TNA One Night Only Live Results

TNA One Night Only Results 1/6/17
TNA One Night Only Live Results
January 6, 2017
Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)

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Before the opening match, Lashley cut a promo about Davey Richards returning last night on Impact Wrestling and preventing him from winning back the TNA Championship.

Lashley def. Davey Richards

Lashley got the win over Richards via an armbar submission.

DJ Z def. Andrew Everett, Braxton Sutter and Trevor Lee in a Fatal Four Way Elimination match to retain the TNA X Division Championship

Order of elimination: Andrew Everett, Braxton Sutter and Trevor Lee. DJ Z hit Lee with the ZDT to get the pinfall to retain his title.

Backstage, Davey Richards argues with TNA Champion Eddie Edwards about losing his match and feeling he’s now just a sidekick for Edwards.

Bram def. Robbie E

Before the match, Robbie E walked out and made an open challenge to anyone in The DCC. Bram hit Robbie with a low blow and the Brighter Side of Suffering to get the win.

Moose def. Mike Bennett in a No Holds Barred match

It turns out Moose’s TNA Impact Grand Championship was not on the line. Bennett ended up giving Maria a spear by accident allowing Moose to hit the Game Changer for the win.

Mahabali Shera def. Marshe Rocket

Shera hit the Sky High on Rocket to get the pinfall.

Gail Kim made an appearance to address rumors about a possible retirement. Kim revealed she isn’t medically cleared to wrestle yet, but wants to return and get back the TNA Knockouts Championship. Current Knockouts Champion Rosemary interrupts and has words with Kim.

Rosemary def. Sienna to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship

Rosemary spit mist in the eyes of Sienna to setup the Red Winning for the pinfall to retain her title.

James Storm def. Jessie Godderz

Both Bram and Eddie Kingston interfered during the match. Storm hit the Last Call on Godderz to get the pinfall. After the match, the lights went out and when they came back on The Decay was in the ring. They spit mist in the eyes of Storm and then attacked both Bram and Kingston.

The Broken Hardys def. Eli Drake and Tyrus to retain the TNA Tag Team Championships

The finish saw both Matt and Jeff hit the Twist of Fate on Eli Drake to setup a swanton bomb by Jeff. Matt scored the winning pinfall to retain the titles for The Hardys.

Eddie Edwards def. EC3 to retain the TNA Championship

During the match, Lashley interfered and handed a steel chair to EC3. EC3 flipped off Lashley, threw away the chair and then took a spear from Lashley. Lashley then went to hit EC3 with the chair, but Davey Richards interferes, takes the chair from Lashley and then takes out EC3 by accident. Edwards then hit EC3 with the Boston Knee Party to get the pinfall to retain.


  1. there is something wrong with new logo as think they have to change tna grand championship design as logo are different from but they have been using now.

  2. Sounded like a pretty good PPV.
    I wish they waited more than 2 days for Davey Richards to start turning on Eddie Edwards though. Yeah conventional wisdom in booking wrestling says it was inevitable but it would’ve been better if they built it up more over time rather than making it blatantly obvious after only their 2nd event back together.

  3. I’ve literally been waiting for Richards to reappear just for them to feud over the World Heavyweight Championship.

  4. And there’s nothing wrong with that but, like I said, it would’ve been better if they built it up more over the next few weeks/months rather than making it obvious Davey was going to turn on Eddie after only their 2nd appearance back together.

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