AEW Dynamite Results – 12/01/21 Results(Andrade-Cody, Moriarty-Punk, Sting, etc.)

AEW Dynamite Preview: August 11
AEW Dynamite Results

December 1, 2021
Duluth, GA (Gas South Arena)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

“Hangman” Adam Page makes his way out to join commentary for the opener. Jim Ross is not on commentary tonight due to his ongoing battle with cancer. Kick cancer’s ass, JR!

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Alan “5” Angels w/The Dark Order

Angels is the hometown boy here, having grown up outside of Atlanta and was trained by AR Fox in Duluth. Dragon and Angels lock up and Dragon immediately goes for a submission. Angels gets to the ropes but Danielson has until five! Angels fights back with a series of strikes but Danielson meets him with a series of his own strikes that lays Angels out. Daniels hits a Running Dropkick to Angels in the corner and lands on his feet.

Danielson hits a series of uppercuts but Angels counters the last one into a Backslide for two. Angels hits a series of strikes but Danielson counters his last one into a Butterfly Suplex and a Fujiwara Armbar. Angels manages to roll to the ropes and break the hold. Danielson goes for a Suplex but Angels knees him in the head and then hits a Shotgun Dropkick causing Danielson to fall to the floor.

Angels hits a Tope Suicida on Danielson and then a Golden Moonsault out of the corner taking a page out of Page’s book! In the ring, Angels hits a charging Danielson with a Standing Spanish Fly for two! Angels goes up top and attempts a Moonsault Press but Dragon rolls out of the way and hits the Flying Knee! Danielson wags his finger up at Page and then traps Angels’ arms and starts stomping Angels face. He locks in an armbar and Angels immediately taps out.

Winner: Danielson via submission (Kneebar)
(Solid but relatively short match. Danielson still looks dominant, while giving Angels a few hope spots to shine. ***)

Danielson holds onto the submission after the match before finally relinquishing. Tony Schiavone comes down to interview Danielson and he says it’s hard to tell if he’s ready because of his competition tonight. He mocks Atlanta for and asks if that is the best they had. Danielson says he knocked out Colt Cabana’s tooth and this week he snapped Angels’ MCL. He says there is a Dark Order member from Long Island and next week he’ll kick his head in too before going to Dallas, the home of the Cowboys, and take Page’s title. He starts to taunt Page again, which causes Page to start to go after Danielson. John Silver runs out and says that Page is not supposed to touch Danielson tonight but he can and goes after Danielson.

Danielson bails out of the ring and calls Silver a joke and says he won’t share the ring with him because he’s beneath Dragon. Danielson says that Tony Khan told them that if they tough they’ll be suspended and he starts taunting Page more to try and get him to hit him.


Miro cuts a manic promo saying he would storm the gates of Heaven and cover the floor in blood for God turning its back on him.

“The Apex of Combat” Lee Moriarty vs. “The Best In The World” CM Punk

MJF comes out to join commentary for this match. Punk and Moriarty exchange holds and counters early on in some beautiful chain wrestling. Moriarty puts Punk in a headscissors but Punk fights out and puts Moriarty in a side headlock. They continue to reverse each other with Moriarty catching Punk with a few nearfalls. Punk forces Moriarty into the corner and hits a series of shoulder blocks before tossing him into the opposite corner. Punk hits a Leg Lariat after Moriarty leapfrogged him. Punk hits the Springboard Flying Clothesline on Moriarty.


Punk works Moriarty over during the break with submission holds for much of it. Moriarty sidesteps a charging Punk and then hits a series of clotheslines and kicks. He hits a Flying Uppercut and sweeps the legs of Punk before hitting a Belly-to-Belly Suplex for two. Moriarty goes for a Brainbuster but Punk blocks it and then springs to the top and hits a Flying Cross Body only for Moriarty to reverse it into a nearfall. Moriarty transitions right into a Crossface!

Punk manages to get his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold. Moriarty goes up top but Punk uppercuts him and then climbs up with him and hits a Frankensteiner only for Moriarty to roll through in a nearfall! The two exchange nearfall attempts and then Punk hits a nasty Roundhouse Kick! Punk goes for a Pepsi Twist but Moriarty reverses it into one of his own! Moriarty hits a Pump Kick and a Butterfly Suplex for a close nearfall!

Moriarty goes for a Suplex but Punk counters into the GTS for the pin!

