Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
May 7, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

It’s time to cross the line! The show opens up with a nice promo video hyping up all the ?anarchy? that’s been going on in TNA over the past few months involving Jarrett, Sting, Foley, Angle, Lashley, Joe, AJ, etc. and hypes up the HUGE 10-Man Tag Main Event for tonight. The usual Impact intro hits and then the Main Event Mafia’s music hits and they make their way out to the ring led by the Godfather himself.

This week Sting is once again with his Main Event Mafia brothers. Kurt Angle tells Mick Foley that he told him last week if he screwed with him he would get the thorn of the rose. He says he told Foley exactly what he was going to do and he did it, and the only reason he didn?t completely take over Foley’s job was because he wanted to leave him with a little dignity. Angle says he is in the Main Event at Sacrifice and Jarrett accepted his offer that he made last week that if Angle was pinned in the match he loses his spot in the Mafia and whoever pins him takes his spot. Angle says that there has been rumors going around about a 10-Man Tag Match tonight and he wants to know why Foley would give away a match that big free on TV and why he wouldn?t tell them about it (you guys don?t have the internet?). Angle says that Foley and Jarrett may book the matches but the MEM runs the show. He says that if that match is really going to happen then Foley needs to bring his ?fat crazy ass? out there and tell them what’s going on. Foley’s music hits and the TNA Champion makes his way out to the ring along with Christopher Daniels. Foley says it isn?t a rumor, that match WILL take place tonight and the reason he’s giving it away free on TV is because they need a show of power. He says until last week he thought he was immune to the Main Event Mafia. He says he didn?t think he would see Sting for awhile after the beating he put on him at Lockdown, but there is a big difference between what Sting & Angle did him last week and what Foley did to Angle a few weeks ago, and talks about his stitches for the hundredth time. Angle cuts him off and tells Foley he doesn?t care about Foley’s stitches because he won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken freaking neck! Foley says guys like Daniels, AJ, and Samoa Joe helped build TNA along with the founder, JJ, and they will stand beside him tonight. Angle says that if they come out there against the Mafia tonight it will be their funeral! Foley says that he will walk out of Sacrifice not only the TNA World Champion, but also as the Godfather of the Main Event Mafia! Daniels didn?t like hearing that and Jeff Jarrett makes his way out along with AJ Styles. Jarrett asks Foley what he thought he was doing. Foley says he may have said some things he shouldn?t have but they can repair their relationship and it was all business. Jarrett tells Foley to kiss his a** and then starts to walk away but Angle stops him. Angle tells Jarrett before he and Foley start kissing each others a**es they better get ready for the match tonight and says ?can?t we all just get along? and laughs.

In the parking lot Samoa Joe gets out of a car but before Lauren can see who else was in it the car speeds off. She asks who it was but Joe just looks at her and then walks off.


They recap what happened last week between the Machine Guns and Christopher Daniels and them accusing Daniels of being Suicide. They even show highlights from the Ultimate X earlier this year where Suicide did the dive onto the Ultimate X cables and also the spot where Daniels did it a few years ago.

