AEW Dynamite “Grand Slam” Results – 9/22/21 (Danielson vs. Omega, Black vs. Rhodes, etc.)

AEW Dynamite “Grand Slam” Results
September 22, 2021

Queens, NY (Arthur Ashe Stadium)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

“Grand Slam” opens up with some wide shots of the gigantic crowd at Arthur Ashe Stadium and then we cut right into the damn main event!

Non-Title Match
“The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega w/Don Callis

Danielson gets a HUGE ovation as he comes to the ring. The ramp goes all the way to the ring and it seems to be a big LED board that is projecting their entrance videos. The crowd loses their mind as the bell rings and Danielson starts grinning from ear to ear. Danielson and Omega come face-to-face but both back away and soak in the reaction from the crowd before finally locking up. They stalemate but Omega refuses to break clean and chops Dragon.

They lockup again and this time Danielson lights Omega up with a roundhouse kick. Danielson starts working on Omega’s arm with a wristlock and then an armbar but Omga reverses it and puts Danielson in a side headlock. Danielson escapes and puts Omega in a hammerlock and then sweeps his legs after Omega got to the ropes.

Omega rolls to the floor to get away but immediately rolls back in and locks back up with Dragon. Omega puts him in a side headlock and then runs Danielson over as he was shoved into the ropes. Omega hits the ropes but Danielson leapfrogs him only for Omega to cartwheel over Danielson as he went for a Monkey Flip and then Omega chops away at Dragon.

They lockup yet again this time with a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock but Danielson quickly gets the advantage with a Wristlock and then he pulls Omega down to the mat and stops on his elbow and wrist. Danielson works Omega over in the corner with a series of chops and kicks. Omega fights back with chops of his own and both men’s chests are completely read already.

Danielson backdrops Omega over the top to the floor and Danielson hits a beautiful Top Suicida sending Omega crashing into the guardrail. Danielson puts Omega in a hammerlock and throws him shoulder first into the ring post. Danielson does the same with the opposite post before tossing Omega into the ring. Danielson climbs up top and hits a Flying Elbow Drop to Omega’s arm as Omega was trying to lift himself back up.

Danielson puts Omega in a Kimura and then stands on Omega’s hand as he pulls Omega back up by his nose and stretching him. Danielson hits an Armbreaker but before he can hit a second one, Omega rakes Dragon’s eyes and hits a series of chops with his other arm. Omega chokes Danielson in the corner and stomps him down. Omega goes back to the chops but Danielson fires back with chops of his own only for Omega to take him down quick with a Running Knee.

Omega slams his knee into Danielson’s back repeatedly and kicks him in the back. Omega taunts Dragon and slaps him as Danielson tried to fight back at him. Omega pokes Danielson in the eyes and hits a Rolling Fireman’s Carry and attempts a Springboard Moonsault but Danielson gets his knees up. Danielson lights Omega up with more chops and kicks and then Danielson back flips over a charging Omega out of the corner before hitting a Flying Clothesline.

Dragon hits a Flying Dropkick in the corner and he continues to beat Omega down with round kicks. Danielson lifts Omega up to the top and hits a Frankensteiner! 1…2…NO Omega kicks out! Omega comes back with a Rana of his own as Danielson came off the ropes and Danielson rolls to the floor. Omega hits a gorgeous Somersault Plancha over the top onto Danielson the floor. In the ring Omga goes for a Leg Lariat but Danielson counters with a rollup and then goes right into Cattle Mutilation! Omega manages to get his foot on the bottom rope and then he escapes to the ramp. Danielson dives off the top with a Flying Knee on Omega on the ramp!

Danielson hits a series of roundhouse kicks but Omega catches his last one and hits a Snap Dragon on the ramp! Omega runs down to the end of the ramp and then comes flying at Danielson with a V-TRIGGER! Good lord!


