Impact Results – 6/25/09

Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone)
June 25, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

I just want to start off this week by saying that this past Sunday’s ?Slammiversary? was an awesome PPV and whether you hated it or loved it, the end of the Main Event has every wrestling fan talking. I rarely throw my 2 cents into how I felt about the PPV’s (mainly just sticking to Impact) but I felt the need to express how enjoyable this Sunday’s PPV was for me.

Tonight’s show starts off with highlights from ?Slammiversary? putting emphasis on the huge Samoa Joe swerve, helping Kurt Angle win the World Heavyweight Champion again. After the highlights they show footage of Mick Foley after the match talking about him going back and looking to see if TNA fits into his future plans and then Jeff Jarrett screaming at JB that it isn?t going to work between he and Foley and screams that it’s over. Then Samoa Joe, after the match, is shown talking into the camera saying that ?you?re not the mob, we?re the mob! Samoa Joe has just come to the family!?

The Impact intro hits and Tenay says tonight that we?re looking for answers.

New York City Street Fight
Brutus Magnus vs. Brother Ray

Bubba jumps Magnus from behind as he was making his way down to the ring and starts beating the hell out of Brutus right off the jump. Bubba throws Brutus into the ring steps and then hits him with a STIFF Knife Edge Chop. Bubba throws Brutus into the ring and then hits a Running Clothesline on Brutus in the corner. Bubba throws Brutus over the top rope down to the floor and then follows him out. Bubba chops Brutus again and then dumps him over the guard rail into the crowd. Bubba actually tells a fan at ringside to stomp Brutus and the fan was going to do it! But security pulled him away before he could. Brutus is able to come back with a poke in the eyes and then a European Uppercut. Brutus climbs up the steps and hits an Axe Handle on Bubba. The camera zooms in on Brutus? chest for a second and good God his chest is red from those chops earlier. Brutus attempts to whip Bubba into the wall but he reverses it breaking the wall. Bubba then hits another STIFF Chop on Brutus. Damn it, Bubba is being stiff as hell tonight. Bubba then licks the Victory Road poster which shows the Beautiful People in bikinis (by far the best TNA PPV ever no doubt!). Bubba throws Brutus over the guardrail and then chops him somemore! Bubba throws Brutus back into the ring and pulls out a table! Bubba sets up the table in the ring as the fans are chanting for it! Rob Terry, Doug Williams, & Kiyoshi all run down the ramp and climb into the ring. Terry hits a HUGE Spinebuster on Bubba and then the rest of the boys put the boots to him as we see Sheik Abdul Bashir slowly walking down the ramp smiling now. Devon runs out now with a chair in-hand. Williams, Brutus, & Bashir bail out but Kiyoshi turns around and eats a clothesline from Devon and then Devon destroys Terry with the chair! Devon lifts Kiyoshi up and 3D on him through the table! The referee throws the match out.


In the back Lauren is with Kurt Angle in the parking lot asking the obvious questions as a car drives up and Samoa Joe gets out and Angle goes to the drivers side and shakes someone’s hand. The cameraman tried to get a look at who it was but Joe stepped in front of him and backed him off. Kurt Angle and Joe both ignore Lauren and Angle says ?it’s a big night tonight? to Joe.


