corner and hits a couple of right hands. Deaner hits a Scoop Slam and then drops a fist on Red and gets another nearfall. Deaner throws Red’s head into the top turnbuckle and then attempts to whip Red into the corner as Tenay talks about ODB’s boobs. Red reverses the whip and then hits a dropkick in the corner followed by a big spinning heel kick. 1?2?NO Deaner kicks out! Red climbs to the top and points at ODB, but that allows Deaner to run over and shove Red off. Deaner goes to the corner and puts his hat on and climbs to the top with ODB screaming at Deaner not to. Deaner goes for a Diving Headbutt but Red moves and then hits the Red Eye! 1?2?3 and it’s over!

Winner: Red via pinfall (Red Eye)

They show a video package hyping Booker T.

We cut to the back where Abyss is throwing stuff around again when security walks up to Abyss with weapons. A big guy gets in Abyss? face and he asks the security guard if he’s planning on doing something with it. The old guy that Foley hired as the new Head of Security walks in and says that what Abyss is planning won?t happen in his house.


In Jarrett’s locker room JB asks Jarrett what’s going on, but the Main Event Mafia come in and give Jarrett an applause. Angle asks Joe to hold his title and then he asks Jarrett to have a seat. Angle says that he and Jarrett have had their problems but it doesn?t have to be that way. He offers Jarrett a peace offering and says that with Jarrett’s power in TNA and the Mafia’s ‘stroke? that can run the business for the next 10-15 years. Jarrett says ‘screw your offer? and then tells Kurt that he brought him into TNA to take it to the next level but all Kurt did was use TNA and everyone in it. He says it’s his company and their playing by his rules. He says that tonight Kurt and Samoa Joe are teaming up tonight in a Tag Match and Kurt’s TNA Title will be on the line! The opponents will be Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles and if he or AJ pin either Kurt or Joe then that person wins the TNA Title! Kurt stares Jarrett down and then walks off.

In the back Lauren asks Jenna how she’s going to get out of her match with Sharmell, but Jenna says she’s not. She’s says Sharmell is all show and if she wants some, she can get some. Sojo Bolt walks up and asks Jenna if she thinks she’s got street cred because she’s from NY. Sojo says all she sees is a ?pale, anorexic, pancake a** white girl who doesn?t know what she’s talking about? and then says that Sharmell is her girl and if she has a problem with Sharmell then she has a problem with her. She says she’s going to personally make sure that Sharmell is ready for the match at Victory Road.


In the MEM locker room JB tries to get some comments from Angle, but he snatches the microphone from JB and says that Jarrett just signed his own death certificate in his own blood. He says that he always wondered what it would be like to team with Joe all those times they went to war against each other. He says he knew they would be dominate and now that team becomes reality! He asks Jarrett if he and AJ are ready for that and tonight he will know why the world is the Mafia’s to take. Joe and Kurt walk off and then Booker tells Sharmell to go find Matt Morgan. Sharmell isn?t happy about having to go get him and when she walks away Booker tells JB to mind his own business.

?Showtime? Eric Young vs. ?War Machine? Rhino w/Jesse Neal

Man, if this heel turn is going to work they really have to change Young’s music. Rhino charges the ring and goes right at EY, but EY meets him with right hands. Rhino comes back and throws EY into the corner and throws right hands at him. Rhino attempts to whip EY into the ropes but EY reverses it and then Rhino hits a shoulder block. Rhino hits a short arm clothesline and gets a nearfall. Rhino attempts to whip EY into the corner but EY reverse it and then hits a clothesline. EY covers and gets a nearfall of his own. EY throws Rhino into the top turnbuckle and throws a big right hand at him. EY chokes Rhino in the corner and then EY hits a snapmare as Tenay says that TNA Security escorted Foley out of the building! EY puts Rhino in a side headlock but Rhino gets to his feet to try and break the hold. EY then snatches Rhino to the mat using Rhino’s hair. EY gets another nearfall and then chokes Rhino in the ropes right in front of Jesse Neal. EY then punches Neal in the face and throws him into the guardrail! EY climbs back in the ring and continues the beat down on Rhino. EY throws tons of right hands but Rhino comes back with rights of his own and then a clothesline. Rhino whips EY into the corner and hits a shoulder bock. Rhino whips EY into the ropes and hits a Spinebuster! Rhino covers but Jesse Neal was trying to get in the ring and the referee was keeping him out so he didn?t see the pin. Rhino gets into Jesse’s face and EY shoves Rhino into Neal. EY rolls Rhino up, 1?2?3 and EY gets the pin!

Winner: Young via pinfall (rollup)

In the back Sharmell walks up to Matt Morgan who is on the phone and tells him that Kurt wants to see him. He hugs Sharmell and is excited because he thinks he’s gone be in the Mafia. He drags Sharmell away to meet Kurt.