Omega continued to work Danielson over throughout the break. Omega deadlifts Danielson off the mat and Buckle Bombs him causing Danielson to flip over the top rope and onto the apron. Omega goes up top and hits a Missile Dropkick for two. Omega goes to pick Danielson up but Dragon catches him with a cradle for two. Omega hits a Spin Kick sending Danielson crashing into the corner. Omega hits a V-Trigger to Danielson’s back sending him into the turnbuckles and then lifts Dragon up to the top. Omega climbs up with Danielson and goes for a Super Snap Dragon but Danielson holds onto the post and slids between Omega’s legs before crotching him.

Danielson climbs back up and hits a Super Backdrop! Danielson hits a series of roundhouse kicks but Omega traps his leg and hits a series of jabs. Danielson fights back with his own jabs only to eat a Pump V-Trigger! Omega goes for another V-Trigger but Danielson hits a Roaring Elbow and a Bridging T-Bone Suplex! 1…2…NO Omega kicks out!

Danielson goes back to the top but Omega cuts him off and goes up with him again. Omega headbutts the back of Danielson and starts elbowing his shoulder before hitting a Super Snap Dragon! 1…2…NO Dragon kicks out! Omega hits another V-Trigger and sets up for the One Winged Angel but Danielson counters with a Poison Rana! Omega goes for another V-Trigger but Danielson moves and hits a Buzzsaw Kick!

Danielson goes for the Flying Knee but Omega counters into a Powerbomb and the V-Trigger! 1…2…NO Danielson kicks out! Omega goes up top and attempts the Phoenix Splash but Danielson rolls out of the way and Omega crashes and burns. Danielson hits a series of roundhouse kicks and then they start trading elbows. Danielson knocks Omega down and hits the Yes Kick!

Danielson traps Omega’s arms and starts stomping the shit out of him before locking in the LeBell Lock! Omega gets to the ropes to break it. Danielson and Omega exchange knees and elbows and all kinds of strikes as the time limit is counting down. They both collapse and begin trading more strikes as the bell rings for the draw.


Danielson and Omega continue to fight and Danielson starts to take Omega down in the LeBell Lock but The Elite run out and pull him off. The Bucks introduce Danielson to a Superkick Party but Jurassic Express and Christian run out and chase The Elite off.


CM Punk walks out and makes a quip about how impossible it would be to follow the match we just saw. Punk runs down Team Taz and says that half of Team Taz is from NY but even they don’t like them. Punk talks about Team Taz attacking him last week and says that he’s pissed off about it but when his music hit and when he walked on the stage he can’t but help that pissed off feeling goes away because of what he feels from the crowd.

Punk says then he thinks about how what they tried to do to him was take all of this away from him because they don’t want to see happy CM Punk out there enjoying wrestling and the fans again. He says then he gets pissed off all over again because it’s been so long since he loved wrestling again. Punk gets fired up and says no one will take this away from him again. Punk says that Team Taz have slept on him but his job isn’t to wake them up, it’s to tuck their asses in. He says on Rampage, Powerhouse Hobbs goes to sleep.


MJF w/Wardlow vs. Brian Pillman Jr. w/Julia Hart

MJF offers a handshake before the match but Pillman takes him down and hits a series of rights. The referee pulls him off but Pillman doesn’t care and hits a series of clotheslines and elbows in the corner. MJF pokes Pillman’s eyes but runs into a series of Pillman Armdrags. Pillman hits a Hip Toss and then a big backdrop. Pillman chops MJF and goes for a backdrop and as MJF goes for a kick MJF sweeps his legs.

Pillman picks MJF but MJF bitch slaps the hell out of him only for Pillman to respond in kind! MJF pulls Pillman into the turnbuckles by his tights and beats him down. MJF stomps on Pillman’s hand puts him in a Top Wristlock. Pillman fights him off and then hits a Sunset Flip for two. Pillman follows up with a Backslide for two but MJF uses a wristlock to slam Pillman to the mat.


Pillman hits a Springboard Flying Cross Body out of the corner but couldn’t get up to make a cover as MJF spent the entire break working over his arm. Pillman hits a series of clotheslines and a Superkick. Pillman throws MJF into the turnbuckle repeatedly but MJF fights out only to eat a Snap Powerslam from Pillman for two.