Non-Title Match
Suicide vs. Consequences Creed w/Jay Lethal

TNA announced this as an X-Division Title Match on their website last week but it’s announced as a non-title match tonight. No repelling from the rafters tonight as he appears on the top rope as the lights come on, but both Lethal and Creed are looking up at the rafters waiting on him to repel down. Lethal and Creed turn around and are startled to see Suicide standing there. Creed goes for a right hand as the bell rings but Suicide ducks and locks Creed in a waistlock. Creed counters it into one of his own but Suicide drops down and then leg sweeps Creed, but Creed kicks Suicide off. Creed gets to his feet and Suicide nips up and then kicks Creed in the leg and hits an elevated Leg Drop for an early nearfall. Suicide hits repeated headbutts on Creed and then whips Creed into the corner and hits a running clothesline followed by several more clotheslines in the corner. Suicide then hits an STO as Don West says how that move looked very familiar to someone else’s move, 1?2?NO Creed kicks out. Suicide attempts to whip Creed into the corner but he reverses it and springboards off the middle rope for a springboard cross body as Creed went for a leaping clothesline at the same time and they collided into each other. Creed gets a nearfall on Suicide as Lethal screams at him saying that he knows it’s really Daniels. Creed with a big right hand and then a Swinging Neckbreaker. 1?2?NO Suicide kicks out! Creed several jabs and then the Montifisto and then a dropkick to Suicide’s knees. Suicide is on all fours now and Creed jumps off of Suicide’s back and drops down on him with an elbow drop for another nearfall! Creed throws Suicide into the corner and then attempts to whip into the opposite corner but Suicide reverses it and then hits a Swinging Russian Leg Sweep! Suicide goes for a right hand but Creed ducks and hits several right hands and body shots, but Suicide comes right back with a huge dropkick. Suicide then hits the runnking Stunner into the middle turnbuckle and gets a nearfall. Suicide then hits the rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam, 1?2?NO Creed kicks out! Suicide goes for the Suicide Solution but Creed counters it and hits a Front Kick followed by a spinning Enziguri! 1?2?NO Suicide kicks out! Creed throws Suicide into the top turnbuckle and then attempts to whip him into the opposite corner but Suicide reverses it again and then hits a sickening Facebreaker! 1?2?3 and it’s over!

Winner: Suicide via pinfall (Facebreaker)

Suicide holds up his X-Division Title and then the lights go out and when they come on Suicide is once again gone!

Matt Morgan is in Foley’s office and Foley asks Morgan what he wants. Morgan calls Foley the ES (Executive Shareholder) and he begs Foley to book him against anyone tonight. Foley suggests that if Morgan wants to make an impression on the Mafia he should take out their security tonight. Morgan says it doesn?t matter which one he wants him to face and then leaves. JB asks Foley why he would want Morgan to be aligned with the Mafia and he says JB may be right and calls someone.


Lauren is in the back with the Beautiful People as they are watching tape of Awesome Kong destroying Madison Rayne last week. Angelina tells Velvet to chill out but Velvet tells her to look around and see that Madison isn?t with them because of what Kong did to her. Velvet says she’s a little bit scared of what Kong is going to do to her tonight but Angelina tells Love that she beat her for the Knockouts Title so not to worry, but Velvet reminds her that she pinned Taylor to win the belt. Angelina tells Velvet just to stay out of Kong’s way but Velvet asks her how in the hell she is supposed to do that in a Stretcher Match.

We get a sitdown interview between Mike Tenay and the entire Main Event Mafia. Tenay asks Angle if the MEM has transpired the way that they thought it would when they formed the group. Angle says that they are a family and all families have disagreements but they all have a bond over all wanting the same thing: the World Championship. He says when everyone wants the same thing that bad things can happen like what happened between he and Sting, but they have resolved that. Angle says there is a lot left for the Main Event Mafia to do and one of those things is that they want to hold every title in TNA at the same time. Tenay asks about the problems between Jenna and Sharmell but Sting interrupts him and says that they work out their differences. Nash talks about Jenna and Sharmell working as a team last week helping Nash and Book win. Sharmell didn?t seem to think so but Booker tells her to chill out. Tenay puts over how the TNA Championship must mean everything to him to be willing to put up his slot in the MEM to get into the match and he says that it does. Angle says by beating the hell out of Mick Foley and winning back the TNA Title they will get their revenge on Foley. Tenay asks Steiner if he wants to say something about Jarrett and he says that his message is the MEM will not be over until they take over TNA.

Lauren is in the back with Taylor Wilde and she asks Taylor if she’s ever seen Kong in the state of mind that she’s in right now and Taylor just says yeah. Taylor is all bouncing around and giggling like she’s high or something and Lauren asks her if she is okay and she says she’s never been better. Lauren asks her if this is about her ‘secret admirer? that she has and she says yes and the person wants to meet her next Tuesday. She asks Lauren to come with her in case he is a complete weirdo and they walk off talking about what she is going to wear. Yeah okay.


That new ?4th & Long? show with Michael Irvin looks like it’s going to be pretty cool. Random thought for the week.

In the back JB is with Jeff Jarrett and asks him about the match Foley made last week and Jarrett suffering from a torn hamstring. Jarrett says he?ll deal with Foley on his own term and tells JB to leave because he has a match to get ready for.

