Impact Results – 5/21/09

Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone)
May 21, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show starts off with highlights from last week and a small recap of the feud between Jarrett and Foley. The Impact entrance hits and then Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and the TNA founder makes his way down to the ring, microphone in hand. Jarrett is limping on his way to the ring and he looks none too happy. I still haven?t heard whether or not Jarrett actually did tear his hamstring or it’s just work completely (I?m leaning towards a work). Jarrett says that he could come out and rant and rave and act like a mad man about what Foley did to him, but that won?t change anything. Jarrett says he learned a long time ago in this business that when an action occurs, there has to be a reaction so tonight he is reacting. Jarrett talks about the Ultimate Sacrifice Match and says there is still an open slot and he is filling it! The fans chant ?Jarrett? and he says Foley has backed him into a corner so he has to do it. He says that Foley has caused more chaos than the Main Event Mafia and he blames himself. He says that he ignited ?that? fire and he’s damn sure going to put it out! Jarrett says Foley isn?t fit to be the TNA Champion and he is going to make sure this Sunday that he doesn?t walk out with the belt. He tells Foley that for the next 3 day to have a nice day! Jarrett starts to walk out but then Foley’s music hits and the TNA Champion makes his way down to ringside. Mick says that when he’s wrong he admits it and he talks about how a few weeks ago that he made fun of what he called a fake injury, but last week in between the screams that he was making Jarrett do (screaming like a women, Foley says) he thinks he heard Jarrett’s hamstring tearing right off the bone! Foley says that he went to the Asylum to make peace but he doesn?t know that if it was the site of the place or what but something inside of him snapped and he realized how much he hated Jarrett’s guts and hated Jarrett’s father! Foley says that if Jeff doesn?t feel that Foley is fit to hold the belt then he can try and take it from around his waist. Foley then asks Jarrett what he’s going to Sacrifice for the match and suggests Jarrett’s ?voting shares? (meaning he doesn?t have a vote in TNA executive meetings and can?t make any decisions regarding TNA). Foley says then he would have all the say in TNA and cracks a ?Deal or No Deal? joke and asks Jarrett what his answer is. Jarrett doesn?t say anything right away and turns away and walks off but Jarrett stops him and tells him to turn his big a** around. Jarrett walks out to the ramp and gets right in Foley’s face and says he will do whatever it takes and this Sunday he’s all in! Jarrett starts to walk off with his music playing but Foley stops him and gets into the ring and tells everyone to give him a ?pop? for finally growing a set. Foley says that if Jeff wants to book himself into the Main Event at Sacrifice then he’s going to start booking some matches right now! Foley says to ensure that all 4 participants for Ultimate Sacrifice are in top shape for Sacrifice all 4 will be in singles matches tonight! He says Sting will face Eric Young, Kurt Angle will face Matt Morgan, and Jarrett will face the NATION OF VIOLENCE HIMSELF: SAMOA JOE! Foley says not to worry about him, though, because he will be facing a former World Heavyweight Champion that has challenged him tonight!

We cut to the back where Angle is yelling at Steiner wanting to know where Sting is. Tenay says that while Angle was off shooting a movie that he was desperately trying to contact Sting. Angle is pissed about Sting getting in the Ultimate Sacrifice Match and Angle screams about Sting needing to know his role this Sunday.


A replay from last week of the Machine Guns and Lethal Consequences attempting to unmask Suicide and Daniels making the save. West says that Daniels obviously had someone else wear the costume so he could come out and claim that he isn?t Suicide. In the back Lauren is with Suicide and Daniels and she asks if they can co-exist in their match tonight seeing how they will be opponents for the X-Division Title this Sunday (I hadn?t heard that!). Daniels says that he told the world they would see a different side of him and prove that he is an elite wrestler and that means he has to defeat every challenge put in front of him. He says the challenge tonight is he and Suicide against the Machine Guns & Lethal Consequences in a Three-Way but this Sunday the challenge will be winning the X-Division Title from Suicide and he slaps the Title belt on Suicide’s shoulder and stares at him and then walks off. Lauren asks ?Who is Suicide?? and then he says in a deep voice ?I am?.Suicide? and it actually sounded a lot like Suicide from the game (who was voiced by Low-Ki who is in WWE right now) but it definitely didn?t sound like Kaz (at least to me). That was the first time we?ve actually heard him speak in TNA (other than the vignettes before he debuted).

