TNA Championship – No Holds Barred Match
If Sting loses, he can’t challenge for the TNA Title again
Bully Ray (c) vs. Sting

Huge reaction for Sting in Boston tonight. Jeremy Borash handled the ring introductions for the challenger Sting and the champion Bully Ray.

The bell rings and Sting goes after Bully Ray immediately. Sting grabs the TNA Championship belt and starts cracking it over the back of Ray on the outside. Ray crawls in the ring. Sting with big body shots followed by right hands. Ray and Sting start exchanging right hands. Sting drops Ray with a series of clotheslines. Ray bounces off the corner with force when Sting launches him toward it. A loud “YOU STILL GOT IT” chant starts up directed at Sting. Sting asks for the title belt, So Cal Val hands it to Sting at ringside and Sting again starts hitting Ray over the back with it in the ring. Ray drops Sting with a huge clothesline on the outside when Sting appeared to be attempting a Stinger Splash over the ring barricade. Ray with a big chop to Sting. Ray with a second huge chop to the chest of Sting. Ray then launches Sting shoulder first into the steel ring steps. Ray with repeated forearms to the back of Sting. Ray again levels Sting with a big clothesline on the floor. Ray bails to the back and grabs a steel chair. Ray swings and hits the ring post instead when Sting moves.

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