MJF rolls to the floor and Pillman goes for a dive but MJF pulls Julia Hart in his way stopping Pillman from diving. MJF then shoves Hart into Pillman and clotheslines him. Hart gets in MJF’s face and she pie faces him. MJF grabs her but Pillman comes flying in with a Flying Dropkick through the ropes! In the ring, Pillman goes for Air Pillman but MJF catches him in midair with the Salt of the Earth for the submission!

Winner: MJF via submission (Salt of the Earth)

In the back Alex Marvez interviews Chris Jericho and Jake Hager. Hager calls Lambert a “fat faced dip shit” and Jericho says that if Lambert sticks his nose into their business he’s going to bite his nose off like he’s Haku. Jericho tells Lambert to bring his MMA “meatheads” to Rampage with him and they’ll kick their asses, too.

Malakai Black vs. “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes w/Brandi Rhodes & Arn Anderson

Cody takes Black down but Black responds by taking Cody down. They both go for a submissions but both manage to escape. They exchange forearms but Cody drops down and hits an uppercut only for Black to sweep his legs and quickly roll Cody up and go for a roundhouse kick. Black avoids it and then rolls to the outside and Black hits a Moonsault onto his feet as Cody moved out of the way of what he thought was a dive.

Black goes into Indian style sitting in the ring but Brandi rolls in the ring and squats down in front of him and flips him off. Cody comes flying in but Black catches him in a Hanging Octopus. Cody rolls through and sends Black onto the ramp. Cody hits a Disaster Kick on Black and then goes for a Plancha but falls right into a Leaping Knee!


Cody rolls Black up for two and gets booed right out of the building. Black hits the Black Mass but Cody falls through the ropes to the floor on the outside. Black tries to drag him back in the ring but can’t as Cody is completely motionless. Black rolls back in the ring but Cody manages to get back up and roll back in before the 10-count. Black immediately covers Cody and he gets his foot on the bottom rope at two.

Black hits the ropes but Cody chop blocks him. Cody avoids a Flying Knee and then hangs Black’s knee up in the ropes and hits a Dragon Screw Leg Whip and the fans are absolutely all over Cody. Cody hits a Knee Breaker but Black comes right back with a Spinning Back Elbow. Black hits a Roundhouse Kick but he sells his leg and Cody immediately goes for CrossRhodes. Black blocks it and throws Cody halfway across the ring.

Black kicks Cody and swings but he misses and Cody hits the Cody Cutter and the CrossRhodes! 1…2…NO Black kicks out! Arn gets up on the apron and tries to hype Cody up. Arn fell off the apron and that distracts Cody but as Arn gets back up Black shoves Cody into Arn. Cody hits a Pump Kick on Black knocking him onto the ramp. Cody goes to check on Arn but Arn shoves him and tells him to get his ass back in the ring.

Cody rolls Black back in and hits a series of body shots. The referee warns him and Cody shoves the referee allowing Black to mist him in the eyes and then roll him up for the pin!

Winner: Black via pinfall (rollup)

Sammy Guevara cuts a promo about Miro humiliating Fuego del Sol. Miro says that he broke his neck before but his God and his wife put him back together and his body belongs to them. He says God demands pain and his wife demands pleasure and he’s going to give them both that by taking Sammy out. They will face each other next week.


FTR w/Tully Blanchard vs. “The Icon” Sting & Darby Allin

FTR is wearing nWo inspired gear to the ring. FTR wants Sting early and Sting obliges them. Sting and Allin are wearing matching facepaint. FTR baits Sting into their corner and they beat him down there. Sting explodes out of the corner with a series of clotheslines, though. Sting hits a series of slams and then goes for the Stinger Splash but Dax pulls Cash out of the way. They drag Sting back in their corner and gang up on him.