Triple Threat Match
Lethal Consequences vs. Motor City Machine Guns vs. ?Fallen Angel? Christopher Daniels & Suicide

Tenay reveals that when Daniels said to Suicide last week ?you owe me one? that the ?one? turned out to be a shot at the X-Division Title this Sunday. This week Suicide appears on top of a wall in the crowd and then climbs into the ring. West is really on it tonight as Tenay says ?you never really know where Suicide is going to show up? and West responds by saying that when this whole Suicide thing started he would always repel down from the ring but now all of a sudden when Daniels gets accused of being Suicide he starts just appearing in different places instead of repelling down. Classic stuff right there. Daniels and Lethal will start the match off and they lockup. Daniels forces Lethal into the corner and hits a big chop but Lethal comes back with a chop of his own. Daniels goes for another one but Lethal ducks and hits several chops and then celebrates, but Daniels throws him back into the corner. Daniels goes for a chop again but again Lethal ducks and hits one of his own. Lethal goes for another chop but Daniels kicks him and then stands on his back and puts the boots to him. Daniels whips Lethal into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Lethal ducks and then hits the back handspring off the ropes and back flips over Daniels who drops down. Lethal then hits a hiptoss right into a rolling dropkick. Lethal tags in Shelley who hits several leg kicks and then whips Daniels into the ropes. Shelley goes for a backdrop but Daniels kicks him in the face and then comes off the ropes but Shelley quickly charges and hits a back elbow. Shelley then comes off the ropes but Daniels closes in and hits a back heel kick as Shelley turned around. Daniels goes for a clothesline but Shelley ducks and then charges at Daniels but he catches him with a sitout one legged powerbomb. 1?2?NO Shelley kicks out! Shelley drop toe holds Daniels draping him over the middle rope. Shelley slides to the floor and hits a leaping Enziguri to one side of Daniels head while Sabin hits a back kick off the apron to the other side at the same time! Shelley picks Daniels up and hits a snapmare and then hits a slingshot elbow drop and Sabin blind tagged his back and as soon as Shelley lands Sabin hits a slingshot somersault senton! Shelley then hits a Knee Drop while Sabin hits a backsplash senton at the same time! 1?2?NO Lethal breaks up the pin. The Guns hang Daniels up in the ropes and Shelley hits a leaping back kick off the top rope while Sabin hits a basement dropkick at the same time! Great double team moves as usual from the Guns. Sabin tags back in and he holds up his boots and Shelley throws Daniels into them. The Guns whip Daniels into the corner and then Sabin whips Shelley into Daniels but Daniels backdrops Shelley over the top to the apron. Sabin then charges at Daniels but eats a back elbow. Daniels goes for a back hand chop but Sabin ducks and counters with a side backbreaker and holds Daniels over his knee as Shelley comes flying off the top with Flying Knee Drop! Shelley then grabs Daniels and Sabin hits a Enziguri to the back of Daniels head right into a Flatliner from Shelley! 1?2?NO Lethal breaks it up again. Creed comes in and nails Shelley with a big DDT and then trades rights with Sabin until Daniels flies in with a clothesline on Creed while hitting a Bulldog on Sabin at the same time! Daniels tags out to Suicide and Sabin tags in Shelley. Suicide with a right hand on Shelley and then Lethal comes in and hits a backkick to the knee. Suicide then hits a leaping European Uppercut to Shelley and followed by a big running dropkick that sends Lethal into the corner. Suicide whips Shelley into the ropes and then hits a running side Russian Legsweep. Suicide goes for the Flying Knee Attack in the corner but Shelley moves and Suicide nails his knees on the top turnbuckle. Creed then hits a running clothesline on Suicide in the corner followed by a running dropkick from Lethal. Shelley then pulls Creed out to the floor and Sabin hits a gorgeous springboard Tornado DDT on Lethal! Shelley gets up on the apron and hits a leaping Enziguri to the back of Suicide’s head as Sabin hits the Yakuza Kick at the same time! Side slam from Sabin and then a Frog Splash from Shelley! 1?2?NO Daniels dives in and backs the save! Daniels goes for a clothesline on the incoming Creed but he ducks and hits a nasty Front Kick to the head followed by a spinning enziguri! Sabin runs and goes for a Front Kick on Creed but he catches Sabin’s leg and spins him around, but Sabin spins around right into a leg sweep on Creed! Sabin then goes for a clothesline on Lethal but eats the Lethal Combination instead! Lethal then goes for it on Daniels but he fights it off with elbows to the side of Lethal’s head and then clotheslines Lethal over the top to the floor! Daniels then hits a gorgeous split legged moonsault off the top onto Lethal on the floor! Several replays of that move and then we cut back into the ring as Shelley is setting up for the Sliced Bread on Suicide, but he blocks it and then hits a back kick and then hits the Snapmare Driver right into the middle turnbuckle. Suicide then hits the Flying Knee Strike right into the facebreaker over his knees! 1?2?3 and that’s it!