In the back JB is with Kurt Angle and Booker T. as Sharmell and Morgan walk in. Kurt says that the Maifa is taking Matt under serious consideration but there is still a few things he needs to do. Kurt says that he needs to ?cover all his bases? with his TNA Title match and says that Daniels is always behind AJ and he needs Morgan to keep Daniels from the ring. Morgan says he understands but his patience is running thin and tells Kurt he wants to an answer soon and then walks off. Kurt says ‘some kids will never learn.?

They show another vignette highlighting Sarita with more lips from her in Mexico! 2 more weeks!

The Beautiful People w/Madison Rayne vs. Tara & Awesome Kong w/Raisha Saeed

Madison is carrying a copy of the Victory Road poster which features the Beautiful People. God, what I would do to be that middle rope just one time (talking about BP’s entrance obviously). Tara walks out to the ring with a black box in her hand and her shirt says ?Tara Rizing.? Tara and Velvet start the match off and Velvet kicks it off by kicking Tara in the gut and then slamming her to the mat. Velvet mounts Tara and throws repeated right hands at her. Velvet argues with the referee and then Tara suplexes Velvet and then flips over into a Bridging Reverse Chinlock! Tara floats back over and then hits an arm drag. Tara hits another arm drag and then puts her in a wristlock. Kong blind tags in and throws Velvet across the ring all the way to her own corner to allow Angelina to tag in! The fans start chanting ?Kong’s gonna kill you!? at Angelina. Angelina storms at Kong throwing forearms to no affect. Kong hits a double Mongolian Chop and then a chop to the top of the head. Kong picks Angelina up by the throat and throws her into the corner and reigns down punch after punch. Kong tags Tara back in and she puts Angelina in a wristlock and then attempts to whip her but Angelina reverses it and Velvet kicks her in the back from the apron. Angelina then throws Tara into the corner and the BP put the boots to Tara. Velvet hits a snapmare and then kicks Tara in the back followed by a sliding dropkick from Angelina to the face of Tara! Nice double team move there! Velvet covers and gets a nearfall and then slams Tara’s head into the mat. Velvet mocks Kong and then hits an Elbow Drop on Tara and gets another nearfall. Velvet throws Tara across the ring by her hair and then tags Angelina back in. Angelina kicks Tara and then whips her into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Tara ducks and they both go for a cross body at the same time. Both girls are down now and they both tag out. Velvet tried to stop Tara but she made the tag at the last minute. Tara kicks Velvet and then Kong shoves Velvet down. Kong whips Velvet into the corner. Angelina runs in but gets dropped by Kong with a clothesline. Kong then sets up for the Awesome Bomb on Velvet but Angelina attacks her from behind. Tara comes in and throws Angelina through the ropes to the floor and then Kong hits a Chest Bump on Velvet while Tara throws Angelina into the ring post! In the ring Kong hits the Implant Buster on Velvet and you better believe it’s over.

Winners: Kong & Tara via pinfall (Implant Buster)

After the match Tara has a lock of Velvet’s hair that she pulled out and then she picks up that black box she brought to the ring. Tara pulls a tarantula out of the box! Kong even looked at thing and backed off. Tara puts it on Velvet’s stomach as Angelina and Madison run to the back!


In the back Lauren is with Angelina Love and she talks about how much she hates spiders. She asks if this is wrestling or Animal Kingdom. Lauren asks Angelina what’s on her shoulder and then she screams and runs off with Lauren laughing.

They show a video package highlighting Team 3D and then Beer Money’s music hits and they come out to the ring to watch the following match from the commentators table.

TNA Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Match
Team 3D vs. Main Event Mafia (Booker T. & Scott Steiner) w/Sharmell

