Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
April 30, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show starts off with highlights from last week and a preview for this week. Earlier today JB approaches Jeff Jarrett after TNA’s Board of Directors meet and he just blows by JB without saying anything. Foley comes out a few seconds later and Foley says Jarrett can?t fire him and he says ?friends fight? when JB asks him about Foley hitting Jarrett with a chair. Foley says he and Jarrett will be closer their brothers. The open hits and then the pyro goes off.

Kurt Angle isn?t wasting anytime this week as the Main Event Mafia’s music hits and Angle leads out his Mafia brothers (minus Sting again this week and Tenay notes this). Kurt Angle says for the past 6 months everyone close to him as referred to him as ?The Godfather? and that’s because he is the man in charge and he makes things happen as long as you show the proper respect. He says that’s how he is along as he is shown the proper respect but Foley didn?t show him the proper respect by hitting him with a chair last week, and there is a price to pay for those actions. Angle says he has an offer for Jeff Jarrett that he can?t refuse. He says he is willing to put up his leader spot in the Mafia as his ‘sacrifice? to get into the Ultimate Sacrifice Match (if someone pins Angle in that match then they become leader of the MEM). He then says he is going to take over Mick Foley’s office and his job because when you screw with the Godfather you get the ?thorn of the rose? and he holds up a rose and then drops it on the mat. The camera zooms into the rose lying on the mat and then Angle’s face.

In the back JB is with Mick Foley in Jarrett’s office. Foley is ignoring JB and listening to his iPod and he says he didn?t even hear what Kurt said (nor does he care). Jeff Jarrett walks in and asks Foley what he’s doing in there. Jarrett tells Foley to stay out of his sight and Foley asks Jeff if he has his back with Kurt, but Jeff says he got himself into it so he has to get himself out of it.


They show the Manny Pacquiao vs. Ricky Hatton commercial for the 1 millionth time, Pacquiao is going to murder Mr. Hatton I do believe. Random thought of the week there.
In the back Lauren is with Kurt Angle in the MEM lockeroom. Angle says that when he says something, he looks the person in the eyes and does it. Angle says he is going to whip Mick Foley’s a** and win the TNA Title again. Steiner is still pissed at Jarrett and Angle calms him down and says that he still needs to sucker Jarrett into getting into the Ultimate Sacrifice Match and after that Steiner can have Jarrett.

Team 3D Invitational Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals
Motor City Machine Guns vs. Suicide & Amazing Red