Handicap Match
Main Event Mafia Security (Big Sal and Rocco) vs. ?The Blueprint? Matt Morgan

Don West puts over how Mick Foley ?tweaked? this match by having Morgan face both members of MEM Security instead of just one of them. Sal tries to lockup with Morgan but he just throws Sal off and then Sal puts Morgan in a headlock, but Morgan pushes him off and then hits a big shoulder block followed by a headbutt. Sal tags Rocco in and they lockup but Morgan can?t sling that big boy across the ring. Morgan forces Rocco into the corner and then hits a big back elbow followed by another one and then he tosses Rocco across the ring. Morgan attempts to whip Rocco into the corner but Rocco reverses it and Morgan nips up and over a charging Rocco in the corner and then grabs him by the throat! Morgan hits the Chokeslam and then sets up for the Hellevator but Sal attacks him from behind. Sal whips Morgan into the ropes and hits a double chop and then a single leg takedown and Rocco climbs up to the top rope, but Morgan slings Sal off and throws Rocco off the top rope. Morgan hits a clothesline on Sal and then another one. Morgan then whips Sal into a corner and then whips Rocco into him and then dropkicks Rocco sending him to the floor. Morgan then destroys Sal with the Carbon Footprint and gets the pin.

Winner: Matt Morgan via pinfall (Carbon Footprint)

In the back JB is with Mick Foley in his office. Foley is staring at his belt and says he may need to tweak the Main Event tonight and he needs JB to put the word out. JB is making stupid comments about tweating Foley’s tweak but Foley screams at him to shut his mouth (Foley just transformed into Cactus Jack mode quick) and tells JB to get the word out that Jarrett’s guitar is banned from ringside because of it causing so many problems in the past. Foley tells JB to tell Jarrett personally and then tells him that he doesn?t won?t to be bothered anymore tonight because he is getting ready to do battle.


In the back Lauren is with the new team of Outlaw Holiday and Eric Young. EY says that Jarrett allowing him into the tournament was like someone throwing a dog a bone and like always he’s given scraps and he makes the best of it. Lauren says that EY is taking it a little too personal but EY says ?they? made it personal. EY says he has PPV wins over both Storm and Roode and no one knows their weakness like him and he and Jethro will exploit them. Lauren starts to ask Holiday something but he snorts out a big wad of snot on the floor and walks away of course disgusting Lauren.

Team 3D Invitational Tag Team Tournament Semifinals
?Outlaw? Jethro Holiday & ?Showtime? Eric Young vs. Beer Money Inc.

Team 3D makes their way out to ringside as they are going to watch this match from the announce booth. Both the trophies for this tournament and the big check is sitting at ringside as well. Bubba Ray puts over Beer Money as the tag team of the future and says they brought out the best in 3D. Holiday stares at 3D before getting into the ring. Roode and EY will start the match off and they lockup in the center of the ring. Roode puts EY in a side headlock and then transitions into a hammerlock. EY reverses it and rolls Roode up and gets a nearfall and then hits a crucifix rollup and gets another quick nearfall. EY catches Roode with a right hand and then attempts to whip Roode into the ropes but he reverses it and EY hits a nice sunset flip and gets yet another nearfall. Roode kicks EY and then whips EY into the corner and charges but EY gets his boot up. EY punches Storm on the apron and then Roode and attempts to punch Storm again, but Storm avoids it and then hits the Enziguri from the apron to the back of EY’s head sending him stumbling into a beautiful Spinebuster from Roode. 1?2?NO EY kicks out. Roode throws EY into the corner and then puts then puts the boots to EY as Mike Tenay talks about one of Jim Ross? recent blogs where he spoke about there not being any great tag teams in wrestling today and Roode tags Storm in. Storm with a big right hand and then a back elbow followed by a gutbuster and a Rock Bottom! 1?2?NO EY kicks out. Roode tags back in and he and Storm hit the Beer Money Suplex! Roode puts the boots to EY and then drops an elbow on him and gets another nearfall. Roode puts EY in a headlock but EY fights to his feet only to get knocked back down by Roode. Roode whips EY into the corner and the momentum flips EY up and over the top rope onto the apron Ric Flair style. Roode charges at EY but he hits a shoulderblock through the ropes and then slides threw Roode’s feet and hits a gorgeous belly-to-belly suplex! EY tags out to Holliday and Roode tags out to Storm. Holliday with big rights to both of Beer Money and then an Atomic Drop. Roode then goes for a clothesline on him but he ducks and Roode hits Storm! Holliday then hits a modified Atomic Drop on Roode and then a back body drop! Holliday then hits a bulldog on Storm and gets a nearfall. Holliday sends Roode into the corner and charges but Roode gets his boot up and then Storm hits the Backcracker while Roode clotheslines Holliday at the same time! Sick move! 1?2?NO Holliday kicks out! Beer money whips Holliday into the ropes and EY blind tags himself in. Holliday ducks a double clothesline from Beer Money and then hangs onto the ropes as EY hits a double Missile Dropkick off the top onto Beer Money. EY hits a scoop slam on Storm and then climbs to the top hits a Guillotine Leg Drop on Storm! EY has Storm covered but the referee is trying to get Holliday out of the ring. This allows Roode to put the boots to EY. Holliday then knocks Roode down and EY gets into Holliday’s face! EY tells him to get out of the ring but when he turns around he eats every bit of the Last Call from Storm! Roode then knocks Holliday off the apron and they hit the DWI on EY! 1?2?3 and yep, it’s over! Beer Money is in the finals of the Tournament now and 3D gives them a standing ovation. Next week Red & Suicide will face the British Invasion.