Winner: Punk via pinfall (GTS)
(That was as good as I was expecting. Punk really gave Moriarty a ton of offense and looked excellent. The finish was terrific, too. Moriarty is going to be really, really good. ****)

MJF walks down the ramp and starts taunting Punk for struggling to beat QT Marshall and Lee Moriarty. He says the best thing Punk is at these days is trying to get in Britt Baker’s pants. MJF says Punk looks unamused, which is what Baker would look like if he ever got her in the bed. Punk says that MJF can taunt him for struggling against Lee or QT but the fact is they are both better than MJF and he knows it.

Punk tells MJF to shut up and get in the ring so he can kick his little needle dick all the way back to Long Island. MJF asks the fans if they want to see that but he says too bad because Punk needs him a lot more than MJF needs him. He says that MJF provides the spark for Punk that he hasn’t had since 2011.

MJF says that Punk may want to stop bringing his dog Larry with him to Dynamite every week because if he doesn’t he will put Larry to sleep. Punk goes after MJF but Wardlow comes out and gets between them.

Britt Baker says that she and Jamie Hayter are back on the same page after some miscommunication last week and Hayter is going to face Riho next week.



Adam Cole joins commentary for the next match. Cole doesn’t seem to care for Schiavone still. Orange Cassidy comes out and stares at Cole. They get in each other’s faces and OC taunts Cole as the Bucks sneak up behind him. OC catches them and starts doing his lazy kicks until Cole low blows him. The Bucks taunt OC with lazy Superkicks before hitting a Superkick Party. They set up for a BTE Trigger but Best Friends run out with chairs to chase them off.

In a vignette, Tony Nese talks about Sammy Guevara. He says that the TNT Title will finally be around a premier athlete’s waste on Friday. He says that Guevara learned a valuable lesson last week and he’ll learn another one this Friday.

Wardlow w/Shawn Spears vs. AC Adams

Wardlow destroys Adams immediately with a Lariat and four consecutive Powerbombs for the pin.

Winner: Wardlow via pinfall (Powerbombs)

Spears comes in after the match and destroys Adams with a chair.


Backstage, it’s announced that due to an injury to Fenix, Penta and PAC will now face FTR on Rampage.

Sting & Darby Allin vs. The Gunn Club w/Austin Gunn

Sting and Allin are wearing each wearing facepaint combining their looks. Allin and Colten start off against each other. Allin hits a series of armdrags and dropkicks sending Colten into his corner. Billy tags in and wants Sting, which Sting obliges. Sting hits a series of rights and lefts on Gunn and then an Atomic Drop followed by a Lariat. He goes for the Stinger Splash but Gunn retreats to the floor. Colten and Allin tag back in.

Allin goes for a Coffin Splash but Billy blind tags his son and catches Allin in midair and slams him with the One & Only. He and Colten beat Allin down in their corner and isolate him.


Colten puts Allin in a Scorpion Death Lock but Allin gets to the ropes to break it. Allin has a cut on the top of his head. Allin goes for a Sunset Flip but Colten blocks it only for Allin to shove him into Billy. Sting tags in and is a house afire. He hits a series of clotheslines on the Gunn Clubb and then hits the Stinger Splash on both of them. He clotheslines Billy to the outside and hits a Spinebuster on Colten! Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Lock and Austin hits Sting as Billy distracts the referee.

Allin hits a Tope Suicida onto Austin on the outside! Billy hits the Fameasser on Sting and Colten covers him! 1…2…NO Sting kicks out! Allin hits a Tope con Giro onto Billy on the floor! Allin hits a Flipping Stunner on Colten and Sting hits the Stinger Death Drop for the pin!

Winners: Sting & Allin via pinfall (Stinger Death Drop)
(That was about 100 times better than I thought it would ever be. Allin bumped his ass off and Sting was fantastic in his moments. **1/2)

Backstage, Chris Jericho says he didn’t come to Eddie Kingston’s aid last week. He says he was there to take out 2.0, not to help Kingston. 2.0 and Garcia jump Jericho and beat him down. They lay Jericho out with a chair.


Lio Rush comes out to confront Team Taz and he says that Taz is a commentator and that means he should know Rush. He says that he has had the odds stacked against him his whole life and it’s crazy to him to think Team Taz has 100 percent chance of winning the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal considering Rush is going to be in it. He says he is a fighter and deep down Taz knows that. Rush says he won’t go down without a fight even that means he only has a one percent chance and Taz tells him to just go ahead and retire again because he’s done. Dante Martin comes out with Ricky Starks and stares Rush down.