The Amazing Red is back! I talked about this last week being rumored and TNA confirmed it the next days saying that he would be returning and I?m very excited to see what Red can still do. Red’s got new music and he looks completely different then how he used to! No more durag and nomore red afro. Now he has short red hair and kind of a Mohawk. Also his ring gear is different as he is wearing just tights with no top and they?re red and blue and just say ?RED? on the back. Also, Red seems to be a bit bigger now as well. Tenay puts over Red’s history in TNA and then Suicide makes his way down to the ring. Don West is already starting to mark out before the match even starts and I remember one night back in the Asylum days in TNA Don West actually stood up on top of the announce table and gave Red a standing ovation after an insane match. Red and Suicide shake hands before the match. Red and Shelley will start this match off as the fans are getting behind Red early. Shelley feints a tieup but kicks Red and then puts him in a side headlock. Red pushes Shelley into the ropes but Shelley knocks him down with a shoulder block and then whips Red into the ropes. Shelley drops down as Red leaps over the top of him and then Shelley leapfrogs Red and rolls backwards, but Red actually dives through Shelley’s legs! Red charges at Shelley but he avoids Red and then Red hits a springboard into an arm drag! Red then comes off the ropes and Shelley goes for a tilt-a-whirl move but Red lands on his feet. Shelley with a leg sweep and then covers Red but Red bridges up and out of the pin attempt! Shelley then rolls Red up, 1?NO Red kicks out! Red then goes for a roundhouse kick to Shelley’s head but he ducks and Red spins all the way around right into a spinning enziguri! Classic Red there! What a sequence that was! Red lights up Shelley’s chest with a knife edge chop and then goes for a spinning head scissors but Shelley blocks it and then Shelley wraps up both Red’s arms and legs, rolls him over and then stands on him! Shelley then tags in Sabin and he stands over Red and poses as well. Sabin attempts to whip Red into the ropes but he blocks it and then hits the spinning headscissors on Sabin! Red then tags in Suicide and he headbutts Sabin and then hits a front suplex. Suicide then hits a leg drop and then hits a gorilla press slam. Red comes in and Suicide press slams Red right into a splash on Sabin! 1?2?NO Sabin kicks out! Red attempts to whip Sabin into the corner but Sabin reverses it and then charges at Red, but Red moves and sends Sabin flying into the middle turnbuckle facefirst. Red then dropkicks Sabin in the back and charges at him again, but Sabin lifts Red up and drops him facefirst onto the top turnbuckle! Sabin then hits a running Yakuza Kick to Red in the corner as Shelley came flying in on the apron with an Enziguri at the same time! Shelley tags back in and shoves Suicide off the apron and then the Guns double hip toss Red all the way across the ring! Shelley throws Red into the corner and then hangs him upside down from the top rope and stands on Red’s crotch! Sabin tags back in and then Shelley hits a sliding dropkick to Red’s face (as he his still hanging upside down) and then Sabin comes flying in with the hesitation dropkick! 1?2?NO Suicide pulls Sabin off. Sabin with an abdominal stretch on Red and then throws Red into the corner and tags Shelley in back in. The Guns whip Red into the opposite corner. Shelley charges at Red but he eats a boot from Red and then Sabin eats one as well! Red hits an amazing rolling Enziguri on Shelley as he rolls over Sabin’s back! Red then goes for a headscissors on Sabin but he blocks it, but Red then hits a Reverse DDT in midair! The fans are really getting into the match. Red drags himself to his corner and tags Suicide in. Suicide with a double forearm on Shelley and then a clothesline to him and then a leg kick that flips Sabin. Suicide with a running clothesline on Shelly in the corner followed by repeated clotheslines and then he hits a nasty front dropkick to Sabin that sends him flying into the corner! Suicide with a running forearm on Shelley and then picks him up and hits that rolling Fireman’s Carry Splash ontop of Sabin! Suicide attempts to slam Sabin’s head into the corner but Sabin pushes him into the corner and then Shelley catches him with a back suplex attempt. Suicide lands on his feet but the Guns double kick him in the gut. Sabin then hits a sliding dropkick to the side of Suicide’s head and then Shelley hits the Sliced Bread! 1?2?NO Suicide kicks out! Sabin then leaps off of the back of Shelley into a dropkick on Red sending him off the apron to the floor. Sabin with a spinning back kick to Suicide in the gut and then a Superkick from Shelley, but then Red comes in out of nowhere with a nasty Superkick to Shelley and then Suicide kicks Sabin sending him to his knees and Red flies in with a Hurricanrana Driver! That’s right a damn Hurricanrana Driver! Suicide kicks Shelley in the gut and then Red jumps on his back and hits the Code Red with Suicide giving him a little adding push to it! Suicide then sees Sabin on the floor and tells Red to dive! Red hits an unbelievable corkscrew plancha over the top rope onto Sabin on the floor! I sware he did about 4 revolutions around before he made contact with Sabin! In the ring Suicide grabs Shelley and hits the Suicide Solution! 1?2?3 and they get the upset win! What a return for Red!

Winners: Suicide & Amazing Red via pinfall (Suicide Solution)

After the match Suicide & Red celebrate together and then the lights go off and when they come back on Suicide is gone! Red looks confused as West says he’s sick of Suicide’s ?act.?

Lauren is with the Beautiful People in the back. Lauren asks Madison if she knows what she’s gotten herself into by agreeing to a Stretcher Match against Kong! Angelina mocks Lauren and she says the Beautiful People can do anything. She says they welcome a Stretcher Match against Kong but the only question is who is strong enough to carry Kong’s ?fat a**? out of the arena. Madison doesn?t look as confident as Velvet & Angelina and then Velvet says they have to go get ready to attend a funeral later. Madison says she just hopes it’s not her funeral.


