Against All Odds PPV Results – 2/12/12

TNA Against All Odds PPV
February 12, 2012
Orlando, Florida
Report by: Adam Martin of

A video package runs hyping the main event tonight for the TNA Championship involving champion Bobby Roode and challengers Jeff Hardy, James Storm and Bully Ray.

We go live to the Impact Zone where we get a Las vegas-style theme for Against All Odds. Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash are on commentary. Taz is away due to a death in the family. Tenay and Borash review the main event tonight featuring Sting as the special guest enforcer.

Zema Ion is out first to kick off the show. SoCal Val is handling ring announcing tonight.

#1 Contendership for the TNA X Division Championship
Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen

Sorensen catches Ion with a big back drop and later with a suplex with a bridge for a two count. Ion is dumped to the outside and complains that his hair is ruined. Ion uses some hair spray as Sorensen attempts a series of pinfall attempts. Sorensen with a quick snap huricanrana. Ion takes a football away from a kid at ringside that Sorensen gave our earlier. Sorensen with a baseball slide into the back of Ion. Ion tosses Sorensen back in and connects with a missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle. Ion with a moonsault from the top turnbuckle to the outside taking out Sorensen. It looks like Ion caught his knees on the top of Sorensen’s head. The referee starts the count and reaches to 10. The referee backs up Ion, leaves the ring, checks on Sorensen and calls for the bell. TNA officials run out and start checking on Sorensen at ringside.

Winner via count out and the new #1 contender: Zema Ion

After the match, we see highlights leading to the finish. You can see on the replay that Ion’s knee came directly down on the top of Sorensen’s head appearing to knock him out legit. Borash and Tenay start killing time as officials continue to check on Sorensen. We then get another look at the spot from two different angles.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with TNA Champion Bobby Roode. Roode said it is appropriate the name of tonight’s PPV is Against All Odds with the odds stacked against him tonight in the main event. He adds that despite the odds, he has been able to get the job done as TNA Champion for months now.

TNA TV Champion Robbie E is on his way out, bro. He announces the Robbie E Invitational meaning any wrestler in the back can accept his open challenge. Shannon Moore answers the challenge.

TNA TV Championship
Robbie E (c) w/ Robbie T vs. Shannon Moore

Moore with a series of hip tosses and a big dropkick to send Robbie out of the ring early on. Robbie grabs the title, hands it to Robbie T and heads up the ramp. Moore bails out and hits a series of forearms sending him back in the ring. Moore with a big spin kick catching Robbie in the head. Robbie with a running knee sending Moore off the ring apron into the steel barricade. Robbie tosses Moore back in and catches him with a big elbow coming off the ropes. Robbie catches Moore with an elbow off the second rope resulting in a quick two count. Moore with a dropkick sending Robbie to the outside. Moore with his springboard moonsault taking out Robbie at the end of the entrance ramp. Moore spits in the direction of Robbie T at ringside. Robbie dodges a moonsault from Moore and follows it up with a running clothesline. Moore crotches Robbie up on the top turnbuckle. Moore with a top rope huricanrana, hooks the leg and gets a close two count. Robbie T catches Moore with a punch when Robbie E kicks out of a rollup attempt. Robbie E with a DDT and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winner and still TNA TV Champion: Robbie E

A video package runs hyping Gail Kim vs. Tara.

TNA Knockouts Champion
Gail Kim (c) w/ Madison Rayne vs. Tara

Tara goes after Gail Kim right away with a series of chops and snapmare takedowns. Gail and Madison are arguing as Tara gets in a quick snap suplex. Gail drops Tara off the top rope as Madison continues yelling out insults from ringside. Gail sends Tara face first into the corner and follows with a clothesline splash. Gail connects with a missile dropkick to Tara. Gail yells back at Madison and Madison screams, “Screw you!” Madison walks up up the ramp and Gail waves goodbye. Gail with a quick cross-body. Gail with a snap top rope huricanrana on Tara. Tara fires back with a quick powerslam. Tara with her spinning side slam on Gail. Tara with a top rope moonsault connecting on Gail. Tara favors her knee after connecting. Tara covers Gail, but gets a two count. Tara fights to her feet and Gail drops Tara’s knee over hers. Gail then connects with her finisher dropping back with her boot in Tara’s face to get the pinfall.

Winner and still TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

After the match, we see highlights of the finish and Gail Kim retaining her title.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with James Storm. Storm promises a party tonight in Orlando when he walks away with the title.

Dixie Carter tweeted the following as the PPV was live regarding Jesse Sorensen: “Jesse Sorensen was injured in the opening match of tonight’s PPV. He is currently being transported to the hospital.”

A video package runs focusing on Matt Morgan/Crimson vs. Magnus/Samoa Joe.