TBS Title Tournament Quarterfinals
Ruby Soho vs. Kris Statlander

Statlander and Soho exchange counters and reversals early on and Soho almost throws a closed fist but stops herself to continue wrestling. Soho goes for a Crucifix but Statlander blocks it and then rolls through and boops Soho’s nose to Soho’s frustration. Statlander throws Ruby into the ropes but Ruby comes back and rolls her up for two. They exchange nearfalls and then Soho goes for a Monkey Flip but Statlander literally does a headstand and walks on her hands. Soho hits a Cazadora Armdrag and then a Springboard Lucha Armdrag followed by a Flatiner for two.


Soho hits a Back Heel Trip and dives off the top with a Senton Backsplash for two. Soho hits a Superkick for another nearfall. Soho goes for a Back Suplex but Statlander blocks it and then hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for two! Statlander goes for the Spider Crab but Soho counters into a Triangle only for Statlander to deadlift her up and into a Buckle Bomb! Statlander hits the Falcon Arrow for a close nearfall!

Statlander hits a series of Running Elbows but Soho catches her with an elbow of her own on the last attempt and follows up with kicks and headbutts. Soho goes for a Headscissors but Statlander blocks it and lfits Soho up for a Electric Chair only for Soho to counter into a Poise Rana and then a Rana Driver! 1…2…NO Statlander kicks out!

Soho goes for No Future but Statlander blocks it and goes for the Big Bang Theory only for Soho to roll her up for the pin!

Winner: Soho via pinfall (rollup)
(That was Soho’s best match in AEW. She looked really good and Statlander is as excellent as always. They really made it clear these two were on equal footing. ****)

Vickie Guerrero gets in Kris Statlander’s face on the ramp and Nyla Rose attacks Soho from behind. Statlander runs down and chases Rose off.


Atlanta Street Fight
“La Sombra” Andrade el Idolo w/Jose vs. “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes w/Arn Anderson

Andrade attacks Cody as he was making his entrance and Jose knocks Arn off the damn stage! Andrade and Cody fight into the crowd where Cody throws a trashcan – full of crap – at Andrade. Cody hits a Moonsault off a barricade! They finally fight back towards ringside where Andrade drops Cody face first onto the ring steps with a Firman’s Carry.

Cody shoves Andrade into the ring post and then he hugs T-Pain at ringside and asks him for a chair. Cody hits Andrade with the chair and then throws it at him. Finally in the ring, Andrade low blows Cody and starts whipping the hell out of Cody with his own weight belt. Andrade pulls a laptop out of his bag and hits Cody with it.

Andrade whacks Cody with a chair and then starts to pull out a table but puts it back when the fans pop. Andrade swings a chain at Cody but Cody moves only for Andrade to drop him with a Fireman’s Carry Slam. Andrade puts a chair on top of Cody and hits the Split Legged Moonsault for two. Andrade goes for a Back Suplex but Cody lands on his feet and kicks Andrade in the nuts. Cody goes for the Cody Cutter but Andrade knocks him to the outside.


Cody throws a chair at Andrade’s face as he was attempting a Moonsault Press off the top. Cody wraps a chain around his hand punches Andrade. Cody hits a Powerslam but Andrade rolls to the floor. Cody goes for a Tope Suicida but Andrade hits him with a chair in midair. Andrade pulls the mat up at ringside and attempts La Sombra on the concrete but Cody counters into a backdrop.

Cody’s forehead is busted open. Cody pulls out a sledgehammer but throws it to the side and then pulls out a golden shovel instead. Jose runs out with a taser but Cody hits him with the shovel. Andrade hits a Plancha onto Cody on the floor. In the ring, Andrade wedges the chair between Cody and the bottom turnbuckle and hits a Flying Knee into the chair for two!

Andrade pulls out a table and sides it in the ring. Andrade Hip Tosses Cody into the table as Cody flew at him. Andrade pulls out a second table and lays Cody on top of it. Andrade goes up top but Cody crotches as Brandi Rhodes slides in the ring. She pours lighter fluid on the table and lights it on damn fire! Cody hits a Reverse Superplex on Andrade through the table for the pin!

Winner: Cody via pinfall (Reverse Superplex through a flaming table)
(That match was absolute insanity. It was a terrific brawl but that finish was unbelievable and I didn’t see it coming. ****)