They show a video package highlighting Abyss? history with violence. We then cut to Lauren & Abyss in the back and she questions Stevie’s methods as they?ve signed a match for later tonight where Abyss? opponent can use weapons but Abyss can?t. Lauren threatens to go back to one of Abyss? appointments but Abyss says no and Stevie is looking out for his best interests. He says Dr. Stevie told him that getting hit with weapons over and over without being able to use any may make him actually fear weapons completely. Lauren calls Stevie crazy and ten Cody Deaner and ODB walk up. Cody says last time Abyss whipped his ass last time but tonight he’s going to whoop Abyss?! ODB tells Cody he isn?t a real wrestler and then Cody says Abyss is scared. Cody then pinches Lauren’s ass and Abyss picks Cody up slams him against the wall and says the match is on! Cody looked like he was about to piss his pants as ODB drags him off.
Tonight we will see the official debut of the new British Invasion group which consists of Doug Williams, Brutus Magnus, and some other guy that I don?t know. We then get a video package highlighting Kurt Angle’s career in TNA.
In the back Mick Foley approaches the Machine Guns and he says he knows that they have a colorful past, but he needs their help tonight. Mick says that he admires Shelley & Sabin’s spunk but Shelley says that’s crazy and disgusting. He says Foley’s crazy and they like that about him but Sabin says they have a few issues of their own. Shelley says Suicide is their issue because he wears a mask and they don?t know who’s under it. He says that Suicide has gotten under their skin and is making them shoot ?blanks.? Foley says he knows who Suicide is and tells them that he’s Al Snow. Shelley & Sabin just shake their heads and then Foley asks them if he finds definitive proof are they in and they say sure. Shelley then tells Foley to have a nice day and they leave the lockerroom.


Team 3D Invitational Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals
L.A.X. vs. British Invasion (Doug Williams & Brutus Magnus) w/Rob Terry

In the back we see security holding Homicide back from the British Invasion and Hernandez laid out on the floor! Brutus is even taunting Homicide with Hernandez’s Feast or Fired case. Doug Williams & Brutus are wearing matching tights that have the British flag on it. Rob Terry is simply HUGE! Homicide is trying to check on Hernandez but Terry Taylor tells Homicide that he has to do the match and they will take care of Hernandez. So Homicide will have to go it alone and he is pissed! Homicide runs down the ramp and nails Terry with his briefcase and then slides in the ring as Brutus & Doug bail out to the floor! Homicide then hits the Tope Conhilo through the ropes onto Brutus & Williams on the floor! Homicide throws Williams back in the ring and hits a swinging neckbreaker and then throws Williams into the corner and throws repeated right hands and clotheslines at Williams. Homicide whips Williams into the corner and then charges but Williams gets his boot up and hits a flying back elbow and tags Brutus in. Brutus whips Homicide into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Homicide ducks and hits a flying back elbow of his own! Homicide throws Brutus into the corner but Williams runs in and attacks Homicide from behind. They then whip Homicide into the corner. Brutus whips Williams into Homicide but he gets his boot up again! Brutus then charges Homicide himself but Homicide nails him with a back elbow and then climbs to the top rope. Homicide this a double Missile Dropkick on Williams & Brutus! Homicide chops Brutus and then comes off the ropes but Williams trips him up. Homicide then knocks Williams off the apron but that distraction was enough to allow Brutus to clothesline Homicide. Brutus then throws Homicide into the corner and puts the boots to him and tags Williams back in. Williams with a European Uppercut and then another one, and then he whips Homicide into the corner and hits a running knee strike followed by a Snap Suplex for a nearfall. Williams and Homicide trade right hands until Doug pokes him in the eyes and then tags Brutus back in. Williams & Brutus grab both of Homicide’s arms in wrist locks and then they cross each other forming a sort of straight jacket effect on Homicide and then drop him with a double straight jacket slam. Williams & Magnus taunt the crowd and then Magnus gets a nearfall on Homicide. Brutus picks Homicide up and hits a Powerslam and then climbs to the top. Brutus goes for a big Splash but Homicide moves as the fans get behind him. Williams tags in and charges but Homicide kicks him away and then hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Magnus then comes in and throws Homicide into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, but Homicide catches him with a Tornado DDT out of nowhere! Williams then goes for a Lariat on Homicide but he catches Doug’s arm and hits the Gringo Cutta! Homicide then sets Williams up on the top rope and goes for the hurricanrana as Brutus distracts the referee. Terry holds onto Homicide’s legs so he can?t hit the move and then Williams shoves him off. Brutus then picks Homicide up in a Spinebuste and Williams comes flying off with a Flying Corkscrew European Uppercut all at the same time! 1?2?3 and it’s over!

