TNA Lockdown PPV Results – 3/10/13 (New TNA Champion)

TNA Lockdown PPV Results 3/10/13

TNA Lockdown PPV Results
March 10, 2013
San Antonio, Texas (Alamodome)
Report by: Adam Martin of

A video package opens the show focusing on the Aces and Eights and Jeff Hardy defending the TNA Championship against Bully Ray tonight.

A graphic opening hits welcoming us to Lockdown. We then go live to the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Todd Keneley notes that this is the largest U.S. crowd for a TNA event. We go to Keneley, Taz and Mike Tenay at ringside.

Zema Ion is out first to kick off the show.

TNA X Division Championship – Triple Threat Match
Kenny King (c) vs. Zema Ion vs. Christian York

Series of counters early on between Zema Ion and Christian York. York drops Ion with a quick clothesline. Kenny King bails early holding on to the ropes. King gets Ion over the second rope. King stands on the back of Ion and attempts a moonsault. King slips and instead crashes into York into the ring barricade. Ion with a corkscrew dive to York and King on the outside. Back in the ring, King works over York in the corner including some big chops. York fights out with some chops of his own. Ion with a huricanrana into a splash over York from the corner. Ion with a springboard moonsault on York resulting in a two count. York drops King over the second rope and connects with a leg drop from the corner. King gets his hand on the bottom rope to break up the pinfall attempt. Ion stomps the face of York into the mat and connects with a baseball slide on King. Ion with a quick spinning DDT on York. King drops Ion over the entrance ramp and then connects with a springboard leg drop over the ramp. York brings Ion in and King breaks up the cover. King has Ion up on the corner. York runs up. We get a Tower of Doom with King dropping Ion with a fallaway slam and York hitting a powerbomb on King. Pinfall attempts and more kick outs.

York with tons of offense on King that finishes with a big bulldog. York drops Ion with a quick clothesline when he comes jump in to break it up. York catches King and connects with a big back suplex. York with a big facebuster on Ion resulting in a close two count. York catches King with a big kick to the face sending King back to the corner. Ion rakes the back of King. Ion with a reverse neckbreaker on York as York was just dropping King over the mat. York catches Ion with a big kick in the corner. Ion is leaning down over the second turnbuckle. York stomps his face down into the mat and then splashes King in the corner on the way down. King with big knees to York in the corner and connects with a kick to the head of Ion. King has York up. York counters into a roll up for a close two count. King gets York back up on his shoulders and this time connects with his Royal Flush finisher to get the pinfall.

Winner and still TNA X Division Champion: Kenny King

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Joseph Park. He is talking about his big match with Joey Ryan tonight and how “the boys” have been messing with him. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian walk up and say Dixie Carter is looking for him in catering. Kazarian said tonight they become the Tag Team Champions of the World. Daniels said they are tired of being disrespected by the TNA roster and TNA fans.

Joseph Park vs. Joey Ryan

Before the match, Joey Ryan insulted the crowd in San Antonio saying it’s true what they say about everything being bigger in Texas pointing out the “fat” wrestling fans.

Ryan with a big slap to Park to kick off the match. Park with a big hip toss and arm drag on Ryan. Park with some big right hands to Ryan in the corner. Ryan attempts a cross body, but Ryan simply hits Park and falls back to the mat. Ryan gets Park off his feet and mounts his chest dropping some big right hands. Ryan kicks away the leg of Park to take him off his feet. Ryan gets Park up in the corner and runs in with a big elbow. Park sends Ryan to the ring apron blocking a second elbow attempt. Ryan goes up top and takes Park off his feet with a big missile dropkick. Cover by Ryan and Park continues to kick out. Park pulls some chest hair out of Ryan’s and then gives him a wedgie. Park with a big splash in the corner and Ryan is down. Park gets up on the second rope, jumps and Ryan moves out of the way. Park counters a sunset flip attempt by Ryan into a sitting splash. Park gets the pinfall.

Winner: Joseph Park

After the match, we see a replay leading to the finish. Back live, Joseph Park celebrates his first ever TNA Pay Per View win with the audience in the Alamodome.

