AEW Dynamite Results – 12/29/20 (“New Year’s Smash” special, trios action, JR returns, etc.)

AEW Dynamite Preview: August 11
AEW “New Year’s Smash” Dynamite Results

December 29, 2020

Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

AEW’s final episode of “Dynamite” on TNT opens with Jim Ross returning to his place on commentary cancer free.

10-Man Tag Team Match
The Jurassic Express, Lucha Brothers & Christian Cage w/Alex Abrahantes vs. The Hardy Family Office (Isaiah Kassidy, Marq Quen & Matt Hardy) & FTR

Cash and Christian kick things off against one another. Christian goes to work on Cash’s arm but Cash shows off some athleticism flipping around to reverse the hold but Christian cuts him off and goes for the Unprettier. Cash blocks it but then eats a Flapjack from Christian. Dax tries to interfere but eats a series of rights from Christian.

Jungle Boy tags in and he and Christian pull out some double team moves to Cash’s frustration. Dax tags in but eats a series of arm drags before Christian tags back in. Christian chokes Dax in the ropes and then hits an uppercut and a Neckbreaker across the ropes. Jungle Boy tags back in and puts Dax in the Snare Trap only for Cash to break it up with a boot to the face.

Kassidy tags Cash but eats a Hip Toss from Jungle Boy. Fenix tags in and the Lucha Brothers pull out some beautiful double team action and then Jungle Boy dives off Fenix’s back into a dropkick on Quen. Jungle Boy tags in again but Kassidy takes him down by the hair and tags Quen. Private Party chases after Jungle Boy in the corner but he backdrops Kassidy to the floor and boots Quen. Jungle Boy goes up top but Kassidy grabs his boot and Quen hits a Leaping Rana sending Jungle Boy into a Side Effect from Hardy for two!

The heels work Jungle Boy over in their corner for several minutes. Penta manages to attack Hardy and then get a hot tag as he goes off on the heels. Lucha Brothers hit a series of kicks to FTR as Fenix tags in. Fenix Monkey Flips Penta into a Double DDT on FTR! Fenix hits a Double Spring Swanton Atomico on Quen for two!

Fenix lifts Quen to the top and goes for a Muscle Buster but Kassidy pulls him off allowing Quen to hit a Moonsault DDT! Dax tags in and hits Fenix with a series of elbow drops for a two count. Fenix hits a Gourd Buster for two. He lifts Fenix up to the top for a Superplex but Fenix knocks him off and hits a Moonsault Press on both members of FTR. Luchasaurus makes the hot tag and goes to work on the heels.

Luchasaurus hits a series of Flying Hip Attacks on Private Party and FTR and clotheslines Private Party to the floor. He goes for a Double Chokeslam on FTR but they kick him and throw him into the corner. Lucah explodes out with a Tail Whip and Clothesline. He hits a Chokeslam on Dax and Penta blind tags Luchasaurus. Christian argues with Penta but Penta nails Dax with a Backstabber for two.

Private Party attacks Penta but Luchasaurus and Christian neutralize them. Blade distracts Lucha allowing FTR to shove him into the ring post. Fenix and Jungle Boy then dive onto the heels! In the ring, Penta sets up for the Fear Factor but Christian blind tags Penta. Penta and Christian shove each other and FTR shoves Christian into Penta before hitting the Big Rig for the pin.

Winners: HFO & FTR via pinfall (Big Rig)


2point0 & Daniel Garcia vs. Proud-n-Powerful & Eddie Kingston

Kingston goes right after Garcia as they come to the ring and the fight almost immediately spills to the outside. Back in the ring, Kingston and the former LAX work Matt Lee over in their corner. Scott Parker tags in along with Santana. PNP hit a series of double team moves on Parker and then Santana rolls Parker to the heel corner and dares Garcia to tag in, which he obliges him with.