Sting and Dax run the ropes together and Sting runs him over and then Sting collapses and falls head first into Dax’s balls. Allin and Cash tag in and Allin is a house afire. Allin hits a Shotgun Dropkick sending Cash into Dax in the corner. Allin hits a Coffin Splash in the corner and then a Springboard Coffin Splash knocking them to the outside. Allin goes for a Coffin Drop on the outside but FTR catches him and slams him into the apron.


Tully tries to wipe Allin’s paint off but he fights off FTR. Allin tries to dive and make the hot tag but FTR catches him and throws him back. Allin rolls through them and tags Sting. Sting hits a Doubl Facebuster and then clotheslines Cash to the outside. Sting hits a Spinebuster on Dax for two! Dax hits a Uppercut knocking Sting onto the apron.

FTR goes for a Mindbreaker on Allin but Sting knocks Cash off the apron and then hits a Flying Cross Body on Dax for two! Cash distracts Sting allowing Dax to hit him from behind and then roll him up for two. Dax goes for a Tombstone but Sting reverses it and goes for a Stinger Death Drop. Cash cuts him off and Sting hits FTR both with Stinger Splashes!

Tully hands Dax a chair and he wedges it in the corner just as Sting hits a Stinger Death Drop on Cash! Sting goes for a Stinger Splash on Dax but Dax moves and Sting catches himself before hitting the chair. Dax charges at Sting but he moves and Dax slams into the chair! Sting knocks Tully off the apron and rolls Dax up for two! Sting puts Dax in the Scorpion Death Lock but Cash pulls Dax towards the ropes only for Allin to hit a Coffin Drop on Cash! Dax taps out!

Winners: Sting & Allin via submission (Scorpion Death Lock)


Main Event
AEW World Women’s Championship
Dr. Britt Baker (c) w/Rebel & Jamie Hayter vs. “The Runaway” Ruby Soho

Ruby takes Baker down and slams her head on the mat repeatedly. Baker fights back up and puts her in a hammerlock. Soho and Baker trade headlocks until Baker shoves her into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block. Soho hits a Lifting Knee Strike and then goes for a Hammerlock but Baker rolls to the floor. Soho hits a Plancha onto Hayter and Rebel but Baker moved out of the way and kicks Soho. Baker hangs Soho up on the apron and hits a Hanging Neckbreaker!


Baker charges at Soho but eats an elbow and then Soho uses a headscissors to send Baker into the turnbuckles. Soho hits a series of running Thrust Kicks and goes for a Flatliner but Baker blocks it and hits a Back Elbow. Baker goes for the Fisherman’s Neckbreaker but Soho counters with a Backdrop Driver. Soho hits the ropes but runs right into a Superkick! Both women crash to the mat.

Baker and Soho exchange forearms until Soho gets the advantage with elbows and headbutts. Soho gos for an Irish Whip but Baker counters into a Russian Leg Sweep and right into a Lockjaw attempt but Soho counters and lifts Baker up to her feet and shoves her into the ropes. Soho misses a clothesline and Baker hits a Slingblade.

Baker goes for the Curb Stomp but Soho catches her foot and locks her in a Kneebar. Soho transitions into a Catapult sending Baker into the corner. Soho hits an Enziguri and then climbs up top for a Flying Backsplash Senton! 1…2…NO Baker kicks out! Soho charges at Baker in the corner but Baker gets her boot up and then hits the Fisherman’s Neckbreaker! Baker hits a Superkick for two.

Baker goes up top but Soho cuts her off and goes for a Sunset Flip off the top but Baker counters into a Super Air Raid Crash! 1…2…NO Soho kicks out! Soho rolls to the floor and Baker kicks Soho into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Baker hits the Curb Stomp for two! Baker argues with the referee and Soho rolls her up for a close nearfall. Soho hits a Leaping Enziguri but Rebel gets in the ring and eats an Enziguri. Hayter hits a Jawbreaker on the ropes on Soho as the referee was dealing with Rebel and Baker locks Soho in the Lockjaw for the submission!

Winner & STILL Women’s Champ: Baker via submission (Lockjaw)