Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim (TNA Knockouts Championship)

TNA Knockouts Championship – Steel Cage Match
Madison Rayne (c) vs. Gail Kim w/ Lei’D Tapa

Gail Kim with right hands and Madison Rayne responds with a few elbows early on. Kim with forearm shots to the back. Rayne catches Kim with another elbow in the corner and gets a close two count. Rayne with uppercuts, Kim fakes her out with a cross body and starts climbing up the cage. Rayne jumps up to cut her off. Kim has Rayne on her shoulders. Rayne locks the head of Kim and drives her head into the side of the cage. Rayne misses a flying cross body to Kim back in the ring when Kim moves. Kim tosses Rayne back first into the steel cage, pulls her up to the second rope and then drives her down face first into the mat for a two count. Kim with forearm shots to the back. Kim catches Rayne with a running corner clothesline. Kim with a backbreaker on Rayne. Rayne catches Kim with kicks to the face. Kim fires back in with a kick to the head. Kim charges at Rayne in the corner, Rayne moves and Kim hits the side of the cage really hard. That looked nasty. Rayne misses a boot to Kim when Kim goes up top. Kim continues climbing up the side of the cage. Kim hooks the head of Rayne and they go flying off the top rope to the ring below with Kim connecting with a neckbreaker on Rayne. Rayne somehow gets a shoulder up after two when Kim covers her.

Kim is trying to crawl out of the cage with Tapa opening the cage door. Kim is able to toss Rayne face first into the steel cage when Kim drops down being sent into the ropes by Rayne. Kim is now climbing up the cage on the other side and Rayne is right behind her. Kim is looking to hit Eat Defeat on Rayne. Rayne counters and drops Kim off the top rope. Rayne kicks Tapa off the side of the cage who jumped on from the outside. Rayne is now near the corner on the top turnbuckle and catches Kim with a big spear. Rayne gets the win.

Winner and still TNA Knockouts Champion: Madison Rayne

Backstage, Samoa Joe calls Magnus a paper champion and tonight he reclaims his title.

A video package runs hyping Magnus vs. Samoa Joe.

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