Winners: Daniels & Suicide via pinfall (facebreaker)

After the match Daniels and Suicide celebrate but then Daniels stares at Suicide and turns him around, but the lights go out and when they come back on Suicide is gone! Daniels looks confused as the lights come back on.


Wow, Michael Bisping is really a tool, random thought for the week. I hope Henderson destroys him.

In the back Angle is still looking for Steiner and Angle is going up to the rafters to find him. Steiner starts to climb but turns around and walks off saying that it’s too high for him. We cut to ringside as Tenay and West hype up the card for Sacrifice tonight (which I will do at the end of the recap).

They show a pretty cool video package of Sting showing highlights and him talking about how much he wants the TNA Championship saying that it was the ?voice of his soul? calling him to return when he did because the ring calls to him and that’s where he needs to be. That was awesome.

We cut to footage from ?earlier in the day? with Booker T. and Nash training for their matches throwing pretty stiff elbows and knees at each other. Booker screams about how he don?t even know what ?I Quit? means. Nash mocks the Nation of Violence and says that when he was a baby and the doctor spanked him on his a**, he poked him in the eye. He says he’s been violent his whole life. That was a really cool segment.


Team 3D make their way out to the ring as Tenay puts over the 3D Invitational Tournament and talks about the attack from the British Invasion on the 3D as they show the footage of the attack. Bubba talks about them starting the Tournament because they wanted to give back to Tag Team wrestling and they thought the tournament was going great and puts over the TNA Tag Titles as the most important in the world. Bubba says that when they retire they want to leave behind a great legacy for themselves but also a great legacy of tag team wrestling in TNA because they owe their lives to tag team wrestling. He says that it seems that one team has crapped in the hand that fed them, British Invasion. He says they?re trying to make a name for themselves at the expense of the wrong team. He says in TNA teams are expected to carry themselves with a little class and dignity, and even Beer Money has a little of that these days. Bubba says that they got over on them last week but they won?t ever show them up again. The Brits music hits and they make their way out to ringside. Brutus says that he is confused and asks if Bubba was planning on calling them out and that isn?t necessary because they were going to come out anyway. Brutus says that even in our tough economic times he and Williams had the money to get the biggest muscle they could find in Rob Terry (that guy is massive). The Brits climb in the ring and Brutus says that 3D walks around TNA like their some kind of royalty, but there is only one royalty and that’s the Brits! 3D then jump the Brits but Terry lays them out with the Feast or Fired briefcases. Williams lays into Bubba with the briefcase too and then Magnus picks Bubba up and Williams hits that European Uppercut while Brutus hits the Spinebuster at the same time. They have to come up with a good name for that move. Terry picks up Devon and drops him with a Running Powerslam. Brutus grabs the microphone and says that’s how you make a name for yourself. Terry pulls out a table but then Beer Money run out and make the save with a chair! The Brits bail out and Beer Money help up 3D. Roode grabs the microphone and says that if there is one thing that 3D has taught them then it’s if you?re going to fight then have the balls to fight fair! We see Kiyoshi and Bashir walk out onto the stage and Beer Money tell the Brits they?ll see them at Sacrifice and then they?re coming to get their belts back as they turn to 3D! Beer Money and 3D shake hands and then we see Kiyoshi and Bashir standing with the Brits.