The Main Event Mafia’s music hits and they walk out led by Kurt Angle. Both Sting and Joe are nowhere in sight at this point but Jenna and Sharmell (who were kicked from the Mafia by Sting) are. They show pictures from the big swerve Sunday and Kurt grabs the microphone. He introduces himself to the fans again as ?Kurt Angle, the NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion.? The Mafia are all smiling and patting him on the back and then Angle welcomes out the newest member of the Mafia: SAMOA JOE! Joe’s music hits and Joe walks out to a new remixed version of his song (he didn?t use it this Sunday did he?) with lyrics to it now. Joe and Angle hug in the middle of the ring and then Joe and Nash hug as Nash smiles at him. Joe and Book then hug and finally Joe shakes Scotty’s hand. Angle talks about masterminding this big plan and says that it all started with the ?Nation of Violence? stuff when Joe returned from the beating the Mafia gave him a few months ago. He says that Joe came back as a hungry animal dominating everyone and they took notice to that. He says they knew they had to sign Samoa Joe but Joe’s price tag was a little too steep for them. He says that’s where Jenna came in and she takes a bow. He says the investment that they were all talking about was Joe and he says they made a horses ass out of all of us especially AJ Styles. He says that it was their plan to have Joe ?take out? Book, Nash, and Scotty saying that they took a bullet for the greater good of the ?family.? He says he told everyone that he would win the TNA Title and they would all celebrate and he says Joe said the same thing so all of us that didn?t get it are morons. He says he forgot to tell Sting and he wants to apologize to Sting and hopes Sting can forgive him, but what he didn?t know didn?t hurt him. Mick Foley’s music hits and the former Champ makes his way out to the ring as Tenay points out how hart felt (sarcastically) that apology to Sting was. Foley tells his security to hang back as he gets into the ring. Foley says that he knows Kurt doesn?t owe him an explanation (as a huge Foley chant breaks out) but he does owe Sting one and Joe owes AJ one but that’s none of his business. He says the only thing Kurt owes him is a rematch at Victory Road for the belt! He says he’s cashing in his ?rematch clause? for Victory Road and there won?t be four other guys messing around in there with them, it?ll just be Kurt and Mick one-on-one. Kurt says he saw Mick after the PPV and he couldn?t help but notice that cry that Mick was doing it. He tells Mick to cry for him again and says Mick is a disgrace to his family, himself, and TNA. He says he doesn?t have any power anymore and asks him if he looks like Jeff Jarrett to him. He says Mick can sign all the contracts he wants but in HIS contract it states that he has the right to pick his opponent at Victory Road, NOT Mick! Mick says (more like screams) that Kurt picked up on how much Mick loved being the World Champion and he says he’s damn right he got emotional after the match. Mick wants his rematch as soon as possible but says that maybe Kurt forgot about Mick leaping off the Penalty Box and crashing down onto Kurt for a pinfall. Mick says that if he faced Kurt in any other match then he would still be TNA Champion. Kurt asks Mick if he really thinks he could beat him which Mick replies by saying ?at Victory Road this little cry baby kicks you?re a**!? Kurt says he’s not going to get upset because it’s his night of celebration but says that when someone wants something from Mafia you have to give something back. He proposes to Mick that he and Kurt go to the back in Mick’s office and work out an agreement. Kurt tells Mick that he?ll see him backstage and walks out of the ring with Mick standing in the ring looking at him.

In the back Lauren approaches AJ Styles as he enters the building and throws a ton of questions at him which causes AJ to scream at her and then he looks over and sees Kip working on something. He asks him if he’s seen Joe and Kip tells him he saw him a little while ago with the Mafia. AJ gets pissed and walks off with Laruen still trying to ask him questions.


Back from commercials they show a video package highlighting the feud between Jarrett and Foley. Tenay says they are waiting on a call from Jarrett and then West hypes up the rest of the card which features Abyss vs. Nash & Taylor Wilde vs. Daffney in a Match of 10,000 Tacks! Tenay then says that Jarrett is on the phone with them. Jarrett says the stuff between he and Mick have gone far enough and says that it’s time for them to rise above it. He says next week he and Foley will resolve their issues one way or another for the better good of TNA.

Dark Angel is coming! They show a vignette hyping up TNA’s newest knockout, Sarita, who has been wrestling in Mexico as part of the CMLL promotion (if you read my Lucha column then you?ve seen me talk about her a lot) going by the name of Dark Angel there. They show a lot of highlights of her in Mexico under some Latin rap. It says that she debuts in 3 weeks! Victory Road?

?The Monster? Abyss vs. ?Big Sexy? Kevin Nash w/Jenna

Abyss is coming off the Mixed Tag Monsters Ball this past Sunday where he got a measure of revenge on Raven and Stevie by putting Raven into the thumbtacks Black Hole Slam-style. West points out that this is a first time matchup which hadn?t donned on me yet.


