PPV: TNA Final Resolution

TNA Final Resolution PPV
December 9, 2012
Orlando, Florida
Report by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

A video package opens narrated by Jeff Hardy describing various images of his career. It then transitions into focusing on Bobby Roode who will face Hardy tonight for the TNA Championship in the main event.

A graphic opening hits welcoming us to Final Resolution. We go live to the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida where a display of pyro goes off.

James Storm is out first to kick off the show. Storm grabs a microphone and says he isn’t scheduled to be here tonight. He said that doesn’t stop the Cowboy from coming out here to have a little fun. Storm said last Thursday an incident took place with Aces and Eights. He promised to watch the back of Jeff Hardy and that is what he did. Storm said he noticed Bobby Roode giving a thumbs up to Aces and Eights and he thinks Roode should have shoved that thumb up his butt. An “UP HIS BUTT” chant starts up in Orlando (yes, really). Storm calls out Roode and Kazarian comes out instead. He says outside of AJ Styles, Storm is the biggest “man baby” of anyone in TNA. Kazarian said all Storm does is complain and calls him a drunk. Storm smiles. Kazarian says it is time Storm stops the Toby Keith routine and leave TNA. Storm mocks Kazarian saying he had all day to think of a better promo. He proposes a match with Kazarian right now adding, “Well, if that’s okay with your boyfriend first.” Kazarian points out we don’t have a referee at ringside. Storm says he doesn’t need one. Kazarian goes to bail when a referee walks down the ramp. Storm goes after Kazarian at ringside sending him into the steel steps and steel guard railining. Storm rolls Kazarian in. The referee calls for the bell.

James Storm vs. Kazarian

James Storm with a quick Lou Thesz Press and big right hands to Kazarian. Kazarian fights back dropping Storm off the top rope. Kazarian throws Storm into the ropes and then stands over his back using the ropes to his advantage. Kazarian with a quick reverse neckbreaker. Kazarian sends Storm to the outside and drops elbow over his neck over the steel ring steps. Kazarian with a double axe handle shot to the back of Storm’s neck. Back in the ring, Kazarian with a scoop slam and leg drop combo. Kazarian applies a headlock to keep Storm grounded. Storm with a series of clotheslines and a quick throwing underhook suplex. Kazarian connects with his springboard spike DDT from the ring apron over the top rope. Storm with an Alabama Slam. Roll Tide. Storm connects with his Closing Time facebuster to the knees. Storm calls for the Last Call superkick. Storm fires up in the corner. Kazarian avoids the superkick. Kazarian attempts his reverse piledriver, but Storm breaks free and catches Kazarian with the Last Call. Storm covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: James Storm

After the match, James Storm grabs a beer and celebrates up on the top turnbuckle.

We go to Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay and Taz at the announcers table. They discuss the main event tonight with Jeff Hardy defending the TNA Championship against Bobby Roode. We see footage of Hardy and Roode arriving to the building earlier tonight.

TNA X Division Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Kenny King

The bell rings and both lock up right away. Kenny King presses RVD down and RVD fires back with a takedown. RVD with a drop toe hold into a side headlock. Lots of counters between the two. RVD catches King with a quick back kick. King fires back with a kick of his own. RVD with a series of kicks to King on the mat. King with a quick arm drag and RVD fires back with a kick to the knees. RVD goes up top and King catches him with a big kick to the head. King looks into the camera and says, “Did you see that!?” King grabs RVD, tosses him back in the ring and covers for a two count. RVD sends King to the corner and connects with a quick spin kick. Both exchange right hands. King goes after the left arm of RVD and gets him grounded. King crotches RVD on the top rope. King with a springboard body splash and RVD gets his knees up. RVD drops King with a quick clothesline and follows with a kick to the face. RVD with a monkey flip to King. RVD with Rolling Thunder. King cuts off RVD up on the top turnbuckle. He pushes King back and King flips to his feet.

RVD then jumps off the top and catches King with a kick to the face. RVD goes to the opposite corner and misses a Five Star Frog Splash when King moves out of the way. King gets RVD up on his shoulders and looks to drop him off when RVD counters landing on his feet. RVD then hooks up the legs of King rolling him up and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still TNA X Division Champion: Rob Van Dam

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Christopher Daniels. He talks about his history with AJ Styles in TNA. Daniels says tonight they make history once again and “history will read that Christopher Daniels was the better man.”

