James Storm vs. Gunner (Last Man Standing Match)

Last Man Standing – Steel Cage Match
James Storm vs. Gunner

James Storm and Gunner started brawling right away as Gunner made his entrance. Storm busts a beer bottle over the head of Gunner at ringside. Gunner with a suplex on Storm to the floor around the ring. Gunner sends Storm shoulder first into the steel ring steps at ringside. Gunner grabs two steel chairs and gets in a right on Storm. Storm sends Gunner face first into the steel steps. Gunner responds with right hands. Storm shuts the door on Gunner. Storm opens the door, enters the ring and the match officially starts.

Storm is yelling at the referee to start the 10 count. Gunner is up around 4. Gunner catches Storm with an elbow. Storm catches Gunner with a quick DDT from the second turnbuckle and then starts choking him with the tag rope from the corner. Storm starts choking Gunner again with the rope. Storm with a low blow on Gunner. Storm starts laughing. Gunner with a quick chop to Storm. Storm tosses Gunner face first into the corner and Gunner gets fired up. Gunner with a knee to the gut of Storm in the corner. Gunner catches Storm with a high knee, but Storm cuts him off with a knee and knee to the face. Gunner grabs a piece bottom piece of the steel steps that was tossed in earlier and Gunner catches Storm in the face with it. The referee starts the count. Storm is up at 8. Gunner with rights yelling at Storm to stay down. Gunner blocks a Last Call, but Storm catches him with double knees to the face and then sends Gunner face first into the corner where a steel chair was. The referee starts the count. Gunner is up at 9. Storm with elbows and cracks a steel chair over the back of Gunner. The referee counts. Gunner is up at 5. Gunner catches Storm with a quick spear/tackle. Gunner with a modified F5 on Storm. Referee starts the count.

Storm is up around 8. Gunner steps on his hand and plants him with a modified chokeslam. Referee again starts the count. Gunner is going up to the top turnbuckle as the referee is counting. Gunner jumps attempting a flying headbutt when Storm tosses a steel chair in his face. Gunner is out. The referee starts the count on Gunner as Storm gets to his feet. Gunner is up at 9 right as Storm cracks a steel chair over his back. Storm yells at the referee to count. Storm sets up two steel chairs facing each other. Gunner is up around 6 when Storm looks to be hitting a powerbomb. Gunner counters and takes a forearm to the back from Storm. Gunner with an elbow and Storm with a big uppercut to Gunner who is now sitting on the top turnbuckle. Storm jumps up with him, grabs Gunner by the head, pushes Gunner back first into the cage, Gunner sends Storm face first into the cage two times and Gunner now with headbutts to Storm. Gunner looks over his shoulder at the steel chairs below. Gunner with a superplex on Storm over the two steel chairs! The referee starts the count. Gunner is up at 9. Storm is trying to fight up and can’t answer the count.

Winner: Gunner

After the match, we see highlights leading to the finish. Back live, Gunner celebrates his win.

We see footage from earlier tonight of Dixie Carter wanting to keep Jeff Hardy out tonight.

Backstage, The Wolves are fired up for tonight. MVP walks up trying to calm them down saying they need to be very careful tonight. He said they have a plan and need to stick to it. MVP wants them to be in control tonight and not to make any mistakes.

A video package runs hyping Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim.

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