TNA Tag Team Championships
Matt Morgan and Crimson (c’s) vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus

We start with Matt Morgan and Samoa Joe. Joe catches Morgan with a kick to the gut and a series of jabs. Morgan fires back with a shoulder block takedown. Tag to Magnus who is contained by Morgan who tags in Crimson. Crimson with a quick snapmare and a big kick to the face. Tag back to Morgan who is launched into Magnus with an assist from Crimson. Joe catches Crimson with a knee and drops his head off the top rope with the referee distracted. Tag back to Joe who hits Crimson with jabs. Magnus and Joe with a series of double teaming as Magnus gets back the tag. Quick tag back to Joe who hits Crimson with tons of jabs in the corner. Quick tag to Magnus who connects with a snapmare on Crimson keeping him grounded. Magnus with a back drop suplex on Crimson. Tag to Joe who lands a big chop to Crimson’s chest. Tag back to Magnus who drops an elbow. Quick tag to Joe who throws more jabs to Crimson. Crimson fires back with a flying clothesline from the second rope catching Joe. Morgan wants the tag. Hot tag to Morgan who levels Magnus who gets the tag as well from Joe. Magnus eats a big knee from Morgan and Morgan drops Joe with a clothesline. Morgan throws Magnus and Joe face first into each other and follows with a double clothesline. Morgan no sells a big boot from Magnus in the corner and connects with his spinning slam that is broken up by Joe during a pinfall attempt. Morgan and Crimson with a double shoulder block on Joe. Joe with a body splash and kick to the head on Morgan. Morgan dodges a snapmare by Joe sending Joe into the crotch of Magnus. Crimson takes out Morgan with a spear by accident. Joe dumps Crimson out. Joe with a snapmare on Morgan and Magnus follows with a top rope elbow drop. Magnus covers Morgan to get the pinfall.

Winners and new TNA Tag Team Champions: Samoa Joe and Magnus

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Bully Ray. Ray sends her away. He said he is in the best shape of his life and he intends on pissing off the wrestling world tonight by becoming the TNA Champion.

TNA X Division Championship
Austin Aries (c) vs. Alex Shelley

Lock up and Aries gets in a quick hip toss on Shelley. Aries showboats executing a cartwheel avoiding offense from Shelley and then sitting up on the corner smiling. Shelley runs at Aries connecting with a series of offense including springboarding off the top rope taking out Aries on the outside. Shelley gets his knees up when Aries attempts a slingshot senton back in the ring. Shelley sends Aries back to the outside, but Aries crawls under the ring and comes back out from the other side. Aries with knees to the back of Shelley and then connects with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Aries goes to work on the head and neck of Shelley. Shelley moves when Aries executes his swinging elbow drop. Aries rakes the eyes of Shelley and Shelley misses a series of right hand attempts. Shelley gets in a kick allowing him to get in a series of body shots. Shelley drops Aries face first into the corner. Aries once again goes under the ring, comes back out the other side again, but this time Shelley is aware. Shelley drops Aries over the top rope and Aries drops face first over the ring apron. Shelley with a suicide dive to Aries into the guard railing. Back in the ring, Aries with a quick suplex and very quick swinging elbow. Shelley counters a brainbuster attempt. Shelley catches Aries with a boot in the corner. Aries with a death valley driver on Shelley over the ring apron. Aries with a double sledgehammer from the top rope. Back in the ring, Shelley kicks out of a pinfall attempt. Shelley with Sliced Bread #2 and Aries gets his hand on the bottom rope. Very close pinfall count. Aries with knees to the head of Shelley, kick to the jaw and dropkick in the corner. Aries connects with the brainbuster and Shelley kicks out. Aries is shocked. Shelley with a small package for a close two count. Shelley with a series of kicks, cover and another close pinfall. Aries with more knees to the head and connects with a second brainbuster. Aries locks the neck of Shelley, flips back and pulls back on the head/neck of Shelley (what he calls the Last Chancery). Shelley taps.

Winner and still TNA X Division Champion: Austin Aries

After the match, we see a series of highlights and the finish.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Jeff Hardy. Hemme asks how Hardy’s back is doing. Hardy said his back has seen better days and calls for his “creatures to mount up.”

A video package runs highlighting AJ Styles vs. Kazarian.