TNA wants you to vote on who you think will win tonight’s main event between Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray for the TNA Championship. You can cast your vote at

We then see video of Jeff Hardy arriving to the Alamodome earlier today.

Video is shown of Brooke Hogan talking with Bully Ray about how big tonight is. Ray said he is nervous about tonight and wants to make her proud and Hulk Hogan proud. Hogan walks in and Brooke leaves. He said tonight TNA has the chance to go on to greatness. Hogan said Jeff Hardy had a nice little run as champion, but there is something special about Ray. He thinks Bully Ray is the launching point for TNA.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Velvet Sky (c) vs. Gail Kim

Velvet Sky with a series of quick roll ups early in the match on Gail Kim. Kim eventually bails to the ramp and yells at the referee to break things up. Sky with a quick head scissors takedown on Kim. Kim fights back with a big elbow. Sky responds immediately with a quick swinging neckbreaker. Sky with a quick baseball slide that launches Kim to the outside. Sky jumps off the ring apron taking out Kim. Kim pushes Sky back first into the steel ring post on the outside. Back in the ring, Kim with a few kicks to the body of Sky. Kim with a big charge in the corner on Sky. Kim drops Sky face first on the mat. Kim drives her knee into the back of Sky’s neck into the second rope. Kim pushes down on the head of Sky into the bottom turnbuckle. Kim with a quick backbreaker, cover and Sky kicks out. Kim is up in the corner attempting a head scissors, but Sky holds on and pulls Kim out forcing her to fall down face first. Sky with a series of clotheslines and a back elbow. Sky with a big running bulldog. Sky with a reverse neckbreaker and close two count. Kim is holding the referee as Sky is grabbing Kim. Kim connects with the Eat Defeat on Sky. Sky gets a shoulder up. Kim then slaps referee Taryn Terrell. Terrell tackles Kim. Sky with her facebuster on Kim for the win.

Winner and still TNA Knockouts Champion: Velvet Sky

After the match, we see a replay of the finish.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Robbie E. He said tonight is the night he proves he was always better than bigger Rob.

A video package runs focusing on the history of Robbie E and Robbie T.

Robbie E vs. Robbie T

The bell rings and Robbie E tries to hug Robbie T to calm him down. T is not receptive to it. T launches E back to the mat and E bails to the corner. E starts stretching and warming up saying he will get serious. E gets a side headlock applied. T easily powers out and drops E back down to the mat. E shoots in for a takedown and T doesn’t budge. T launches E back with a big gutwrench powerbomb. E is sent up in the air and falls back down on the mat by T. T misses a corner splash favoring his shoulder. E with some big chops to T in the corner. T grabs E by the neck. E breaks it up with a series of chops to the chest. E drops the arm of T off the top rope, jumps back in and quickly takes T off his feet. E jumps on the back of T applying a sleeper. E jumps from the corner when he is back in. T catches him, E counters off, T with a big clothesline and then drops E with a big scoop slam. T gets E up and drops him down with a big spinebuster. T hookst he leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Robbie T

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with one half of the TNA Tag Team Champions Austin Aries. Borash asks him where his partner is. Aries said everyone is asking him that question. He said he proved for the last two weeks that he can get the job done without Roode. Aries then smiles and said luckily for him, he won’t have to go out there alone tonight. Roode walks up and says, “Miss me?”

TNA Tag Team Championships
Austin Aries and Bobby Roode (c’s) vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs. Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero

We start with Bobby Roode and Chavo Guerrero. Christopher Daniels then leans in and tags himself in. Series of counters early on with Daniels eventually dropping Chavo. Chavo responds with a quick high back body drop. Shot from Hernandez to Daniels from the ring apron and Hernandez gets the tag. Double hip toss on Daniels and double back body drop on Kazarian. Hernandez with a body splash to Daniels and Chavo with a big kick to follow it up. Hernandez tosses Daniels back in and connects with a big scoop slam. Chavo springboards in with a splash getting the tag. Quick tag back to Hernandez who catches Daniels and then launches him back over his head. Quick tag to Chavo who drives his knees into the face of Daniels. Tag to Kazarian who takes a hip toss from Chavo along with a scoop slam. Tag to Hernandez who slams Chavo over Kazarian and then splashes Kazarian. Kazarian with a big missile dropkick to Hernandez. Tag to Daniels. Series of double team shots with a slap and elbow to Hernandez. Tag to Chavo who flips in over Daniels, drops Kazarian and hits a head scissors on Daniels. Chavo with two suplexs on Daniels, Kazarian cuts him off, two on Kazarian, Roode cuts that off, two to Roode and he then finally executes on Aries when he cuts in.

