Daniels, Kazarian and Sabin vs. Muta, Sanada and Yasu

Steel Cage – Six Man Tag Team Match
Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and Chris Sabin vs. The Great Muta, Sanada and Yasu (Nakanoue)

We start with Chris Sabin and Sanada. Sanada with an abdominal stretch and then rolls around with Sabin. Sanada with a quick arm drag and Sabin recovers pushing him to the corner with some shoulder charges. Tags to Kazarian and Yasu. They both attempt shoulder blocks. Kazarian with a big elbow that drops Yasu. Yasu with a big hip toss and tags in The Great Muta. Muta with a big elbow drop on Kazarian. Daniels breaks up a submission and takes a dropkick from Muta. Muta sprays the green mist. Tag to Yasu who drops an elbow over Kazarian. Triple team on Yasu with Daniels getting the tag and keeping him grounded. Sabin gets the tag, holds Yasu down and Kazarian tags himself in dropping a leg. Kazarian and Daniels with repeated moonsaults over Yasu resulting in a two count. Yasu with elbows to Daniels, Kazarian and Sabin. Daniels breaks it up, tags in Sabin and all three triple team Yasu again for another two count. Tag to Sanada who takes out Daniels with a big huricanrana. Sanada busts out two big dropkicks and then a big cutter on Daniels for a two count. More triple teaming by Daniels, Kazarian and Sabin on Sanada. Muta with a submission on Daniels. Muta with a mist to Kazarian. Sanada with a moonsault on Daniels for the win.

Winners: The Great Muta, Sanada and Yasu

Rockstar Spud is out next. He introduces TNA President Dixie Carter. Dixie said she has a little insurance policy from New York to make sure her team wins tonight. She warns Jeff Hardy that he won’t be allowed to compete tonight and has security at all entrances to keep him out.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Velvet Sky who is taking fan questions tonight. Eric Young talks Team MVP vs. Team Dixie. He said everything changes after this match tonight.

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