AJ Styles vs. Kazarian w/ Christopher Daniels

Kazarian is wearing a Christopher Daniels t-shirt. Styles rips it off and gets in a quick hip toss into a headlock. Styles keeps Kazarian grounded when he tries breaking out. Kazarian fights back getting in a quick arm drag on Styles. Styles tosses Kazarian out of the ring in what was a minor botch with Styles about to jump in the air and Kazarian coming in too fast. Styles catches Kazarian with his huge dropkick. Styles with a snapmare and kick to the back of Kazarian. Kazarian with a quick inverted DDT jumping out of the corner during a Styles charge. Styles with a flying forearm to the floor taking out Kazarian. Styles misses a splash in the corner and Styles takes an elevated monkey flip sending him across the ring. Kazarian connects with his springboard leg drop. Kazarian with an awkward looking side russian leg sweep on Styles. Kazarian locks the head of Styles keeping him grounded. Styles and Kazarian exchange a series of elbows. Styles drops Kazarian with clotheslines and a kick to the back of the head. Styles drops Kazarian on his face, hooks the leg and gets a two count. Kazarian with a boot to the face on Styles followed by a dropkick that launches Styles to the other corner. Kazarian jumps over the top rope and drives the head of Styles into the ring apron. Styles tries to slingshot himself in, but Kazarian catches him with a cutter. Styles with a headbutt and his flip inverted DDT. Pinfall attempts between the two. Styles with the Pele Kick. Styles springboards up on the top rope, but instead connects with a moonsault taking out Christopher Daniels at ringside. Kazarian catches Styles who jumps at him and connects with the Fade to Black. Kazarian gets the win.

Winner: Kazarian

After the match, we see a series of highlights and the finish of Kazarian getting the win.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Eric Bischoff and Gunner. Bischoff hands a towel to Gunner telling him to give it to Hulk Hogan since his son Garett will need it.

Gunner w/ Eric Bischoff vs. Garett Bischoff w/ Hulk Hogan

Garett with a series of arm drags and a quick dropkick to Gunner early on. Gunner with a quick takedown and slaps the face of Garett. Garett with some ugly looking right hands backing up Gunner to the corner. Eric Bischoff holds the foot of his son as he was coming off the ropes. Hulk Hogan walks over trying to get in Eric’s face when the referee breaks it up. Garett with a drop toe hold into a headlock. Garett with an inverted atomic drop, but Gunner fights back sending him into the corner and then connecting with a shot to the back of the head. Gunner starts putting the boots to Garett in front of Hogan. Gunner works over the head/neck of Garett. Garett with more of his ugly looking right hands which gets cut off via a neckbreaker from Gunner. Eric Bischoff with a cheap shot on his son. Hogan walks over and drops Bischoff with a right hand. Gunner drops repeated elbows to the back of Garett’s neck. Gunner with another neckbreaker on Garett. Hogan has the towel in hand. Garett waves Hogan down. Gunner with a DDT and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Gunner

After the match, we see a shot of a recovering Eric Bischoff laughing at hearing the win of Gunner. Eric and Gunner hug.

Bacsktage, Christy Hemme is with Sting. He promises to use his authority tonight to make sure we get a fair and clean winner.

A video package runs focusing on tonight’s main event for the TNA Championship.

TNA Championship
Special guest enforcer: Sting
Bobby Roode (c) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm vs. Bully Ray

Christy Hemme handles the ring introductions for the champion Bobby Roode and challengers Jeff Hardy, James Storm and Bully Ray. Roode attempts to get Bully Ray to help him early on before the bell rings. James Storm and Jeff Hardy go to work on Roode as Bully Ray looks on from the outside. Hardy jumps off the back of Storm dropkicking Roode in the corner. Ray back in the ring and drops Roode with a Rock Bottom. Storm with right hands to Ray. Storm with a backcracker on Roode. Roode and Storm exchange right hands. Storm with a high back body drop on Roode. Ray with a huge high back body drop on Hardy. Orlando crowd starts a “DEVON’S BETTER” chant at Ray. Ray with a superplex off the top rope on Hardy. Hardy comes back dropping boots over the crotch of Ray. We get a Tower of Doom spot from the corner with Ray pulling everyone down. Hardy with rights to Roode. Roode drops Hardy face first on the mat. Ray drops Roode. Ray splashes the referee going after Hardy. Ray with the Bubba Bomb on Hardy. Sting is trying to revive the referee. Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Ray. Hardy hooks the leg and the referee remains down. Roode with a spear on Hardy. Storm with the Codebreaker on Roode. Storm with the Last Call superkick on Roode, covers and Ray pulls the referee out during the pinfall attempt. Sting gets in Ray’s face when Storm comes flying over taking out the referee by accident. In the ring, Ray and Roode are up. Roode with a spinebuster on Ray. Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Roode. Hardy goes up top and misses with the Swanton Bomb when Roode rolls out of the way. Roode grabs his title and returns to the ring. Sting jumps in and takes it away. Roode pushes Sting. Roode is daring Sting to hit him with the belt. Roode spits in Sting’s face. Sting swings, Roode ducks and Sting takes out Hardy with the title instead. Roode is laughing. He yells at Sting to count. Roode drops down, hooks the leg and Sting counts 1…2…3.

Winner and still TNA Champion: Bobby Roode

After the match, Bobby Roode yells at Sting to hand him the TNA Championship. We see highlights of the finish. Back live, Sting is helping up Jeff Hardy as Bobby Roode looks on from the ramp holding up his title. The PPV goes off the air with a shot of an upset Sting.