Backstage notes on Big E’s WWE Title win and Bobby Lashley from Raw

According to PWInsider, there was a huge uptick in morale among the talent at Raw last night with genuine excitement for Big E being given a run with the WWE Championship.  

It is being said that Big E is very much loved by the locker room. It was also noted that SmackDown talents wished they could have been at last night’s Raw in Boston, just to have been there.

The report further noted that Bobby Lashley’s knee is 100% fine, as he did an excellent job at selling coming out of the spot where he slammed Randy Orton through the table.  It was said that Lashley received a lot of praise for his performance last night as well. 

Also, according to The Mat Men Podcast also noted that putting the WWE Title on Big E was originally planned for the WWE draft in Baltimore on October 1.