Don West talks trash about Beer Money until they sat down at the announce table and then he sucks up to them. 3D and MEM start shoving each other before the bell and then get in each other’s faces. Steiner and Bubba start the match off. Tenay and Robert Roode (surprisingly) put over how big this match is historically. ? of Harlem Heat and ? of Steiner Brothers teaming up to face 3D, that’s a lot of Tag Team gold right there. Bubba and Steiner lockup and Steiner punches Bubba and then throws him into the corner. Steiner puts the boots to Bubba and then lights him up with a chop. Steiner attempts to whip Bubba into the opposite corner but Bubba reverses it and then hits a big Corner Splash. Bubba attempts to whip Steiner into the corner but he counters into a Overhead T-Bone Suplex! Steiner goes for a Steinerline but Bubba blocks it and then hits a Scoop Slam. Bubba goes for an elbow drop but Steiner moves and then hits a Steinerline. Steiner goes for an Elbow Drop but now Bubba moves! Bubba hits a Sidewalk Slam, 1?2?NO Steiner kicks out! Devon tags himself in and throws right hands at Steiner. Devon attempts to whip Steiner into the ropes but he reverses it and Booker hits a knee from the apron. Booker tags in and hits body shots to Devon in the corner followed by a Harlem Sidekick in the corner! Booker with a big front kick and then holds Devon while Steiner puts the boots to him. Fans are getting behind 3D as Steiner tags back in. Steiner whips Devon into the ropes and hits a Release Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex for a nearfall. Booker tags right back in and hits a back kick as Steiner held Devon. Booker puts Devon in a wristlock and then transitions into a Hook Kick. Booker whips Devon into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Devon ducks and hits a clothesline of his own! Both men are down now! Devon is able to fall backwards and tag Bubba in who lays Booker out with 2 clotheslines and then whips him into the ropes and hits a Hip Toss. Steiner comes in but eats the Bubba Bomb! Bubba then attempts to whip Booker into the corner but Booker counters with the Book End! 1?2?NO Bubba kicks out! Sheik Bashir and Kiyoshi walk down the ramp and start talking trash to Beer Money! Bashir slaps at Storm’s hat and he jumps Bashir! Roode and Kiyoshi start going at it too! They brawl all the way to the back. In the ring 3D whips Book into the ropes and he hits the 3D! Sharmell tries to get in the ring but the referee stops her as Steiner comes in from behind and goes for a double Steinerline but they duck and Bubba hits a Scoop Slam. Devon climbs up top and hits the Whatsup Headbutt! DEVON GET THE TABLES! Devon pulls out a table but British Invasion run out! Doug Williams distracts the referee as Rob Terry jumps Devon from behind! Brutus Magnus sneaks through the crowd and nails Bubba with the briefcase! He drapes Booker over Bubba and Doug Williams leaves. The referee turns around, 1?2?3 and MEM get the win!

Winners: MEM via pinfall


Jay Lethal’s music hits to come out and face Jethro Holiday but Lethal never comes out and then we see why. Lethal is going at it with Abyss in the back! Abyss throws Lethal into the wall and then Creed runs up to save his partner but gets a fence door slammed in his face! Looks like Lethal was at the wrong place, wrong time. Abyss walks out to the ring and Jethro decides to stay and fight instead of leave. They trade right hands with each other but then Abyss nails Jethro with the Black Hole Slam and then throws him over the top to the floor! Abyss is going nuts! Abyss grabs a microphone and screams for Stevie to come out and then he grabs the camera and points it right to his face. He tells Stevie that he doesn?t need his therapy anymore and no more shock treatments except for the shock treatments he’s going to give Stevie! Abyss says he’s going to pick Stevie up and drop to his ?315 pound a**? and snap Stevie in half over his shoulders like a twig! We see Stevie on the big screen with Lauren crying. Stevie screams at her to shutup and then tells Abyss that he has no idea what he could do to her. He says he won?t do anything to her because he’s not a monster like Abyss. Stevie can?t believe that Abyss turned on him for that ?useless piece of meat? that Lauren is. Stevie says that he owns Abyss and next week Abyss will come for his therapy because if he doesn?t it?ll be Lauren’s turn. Abyss goes nuts and runs to the back.


Main Event
TNA World Heavyweight Championship Tag Team Match
?King of the Mountain? Jeff Jarrett & ?The Phenomenal? AJ Styles vs. ?Olympic Hero? Kurt Angle (c) & ?Samoan Submission Machine? Samoa Joe

Stipulations for this match are that if Kurt or Joe wins the fall then Kurt retains his belt but if AJ or Jeff win the fall then whoever gets the fall wins the belt! Kurt and Jarrett start the match off and they lockup with the crowd getting into it early. Jeff gets a side headlock on Kurt but Kurt shoves him off. Jeff hits a shoulder block and then they both go for Hip Tosses but they both block them. Jeff goes for the Hip Toss attempt right into an attempt at the Stroke, but Kurt shoves Jeff into the ropes and goes for a clothesline. Jeff ducks and then hits a sunset flip but Kurt rolls through right into the Ankle Lock! Jeff is able to roll over and kick Kurt off. Very strong opening sequence. Jeff goes in for another lockup but Kurt kicks him and then hits a big European Uppercut. Kurt whips Jeff into the ropes and goes for a hip toss but Jeff counters into a hip toss of his own! Jeff then comes off the ropes and hits a clothesline and tags in AJ. AJ puts Kurt in a wristlock but Kurt quickly pokes AJ in the eyes to break it. Kurt tags Joe in and AJ nails Joe with several right hands as Joe came in, but Joe responds with a crazy spinning leg sweep that flips AJ end over end! Joe then throws some rights at AJ and comes off the ropes but AJ leapfrogs him and then hits the Phenomenal Dropkick! Kurt runs in and tries to clothesline AJ but he ducks and he runs right into a right hand from Jeff! Jeff and AJ then take turns punching Kurt in between them pinballing him back and forth! AJ then clotheslines Kurt over the top rope to the floor and then he & Jeff whip Joe into the ropes and hit a double clothesline as we go to commercials.


