Aces and Eights vs. Team TNA (Lethal Lockdown – Update #2)

Bischoff hits the ring and ends up taking a big knee drop from Joe after Magnus set it up with a big shot to the back. Magnus is controlling Knox in the corner despite Joe and Magnus having a disadvantage. Joe with a corner clothesline to Bischoff. Anderson cuts off Joe. Magnus is tossed from the top turnbuckle by Knox. Time expires and out next is Eric Young (Team TNA). Young with a huge dropkick to Bischoff. Young with rights to Knox and an inverted atomic drop to Bischoff. Young with a scoop slam to Anderson and follows with elbows. Young fires up the crowd in San Antonio.

Young is working over Bischoff choking him with his boot in the corner. Magnus with a scoop slam and drops knees over the face of Anderson near the corner. Joe with forearms to Knox on the mat. Joe with a huge chop that drops Bischoff. Time expires and out next is Devon (Aces and Eights). Devon is in and attacks Magnus and Joe. Devon also works over Young and then goes back to more shots on Magnus. Bischoff mounts Young dropping some big right hands. Joe breaks that up with a big kick to the back by Joe. Joe with big slaps to Bischoff in the corner. Knox sends Magnus into the cage.

Time expires and out next is James Storm (Team TNA). Storm with a big shot to Devon and necbreaker on Anderson. Storm is all over Bischoff with rights. Storm with the Closing Time on Knox. Storm with his Last Call superkick to Knox. Anderson gets the better of Storm in the corner. Joe with jabs to Knox in the corner and follows it up with a big high knee to the body. Magnus with a big uppercut to Bischoff. Magnus follows that up with a big elbow as Bischoff is sent into the ropes. Time expires and out next is Doc (Aces and Eights). Doc hits the ring and goes after Joe, Magnus and Young.

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