Winners: Beer Money via pinfall (DWI)

In the back Lauren is with Kong and Raisha Saeed but she is SILENCED! Raisha says that tonight is phase 2 of the wrath of Kong and says one by one Angelina’s friends will be taken out leaving Angelina standing alone for the ?ultimate sacrifice?! Raisha then hands the microphone to Kong and she speaks for the first time in TNA! Kong says that the dumb blonde is a dead blonde!


Stretcher Match
Awesome Kong w/Raisha Saeed vs. Velvet Sky w/Angelina Love

Same rules this week as last, you have to put your opponent on the stretcher and she has to lay there prone for a 10-count. Kong is still carrying the picture of Angelina with her to the ring. Angelina is trying to give Velvet advice at ringside, I think I would just go with a forfeit if I was in that situation, but that’s just me. The referee sends Raisha Saeed and Angelina Love to the back again this week like last week. Velvet ducks a few clotheslines from Kong and then hits several forearms but they have no affect on Kong. Kong then grabs Velvet by the hair and hits a short arm clothesline. Kong then goes for the Awesome Bomb but Velvet runs between her legs only to eat another clothesline. Kong then hits the Implant Buster and smiles at what she’s doing to Velvet. Kong then hits another Implant Buster! The fans are chanting one more time again as Kong puts the boots to Velvet. Kong smiles and then flattens Velvet with a third Implant Buster. West says that Velvet isn?t going to have any Implants left if Kong keeps this up, damn. Kong puts Velvet on the stretcher but snatchers her off and hits another Implant Buster! Kong isn?t done and she hits another damn Implant Buster! Kong drags Velvet by the hair and lays her on the stretcher again but again Kong pushes the referee out of the way and then commits a homicide by Awesome Bomb! Kong then throws Velvet on the stretcher and referee Earl Hebner quickly (seriously he counted that 10 quick as hell) makes the 10 count and it’s mercifully over.

Winner: Awesome Kong via KO


Another wonderful (sarcasm there) episode of Dr. Stevie is shown. Abyss is talking about Michael Scott (who?) and wonders if he is a genius or an idiot. Stevie says he has a surprise for Abyss and Daffney walks in and sits on the couch. Stevie says that she is there to help Abyss get well. Stevie says that he wants Abyss to transfer his aggression to Daffney and Abyss asks him how he does that. Stevie says he talked to Mick Foley and at Sacrifice Daffney will be involved in the very first ever Knockouts Monsters Ball (now that’s what I?m talking about!). Abyss says that’s his match and Stevie tells Abyss he wants him to transfer his aggression to Daffney for that match and he wants him to be in Daffney’s corner. Abyss says he doesn?t know but Stevie takes his belt off and wraps it around his fist and Abyss says the answer is yes.

Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal make their way out to the ring for some reason. Creed asks Christopher Daniels to come out to the ring and he doesn?t make them wait very long but he doesn?t look very happy. Daniels tells them he has a match to get ready for. Dope new t-shirt for Daniels. Creed says that he knows he doesn?t know Daniels very well but he respects him and Lethal says they have a question for him. Creed says that the things Daniels has done for TNA has helped guys like him get into TNA but the thing they don?t understand is what’s been going on with him the last few months and Lethal says Daniels is Suicide. Creed says they can?t stand the Guns just as much as Daniels can?t but they?re on to something and Lethal interrupts him again and says that Daniels is ?Kabuki? (hilarious). Lethal calls him a shape shifter and Creed says that Daniels is the one running around flying from the rafters dressed like a video game character. He says that Jay said it and the fans chant it but they want to hear Daniels say it. He says they know he’s Suicide but they want him to say it. Daniels is pissed and tells Creed that maybe if he worried a little more about how to beat Suicide rather than who’s under the mask then maybe he wouldn?t have gotten his butt whooped earlier tonight. Daniels tells Creed to get his head on straight and not to ever call him out again but Lethal stops him and tells Daniels that people have pulling this sort of thing since the beginning of time. He uses examples like Savio Vega and tells Daniels to explain himself. Daniels says he doesn?t have time for jokes and Lethal is the biggest joke in TNA. Lethal gets serious and calls Daniels a jerk and slaps him. Creed gets in between them but then the Machine Guns music hits and they make their way to the stage. Shelley says this is a family show so they should keep it family friendly and then tells the fans to shutup. Shelley gives Creed and Lethal credit because everytime they?ve wrestled they have wrestled them man to man unlike Daniels who sneaks up behind them dressed as a video game character. Shelley says that he and Sabin do to video games what they would love to do to all the fans, beat ?em and for Daniels it’s game over. Sabin says that next week they will damask Suicide and expose him as Daniels.

In the back JB approaches Jeff Jarrett and he tells Jarrett that he took some notes about all the stuff that Foley has done. JB goes over all the crazy stuff that Foley has been doing. Jarrett asks JB what he’s supposed to do about Foley but Sting walks up and says he is going to tell Jarrett what he’s going to do. Sting says that he didn?t complain about Jarrett not giving him a rematch for his title but he wants Jarrett to allow Sting into the match at Sacrifice if he pins Foley. Jarrett agrees and shakes Sting’s hand but then tells Sting that if he makes it into the match he?ll have to sacrifice something and Sting says he’s ready to make the ?ultimate sacrifice.?


In the back Lauren is with Angelina Love and Lauren is cracking jokes about Angelina being alone now. Angelina says that Kong is literally killing all of her friends but then her phone rings and she tells the person that she needs them next week. She tells the person she doesn?t care about Spike TV’s male on female violence thing and I?m guessing that it’s Kip James (damn, just when I get used to having to see him).

They show a video package highlighting the Main Event Mafia.

Main Event
10-Man Tag Team Match
Main Event Mafia (Sting, Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, & Booker T.) w/Jenna & Sharmell vs. ?King of the Mountain? Jeff Jarrett, ?The Phenomenal? AJ Styles, ?Samoan Submission Machine? Samoa Joe, ?Fallen Angel? Christopher Daniels, & ?Hardcore Legend? Mick Foley