Roode with boots to Chavo. Kazarian with a quick leg drop to Chavo and knees in the corner. Tag to Daniels as they keep Chavo nearby. Daniels with an elbow and big stomp to Chavo. Chavo with a big dropkick sending Daniels near Roode and Aries. Roode tags himself in and goes after Chavo. Tag to Aries who connects with an elbow to Chavo who takes a catapult from Roode. Aries springboards in the ring over Chavo. Quick tag to Roode who works over Chavo in the corner with kicks. Chavo attempting a comeback on Roode. Roode cuts him off with shoulder thrusts. Tag back to Aries. Aries with a snapmare and dropkick to the head. Roode gets the tag and headbutts Chavo. Chavo catches Aries with a big superman punch knocking him off the ring apron. Double clothesline spot by Chavo and Roode. Tag to Aries who cuts off Chavo from tagging in Hernandez and gets in a few shots on Daniels and Kazarian. Daniels and Kazarian start a shoving match with Aries and Roode. Double cross body collision between Aries and Kazarian. Chavo with a cross body on Aries and Kazarian from the top rope. Hernandez launches himself in from the ring apron taking them out as well. Hernandez with a flying clothesline on Roode and Daniels after hitting the ropes.

Hernandez has Aries up on his shoulder. Chavo cuts off Kazarian. Chavo puts Kazarian up on Hernandez’ other open shoulder as well. Hernandez drops Aries and Kazarian over his shoulder. Daniels drops Hernandez with an STO. Chavo with a spin kick that takes out Daniels. Roode plants Chavo. Kazarian with a huge spike DDT on Roode. Aries with his dropkick in the corner to Kazarian and sends Kazarian into Roode who executes a big spinebuster. Daniels crotches Aries on the top turnbuckle who now gets the legal tag. Daniels and Roode start exchanging rights. Hernandez leaps from the entrance ramp connecting to the ring back inside taking out Roode and Daniels. Hernandez catches Daniels and drops him with a huge sitdown powerbomb. Kazarian cuts off Chavo from hitting a Frog Splash. Kazarian is dumped to the floor. Hernandez has Aries on his shoulders. Aries with a huricanrana to the outside taking Hernandez with him. Daniels rocks Chavo, is up on the top turnbuckle, Chavo pushes Daniels off and Chavo connects with the Frog Splash. As Chavo was jumping, Roode tagged himself in and the referee couldn’t count the pinfall for Chavo. Roode then slides in and covers Daniels to get the pinfall.

Winners and still TNA Tag Team Champions: Austin Aries and Bobby Roode

We then see a series of highlights from the match leading to the finish. We look back at matches from earlier in the night including Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with referee Taryn Terrell. He asks her about Gail Kim slapping her. Terrell said maybe it wasn’t the right decision, but she had to stand up for herself. Gail Kim then runs up and drops her as they start brawling.

Back in the Alamodome, we see TNA production officials setting up the cage for the rest of the evening.

A video package runs promoting TNA Slammiversary for 6/2/13 in Boston.

Backstage, we see a meeting involving the Aces and Eights. VP D’Lo Brown hypes all of the members. He tells Wes Brisco to handle things right now with Kurt Angle.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash notes that all of the remaining matches tonight will be taking place inside a steel cage that is currently being constructed inside the Alamodome. Kurt Angle is now joining Borash. Angle said tonight is the night he makes Wes Brisco famous. He said D’Lo Brown is next after tonight.

A video package runs hyping Kurt Angle vs. Wes Brisco.