In the back Jarrett is screaming at Young saying that he’s sick of hearing Young whine and if he wants to be a man to go out there and prove it for once. Jarrett says that when he found EY he was nothing but an INDY wrestling doing nothing in Canada and he wanted a chance now he has one against Sting. EY gets in Jarrett’s face and says Jarrett will regret saying that to him and then walks off.


In the back Kurt has finally found Sting and Angle tells him that he’s been trying to get ahold of Sting all week long and asks Kurt if he watches the shows or if he’s just on them. Kurt says he watches them and Sting asks if he watched Lockdown. Kurt says he did and it was a pretty good show except that Jarrett screwed him. Sting screams at Angle and says that he got screwed too and he’s about ready to explode. Sting says it’s not about Kurt, it’s about Foley and him, and it’s about bringing the TNA World Title back to the Mafia and the respect into it. Kurt says he gets it and says they?re going to team up and make sure the belt comes back to the Mafia. They shake hands and then dap it up.

?Showtime? Eric Young vs. ?The Icon? Sting

Tenay puts over the history between Sting and EY (if you recall it was Sting who chose EY to represent him a few months ago when Sting and Angle were feuding). Sting offers a handshake to EY and he accepts it. They circle each other and lockup and then brawl into the corner where the referee breaks it up as the fans are getting into the match early. They lockup again and EY forces Sting into the corner and the referee breaks them up again. They lockup again and this time Sting forces him into the corner. The referee asks for the break but as Sting was backing off EY punched him in the mouth! Sting answers back and whips EY into the corner and goes for the Stinger Splash but EY moves and goes for one of his own. Sting moves and EY overshoots him and lands on the top rope. Sting then kicks him off the top and whips him into the corner. EY takes a page out of Flair’s book completely by flipping up and over the top rope onto the apron and then immediately running and climbing to the top rope. Sting (is having flashbacks to Sting vs. Flair matches) throws EY off the top and then clotheslines EY over the top to the floor. EY rolls back into the ring and Sting covers him, 1?2?NO EY kicks out! Sting throws EY head first into the top rope and then whips him over the top back to the floor and he slams into the guardrail. EY is trying to fire himself up on the floor and he climbs up on the apron. Sting grabs him by the hair but EY hits a shoulder block through the ropes and then slides in between Sting’s legs, and follows up with an Atomic Drop as Sting turns around. EY with a flying forearm, 1?2?NO Sting kicks out! EY hits a snapmare and then hits 2 straight Elbow Drops and then climbs to the top. EY goes for a Missile Dropkick but Sting backs up to avoid and catches EY’s legs. Sting turns him over into the Scorpion Death Lock! EY almost gets to the ropes but Sting pulls him back to the center of the ring and sits back on EY and he taps. Tenay puts over how this may be the last time we see Sting on Impact!

Winner: Sting via submission (Scorpion Death Lock)

Angelina Love is shown walking towards to the ring for a contract signing between her and Kong.


In the back JB is hyping up TNA Mobile and then he asks Mick who his opponent is. Foley and JB go back and forth with some stupid ?are you talking about who I think you?re talking about? crap but Foley refuses to tell him.

They show highlights of Kong destroying the Beautiful People over the last several weeks.