TNA Tag Team Championships
Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c’s) vs. Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan

We start with Chavo Guerrero and Joey Ryan. Ryan with big right hands to Chavo backing him to the corner. Chavo fires back with a quick clothesline. Tag to Hernandez who holds up Ryan and drops him with a release overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Quick tag back to Chavo who splashes back in. Tag to Matt Morgan who tosses Chavo to the corner. Tag to Hernandez. The two big men stare each other down. Hernandez attempts a shoulder block and Morgan hardly moves. Morgan hits a shoulder block of his own and Hernandez stays up. Morgan with a big clothesline that levels Hernandez. Tag to Ryan who covers Hernandez right away and barely gets a one count. Hernandez with a suspended vertical suplex to Ryan. Tag to Chavo who dropkicks Ryan in the face. Quick tag to Hernandez. Hernandez splashes Ryan in the corner. Tag to Chavo who connects with a top rope axe handle. Ryan fights back with knees and right hands. Morgan tosses Chavo head first into the top turnbuckle corner. Morgan tags in and works on Chavo in the corner.

Morgan with a powerful side slam on Chavo. Ryan gets the tag and catches Chavo with a big dropkick. Morgan gets the tag and works over Chavo including a big headbutt. Quick tag back to Ryan who drops Chavo with a big right hand. Ryan keeps Chavo in the corner when he tries to get in a tag to Hernandez. Chavo with a head scissors sending Ryan face first into the corner. Hot tag to Hernandez who springboards himself in taking out Ryan. Hernandez with clotheslines and a big high back body drop on Ryan. Hernandez with a big tilt-a-whirl backbreaker (one arm at that) on Ryan. Morgan jumps in and gives Hernandez a big suplex. Morgan then drops Ryan over Hernandez, referee counts and Hernandez kicks out after two. Hernandez drops Ryan’s back off his shoulder. Morgan headbutts Hernandez from the ring apron. Chavo with a dropkick sending Morgan into the ropes. Hernandez clotheslines Morgan to the outside. Hernandez pounces Ryan and Chavo comes off the top with a frog splash. Morgan the referee out. Referee calls for the bell.

Winners and still TNA Tag Team Champions via DQ: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

After the match, Chavo Guerrero jumps and Matt Morgan catches him. Morgan sends Chavo spine first into the steel ring post. Hernandez then hits the ropes, leaps over and takes out Morgan near the entrance ramp.

A video package runs focusing on Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries.

Backstage with Jeremy Borash, Austin Aries asks Bully Ray “whatcha gonna do when AustinMania runs wild on you?”

Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries

Lock up and Ray backs Aries to the corner. Aries bails before Ray can get a right hand in. Aries then gets in a quick shot to Ray in the opposite corner. Aries tries to bail again from the corner, Ray holds on and tosses Aries with a gutwrench powerbomb. Ray with a big clothesline that levels Aries. Aries takes a huge high back body drop from Ray. Aries with an elbow and dropkick to the knees of Ray. Aries with a quick neckbreaker and then fires back with some big elbows on Ray against the ropes. Aries with a forearm to the back of Ray’s neck and Aries follows that with a clutch pulling back on the neck. Ray fires back with a big chest chop. Aries with a forearm, hits the ropes and Ray with another chest chop. Ray then dumps Aries on his chest and Ray with a big jumping body splash. Ray with snake eyes to Aries in the corner. Ray with a huge missile dropkick to Aries from the top rope! Ray catches Aries with a big boot when Aries attempts a suicide dive. Aries with a crucifix slam on Ray and follows with a kick to the face. Aries with a corner dropkick.

Ray then lifts Aries in the air and connects with the Bully Cutter. Ray hooks the leg and Aries gets his foot on the bottom rope to break up the pinfall. They brawl to the outside and Aries drop toe holds Ray in the steel steps. Ray is busted open. Aries drops an elbow over Ray when he is getting up on the ring apron. Aries with big right hands to a bloody Ray. Aries gets up on the top turnbuckle when Brooke Hogan runs down. She starts checking on Ray. Aries then grabs Brooke and drags her in the ring. Brooke is backing up in the corner as Aries is yelling at her. Ray grabs Aries and tosses him outside. Hulk Hogan is making his way down the ramp as Ray tells Brooke she needs to leave the ring. Hogan grabs Brooke by the hand and starts taking her to the back. Aries with a low blow to Ray and rolls him up to get the pinfall.