I know AJ’s theme used to have a little rap in it but now it seems like it has even more rap verses in it now, maybe I?m wrong but it’s pretty cool (maybe I just haven?t noticed it before). I?m not real sure if Jarrett is really injured but he is definitely walking very gingerly on that leg and as Jarrett is making his entrance his music is cut off and Foley walks down pretty much stealing the spotlight from Jarrett. Gotta note that though Jarrett was not allowed to bring his guitar to ringside Foley came out barbed wire bat in-hand. The bell rings and Steiner jumps Joe and puts the boots to him in the corner. Steiner flicks off AJ and then hits a nasty chop on Joe. Steiner attempts to whip Joe into the ropes but Joe counters with a T-Bone Suplex. Joe with jabs in the corner and then he whips Steiner into the ropes and hits a clothesline and tags Daniels into the match. Joe hits a scoop slam on Steiner and then Daniels hits a Flying Cross Body off the top for a nearfall. Daniels whips Steiner into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Steiner stops himself and Steinerlines Daniels. Steiner picks Daniels up and lights his chest up with a knife edge chop and then tags Angle in. Angle puts Daniels in a wristlock but Daniels rolls through but Angle holds onto it and then Daniels rolls through again but Angle grabs him by the head and hits a side headlock takeover. Angle transitions into a pin attempt but Daniels counters with a rollup for a nearfall of his own. Daniels then sweeps Angle’s legs and gets another nearfall but then eats a nasty European uppercut. Angle then hits another one and then attempts to whip Daniels into the ropes but Daniels reveres it and hits a big back heel kick. Daniels then tags in AJ and Daniels shoves into the corner where AJ is perched up at the top and AJ drives Angle head first down onto the knees of Daniels! AJ & Daniels showing that great teamwork they had together as the Phenomenal Angels tag team. 1?2?NO Angle kicks out! AJ throws Angle into the corner but then Angle rakes AJ’s eyes and tags Booker in. Booker with nasty knee strikes (that AJ sells awesomely) and then goes for the Harlem Sidekick, but AJ ducks and hits a forearm and then a scoop slam. AJ hits a big Knee Drop and gets a nearfall and then puts Booker in a rear chinlock. Booker fights to his feet and then shoves AJ into a right hand from Nash and then AJ stumbles into a spinning heel kick from Booker. Booker covers, 1?2?NO AJ kicks out and then Nash tags in and we cut to commercials.


Back from commercials Nash hits a right hand on AJ and then tags Sting in and he hits several back hands on AJ and goes for a clothesline, but AJ ducks and hits the Phenomenal Dropkick! AJ has been beaten down so bad by the Mafia that he can?t capitalize on the move and Sting quickly recovers and hits crossfaces on AJ and then tags in Angle. Sting holds AJ while Angle puts the boots to him. AJ fights back on Angle but he this a big running knee and gets a nearfall until Daniels comes in to make the save. Angle tags in Booker and Angle whips AJ into the ropes and Booker hits the Harlem Sidekick. Book then does the Spin-a-rooni and tags in Steiner. Booker holds AJ while Steiner puts the boots to AJ and then Steiner slams AJ into the top rope and hits a belly-to-belly suplex, 1?2?NO Joe runs in and makes the save. Steiner tags in Angle and he drops down axe handle drops on AJ. Angle talks trash to AJ and then goes for the Angle Slam but AJ blocks it and hits the Pele out of nowhere! Both men are down now and AJ is finally able to get to his corner and tag out to Foley and Angle tags out to Sting. Foley with right hands on Sting and then a Swinging Neckbreaker! Angle then comes out of nowhere and hits a German Suplex on Foley! Jarrett runs in and hits the Pedigree on Angle as this thing is starting to break down now! Nash comes in and sets up for the Jackknife but Joe runs in and hits an Enziguri on Nash! Joe then hits a running dropkick on Nash sending him to the floor and then Joe hits the Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Nash on the floor! AJ and Daniels run in and they knock Booker & Steiner of the apron! They then hit double slingshot cross body blocks over the top onto Book & Steiner on the floor! In the ring Angle has grabbed the barbed wire baseball bat but Jarrett low blows him! Jarrett then goes to hit Angle with it but Foley grabs it from him and tells him that it’s his bat. Jarrett pushes Foley and Foley tries to hit Jarrett with the bat! Jarrett ducks and then kicks Foley in the balls and hits the Stroke onto the bat! Sting runs in and covers Foley as Jarrett hits the Stroke on Angle! 1?2?3 and Sting gets the pin on Foley!

Winners: Main Event Mafia via pinfall

The TNA Originals are none too happy at Jeff Jarrett especially Joe.


They show a replay of what just went down and then we cut to the ring with Sting. Sting tells Mick Foley that he has some good news and some bad news. He says he doesn?t know if Foley is aware of the deal that Sting made with Jarrett earlier means that because he pinned Foley tonight he is a part of the Four Way at Sacrifice. He says that in order to get into that match, though, he has to make a sacrifice and he says that if anyone pins him at Sacrifice it will be the last time he wrestles! Sting will retire right then and there! Sting drops the microphone and walks off and the camera zooms into the baseball bat lying in the ring.