Knockouts Title Contract Signing

Jim Cornette has a big table set up in the ring and he puts over the match between Kong and Love this Sunday. He says now they will have the official contract signing and he welcomes Kong and Angelina to the ring. Angelina has a few bodyguards with her as she comes to the ring. Cornette asks the security to leave the ring which was not good for Angelina I don?t think. Raisha Saeed accompanies Kong to the ring as she carries a picture of Angelina. Cornette reminds Kong that this is a contract signing and not a match, she?ll have a chance this Sunday to murder Angelina. Angelina signs the contract first and then as Kong’s manager she is allowed to sign the contract for Kong. Cornette says that if they have any final words before this Sunday they can say them now. Angelina says that she knows she and Kong have had their differences in the past, but she thinks they should put them behind them. She apologizes to Kong and then says they should just ?tear the house down? at Sacrifice and then after the match she will treat Kong to a real makeover because she’s nice. The first thing they?ll do is cut off the ropes on her head and then she?ll take her to buy some real makeup because she’s not feeling the clown paint. She also says she?ll go get her a new wardrobe because she kind of wears her ring gear ?all the time?. Last but not least she’s going to send her to the best fat farm in the world and if that doesn?t work there’s always liposuction. If you didn?t get it, she was being a smarta** through the whole thing. Angelina says when it’s all done they will officially make her a part of the Beautiful People instead of the hideous best she is now. Angelina mockingly offers a handshake and Kong accepts it but refuses to let go and then grabs Angelina by the throat and picks her up! Rudy Charles gets in Kong’s face and she drops Angelina which allows her to bail out of the ring. Kong is pissed so she Awesome Bombs Rudy through the table! Kong smiles at Angelina as he backs down the ramp and we see Rudy dead in the ring. West says Angelina will win at Sacrifice because it’s brains not bronze that wins, and Tenay just asks him if he’s nuts.
R.I.P. Rudy Charles!


We get a replay of the 1st degree murder that Kong just committed. ?Earlier this week? Lauren is trying to find Dr. Stevie and she is pissed about Daffney attacking Taylor. Stevie’s secretary says he’s out of town on business and he won?t be back until Monday.

A Kurt Angle package similar to the one they showed of Sting earlier is shown.

In the back Lauren is with AJ Styles and he says this Sunday isn?t just about his title, it’s also about pride. He talks about growing up poor white trash again and says when he said he was going to be a Pro Wrestler people laughed at him, he didn?t quit. He says his own wife asked him to get a ?real job? when he was going state to state for $50, he never quit. AJ says that Booker has been through similar things and he understands that Booker has never quit but at Sacrifice one of them has to and it won?t be him. Lauren asks AJ if the things going on between he and Joe will affect his match at Sacrifice, but AJ says they have no relationship anymore.


In the back Matt Morgan is with Lauren and he says what he’s doing is a business decision and it is no different than what Kevin Garnett did when he signed with the Boston Celtics, join a winning team. He wants to join a winning team and Kurt will figure that out tonight and when he finds out he?ll buy.

?Olympic Hero? Kurt Angle vs. ?The Blueprint? Matt Morgan

Angle comes out to the ring carrying a rose and lays it down in the corner. They lockup and Morgan shows his strength by tossing Angle into the corner like a ragdoll. They lockup again and Morgan puts Angle in a side headlock but Angle pushes him off and Morgan comes right back with a shoulder block. Morgan then hits a big splash in the corner and then hits the Body Guillotine as Angle laid over the top rope. Morgan lands feet first on the floor and Angle falls out to the floor as well. Morgan beats Angel around ringside and picks Angle up by his feet and swings him headfirst into the guardrail.


Back from commercials Angle has gained the advantage with big right hands and then comes off the ropes but Morgan catches him with a backbreaker, 1?2?NO Angle kicks out! Morgan puts Angle in a Sleeper as we see a replay of that move over. Angle fights to his feet and breaks the hold with back elbows and then hits more right hands. Morgan comes right back with a knee and then goes for a clothesline, but Angle ducks and hits a big German Suplex. Angle rolls over and hits another German Suplex and then a third! The Rolling German Suplexes return! Angle takes the straps down and goes for the Angle Slam, Morgan blocks it, Angle goes for a clothesline, but Morgan ducks and hits the Carbon Footprint! 1?2?NO Angle kicks out! Morgan grabs Angle by the throat and goes for the Chokeslam but Angle counters into a rollup and then grab the ankle and locks in the Ankle Lock! Morgan fights and scrapes to try and break the hold and he finally rolls over and kicks Angle off. Angle climbs to the top and goes for a Flying Cross Body but Morgan catches him in midair and hits a Fall Away Slam! Morgan goes for the Hellevator but as Morgan brought Angle down in the move Angle was able to counter by rolling Morgan up with the inside cradle! 1?2?3 and Angle gets the win!