Back from commercials Nash is throwing knees at Abyss in the corner. Nash whips Abyss into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Abyss ducks and hits a big right hand on Nash. Abyss with another right hand and then another one and a third. Abyss comes off the ropes but Nash nails him with a clothesline. Nash hits back elbows on Abyss in the corner and then he whips Abyss into the opposite corner and hits a running clothesline. Nash taunts the crowd and then attempts to whip Abyss into the corner but he reverses it and then hits a big Corner Splash! Abyss follows up with another Corner Splash attempt but Nash hits a back elbow and then clotheslines Abyss over the top to the floor. Abyss grabs Nash’s legs and drags him out with him and they trade right hands. Nash grabs a chair and swings it at Abyss but he moves and Nash hits the ring post. Abyss throws a few more right hands at Nash and then throws him into the guardrail. Abyss throws Nash into the ring steps as the fans are getting behind Abyss. Abyss rolls Nash back into the ring and picks up the chair and throws it into the ring! Abyss wedges it in between the top and middle rope but the time it took to set it up allows Nash to hit Abyss with a knee to the gut and then a Big Boot! Nash pulls the chair out from the corner and goes to swing it at Abyss when Stevie Richards runs into the ring. The referee is trying to get the chair from Nash so he doesn?t see Stevie and he tases Abyss with a taser gun! West calls it ‘shock therapy? and Nash throws the chair down as Stevie leaves the ring. Nash covers Abyss and easily gets the pin. Stevie shows that the taser is real at ringside by pressing the button on it while holding it up.

Winner: Kevin Nash via pinfall

Lauren runs down to the ring and checks on Abyss as Stevie continues to play with the taser. Beer Money are shown coming towards the ring.


James Storm says that it’s great to be the champs again and then hands the microphone over to Roode. Roode says that not only are Beer Money the greatest tag team in TNA but they are the greatest tag team in the world! Roode says that they have to give credit to 3D and when it comes to legends 3D are definitely two legends in wrestling, but unfortunately Bubba took his eye off the ball Sunday and made a mistake. He says they capitalized on his mistake and became the 3-time Tag Champs! Roode says that they are here tonight to grant 3D their rematch anytime they want, but the Main Event Mafia’s music cuts them off. Scott Steiner and Booker T. walk out to the ring, what the hell is this about? Book says he’s going to give them a history lesson and then asks Beer Money if they?ve heard of the Steiner Brothers or Harlem Heat. Steiner grabs the microphone and says that Kurt Angle (he refers to Kurt as the ?Godfather? again, things aren?t looking too good for the Stinger) is calling the shots around here now. He says it’s Mafia rules and says that Kurt just left Mick’s office and the deal is sealed. Book says that what Scotty is trying to say is that at Victory Road will get a title shot against Kurt Angle but so will Kevin Nash. Nash will get a shot at the Legends Championship! Book then says that he and Scotty are getting a shot at the Tag Titles! He asks Storm what he thinks about that and Storm says that Book and Steiner are each part of two of the greatest tag teams ever but in TNA they?re just another Neal and Bob so what they need to do is ?kneel down and bob on this bottle right here.? Oh man that was classic! He tells them to get in line like everybody else and Book breaks out the ?tell me you didn?t just say that? line that he hasn?t broke out in awhile! Book says that Beer Money are in trouble because Mick already made the deal and he also made the deal that tonight Roode faces Steiner and Storm faces Book in singles action! 3D’s music hits cutting them off as the two teams stare each other down. Bubba asks the fans between the two of them (Scotty and Book) can anyone understand what in the hell they say and of course the fans give them a big ?NO!? Bubba says that Booker sounds a little frustrated and he says 3D are a little frustrated too. He says that Beer Money already offered them their rematch and they plan on taking it, but Steiner says they?re just frustrated because their ?fat a**es have an overactive pituitary gland? (I?m dying right now). He says that there is nothing 3D can do about their shot is already etched in stone. Bubba then starts mumbling, mocking Steiner which isn?t making Scotty too happy (Devon did the Steiner pose too). Scotty tells Bubba to show him his abs (oh my lord). Bubba says they?re going to Mick and they?re going to make HIM an offer he can?t refuse. They walk off as Beer Money and MEM stare each other down in the ring.


A vignette is shown highlighting the Match of 10,000 tacks and this is indeed the very first time the Knockouts have entered this brutal match! They actually show video of the medical staff pulling the tacks out of Daffney last Sunday.