Steel Cage Match
Kurt Angle vs. Wes Brisco

Lock up and Angle with a big takedown on Brisco early on. Angle with a quick german suplex on Brisco soon after that. Lock up and Brisco gets in a big knee backing Angle to the corner. Brisco tries to bail out of the cage, but Angle catches up with him and drops him on his back. Angle catches Brisco with a big elbow as Brisco hit the ropes. Angle with shoulder thrusts to Brisco in the corner. Angle misses a splash in the corner when Brisco moves. Brisco with a snapmare and kick to the back combo. Brisco starts choking Angle with Angle’s own shirt. The referee eventually breaks it up. Brisco keeps Angle grounded applying a side headlock. Brisco lifts up Angle and drops him back down hard on the mat. Angle with a boot in the corner and follows with a quick missle dropkick that drops Brisco. Angle with a series of clotheslines that level Brisco. Brisco counters with a big boot. Angle is still able to come back with a big belly-to-belly suplex. Angle then sends Brisco face first into the side of the cage two times. Angle does this a third time and then drops Brisco with a german suplex. Angle hangs on and connects with a second german. Angle still hangs on and hits a third german. Angle connects with a fourth and then a fifth german with a release.

Angle then goes up top attempting a frog splash when Brisco moves out of the way. Angle is able to come back with a quick Angle Slam. Brisco with a low blow and is able to get away with it in front of the referee due to the no DQ stipulation in steel cage matches. Brisco opens the door and is trying to get out when Angle recovers and pulls him back to the middle of the ring applying an Ankle Lock. Brisco counters out sending Angle face first into the side of the cage. Brisco is now climbing up the cage trying to get out. Angle jumps up with Brisco and pulls him down to the top rope. Both are standing on the top rope. Brisco with big right hands. Angle with right hands. Angle is sending Brisco into the side of the cage repeatedly face first. Angle with a german suplex on Brisco from the top rope to the ring below. Brisco counters an Angle Slam. Referee bump when Angle takes out the referee with a clothesline by accident. Angle with an Ankle Lock applied. Angle drops down to add more pressure. Brisco is tapping out, but the referee is down. Angle breaks the hold and checks on the referee. Angle with another Angle Slam on Brisco. Angle opens the cage door and walks out to the ramp. The referee is still recovering and it appears Angle has won the match.

D’Lo Brown then shows up and tosses Angle into the cage a few times. Brown tosses Angle back in the ring, pulls Brisco out and jumps to the floor. The referee recovers and sees Briso is on the outside. The referee calls for the bell as Brown celebrates on the floor below the entrance ramp.

Winner: Wes Brisco

After the match, D’Lo Brown grabs Wes Brisco and they start to leave. They embrace a bit with Taz who is at ringside on commentary. Brown and Brisco bail into the crowd as we see a shot of Kurt Angle upset. A replay is shown of the finish of Brown getting involved to help Brisco win.

A video package runs hyping the Lethal Lockdown match tonight.

Lethal Lockdown – Steel Cage Match
Aces and Eights vs. Team TNA

We start first with Mr. Anderson (Aces and Eights) and Magnus (Team TNA). Both exchange shots early. Magnus with a quick shoulder block that drops Anderson. Anderson with big rights to Magnus in the corner. Magnus responds with right hands and kicks of his own. Magnus catches Anderson with a high knee. Anderson ends up sending Magnus face first into the side of the cage and then goes back to work in the corner. Anderson gets a big headlock applied on Magnus to keep the action grounded. Double clothesline by both as the time expires.

Out next is Knox (Aces and Eights). Knox hits the ring and starts working over Magnus with a series of right hands and kicks. Knox sends Magnus into the corner and Magnus bounces off. Anderson does the same to Magnus in the opposite corner. Knox works on the lower back of Magnus and then connects with a big side slam. Anderson follows that up with a quick leg drop. Taz is laughing on commentary. Knox applies pressure to the head of Magnus using his boot. Anderson applies pressure to the gut of Magnus. Time expires. Out next is Samoa Joe (Team TNA).