Garcia tries to kick Santana but he catches his boot and hits an Enziguri. Santana hits the Three Amigos and then Kingston grabs Garcia by the head and pulls him to their corner where he starts biting him. Garcia fights out of the corner but eats a Wheelbarrow/Facebuster combo from PNP for a nearfall. Ortiz puts Garcia in a modified Octopus but Garcia fights out and gets a blind tag from Lee. Lee pulls Ortiz to the floor and holds him for a dropkick from Garcia. In the ring, the heels work Ortiz over their corner.


Ortiz rolls Garcia up for two and then hits a Shotgun Dropkick. Both Ortiz and Garcia tag out with Kingston becoming a house afire as he comes in. Kingston lays out all the heels and destroys Garcia with chops. He hits a T-Bone Suplex on Parker and all the heels roll to the floor. Santana tags in as Garcia pulls Kingston to the outside and attacks his knee. PNP hits some double teams on Lee but Lee manages to roll Santana up and hold his tights for the pin.

Winners: 2point0 & Garcia via pinfall (rollup)

Garcia grabs the ring bell and blasts Santana with it. Chris Jericho’s music hits and he hits the ring with Floyd. He lays out Garcia and 2point0 retreats. Kingston stares Jericho down as Jericho is pacing and screams for the music to be cut off. He argues with Jericho and asks him what he was doing saying he doesn’t need Jericho’s help. He says that Santana and Ortiz are his friends and gets in Jericho’s face but Ortiz separates them.

Backstage, MJF whines about “unsafe working conditions” and calls Sting an “untrained hack.” He says he should have been fired. MJF claims that Punk stayed away from him like a gutless coward last week and now he is over it. MJF tells Wardlow to stop worrying about getting pops for his Powerbomb Symphony and tells him to concentrate on getting wins so he can get into the Revolution Ladder Match, so he can win it and then give it to Wardlow. Wardlow is annoyed but MJF brings Smart Mark Sterling in to read Wardlow’s contract that says he has to give up things like to him.


Backstage, Jurassic Express and Christian argue with Lucha Brothers backstage. Jurassic Express challenges them to a match next week. Alex says that if Jungle Boy is going to be the future of AEW he should probably consider letting go of the past and points to Christian. Fenix accepts the challenge.

Wardlow w/Shawn Spears vs. Colin Delaney

Delaney was actually in WWE for a few years as a jobber turned into surprisingly popular midcard guy. He eats the Powerbomb Symphony almost immediately for the pin. That man does not get paid by the hour.

Winner: Wardlow via pinfall (Powerbomb Symphony)

Spears blasts Delaney with the chair after the match.

Backstage, the former Undisputed Era talk with the Young Bucks. Cole says they are going to go down as one of the greatest groups ever and The Bucks complain about O’Reilly not even talking to them since showing up. O’Reilly mockingly says hello. O’Reilly says he needs to talk to Cole alone and the rest of the guys leave. O’Reilly says he knows they have some heat with each other but says that they are the “Paragon of AEW” and you need to be together to survive in AEW. He says that he knows Fish has his back and says he’ll find out if Cole does tonight.

Dan Lambert is in the ring with the Men of the Year. Lambert runs down Cody Rhodes and says it makes him sad to see Arn Anderson sucking up to Cody. He says Arn used to be a Horsemen and now he’s just a whore, which he says is the perfect transition to Brandi. He says that Brandi is the first Brandi he ever met that isn’t a stripper. He says they can’t keep making stripper jokes because they will get old very quickly just like Brandi.

Lambert makes fun of Cody’s tattoo and says that if Mike Tyson thinks it looks stupid. Dan Lambert says that AEW fans may be idiots but even these idiots don’t like the taste of the shit sandwich Cody keeps shoving down their throats.

Brandi walks out and calls Lambert a less talented Paul Heyman but Lambert says he prefers Jim Cornette. Brandi asks when the last time Lambert got beat by woman and didn’t have to pay for it was and she says she will whoop his ass for free tonight. Lambert laughs and calls her “Bambi” saying he gets his stripper name wrong. Lambert says there isn’t a single soul watching that doesn’t want to reach through the camera and slap the taste out of his mouth.

Brandi is about to fight him but Dustin Rhodes runs out and stops her. Men of the Year sucker punch Dustin and walk away.