Winners: British Invasion via pinfall (Spinebuster/top rope corkscrew European uppercut)


Another video package highlighting Kurt Angle’s TNA career is shown.

Knockouts Stretcher Match
Madison Rayne w/The Beautiful People vs. Awesome Kong w/Raisha Saeed

The rules to this match are not those of a conventional Stretcher Match. Usually you have to place your opponent on the stretcher and then wheel him/her to the top of the ramp, but in this match the way to win is to place your opponent on the stretcher for a 10 count. Kong comes to the ring holding a picture of Angelina Love. Madison looks scared as hell. Referee, Rudy Charles, sends the Beautiful People and Raisha Saeed to the back! Kong jumps Madison as West says this won?t be good for Madison Rayne and Tenay replies with ?duh!? and West almost busted out laughing. Kong picks Madison up and absolutely kills her with a Chokeslam! Kong then hits a short arm clothesline and throws her on the stretcher. The referee gets up to a five count but Kong pushes him away and then pulls Madison off hits the Implant Buster! Kong then throws Madison back on the stretcher and the ref gets to 7 this time before Kong pushes him out of the way and drags Madison off again! Kong this time hits her with the Awesome Bomb as the fans chant ?one more time? and Kong obliges them with another Awesome Bomb and she smiles and laughs hysterically. Kong throws Madison back on the stretcher and this thing is mercifully over.

Winner: Awesome Kong via murder


During the break The Beautiful People checked on Madison in the back and Angelina screams ‘she killed her!? Yep, Angelina, I think that may be true.

The Motor City Machine Guns music hits and the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champions make their way out to the ring. Shelley tells the fans to shutup and then calls Christopher Daniels (or Suicide, whatever he calls himself, their words) out to the ring. Daniels comes out looking confused as he makes his way to the ring as West says that looks more like a guilty expression. Shelley asks Daniels why he didn?t fly down to the ring. Shelley then goes over how Daniels lost his job at Feast or Fired and since then he was wrestling on the INDY scene getting paid in pizza and Japanese t-shirts (that’s what he said) and begging his friends in TNA to help him get his job back. Shelley says pizza and Japanese t-shirts don?t pay the bills and they know that Daniels has a wife and kid (who they say plays with their action figures) so that can?t be cutting it. Sabin grabs the microphone and says they are as smart as they look and asks Daniels why he and Suicide have the exact same build because that ?ass is unmistakable.? He also asks why he and Suicide move the exact same way in the ring and why everytime Suicide shows up all the fans chant ?Fallen Angel.? Sabin says those are all rhetorical questions and then calls Daniels a liar and says Daniels has been Suicide since day one. He says Daniels found a loophole and stole Shelley’s X-Division Championship as West says he has never seen Suicide and Daniels in the same place. Sabin says they don?t care whether or not Jarrett had anything to do with it but what is important is that Daniels admits to it. Daniels says he doesn?t owe them an explanation for anything and the important thing is that Jarrett brought him back to TNA. He says now that he’s back, he’s going to do what he does best and that’s wrestle. He says he doesn?t have time for video games or masks or repelling and if they want to know who Suicide is to ask him themselves. Daniels tries to leave the ring but the Guns stop him. Shelley asks Suicide who he is and Daniels grabs the microphone and says he’s pissed off and slaps Sabin and then lays into Shelley! Daniels hits an STO on Sabin and then a sitout front suplex on Shelley! Daniels then hits a Rock Bottom on Sabin and goes for the BME but the Guns bail out and Daniels lands on his feet. The Guns taunt Daniels from the ramp as Daniels screams at them from the ring.

