Suicide with an atomic drop on King. King is standing over the back of Sabin. Suicide kicks King. King falls back. Sabin’s arms are locked up in the legs of King and Suicide kicks Sabin in the face. Suicide jumps up on the cables and King pulls him down. Sabin plants King from the turnbuckle to the mat. Suicide cuts off Sabin near the corner putting him on his shoulders and dropping him back in an electric chair. King follows with a leg drop over Sabin. King is on the cable. Suicide pulls him down. King counters Suicide, Sabin with a kick to the head of Suicide and King with a kick to Sabin. Lots of quick offense between all three with King hitting a springboard blockbuster on Sabin as Suicide goes down. Loud “TNA” chant breaks out in Boston. Suicide holds himself in the ropes and avoids a charge from Sabin. Suicide with a missile dropkick taking out both Sabin and King. King holds on when Suicide attempts a sunset flip off the top turnbuckle. Sabin gets Suicide in the tree of woe over King in the corner. Tower of Doom spot from the corner with Suicide in control of Sabin and King.

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