Joseph Park vs. Joey Ryan

Before the match, Joey Ryan insulted the crowd in San Antonio saying it’s true what they say about everything being bigger in Texas pointing out the “fat” wrestling fans.

Ryan with a big slap to Park to kick off the match. Park with a big hip toss and arm drag on Ryan. Park with some big right hands to Ryan in the corner. Ryan attempts a cross body, but Ryan simply hits Park and falls back to the mat. Ryan gets Park off his feet and mounts his chest dropping some big right hands. Ryan kicks away the leg of Park to take him off his feet. Ryan gets Park up in the corner and runs in with a big elbow. Park sends Ryan to the ring apron blocking a second elbow attempt. Ryan goes up top and takes Park off his feet with a big missile dropkick. Cover by Ryan and Park continues to kick out. Park pulls some chest hair out of Ryan’s and then gives him a wedgie. Park with a big splash in the corner and Ryan is down. Park gets up on the second rope, jumps and Ryan moves out of the way. Park counters a sunset flip attempt by Ryan into a sitting splash. Park gets the pinfall.

Winner: Joseph Park

After the match, we see a replay leading to the finish. Back live, Joseph Park celebrates his first ever TNA Pay Per View win with the audience in the Alamodome.

TNA wants you to vote on who you think will win tonight’s main event between Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray for the TNA Championship. You can cast your vote at

We then see video of Jeff Hardy arriving to the Alamodome earlier today.

Video is shown of Brooke Hogan talking with Bully Ray about how big tonight is. Ray said he is nervous about tonight and wants to make her proud and Hulk Hogan proud. Hogan walks in and Brooke leaves. He said tonight TNA has the chance to go on to greatness. Hogan said Jeff Hardy had a nice little run as champion, but there is something special about Ray. He thinks Bully Ray is the launching point for TNA.

* Velvet Sky defending the TNA Knockouts Championship against Gail Kim is up next.

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