Winner: Austin Aries

We see footage from Impact Wrestling on Thursday of Velvet Sky making her return. Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA Knockouts Champion Tara and Jessie Godderz. Godderz is looking at tweets already congratulating Tara.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Tara (c) w/ Jessie Godderz vs. Mickie James

Lock up and Tara with a headlock on James. James with a headlock takedown to respond. James tosses Tara across the ring by her hair. James with a rollup into a bridge for a close two count. James with a northern lights suplex into a bridge on Tara for another two count. James with a huricanrana from the corner on Tara. Jessie pulls Tara out of the ring when Mickie had her locked up in the ropes. James then dropkicks Jessie through the ropes. Tara with a kick to the face of James. Back in the ring, Tara pulls James over her back by her hair and then drops her back to the mat. Jessie distracts the referee as James goes for a rollup. Tara with a quick sidewalk slam and covers James for a two count. James with kicks to the face of Tara and follows with big forearms. James with big kicks to Tara. James takes out Tara on the outside. James with a kick to Jessie on the ring apron. In the ring, Tara hits the Widow’s Peak on James, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still TNA Knockouts Champion: Tara

After the match, Tara jumps into the arms of Jessie Godderz to celebrate.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Bobby Roode. Borash asks about Roode’s relationship with the Aces and Eights. Roode says he is a business man and his business tonight involves the TNA Championship. Rodde adds, “My investment pays off. Hardy, remember this. Money talks – bullsh*t walks.”

A video package funs looking at the destruction of Aces and Eights in TNA.

Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco vs. Aces and Eights

We start with Devon and Kurt Angle. Angle with an elbow and quick clothesline from the corner. Angle with a quick suplex and tag to Samoa Joe. Devon tags in Doc. Joe with big jabs backing Dog to the corner. Joe with a kick to the head of Doc in the opposite corner. Tag to Garett Bischoff. A masked member of Aces and Eights gets the tag working over Bischoff in the corner. Bischoff with an axe handle and then works over the left arm. The masked man starts choking Bischoff using the ropes. Tag to Wes Brisco who sends Bischoff into the masked wrestler and Brisco follows with a splash. Tag to another masked wrestler who starts kicking Brisco on the mat. Tag to Joe who starts kicking the masked wrestler in the chest. Joe with strikes, drops a knee and then clears house on the Aces and Eights on the ring apron. Joe gets pulled out and sent into the guard railing by Aces and Eights. Joe is tossed back in and Devon gets the tag. Devon with rights to Joe in the corner. Quick tag to Doc who hits a body splash over Joe. Doc drops elbows over Joe.

Doc chokes Joe using the second rope. Tag back to Devon who works over Joe in the corner. Devon with a snapmare and works over the neck of Joe staring down Angle, Bischoff and Brisco. Tag to a masked wrestler of Aces and Eights who connects with rights to Joe in the corner. Another masked wrestler gets the tag. Joe boots one and plants another in the corner. Angle gets the hot tag and goes after Aces and Eights. Angle takes out a masked wrestler with a big splash. Angle with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Doc. Angle with another on a masked wrestler. Devon jumps in and now we have an all out brawl with all eight men. We are left with Doc and Angle in the ring. Doc with a chokeslam to Angle. Brisco off the top with a crossbody on Doc. Brisco takes a boot from a masked wrestler. Bischoff with a spike DDT on that wrestler. Devon with a spinebuster to Bischoff. Joe with a huge flying boot to Devon sending him out of the ring. Joe with a headbutt to a masked wrestler and suicide dive to Devon on the outside.

Angle with a T-Bone suplex to a masked wrestler. Angle with an ankle lock applied on the masked wrestler. Doc has the hammer and Bischoff takes it from him. Brisco spears Doc out. Angle with an Angle Slam on the masked wrestler, hooks the leg and gets the win.

Winners: Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco

After the match, Angle, Joe, Bischoff and Brisco all celebrate. We see a replay of the finish.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with AJ Styles. He said he heard the doubters all year and talks about being in TNA for 10 long years. Styles said when the pressure is on he does his best work.

A video package runs focusing on the history of AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

TNA is hyping this is the last time between these two.

Lock up and Styles backs Daniels into the corner. Daniels yells for a break immediately. Daniels with a quick shoulder block. Daniels keeps Styles grounded and drops him with another shoulder block during a comeback attempt. Styles with a big clothesline after Daniels attempts a counter and then follows with a dropkick. Styles with a head scissors from his back to Daniels. Styles with a quick splash to Daniels in the corner. Styles catches Daniels with an elbow sending him to the ring apron. Styles on the ring apron wtih Daniels and executes a snap suplex. Daniels lands on the edge of the ring apron! Another scary spot sees Daniels plant Styles back first over the other ring apron. Daniels tosses Styles over the steel ring steps, drags him around ringside and then scoop slams Styles over the steel steps on the other side of the ring. Back in the ring, Daniels drops Styles with a quick back body drop. Daniels with a clothesline to the back of the neck of Styles. Daniels with an uppercut to shut down a comeback by Styles in the ring.