Match of 10,000 Tacks
Daffney vs. Taylor Wilde

Daffney jumps Taylor from behind and slaps her hard in the face. Daffney chops at Taylor’s (awesome) chest and then hits a snapmare takeover. Daffney then hits a rolling neckbreaker as Taylor was seated. Daffney starts to climb the ropes to pull down the bag of tacks but Taylor snatches her off and slams her to the mat. Taylor starts to climb but Daffney pulls her down as well. Daffney mounts Taylor and throws repeated vicious forearms. Daffney climbs up top and pulls down the bag of tacks. Daffney dives off the top but eats a roundhouse kick to the sternum from Taylor in midair. Taylor grabs the bag and tries to open it but Daffney spins her around and pokes her eyes. Daffney then swings the bag at Taylor and nails her with it as Tenay reveals that TNA has banned Abyss and Stevie from ringside for this match. Daffney opens the bag and pours out all the tacks on the mat. Daffney goes for a suplex but Taylor blocks it and spins her around going for a German Suplex! Daffney blocks it and then hits a back elbow. Daffney with a European Uppercut and Taylor comes back with a forearm. Daffney goes for a clothesline but Taylor ducks and picks Daffney up and Suplexes her onto the tacks! Oh man that is sick!

Winner: Taylor via putting Daffney into the tacks

After the match Taylor talks trash to Daffney as we see a closeup of the tacks stuck in Daffney’s body.

In the back Lauren is with Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne. Velvet talks about Angelina keeping the belt and says that TNA is their territory. She says that they aren?t going to let some other ?diva? from another promotion walk into their territory. She reveals that Tara is short for Tarantula and asks Tara if she wants to be a spider and then she screams as the camera shows that a tarantula is on Madison’s shoulder!


In Mick’s office 3D are talking with Mick and Devon wants to know how Mick could give Scotty and Book a Title Shot. They say they deserve a title shot and Mick says that they like each other but he realizes that 3D doesn?t care that Mick is in pain over losing his title. Devon says they don?t give a damn and Mick says that’s great and they?re on the same page because Mick doesn?t give a damn about their title loss! Mick says they?re not past the point of no return and they can fix it. He says that 3D always talk about being the greatest tag team but maybe Scotty and Book are the greatest tag team wrestlers. He proposes that next week 3D faces Scotty & Book with the winning team facing Beer Money at Victory Road. Bubba picks up Mick’s barbed wire baseball bat and says that they like Mick and ?you?re wearing my flannel for Christ’s sake?, but that isn?t working for them so he needs to tweak it again. Mick begs 3D to accept his offer over and over so Bubba and Devon look at each other freaked out and agree to take the match. Bubba says Mick needs medication and then tells him to have a nice day. When they walk off JB asks Mick how he thinks Kurt is going to feel about it, but Mick says he doesn?t care.

?Big Poppa Pump? Scott Steiner vs. Robert Roode

Scotty and Roode lockup and Steiner immediately pokes Roode in the eyes. Steiner slams Roode into the top turnbuckle and then chops Roode in the corner. Roode comes back with chops of his own and then attempts to whip Steiner into the corner but he reverses it. Roode nips up and over a charging Steiner and then chops Steiner again. Roode with a snapmare takeover and then a rolling neck snap. Roode hits a Vertical Suplex on Steiner and then does the ?Beer Money? taunt himself. Roode goes to pick Steiner up but he grabs Roode by the tights and throws him through the ropes to the floor. Steiner then throws Roode into the guardrail and then the ring steps. Back in the ring Steiner whips Roode into the ropes and hits an Overhead Belly-to-Bellly Suplex for a nearfall. Steiner chokes Roode on the middle rope and then chops him in the corner again. Steiner whips Roode into the ropes and hits a Steinerline followed by an Elbow Drop. Steiner then taunts Roode with pushups and chokes him on the middle rope again this time using his knee. Steiner pokes Roode in the eye and then chops him and whips him into the ropes. Steiner catches him in a bearhug as Roode comes off the ropes but Roode slams his arms on the side of Steiner’s head to break it up. Roode with big right hands rocks Steiner and then he whips Steiner into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, but Steiner kicks Roode and then comes off the ropes. Roode hits a big clothesline followed by another one and then he attempts to whip Steiner into the ropes. Steiner reverses it but Roode comes flying off the ropes with a double Forearm Smash. Roode attempts to whip Steiner into the corner but he reverses it and then charges at Roode. Roode hits a back elbow and then climbs up top. Roode hits the Blockbuster for a nearfall. Roode goes for the Payoff but Steiner counters it into the Steiner Flatliner! 1?2?NO Roode kicks out! Steiner tries to put Roode in the Steiner Recliner but Roode is able to roll over and nail Steiner with several right hands from his back. Roode then grabs Steiner by the tights and throws Steiner into the turnbuckles. Roode charges at Steiner but he gets his boot up and then goes for a belly-to-belly suplex, but Roode blocks it. Steiner then transitions into a backslide! 1?2?3 and Steiner gets the pin!