Final Thoughts

Another great week this week, TNA is really doing a better job in building up the undercard feuds then they have in the past.

I loved the opening segment and it really put over how the Mafia didn?t want to be in the match until they saw how Jarrett and Foley not getting along was affect the other team (along with Joe being a raving lunatic as well) and Angle did a complete 360 and was smiling about the prospect of the match.

The match between Suicide and Creed was good but it was there just to set up the showdown between them, the Guns, and Daniels later on in the show. Very well done by all involved in that segment and I liked Lethal turning serious which is something he should do soon for good. Shelley was on damn point tonight and I am very, very interesting in seeing where this thing goes. I just hope it turns into Suicide showing up when Daniels is there at the same time and eventually unmasking revealing its Frankie. Really good stuff regardless.

I freaking love what they are doing with Kong. She was really in a rut for awhile but this feud with Angelina has completely reinvigorated her and she finally spoke tonight! I really wish they would?ve made a bigger deal about that but regardless it was good. She kept it and short and (not so) sweet. The beating this week was even more vicious than the beating Madison got last week and that makes sense since Velvet was more to blame for what’s happened to Kong than Madison and she’s been around longer as well. She really did kick her a** though. I?m loving this chase Kong is doing but I really hope we don?t see the return of Kip James, just no.

This Tag Team Tournament continues to really put more and more emphasis on TNA’s continually growing tag division and I thought 3D coming out to put over how much they respected Beer Money and how great the new teams in the tourney have looked as well as teams like L.A.X. and the Guns who are no longer in the tourney. I know everyone hates it when TNA mentions WWE but this time it was used nicely. The WWE is completely and utterly taking a humungous dump on their tag division (or lack thereof) and TNA should rightfully say ?hey, they?re not doing it but if you like it come on over here, we?re doing it!? It also seems like EY’s frustration could be turning into a heel turn. Next week Red again!

Matt Morgan’s squash was, well, just a squash. I guess if MEM security is gone then I?m cool with it and I?m interested to see where they?re going with Morgan.

The thing with Abyss was actually decent and the best part of it was the announcement of the Knockouts Monsters Ball! That decision to release Roxxi is not looking good because she would?ve gone all out in that match. I usually hate emo-looking chicks but damn Daffney was looking hot tonight.

Foley is really doing a great job with this unstable character where he is happy one minute and then insane the next minute.

The sitdown interview with the Mafia was great and I like that they are really trying to make them come off as a true family again.

The Main Event was great and probably TV Match of the Year candidate so far in TNA. It really was Total Nonstop Action and all over the place. Everybody looked good and the finish was extremely well done.

The final segment with Sting was great and someone please give TNA some applause as they are finally making an effort to make the TNA Championship really seem like a big deal. We have people clamoring to be in a match to get a shot at the title and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time willing to put up his career to get a shot at the title, that’s great. I would really rather them put a young guy like Joe or AJ or Daniels in the match as the 4th competitor instead of Jarrett (where it seems like it’s going) because first Daniels really needs to be in the Main Event and 2nd because Jarrett really seems like he may have a pretty serious injury.

Match of the Night: 10-Man Tag (***1/2)
Promo/Segment of the Night: Sitdown interview with MEM
Overall Grade: B +

Scheduled for Next Week:
– Chris Sabin vs. Christopher Daniels
– 3D Invitational Tourney Semifinals: Amazing Red & Suicide vs. British Invasion

Sacrifice Lineup so far:
– TNA World Title Ultimate Sacrifice Match: Mick Foley (c) vs. Sting vs. Kurt Angle vs. TBA
– TNA Legends Title I Quit Match: AJ Styles (c) vs. Booker T.
– Knockouts Monsters Ball: Daffney vs. TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA
– TNA Knockouts Championship: Angelina Love (c) vs. Awesome Kong
– Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe
– Team 3D Invitational Tourney Finals: Beer Money vs. Red & Suicide/British Invasion Winner