Daniels starts slapping Styles and yelling, “I’m better than you!” Daniels with a Crossface on Styles. Daniels then grabs the left arm of Styles and pulls it across the throat of Styles to apply more pressure. Daniels with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Both men collide in the air after they hit the ropes. Styles is busted open over his left eye. Styles with a few shots and Daniels cuts him off with a quick planting suplex. Styles with a springboard forearm from the ring apron. Styles with clotheslines, a spin kick and has Daniels on his shoulders in a modified torture rack. Styles spins Daniels off his shoulders to the mat below. Styles with a big head scissors takedown and Daniels fires back with a twisting sitdown powerbomb. Daniels tosses Styles from the corner. Styles with his springboard inverted DDT on Daniels. Both men start exchanging shots in the middle of the ring. Daniels with a kick to the head. Styles responds with a big clothesline. Styles with a Pele Kick that drops Daniels. Series of counters. Styles hits the Styles Clash and Daniels kicks out.

Styles is pulling Daniels to the corner and getting up on the second rope. Styles is attempting a Styles Clash, but Daniels holds on to the ropes and Styles hits the mat face first. Daniels picks up Styles and drops him with the Styles Clash. Daniels with the cover and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

After the match, Keneley, Taz and Tenay all talk about AJ Styles not only losing to Christopher Daniels for the last time, but losing with his own finishing move. We then see highlights from the match. Back live, we see a shot of Daniels celebrating at the top of the ramp and Styles just starting to recover.

A video package runs focusing on Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode.

TNA Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Bobby Roode

Borash handled ring introductions for the challenger Bobby Roode and champion Jeff Hardy.

We start with Roode going after Hardy in the corner working over the ribs. Hardy fights back with right hands and kicks to Roode in the corner. Hardy with a quick back body drop on Roode. Hardy then jumps over the top rope and takes out Roode on the outside. Back in the ring, Roode kicks Hardy and shoudler blocks him repeatedly in the corner. Hardy floats over Roode in the opposite corner, but Roode drops him right away with a quick clothesline. Roode drops a knee and goes for a cover that results in a two count. Roode with a stomp to the chest of Hardy, keeps Hardy’s shoulders down and gets a two count as a result. Roode drops an elbow and gets another two count. Roode with a headlock keeping Hardy grounded on the mat. Hardy attempts a comeback and Roode slams him down hard on the mat. Roode with double axe handles to Hardy’s lower back as he tries to once again recover. Roode with a splash in the corner, snapmare and blockbuster combo. Roode again applies a headlock to keep Hardy grounded in the ring.

Roode with a quick scoop slam on Hardy near the corner. Roode comes off the second rope and Hardy gets his boots up. Hardy with a quick side russian leg sweep and drops both legs over the ankles of Roode into a pinfall that results in a two count. Roode tosses Hardy out of the ring and Hardy lands with a thud when he hits the ropes repeatedly, Roode side steps him and then tosses him out. Roode tosses Hardy shoulder first into the steel ring steps and then back in the ring going for a pin that results in a two count. Roode again goes back to the headlock. Roode applies his legs around the body of Hardy and Hardy leans back getting a pin on Roode for a two count. Hardy with an atomic drop, leg drop to the groin and dropkick to the face combo on Roode. Hardy gets his boots up, Roode goes down and Hardy connects with a quick body splash from the second rope. Hardy with Whisper in the Wind on Roode from the corner. Hardy picks up Roode, Roode counters over Hardy into a quick rollup for a two count. Hardy plants Roode down face first.

Hardy with a second splash from the corner and Roode again kicks out. Hardy with a kick, Roode counters a Twist of Fate and then plants Hardy with a big spinebuster. Roode with a cover and Hardy kicks out after two. Roode struggles to pick up Hardy. Hardy then connects with a Twist of Fate suddenly and Roode flops out of the ring to the outside. Hardy pulls the steel steps out, backs up, charges and attempts to splash Roode. Roode moves and Hardy hits the floor with force. Roode picks up Hardy and tosses him back in the ring. Roode hooks the leg and Hardy kicks out. Roode puts Hardy up on the top turnbuckle. Hardy pushes Roode back to the mat. Hardy jumps and connects with the Swanton Bomb. Hardy favors his back after connecting. Roode with a spear from the corner, hooks the leg and Hardy kicks out. We then see a shot of Aces and Eights looking on from the crowd. Roode is yelling at them to come on. Hardy with a Twist of Fate. Hardy covers Roode and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still TNA Champion: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Aces and Eights hit the ring and start attacking Jeff Hardy. One of the masked members gives Hardy a big powerbomb. Bobby Roode starts yelling at a masked member saying he should be the champion and asks what are they doing. Devon then attacks Roode hitting him in the ribs with a bat. The rest of the Aces and Eights start attacking Roode. Doc then gives Roode a big chokeslam. The PPV goes off the air with Aces and Eights celebrating.

A promo for TNA Genesis on January 13th airs.