Ethan Carter III Open Challenge

Ethan Carter III is out next. He talks about the accomplishments of Kurt Angle calling him one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Carter adds that he is as well saying, “I am wrestling! I am wrestling!” He finds it odd that Angle scheduled surgery before Lockdown tonight and how he was deprived of his dream match. Carter promotes his open challenge tonight.

Former WWE star Bobby Lashley answers the challenge. EC3 screams on the mic that he isn’t part of the roster. He said he knows for a fact that Lashley doesn’t have a contract with TNA. Carter tells Lashley to leave. Carter goes for a right hand, Lashley ducks and connects with a big running powerslam on Carter. Lashley takes out Carter with a big spear.

Tenay and Taz wonder if Lashley is officially back with TNA. Lashley walks around the ringside area slapping hands with fans.

A video package for Kenny King airs.

Backstage, we see Velvet Sky answering questions from fans on Facebook.

Backstage, TNA Champion Magnus talks about defending his title tonight against Samoa Joe.

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