Winner: Kurt Angle via pinfall (inside cradle)

After the match Angle shows his respect for the fight that Morgan put up by shaking Morgan’s hand and nodding his head at him.

A video package for Jeff Jarrett is now shown. It’s more than just a passion for Jeff, it’s his life. In the back Lauren is with JJ and she asks about his hamstring. Jeff says that he can?t let Mick win and says it’s a battle of wills between he and Mick but he has too much riding on this. Jarrett says that someone other Foley will walk out of Sacrifice the champion.


Lauren is with Jenna in the back and she asks her what her situation is with the Mafia. She says they were all set and ready to sign ?the papers? but Sharmell refused to apologize. Jenna says that Sharmell has until Sunday to agree to apologize or there will be serious problems.

Now we see a video package highlighting Foley, another great video.

?Samoan Submission Machine? Samoa Joe vs. ?King of the Mountain? Jeff Jarrett

Joe meets Jarrett on the ramp and trades punches with Jarrett. Jarrett tries to whip Joe into the guard rail but he reverses it throwing Jarrett over the rail into the crowd. Joe throws Jarrett into a wall and then lights him up with chops and then throws him around the crowd and throws him into some steps. Joe tosses Jarrett into another wall and goes for a big right hand but Jarrett ducks and Joe punches the wall! Jarrett comes back and throws Joe into the wall but Joe comes right back and throws Jarrett into the wall. Joe puts the boots to Jarrett and then throws Jarrett over the guard rail. Jarrett pokes Joe in the eyes and then throws him into the ring steps. Joe starts leg kicking Jarrett right into that injured hamstring. Joe continues to put the boots to that leg and the referee tries to stop him but Joe throws him into the guard rail and Joe kicks Jarrett’s head into the guard rail. Joe puts Jarrett in a knee lock on the floor as Earl Hebner runs out and DQ’s Joe.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett via DQ

Joe chases off Hebner and then nails Jarrett in the leg with the chair repeatedly and AJ runs out and shoves Joe away. Joe and AJ start brawling, going at each other with punches as we see a closeup of Joe screaming at AJ. Joe and AJ breakaway from security and start going at it again as we cut to commercials.


We see a replay of Foley talking about him facing a former World Champion tonight. Foley comes out chair in hand. Foley says it’s a great night for all the fans tonight as he will face one-on-one in a non-title match against?ROCKY BALBOA! What?.the?.hell? Security walks out carrying a cardboard cutout and he even came equipped with his own old guy playing Mickie. Don puts over all of Rocky’s accomplishments and putting it over until Tenay tells him to shut the hell up. The fans even chant ?Rocky?, wow. The security guy is holding the cardboard cutout and he shoves it into Foley like jabs until Foley ?hulks? up and hits a clothesline and then he drops him with a Suplex. That’s right, Foley just suplexed a damn cardboard cutout. Foley then picks up the cutout and Piledrives it. West questions how much Rocky has left after that and Foley runs the ropes and then hits an elbow drop and covers, 1?2?3. I cannot believe I just did play-by-play for a match between Mick Foley and a cardboard cutout. Foley does a Rocky impersonation and then ?thanks? the champ for fighting him and then thanks the fans and TNA. Foley says that with the exception of his kids being born this is the greatest night of his life. He screams ?I did it!? until Jarrett’s music hits and he limps out. Jarrett isn?t real happy about this whole thing. Jarrett says that Mick has made a mockery of the promotion he built for the last time and he only has one more thing to say to him?BAM! He punches Foley right in the mouth and then lays into Foley with right hand after right hand until Angle runs out and hits the Angle Slam on Jarrett! Angle then puts Jarrett in the Ankle Lock until Sting walks out and he tries to keep Angle and Foley from going at it. When he turns his back Foley levels him with the chair! Angle then tries to hit Angle with the chair but he moves and Jarrett nails Kurt with the Stroke! Foley then NAILS Jarrett with the chair and he’s the last man standing! Foley looks down at the train wreck in the ring and smiles.