A video package highlights the 60-minute classic between Page and Danielson. They are officially going to have judges at ringside for the rematch in case of another draw.

TBS Title Tournament Semifinals
Jade Cargill w/Smart Mark Sterling vs. Thunder Rosa

Rosa is wearing gear based on the X-23 version of Wolverine from Marvel, she even had the double claws coming to the ring. She dropkicks Cargill as she gets in the ring knocking her to the outside. Rosa dives outside but hits Sterling. Cargill attacks Rosa and slams her into the barricade. Jade goes for Jaded but Rosa manages to escape onto the apron. She dives onto Cargill but Jade catches her and hits a backbreaker.

Jade goes for a Bicycle Kick but Jade moves and dropkicks Jade’s knee. She goes after Jade’s knee and slams it into the barricade. She tries to slam Rosa into the ring post but Jade reverses it. Back in the ring, Jade charges at Rosa but she moves and then goes for a shoulder block through the ropes only for Jade to catch her and hits a series of knees. Rosa catches Jade’s knee and hangs her knee up in the rope and hits a Dragon Screw Legwhip. Rosa goes up top and dives but slips in a bad botch. Cargill covers it by killing Rosa with a Pump Kick.


Rosa continues to work over Jade’s knee in the corner and hits a Corner Clothesline. She hits a Hesitation Dropkick to Jade’s knee followed by a second one. Rosa kicks the leg repeatedly and covers her for a nearfall. She hits a series of elbows to the knee but Jade kicks her away and lifts Rosa up in the air and down into a Samoan Drop. Jade nips up but sells the knee as she lands and starts hobbling.

Jade hits a Rack Breaker but grabs her knee as she lands. Jade picks Rosa up and goes for a German Suplex but Rosa reverses it and hits a Knee Breaker. Rosa puts Jade in a Figure Four but Jade uses her size to get herself to the bottom rope to break the hold. Rosa goes for the Figure Four again but Jade kicks her into the corner where someone in a mask hits her over the head with a bottle or something as the referee argued with Mark Sterling. Jade hits Jaded for the pin.

Winner: Jade via pinfall (Jaded)

Rosa attacks Jade but the masked woman attacks Rosa again and they beat Rosa down. The masked woman takes off her mask revealing it to be Mercedes Martinez. Ruby Soho runs out and chases the heels off with a pipe.

Footage of the ongoing drama between Kris Statlander and Leyla Hirsch over the last month is shown.


CM Punk makes his way to the ring and says that Jim Ross is the best to ever do it and he’s glad to see him back at work. Punk says that Jacksonville was a home for AEW and it makes him start thinking about Brodie Lee, which starts a “Brodie” chant. Punk says that if anyone says anything to try and minimize the impact Brodie had it makes him feel sad because that means they never met him. He says that he watched the Tribute Show from here that made him want to come to AEW.

Punk turns his attention to MJF and says that he is a Twitter troll in the flesh. He says he talks a big game but won’t say it to your face. He says that MJF is smart enough to say that the people want to see him get his hands on MJF but it also stupid enough to say something like he’s as good as Roddy Piper in Portland. He says that Roddy laced up his wrestling boots, while MJF laces up his running shoes instead.

Punk says that MJF claims he is done with him and he’s fine with that because he got to team with Sting and Darby Allin and they beat FTR and MJF. He says he gets it that MJF is scared and he doesn’t want none, because he’s working towards bigger and better things. He says MJF has been talking about becoming the AEW Champion and says that if you don’t want to be the champion you shouldn’t be here and he wants to be the champion, too.

Punk says MJF is a waste of my time and an even bigger waste of Khan money than Tim Tebow. Punk says that MJF found out that on the mic and in the ring no one can touch him and if he wants to climb that ladder and get to the gold sooner or later he’ll see him again. He mockingly says it would be a real shame if someone messed with MJF’s quest for the gold.