In the back Mick Foley approaches Samoa Joe (with a towel on his head like another certain guy used to do). Foley asks Joe for help with the MEM and talks about how Foley used to put Joe over when he was on the INDY scene. Joe just looks at him and then walks away as Foley says he’s going to have to go to Plan C.


They show a complete trailer of Transformers 2 which I haven?t seen yet, looks pretty cool and Megan Fox is so damn fine!

Cody Deaner w/ ODB vs. ?The Monster? Abyss

Wow, Cody even has typical redneck music. The stipulations of this match are that Cody can use weapons and Abyss cannot. Don West has the line of the night: ?I don?t care if I had an AK-47, I don?t ever want to get in the ring with Abyss.? The phrase ?Give ?Er? are written on some of Cody’s weapons and Tenay says that Cody told him earlier that it’s a state of mind. Wow, just wow. Cody hits Abyss with a cookie sheet but it doesn?t have any effect on him. He then grabs a garbage can lid and hits Abyss with it but it doesn?t have any effect either even those he has busted Abyss open the hard way! Cody grabs a kendo stick and tries to hit Abyss with it but he grabs the stick and then grabs Cody by the mullet and contemplates hitting Cody with it, but decides to just punch him instead. ODB gives Cody a little liquid courage and he spits it into Abyss? face! Cody then picks up the garbage can and nails Abyss with it! Cody nails Abyss with it again and then picks the kendo stick up and kills Abyss with it! Cody then wacks Abyss with the stick again and again and again, but Abyss never goes down. Cody picks up a chair now and levels Abyss with it and he finally goes down! Cody celebrates with ODB and then Cody turns his hat around and pulls out the fanny pack! He pulls out a wrench and charges at Abyss but he gets absolutely obliterated with a Black Hole Slam! Good night, Mr. Deaner, 1?2?3.

Winner: Abyss via pinfall (Black Hole Slam)

In the back Lauren is with Daffney. She tells Lauren not to worry about Dr. Stevie but he says all of Daffney’s aggression that she has on the inside she needs to let it out on the outside. Daffney says she and Lauren have something in common, and that it’s someone that is very close to Lauren. Lauren says Abyss isn?t interested in Daffney and she just stares at Lauren like a damn psycho and then laughs and walks off.


In the back JB is with Kevin Nash (w/Jenna) and Booker T. (w/Sharmell) and asks them about the dissention between Sharmell & Jenna last week. Sharmell says everything is cool now ever since Kevin put his ?pitbull? on a leash which of course makes Jenna get pissed and the two hens bicker again. Kurt again gets in between them and tells Book that Jenna is their guest and to control Sharmell (while making the money signs when talking about Jenna). Kurt tells Nash to go buy Jenna a drink and he says that he could have about a dozen.

Matt Morgan walks out interrupting Mike Tenay & Don West saying he’s going to drop a bombshell tonight. Morgan says he is going to make the Mafia an offer they can?t refuse. He offers his services to the Mafia and says he is the future of wrestling and the future is now, but this offer is only for a limited time.

In the back Lauren is with the Phenomenal One and she talks about Book and Kev having troubles with each other, but says AJ & Joe are also having problems. AJ says he doesn?t know whatsup with Joe and says that he and Daniels have both tried to talk to him but all they get is a blank stare. AJ tells Joe to show up with his gameface on because he doesn?t need the ?Nation of Violence?, he needs the ?Samoan Submission Machine? and he needs his friend.


We see footage of Rhino training with the Navy officer from a few months ago, Jesse Neal. Hell, I had forgotten Rhino was even in TNA.

Main Event
Booker T. & ?Big Sexy? Kevin Nash w/Sharmell & Jenna vs. ?The Phenomenal? AJ Styles & ?Samoan Submission Machine? Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe doesn?t even come out to the ring to tag with AJ and AJ does not look happy whatsoever. Booker & AJ (obviously) are going to start the match off. They lockup but AJ pushes him off as Booker talks smack to AJ. They lockup again and Booker gets the advantage with a wristlock but AJ rolls through and puts one on Book. Booker reverses it himself and transitions into a headlock and then he kicks AJ. Book tries to whip AJ into the ropes but AJ blocks it and hits a back elbow and then leapfrogs Book and hits the Phenomenal Dropkick! 1?2..NO Book kicks out and quickly tags Big Kev in. AJ puts Nash in a waistlock and then slings him into the corner and throws a right hand followed by shoulder blocks. AJ then attempts to whip Nash into the opposite corner but Nash reverses it and throws AJ into the corner. Nash then charges at AJ but he moves and then hits a slingshot sunset flip, but Nash blocks it and then drags AJ up by his throat and throws him in the corner. Nash throws several back elbows and then sets AJ up on the top rope. AJ blocks a right hand from Nash and then climbs on Nash’s back and puts him in a sleeper! Nash slams AJ into the corner and then tags Booker back in who throws several nasty knee strikes that takes AJ down. Nash tags back in and the MEM whip AJ into the ropes and then go for a double clothesline, but AJ ducks and hits a leg kick on Nash and then several right hands on Book. AJ attempts to whip Book into the ropes but he reverses it and AJ slingshots himself up and over the top rope onto the apron. Booker then charges AJ but he ducks down and Booker goes flying over the top rope to the floor! AJ then hits the springboard flying forearm on Nash in the ring! AJ with a big right hand sends Nash to the floor as we see Bobby Lashley walking in the back. Back at the ring AJ hits a slingshot cross body over the top onto Book & Nash! Samoa Joe finally starts to walk down to the ring as we go to commercials.


Back from commercials Booker hits a big knee strike on AJ as we see during the break AJ and Joe shoved each other which allowed Book & Nash to take back the advantage. Back to live action Booker & Nash double team AJ until Joe slides into the ring and goes after them! Joe knocks Booker out of the ring and then hits a front dropkick on Nash as Booker comes back into the ring. Joe then hits a snap powerslam on Booker and then attacks Nash on the floor as Jenna argues with the referee and Sharmell slides the Legends Title into Booker. On the floor Joe is killing Nash with forearms while Booker levels AJ with the Legends Title in the ring! Booker covers AJ, 1?2?3 and it’s over!

Winners: Booker T. & Kevin Nash via pifnall (belt shot)

After the match Booker & Nash celebrate with each other as Joe and AJ argue in the ring. AJ asks Joe why he is doing ?this? and we see Foley talking to ‘someone? about a contract. Foley tells this person that he needs him to have his back before they can do the big contract. He tells the person to hide in the closet and when Kurt comes in he needs to jump Kurt.


Kurt Angle bursts into Foley’s office and screams at Mick and tells him he’s going to beat his ass, but Mick holds him off. Angle tells Foley to get out and then chokes Foley as the person never came in and jumped Kurt. Angle tells Foley he’s going to shove Foley’s title up his a** and Foley asks Kurt why he is so mad. Kurt gets pissed and asks Mick what the hell is wrong with him. Mick says how about Kurt hit Mick in the back with a chair and their even. They can?t find a chair but Mick suggests Jeff’s guitar and Kurt agrees. Mick says he’s having problems with Jeff so they should make a call and get someone to bring a chair in. He makes a call but then hits Kurt with the phone and then pulls out socko and puts on the Mandible Claw on Kurt! The lights then go out and we hear someone getting hit with a chair. The lights come on and someone is wearing the MEM hoodie that zips up into a mask. That person unzips it and it’s Sting! We fade to black.

Final Thoughts

Another solid week from TNA this week. Lots of good wrestling and good promos leading us towards Sacrifice.
The opening segment with the Main Event Mafia was very good and I loved the bit with the rose that Kurt pulled out, though I?m sure some will say it was corny.

The opening match was really great, Red being back in TNA is definitely a good thing and he can help bring the X-Division back to it’s former self. Red is not as fast as he once was but he is still faster than 99% of the guys in wrestling today and he’s a bit bigger and stronger which is a plus. He really looked great tonight and those that haven?t had a chance to see him in the past were surely impressed. I love that Tenay harped on his past in TNA and really put over that he is a big deal and not just some scrub. He and Suicide worked very well together and they didn?t just bury the Guns by having them beat as they are furthering something with the Guns & Suicide. We saw that when the Guns came out and demanded that Daniels admit he was Suicide. I love that TNA isn?t ignoring that most of Suicide’s initial attacks were on the Guns and that he also took the X-Division Title from Shelley, and that they also made mention of the ?Fallen Angel? chants Suicide gets. I fully expect this whole thing to lead to Suicide unmasking revealing that he is actually Frankie Kazarian. Though, a Machine Guns vs. Suicide/Red feud would be good I think Red is destined to continue as a singles competitor in the X-Division.

The other tag match was very good as well even though it was a handicap match. For those that are thinking that TNA was burying L.A.X., I?ve been told that Hernandez is actually nursing a few injuries and may actually need minor surgery. That said, Magnus & Williams looked VERY good as a team and they bring somemore depth to TNA’s tag division. This Tournament is really making the tag division even stronger in TNA. I?m thinking Homicide goes after the X-Division Title now that Hernandez is injured.

The Abyss and Cody stuff was pretty funny again this week. I think this Cody Deaner character is really a love or hate thing. I don?t see many people thinking he is okay, they either love him or hate him. I?m one of those few in the middle I guess. I don?t mind the comedy stuff as long as it doesn?t get too stale (like ODB’s ?deez nuts? joke, that was old in 1999). I?m really looking forward to the eventually Abyss vs. Stevie Richards showdown.

The Knockouts Stretcher Match was exactly what it should?ve been, a flat out massacre. Kong just absolutely destroyed Madison and that’s how it should be. Now the beast wants Velvet I?m guessing.

The Main Event was pretty solid with AJ doing most of the work and again we see the dissention between Joe and AJ. I?m really starting to warm up to Joe’s new ?I don?t give a sh*t? character and it looks like we?re leading into a Joe vs. AJ feud which is NEVER a bad thing as I?m sure all the longtime TNA fans can attest to.

The final segment was done really well. We never saw who Foley was talking to, though we did see Lashley walking backstage so we assume that it was Lashley, but I fully expect it to end up being someone else (who? I?m not sure). The thing with Sting showing up at the very end was just great. I loved it.

I usually don?t hype up the next weeks show in my final thoughts too much but TNA just announced on their website that next week’s Main Event will be a HUGE 10-Man War between the entire Main Event Mafia facing Foley, Jarrett, Joe, AJ, & Daniels! That is huge! Also, Suicide will defend the X-Title against Consequences Creed!

Match of the Night: Red & Suicide vs. The Guns (***)

Segment/Promo of the Night: Final segment between unknown man, Angle, Foley, & Sting.

Overall Grade: B +

Scheduled for Next Week:
– 10 Man War: Kurt Angle, Sting, Kevin Nash, Booker T., & Scott Steiner vs. Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, & Christopher Daniels
– TNA X-Division Title: Suicide (c) vs. Consequences Creed
– 3D Invitational Semifinals: Beer Money Inc. vs. Eric Young & Jethro Holiday
– Stretcher Match: Awesome Kong vs. Velvet Sky

Sacrifice lineup so far:
– TNA World Heavyweight Title Fatal 4-Way Ultimate Sacrifice Match: Mick Foley (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. TBA vs. TBA