TNA Tag Team Championships
Austin Aries and Bobby Roode (c’s) vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs. Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero

We start with Bobby Roode and Chavo Guerrero. Christopher Daniels then leans in and tags himself in. Series of counters early on with Daniels eventually dropping Chavo. Chavo responds with a quick high back body drop. Shot from Hernandez to Daniels from the ring apron and Hernandez gets the tag. Double hip toss on Daniels and double back body drop on Kazarian. Hernandez with a body splash to Daniels and Chavo with a big kick to follow it up. Hernandez tosses Daniels back in and connects with a big scoop slam. Chavo springboards in with a splash getting the tag. Quick tag back to Hernandez who catches Daniels and then launches him back over his head. Quick tag to Chavo who drives his knees into the face of Daniels. Tag to Kazarian who takes a hip toss from Chavo along with a scoop slam. Tag to Hernandez who slams Chavo over Kazarian and then splashes Kazarian. Kazarian with a big missile dropkick to Hernandez. Tag to Daniels. Series of double team shots with a slap and elbow to Hernandez. Tag to Chavo who flips in over Daniels, drops Kazarian and hits a head scissors on Daniels. Chavo with two suplexs on Daniels, Kazarian cuts him off, two on Kazarian, Roode cuts that off, two to Roode and he then finally executes on Aries when he cuts in.

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