Winner: Steiner via pinfall (backslide)

In the back JB is with Angle and congratulates him on winning the TNA Title again. He goes over what’s gone on so far tonight and asks him what he thinks about Foley changing things around where Scotty & Booker have to face 3D for a shot at the Tag Titles. Kurt says that he?ll take care of Foley next week and then JB asks Kurt if he really didn?t tell Sting about what was going on with Joe. Kurt say it’s true and says it doesn?t matter because he’s the Godfather, but JB reminds him that Sting is the Godfather. Kurt then grabs the mic and tells JB to look him in the face and says no, he’s the Godfather! JB says he just got a text message saying that Sting was on his way and wanted some answers, but Kurt says that he doesn?t answer to anyone including Sting.


In Mick’s office JB asks Mick about Jarrett’s call earlier but Mick has no idea if Jeff was sincere or not. He says that he is in the mood for reconciliation and if Jeff is willing to apologize then he’s open to listening. JB tells Mick that Kurt isn?t happy about Mick tweaking the Tag Title situation but Mick goes nuts and says that he’s mourning his loss. He says if Kurt wants to deal with him then he’s an easy guy to find and then tells JB to leave him alone.

They show a vignette highlighting EY’s career and even shows a clip of EY walking out on Rhino this past Sunday. We cut to Lauren who is with EY and she says that his friends have said that they don?t even know him anymore. EY mocks her and asks what friends that would be, JB, Jarrett, etc. and then calls her ignorant and says he’s been there longer than her. He says that he’s a TNA Original and when the shows were always over all the guys would call on him to be funny and says that he was nothing more than a court jester, but now he’s done with it cause he’s learned there are no friends in the business. Lauren says there is a lot of people in TNA that care about him but he says he doesn?t care. Rhino walks up and says that he doesn?t mind fighting on his own but when someone tells him they have his back then he expects them to have his back. He wants an explanation from EY but he says he doesn?t owe Rhino anything and suggests they have a match next week, but Rhino says they don?t have to wait until next week. EY then headbutts the hell out of Rhino and walks off. Jesse Neal runs up and checks on Rhino and says they?ll get EY on their time but Rhino gets pissed and asks him since when did he become the teacher and then throws Neal down and walks away.


In the back Lauren is with Booker T. and says that he’s a former 14-time Tag Champ with 4 different partners and he’s done it all. He says Beer Money is walking around acting bad because they beat the ?Dudley’s? (he said it) but says the Dudley’s ain?t never beat him so they haven?t beaten anyone. He says they never beat Harlem Heat and then says that he’s gone show Storm what it’s like to be a veteran. Sharmell runs up and says that she ?did it? holding a contract. She says that now that Jenna’s check has cleared there’s only room for one woman in MEM. She says at Victory Road it’s Sharmell vs. Jenna, the loser leaves the Mafia! She says ?it’s on like a steaming pot of neck bones!?

Booker T. w/Sharmell vs. ?Cowboy? James Storm

Book and Storm lockup and Book nails Storm with a knee strike and then a big chop in the corner. Book goes for a Hook Kick on Storm but he ducks and hits a big forearm. Storm with right hands and chops and then an uppercut in the corner. Storm with another uppercut to Book in the corner and then he attempts to whip Book into the ropes but Book hits him with a back elbow. Book picks Storm up and goes for a right hand but Storm blocks it and hits rights of his own. Book then pokes Storm in the eye and then throws Storm over the top rope and taunts the crowd. Strom holds onto the top rope and skins the cat back into the ring! Storm with right hands to Book and then he attempts to whip Book into the ropes but he reverses it and then Flapjacks Storm onto the top rope! Storm falls out of the ring and Book follows him out. Book throws him back into the ring and hits several knee strikes to the head and then a spinning heel kick! 1?2?NO Storm kicks out! Book goes for the Axe Kick but Storm avoids it and hits a ton of right hands and then he attempts to whip Book into the ropes again, but again Book reverses it. Book goes for a backdrop but Storm hits a facebuster on then a leaping Neckbreaker! 1?2?NO Book kicks out! Storm hits a Vertical Suplex and of course BEER MONEY! Storm mounts Book in the corner and throws more right hands at him with the fans counting along. Storm then puts the boots to Book in the corner. The referee pulls Storm off and Sharmell hands Book Storm’s own beer bottle! Booker then cracks it over Storm’s head and that is a DQ!