Final Thoughts

Very good ?go home? show, they put over all the matches nicely for the most part. A lot better than last week’s very average show.

I really enjoyed the opening segment between Foley and Jarrett. Foley is playing his role as ?mentally unbalanced? about as well as any other character he has in his career. I was looking forward to seeing what ?former World Champion? he would face and actually thought it might be Taz (I don?t read the spoilers!) but of course Foley pulls the swerve and makes Angle, Jarrett, and Sting face semi-tough to very tough opponents and then Foley faces a cardboard cutout. It was a little corny but still very funny especially when the fans started chanting ?Rocky? at the cutout. The end sold the Main Event very well with everybody coming out and going at and Foley, the Champion, standing over them with that evil smile on his face holding the chair.

The X-Division three way was VERY good but I really think they rushed into the X-Division Title Match a little too early. I don?t see Daniels going over in the match and I think the stuff between Suicide and the Guns/Lethal Consequences is going to continue on. Regardless the X-Division is really starting to pickup again with Daniels returning to it (for the short term most likely) along with Red and a red hot storyline.

I actually kind of liked the ?training segment? with Booker and Nash and Nash little mini promo was very good as well.

Very good segment between 3D, Beer Money, and the Brits. TNA really does get it in terms of the tag team division. We have a great feud between Beer Money and 3D that can continue or the Brits can get the upset and have a blood feud automatically built in with not only winning the tournament but their attacks on 3D. Also, when Hernandez returns the feud between LAX and the Brits is right there as well. Very good segment.

The match between Young and Sting was decent for a short little match and I really am interested in where they are taking EY’s character. He is badly in need of a character makeover, badly.

I loved the Knockouts Contract signing, this was the first time that they had done something like this and it really put the match over as a big deal. Angelina is the ultimate heel, her little mocking promo that she did was classic and Kong is actually getting over as a face by just committing murder after murder. I would rather Angelina hold onto the belt and them continue onto another match at Slammiversary.

Angle and Morgan really shocked me as I wasn?t exactly thrilled at the prospect of that match but it really was very good. Morgan proved that he can definitely hang with the top guys in TNA and that was a nice rub for him. It’s going to be interesting to see where they go with this thing between he and the Mafia as it seemed he had finally gained Angle’s respect and attention there at the end.

Joe and Jarrett wasn?t a match, more like a mugging. I don?t care what anybody says about Joe’s new ?character? but he is a flatout bada** again. I love the ?I don?t give a damn if you DQ me or not? attitude and just going to kill someone, but eventually he has to ?tone it down? in the matches so he won?t be DQ?d that’s when it’s really going to take off. I would rather them not rush into a Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles feud but regardless that will be awesome once again.

AJ and Booker is one of the less hyped up matches for Sacrifice but may end up being one of the better matches. AJ has done a nice job with the ?I?ll never quit? stuff.

The Amazon chick can just get off my TV. Go away.

All of the video packages they showed hyping up the Ultimate Sacrifice Match with the guys doing voice overs for what the match means to them was just awesome and I wish they did those for every Main Event. Great stuff there.

Great go home show and I?m really looking forward to Sacrifice. Remember to tune into if you?re not able to get the PPV this Sunday as Adam Martin will have the best live coverage of Sacrifice on the net!

Match of the Night: Matt Morgan vs. Kurt Angle (***)
Segment/Promo of the Night: Mick Foley & Jeff Jarrett opening segment
Final Grade: A –

Sacrifice Final Lineup:
– Kiyoshi vs. Amazing Red
– Knockouts Monsters Ball: Taylor Wilde vs. Daffney
– TNA Knockouts Title: Angelina Love (c) vs. Awesome Kong
– Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash
– TNA Legends Title I Quit Match: AJ Styles (c) vs. Booker T.
– TNA X-Division Title: Suicide (c) vs. Daniels
– 3D Tourney Finals: Beer Money vs. British Invasion
– TNA World Title Ultimate Sacrifice Match: Mick Foley (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett