Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray (TNA Championship – Update #1)

TNA Championship – Steel Cage Match
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Bully Ray

Jeremy Borash did ring introductions for the challenger Bully Ray and champion Jeff Hardy. Bully Ray drops Jeff Hardy early on with a quick shoulder block. Another lock up and Ray tries to keep Hardy grounded, but Hardy fights out of it. Ray with another quick slam on Hardy, Hardy quickly kicks out and backs to the corner. Hardy with a series of quick arm drags and splash to Ray in the corner. Hardy catches Ray with an elbow and connects with Whisper in the Wind in the corner. Ray powers out after two during a pinfall attempt by Hardy. Hardy starts climbing up the cage and Ray grabs his left leg. Hardy kicks away at Ray and then splashes Ray on the mat below jumping from the top rope against the cage. Hardy tries to escape again, Ray catches up with him and slams the knee of Hardy on the side of the cage. Ray then pulls Hardy down, connects with a big boot to Hardy and ends crotching him on the top rope. Ray with a few quick elbow drops over Hardy. Ray with a quick scoop slam on Hardy. Hardy tries escaping through the door and Ray cuts him off with forearms to the back. Ray goes back to a side headlock to keep Hardy grounded. Ray breaks the hold, connects with a headbutt and then drops a few knees over Hardy.

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