Joe hits the ring and levels Knox and Anderson with a series of clotheslines. Joe with jabs to Knox and then follows with a huge dropkick that drops Knox. Anderson cuts off Joe and Joe follows with an inverted DDT and Magnus with a big boot. Joe with a quick senton splash. Joe with jabs to Knox in the corner as he falls to the mat. Magnus starts working over Anderson in the corner. Magnus starts choking Anderson with his boot in the corner. Joe with a series of chops to Knox in the corner. Joe and Magnus with double elbows to Anderson. Out next is Garett Bischoff (Aces and Eights).

Bischoff hits the ring and ends up taking a big knee drop from Joe after Magnus set it up with a big shot to the back. Magnus is controlling Knox in the corner despite Joe and Magnus having a disadvantage. Joe with a corner clothesline to Bischoff. Anderson cuts off Joe. Magnus is tossed from the top turnbuckle by Knox. Time expires and out next is Eric Young (Team TNA). Young with a huge dropkick to Bischoff. Young with rights to Knox and an inverted atomic drop to Bischoff. Young with a scoop slam to Anderson and follows with elbows. Young fires up the crowd in San Antonio.

Young is working over Bischoff choking him with his boot in the corner. Magnus with a scoop slam and drops knees over the face of Anderson near the corner. Joe with forearms to Knox on the mat. Joe with a huge chop that drops Bischoff. Time expires and out next is Devon (Aces and Eights). Devon is in and attacks Magnus and Joe. Devon also works over Young and then goes back to more shots on Magnus. Bischoff mounts Young dropping some big right hands. Joe breaks that up with a big kick to the back by Joe. Joe with big slaps to Bischoff in the corner. Knox sends Magnus into the cage.

Time expires and out next is James Storm (Team TNA). Storm with a big shot to Devon and necbreaker on Anderson. Storm is all over Bischoff with rights. Storm with the Closing Time on Knox. Storm with his Last Call superkick to Knox. Anderson gets the better of Storm in the corner. Joe with jabs to Knox in the corner and follows it up with a big high knee to the body. Magnus with a big uppercut to Bischoff. Magnus follows that up with a big elbow as Bischoff is sent into the ropes. Time expires and out next is Doc (Aces and Eights). Doc hits the ring and goes after Joe, Magnus and Young.

Aces and Eights clean up with help from Doc taking everyone out from Team TNA. Little mid-ring celebration with Aces and Eights. Time expires and out last is Sting (Team TNA). Sting is bringing garbage cans full of weapons. Sting has the baseball bat in hand and is taking out all members of Aces and Eights. Both garbage fans with the weapons are brought in the ring as they lock the cage door. Joe with shots to Doc using the garbage can. Lots of weapon shots to Bischoff. Sting fires up the crowd in San Antonio. We see a shot of Joe choking Anderson and smiling at the camera. Joe with a huge kick to Devon in the corner. Storm hits a garbage can with a kendo stick into the groin of Devon. Loud “STING” chant. Sting has his bat in hand. Sting uses a garbage can on members of the Aces and Eights. Stinger Splash to Bischoff in the corner using a garbage can. Another Stinger Splash with a garbage can over the head of Anderson. Anderson with a low blow to Sting. Aces and Eights start to turn things around. Devon with a big can lid shot to Young. Anderson with a can lid shot to Joe. Doc with a chokeslam to Young. Storm hits Doc with a garbage can. Magnus drops Doc. Bischoff bails and is trying to escape the cage. Massive Tower of Doom spot with Bischoff at the top and Joe at the bottom. Joe gets a submission applied on Anderson. Knox breaks it up using a chair and cracking it over the back of Joe. Knox is taken out by Young. Sting with a Scorpion Deathdrop on Knox. Sting is telling Young to go up top. Young is about to jump when Sting tells him to go to the top of the steel cage. Young is standing at the top of the cage and connects with a flying elbow. Young hooks the leg of Knox and gets the pinfall as the rest of the members of Aces and Eights are held back. Big reaction in San Antonio for the finish.

Winners: Team TNA

After the match, Team TNA celebrates the big win. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish including the big Tower of Doom spot. Back live, we see a shot of Team TNA still celebrating heading up the entrance ramp.

A video package runs hyping Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray.

