Ring of Honor concludes investigation on fan incident with Bully Ray, Issues statement

ROH concludes investigation regarding Bully Ray

Ring of Honor issued a statement on Friday to PWInsider in a response to a request for an update on the internal investigation regarding the series of incidents that occurred between a fan and Bully Ray during the June 2 State of the Art event in Portland, Oregon.

Following the event, fan Josh Ketch issued a series of tweets alleging that after having an exchange with Velvet Sky and being spat upon and face palmed by Mandy Leon, he was brought backstage where Bully Ray (Mark LoMonaco) confronted him.

LoMonaco did not deny that the incident occurred, but alleges that it was not as intimidating as Ketch made it out to be.

In the statement, Ring of Honor indicated appropriate actions has been taken with all parties involved.  However, they did apologize and also stated they will not comment further on these matters. 

You can read the statement from Ring of Honor below:

We have now concluded our internal investigation into the events that occurred in Portland on June 2nd and have taken appropriate actions with all parties involved. Our Code of Honor, which calls for sportsmanship, respect and honor in- and outside of the ring is a core value of this company and one we will continue to strive to uphold. To all of our loyal and dedicated fans, we apologize for the incident that transpired and we encourage all of our fans to continue attending our events. Furthermore, we promise to continue delivering the best wrestling and the best live experience on the planet. In adherence to Ring of Honor policy, we will not comment further on these matters.