Reflection and Review: “Never Forget: WWE Returns After 9/11” Documentary

I remember getting ready for work on the morning of September 11, 2001 for I would thought be just another regular day. 

As my wife was preparing my breakfast, she told me about planes that hit the World Trade Center Towers in New York.  I immediately came to the TV and was in shock and disbelief. 

20 years later, may we never forget those affected by this tragedy, the lives that were lost, and the all the medics, firefighters, law enforcement and others that were involved.

On Friday night, my son, who is not a wrestling fan, but entering the Army National Guard, and who is also very much into history, watched with me WWE’s Documentary – “Never Forget: WWE Returns After 9/11”.  We both became emotional as we watched the old footage news footage, and the emotion from the fans in attendance at the Compaq Center that night, and the heart felt words of the WWE Superstars and Legends.

This very well done 34 minute documentary, takes you behind-the-scenes at the first post-9/11 of SmackDown, and the decision to air the show live on Thursday, September 13.

SmackDown, then was taped on Tuesday’s and would air on the then UPN Broadcast Television Network on Thursday’s. 

Interviews include Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman, Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Edge, Booker T, Kurt Angle, D-Von Dudley, Sean Waltman, Molly Holly, Stephanie McMahon and Bruce Prichard.

You can watch the entire documentary below.