Back from commercials Joe holds AJ’s leg as he tags Kurt back in and he puts the boots to AJ’s knee. Kurt hits an elbow drop and then we see replays of what happened during the break. Joe and Kurt took turns suplexing the hell out of AJ. Kurt throws right hands at AJ but AJ comes back with a leaping Enziguri! Both AJ and Kurt are down now. Joe runs in and knocks Jeff off the apron before AJ can tag out and then Kurt tags in Joe. Joe lights AJ up with chops and then Joe hits a headbutt. Joe whips AJ inot the ropes but AJ grabs the ropes and then hits a back elbow on Joe. AJ follows up with the Springboard Asai Moonsault right into the Phenomenon (Asai Reverse DDT) attempt but Kurt runs in to stop him, but AJ kicks Kurt and hits a DDT on him and a Reverse DDT on Joe at the same time! AJ is freaking awesome! Jeff gets up on the apron but Joe grabs AJ and puts him in the Coquina Clutch as he reached for the tag! AJ is able to roll backwards to break the hold and Joe goes for a clothesline, but AJ ducks and hits the Pele out of nowhere! AJ finally tags Jeffery back in and Kurt runs in after him. Kurt with a clothesline to Jeff and then a Pedigree! 1?2?NO Joe saves Kurt’s title! Jeff whips Kurt into the corner and charges but Kurt hits a back elbow and then goes for the Angle Slam but Jeff counters into the Spike DDT! 1?2?NO Joe comes in to make the save again with an attempted Elbow Drop, but Jeff moved and Joe hit Angle! Jeff with big rights on Joe and then he puts Angle up on the top rope. Jeff goes for the Super Stroke but Joe chops him and then goes for the Muscle Buster, but Jeff is able to escape it and AJ hits the Springboard Flying Forearm but the referee got caught in the middle of it! Jeff climbs back up top and hits the Super Stroke! No referee though as Jeff makes the cover! Jeff goes to the floor and grabs the guitar but the referee comes to and takes it from Jeff allowing Kurt to grab Jeff by the ankle and lock him in the Ankle Lock! Jeff is able to crawl to his corner to tag in AJ but Joe pulls AJ off the apron and slams him into the guardrail right as Jeff went for the tag. Man, their timing is dead on tonight. Jeff is able to get to one leg as Kurt is still holding the ankle and goes for an Enziguri, but Kurt ducks and puts the Ankle Lock right back on! Kurt lays back and scissors Jeff’s leg and after several minutes of fighting Jeff finally passes out from the pain and Kurt’s title is safe!

Winners: Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe (Angle retains the title) via KO (Ankle Lock)

After the match Kurt and Joe celebrate and then the rest of MEM walk out to celebrate with them. Joe picks up Jarrett’s head talking trash as AJ Styles comes in and starts swinging his belt at everybody. The Mafia bail out but Joe gets back in and starts scrapping with AJ! The rest of the Mafia then get in and they start destroying AJ. Steiner hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on AJ and then we see Matt Morgan throwing Daniels all over the place! Nash picks up AJ’s Legends belt and he goes to blast AJ with it, but the lights go out and Sting’s music hits! When the lights come on AJ is standing behind Kurt with a baseball bat! Kurt’s able to bail out before Sting can hit him but the rest of the Mafia isn?t so lucky! Sting thinks he’s Sammy Sosa or something as he starts blasting everybody with it! Sting then picks up the TNA Title and the lights go off again! The lights come on and Sting and the TNA Title are gone! The Mafia look on in shock at what just went down! Wow, what a hot finish to the show!

Match of the Night: Main Event (***1/2)
Segment/Promo of the Night: MEM and Mick Foley
Overall Grade: B +

Scheduled for Next Week:
– Feast or Fired Ladder Match: Homicide vs. Doug Williams
– Suicide’s 1st Interview!
– Kevin Nash & Matt Morgan vs. AJ Styles & Daniels

Victory Road Lineup so far:
– TNA World Title: Kurt Angle (c) vs. Mick Foley
– TNA Tag Titles: Beer Money (c) vs. Scott Steiner & Booker T.
– TNA Legends Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Nash
– Sharmell vs. Jenna