Winner: Storm via DQ

Earl Hebner is acting like some of the glass got into his eyes. After the match Booker talks trash to Storm.

In the back we see Sting walking towards the ring!


In the ring a very pissed of AJ Styles has a microphone. AJ says that after what happened this past Sunday he wants Joe to come and face him like a man but he couldn?t even say Joe’s name because he doesn?t know that ?guy? anymore and calls him Mr. Nation of Violence instead. Joe doesn?t waste anytime coming out and he doesn?t look too thrilled either. Joe gets right in AJ’s face and AJ can?t believe he did it for the money. He says that he and Joe had a plan, whether it was he or Joe it didn?t matter just as long as one of them came home with the World Title. The fans chant ?you sold out? at Joe and he just looks at them. AJ says Joe turned his back on him and screwed the company and the fans. Joe doesn?t look phased by anything he’s saying. AJ says that Joe screwed himself by giving Kurt the World Title and says he should take Joe’s head off right now! They get in each others face but AJ says he’s not going to do it because he wants to know who’s gotten into Joe’s ear and made him think it was worth it to join the Mafia. Joe says AJ can ask the person himself at Victory Road and then turns around, but AJ screams at him not to turn his back on him because he’s not done! Joe says he is done so AJ just starts throwing haymakers at him! We got a brawl on our hands, boys! AJ and Joe throw big rights and lefts at each other with AJ actually getting the advantage until Matt Morgan runs out and jumps AJ from behind! Morgan and Joe then put the boots to AJ! Daniels runs out to make the save and he goes hard at both Morgan & Joe! Daniels attempts to whip Morgan into Joe but Morgan reverses it and Daniels hits a Flying Forearm onto Joe in the corner! The rest of the Mafia run out from the back now and the numbers game is way too much for Daniels now. The Mafia beat down both AJ and Daniels until the fans go nuts as Sting walks slowly down the ramp with a bat in hand! The entire Mafia bail out as Sting gets in the ring and grabs a microphone.


Back from commercials the Mafia is back in the ring to face Sting now. Sting says that he expected this kind of stuff from Kurt but he didn?t expect it from Book, Scott, or Kev. He says it was because of punks like Joe that they started the Mafia to begin with and he says Kurt brought Joe into the family without him even knowing about it and wants to know what else he wasn?t told. He says Kurt probably bought Morgan to sick on him too but Kurt says that he didn?t do that and says that Morgan just wanted to prove himself to the Mafia. Sting says that Kurt is pathetic and he cant believe that he didn?t have anything to do with it. Morgan grabs the stick and says that Kurt had everything to do with it and then starts laughing as Kurt hides behind Joe and Morgan. Sting looks over at Nash and asks him where he stands and he tells Booker to shutup as he was yacking at some fans. Sting says that he shouldn?t be surprised about Scotty because he’s a brainless ?jock head? that plays follow the leader wherever he goes. He looks over at Booker and says he doesn?t care about anyone other than himself and the same goes for Sharmell. He looks at Kevin and says that he expected more from Nash and holds up the Wolfpac sign and asks Kevin what happened. Nash says that when Kurt didn?t want Sting in the Mafia he told him he was alright and when Sting talked about respect Kevin was with him and he believed in it. He says that time and time again when everyone else wanted to take Sting out, he’s the one that stood up for him. Nash then says that when Kurt suggests that Morgan take Sting out, he thought it was a good idea and went with it. Sting asks him why and Nash says that Sting’s plan isn?t working and Kurt’s is. Nash says the honor and dignity thing is ?bullsh*t? and he believes in ?In God We Trust? and he understands that Sting’s is ?up there? (and points to the sky) but Nash’s is on top of a $100 bill! Nash says it’s about money and nothing more and he says that they took Jenna’s money and bought Joe because they couldn?t beat him! He says you can make friends or you make money but you can?t make both! He says he would love to stand beside Sting and be his friend but he?ll be damned if he’s fighting ?these son of a b*tches? and points at all the members of the Mafia. Nash says that the respect and friendship thing is a fairytale that they tell to their kids at night. Sting brings up Nash’s own son but Nash tells him not to. Sting says that Nash told him that he wanted his son to learn from Nash’s own example and he doesn?t buy this crap he’s saying. He says he’s not talking about Ozz or Diesel or even ?Big Sexy?, he’s talking about Kevin Nash the man. He tells Nash to prove him wrong and then tells Nash to solidify his spot in the Mafia by taking him out and then hands him his bat! Sting then turns his back on Nash but he had another bat tucked in his jacket! Sting pulls it out hidden from the Mafia as Nash gets ready to hit Sting and nails Nash with it! Sting then takes out Morgan, Book, and Steiner with the bat! Joe picked up the other bat though and lays Sting out! The rest of the Mafia gets back in and they all start laying into Sting now! Steiner and Booker choke Sting with the bat and then Morgan holds Sting as they take turns hitting Sting with the bat! They continue to beat down Sting as we fade to black! West’s final words ring out, ?it’s a new day in the Mafia, Sting you?re out, Joe you?re in!?

