Roode with boots to Chavo. Kazarian with a quick leg drop to Chavo and knees in the corner. Tag to Daniels as they keep Chavo nearby. Daniels with an elbow and big stomp to Chavo. Chavo with a big dropkick sending Daniels near Roode and Aries. Roode tags himself in and goes after Chavo. Tag to Aries who connects with an elbow to Chavo who takes a catapult from Roode. Aries springboards in the ring over Chavo. Quick tag to Roode who works over Chavo in the corner with kicks. Chavo attempting a comeback on Roode. Roode cuts him off with shoulder thrusts. Tag back to Aries. Aries with a snapmare and dropkick to the head. Roode gets the tag and headbutts Chavo. Chavo catches Aries with a big superman punch knocking him off the ring apron. Double clothesline spot by Chavo and Roode. Tag to Aries who cuts off Chavo from tagging in Hernandez and gets in a few shots on Daniels and Kazarian. Daniels and Kazarian start a shoving match with Aries and Roode. Double cross body collision between Aries and Kazarian. Chavo with a cross body on Aries and Kazarian from the top rope. Hernandez launches himself in from the ring apron taking them out as well. Hernandez with a flying clothesline on Roode and Daniels after hitting the ropes.

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