Angle then goes up top attempting a frog splash when Brisco moves out of the way. Angle is able to come back with a quick Angle Slam. Brisco with a low blow and is able to get away with it in front of the referee due to the no DQ stipulation in steel cage matches. Brisco opens the door and is trying to get out when Angle recovers and pulls him back to the middle of the ring applying an Ankle Lock. Brisco counters out sending Angle face first into the side of the cage. Brisco is now climbing up the cage trying to get out. Angle jumps up with Brisco and pulls him down to the top rope. Both are standing on the top rope. Brisco with big right hands. Angle with right hands. Angle is sending Brisco into the side of the cage repeatedly face first. Angle with a german suplex on Brisco from the top rope to the ring below. Brisco counters an Angle Slam. Referee bump when Angle takes out the referee with a clothesline by accident. Angle with an Ankle Lock applied. Angle drops down to add more pressure. Brisco is tapping out, but the referee is down. Angle breaks the hold and checks on the referee. Angle with another Angle Slam on Brisco. Angle opens the cage door and walks out to the ramp. The referee is still recovering and it appears Angle has won the match.

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