Final Thoughts

Wow, what a night! Some many things are really starting to take shape and storylines are starting to develop! The actual in-ring action wasn?t a ton but what was there was good but it was all about setting things up elsewhere this week. You can?t start anywhere other than the Main Event Mafia drama. That last line that West said really, really sums it up nicely. It’s a new day in the Mafia and we?ve seen the beginning of it with Sting being literally beaten out of the group and Joe and Morgan being brought in. Will this thing turn out to be another NWO? I don?t know, I hope not but I?m really liking how it’s going now. There is nomore respect and honor crap coming from the Mafia, they want power and they want everything they can get and they will do anything and will stomp out anyone to get it! I loved the opening segment between the Mafia and everybody, it was great and it actually made sense as to why Joe joined them. They couldn?t beat him so they offered him a ton of cash to join them.

The stuff between Joe and AJ was great, AJ’s emotion was nice and Joe had that ?I could care less what you think? attitude. This thing is going into AJ vs. Joe which is definitely not a bad thing. Looks like Taz will debut at Victory Road now too.

That tag team division just continues to get stacked even more. Hernandez is coming back soon (within the next month or so) and now Steiner and Book are an official tag team. You have probably the better halves of two of the greatest tag teams ever (Steiner Brothers & Harlem Heat) coming together and that is definitely not a bad thing. The three-way segment between Beer Money, 3D, and MEM was freaking awesome. The stuff between all three teams had me dying laughing and it sets up what I hope is a Three Way Dance, but 3D also furthered their feud with the Brits tonight as well. Maybe a Four Way? The singles matches between MEM and Beer Money were very good as well. Roode and Steiner was the best match of the night and Booker and Strom was very good as well. Both teams got a win but I would have rather seen Book get a clean pin on Book instead of a DQ.

The Tacks Match was okay and had a nice spot but it was way too short.

Abyss and Nash actually had a nice little decent match going on when Stevie came out and did the taser thing that looked way too fake. I didn?t like that at all.

I have no desire to see Sharmell and Jenna wrestle unless they are going to be naked. Sorry that’s just not appealing to me to see two non-trained women wrestle on a PPV.

Sarita (Dark Angel) is coming to TNA! That is definitely a good thing!

The Foley nut-so angle is continuing and it looks like it will continue even more so next week with Jarrett probably going nuts himself over the deal Foley made with Angle. I?m still not sure if Foley vs. Angle is for sure going to happen at Victory Road.

Anyway great show and I hope things continue to progress with all these storylines.

Match of the Night: Steiner vs. Roode (**1/2)
Promo/Segment of the Night: tie (MEM/Beer Money/3D promo, Sting being kicked out of MEM)
Overall Grade: A

Scheduled for Next Week:
– Rhino vs. Eric Young
– Awesome Kong & Tara vs. Velvet Sky & Angelina Love
– TNA Tag Titles #1 Contenders Match: Team 3D vs. Scott Steiner & Booker T.
– TNA World Title: AJ Styles & Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle (c) & Samoa Joe (whoever wins the fall wins the belt!)

Victory Road Lineup so far:
– TNA World Title: Kurt Angle (c) vs. Mick Foley
– TNA Tag Titles: Beer Money (c) vs. 3D/MEM
– Sharmell vs. Jenna