TNA Championship – Steel Cage Match
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Bully Ray

Jeremy Borash did ring introductions for the challenger Bully Ray and champion Jeff Hardy. Bully Ray drops Jeff Hardy early on with a quick shoulder block. Another lock up and Ray tries to keep Hardy grounded, but Hardy fights out of it. Ray with another quick slam on Hardy, Hardy quickly kicks out and backs to the corner. Hardy with a series of quick arm drags and splash to Ray in the corner. Hardy catches Ray with an elbow and connects with Whisper in the Wind in the corner. Ray powers out after two during a pinfall attempt by Hardy. Hardy starts climbing up the cage and Ray grabs his left leg. Hardy kicks away at Ray and then splashes Ray on the mat below jumping from the top rope against the cage. Hardy tries to escape again, Ray catches up with him and slams the knee of Hardy on the side of the cage. Ray then pulls Hardy down, connects with a big boot to Hardy and ends crotching him on the top rope. Ray with a few quick elbow drops over Hardy. Ray with a quick scoop slam on Hardy. Hardy tries escaping through the door and Ray cuts him off with forearms to the back. Ray goes back to a side headlock to keep Hardy grounded. Ray breaks the hold, connects with a headbutt and then drops a few knees over Hardy.

Ray goes to a bear hug on Hardy to slow things down applying lots of pressure. Ray with a big high back body drop on Hardy that results in a close two count. Ray misses a splash to Hardy from the corner. Ray counters a Twist of Fate attempt. Hardy is able to counter a Bubba Bomb attempt into a Twist of Fate. Ray is down near the corner. Hardy is starting to go up top for a Swanton Bomb when Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff from Aces and Eights climb inside the cage. Ray levels both with clotheslines and sends them both to the corner. Ray drops down to all fours and lets Hardy jump off his back to take both Brisco and Bischoff out. They open the cage door. Hardy and Ray send Brisco and Bischoff to the entrance ramp. The door closes and Ray yells that it is time to get back to the match. Hardy and Ray start exchanging right hands in the middle of the ring inside the cage. Hardy gets the best of Ray and connects with a flying forearm, inverted atomic drop and low blow leg drop. Hardy dropkicks the chest of Ray and then covers for a close two count. Hardy is climbing the cage again and Ray catches up with him right away. Ray with a huge chest chop to Hardy. Hardy fires back with a big right hand to the head of Ray on the top rope.

Ray grabs the leg of Hardy. Hardy jumps and kicks the chest of Ray. Hardy falls to the mat and Ray is dazed sitting up against the wall of the cage. A dazed Ray falls off the top rope and splashes Hardy. The referee counts the pin and Hardy kicks out after two. Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Ray. Ray stays on his feet. Hardy climbs up the cage and Ray drops into the corner. Ray climbs up and grabs the leg of Hardy. Ray is trying to pull Hardy down. Hardy is now on the shoulders of Ray. Ray with a huge powerbomb on Hardy from the top turnbuckle to the ring below! Ray gets an arm over the chest of Hardy and Hardy somehow kicks out. Hulk Hogan is now at ringside on crutches along with Brooke Hogan. Hogan is yelling at Ray to get up. Aces and Eights are now coming out as a group and climbing inside the cage. Hardy and Ray stand back to back to try and fight them off. We then see Devon toss a weapon to Ray. He points what looks to be a hammer of some kind towards the direction of Hogan and then cracks it over the back of Hardy. Ray embraces with Devon. Ray drops down, hooks the leg of Hardy and gets the pinfall.

Winner and new TNA Champion: Bully Ray

After the match, Hulk Hogan is screaming no at ringside. Bully Ray yells at the referee to raise his hand as he holds up the TNA Championship belt. Ray yells at Brooke that she never meant anything to him. Ray grabs a mic and says, “Hey Devon – let that stupid bitch cry. Hulk – I used you. Brooke – I screwed you.” Beer bottles fill the ring from the crowd at the Alamodome. Hogan is consoling Brooke and yelling at Ray from ringside. The PPV goes off the air with Bully Ray saying, “I’m Bully Ray. I am the President of the Aces and Eights. And I am the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.” Ray hugs Devon and celebrates with the Aces and Eights.