Backstage, Ricky Starks cuts a promo on Dante Martin. He says that Martin screwed over the chance of him having a successful career in AEW when he screwed him over in the Battle Royal. Starks reminds him about the last time he faced Powerhouse Hobbs and Hobbs asks if Martin really wants to go another round with him.


Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Brian Pillman Jr. and he asks Pillman about the issues with Malakai Black. Pillman says that his partner walked into the House of Black and he doesn’t actually remember much from that night but the one thing he will never forget is the sound of the bell ringing over and over as Black tried to end Griff’s career. Pillman says his memory goes completely black after that and the next thing he knew he was laying on the ground next to Garrison.

Pillman says it’s his turn to take a trip into the House of Black but he isn’t going to kick in the door because he knows that’s what Black wants. He says if there is one thing he learned from his father is you only get one life and next week Black will see a brand new Brian Pillman Jr.

The lights go out and Malakai Black appears on the ramp but then the lights go out and when they come back on he is gone, though production screwed up and we could actually kind of see his legs walking in the tunnel.

Darby Allin and Anthony Bowens cut promos on each other backstage.


Trios Match
Adam Cole & reDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) vs. The Best Friends (Orange Cassidy, Trent Baretta & Chuck Taylor)

O’Reilly starts off with Sexy Chucky T and O’Reilly immediately goes to work with kicks and strikes. Trent tags in and he eats some kicks, too. Trent fights back with a series of elbows but O’Reilly exchanges strikes with him. O’Reilly walks into a Roaring Elbow but answers with a Flying Knee. O’Reilly misses the Axe Kick but then both guys kick each other in the face.

Fish and Cassidy tag in and OC isn’t messing around tonight throwing his glasses at Fish and then sidestepping some strike attempts. He rolls Fish up for a quick two but then eats a series of kicks. Fish goes for a Slingshot Somersault Senton but OC rolls to the outside. When Fish follows him, OC rolls back into the ring only to eat a clothesline from Cole.

Fish hits a Slingshot Somersault Senton on OC and tags Cole into the match. OC sidesteps a charging Cole and throws him into the corner and tags Trent. Best Friends work Cole over in the corner taking turns with elbows and splashes. Best Friends run Cole over and hit a Double Elbow Drop. reDRagon attack Best Friends from behind but then get tossed to the floor. Best Friends go to hug but Cole and reDRagon hit the ring and break that up.

O’Reilly hangs Taylor’s leg up in the ropes and hits a Dragon Screw and then Fish chop blocks Taylor’s other leg.


Cole hits a Neckbreaker over his knee on Taylor for a nearfall. Cole Superkicks OC off the apron and then tags O’Reilly but he walks into a boot. O’Reilly attempts a Plancha on Trent on the outside but he moves and then hits a Half Nelson Suplex on Fish. He catches O’Reilly with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex as O’Reilly went for a Guillotine. Trent hits a Swinging DDT out of the corner for two.

Trent eats a Leaping Enziguri from Cole and Fish tags in. He and O’Reilly take turns with strikes and splashes in the corner. Fish hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker on Trent as O’Reilly dives off the top with a Flying Knee Drop for two. Trent and Fish both tag out as Cassidy hits a Flying Cross Body and then a Tope Suicida onto Fish on the outside. Cole cuts OC off and goes for a Brainbuster but eats the Stun Dog Millionaire! OC goes for the Satellite DDT but O’Reilly blocks it and reDRagon hit a double team move that’s capped off with a German Suplex from O’Reilly for two.

Cole tags in and Superkicks OC and then reDRagon hits Total Elimination for two but Taylor broke it up. Taylor eats a Roaring Elbow from Fish but Trent knocks Fish out onto the ramp. Fish hangs Trent up in the ropes but Taylor Superkicks Fish knocking him off the ramp. Cole Superkicks Taylor and then goes for the Panama Sunrise but Taylor backdrops him on the ramp.

Taylor dives off the stage onto reDRagon with a Somersault Plancha! Trent Spears Cole on the ramp! In the ring, OC hits a Diving DDT on Cole! 1…2..NO Cole kicks out! Taylor hits a Spike Piledriver and then rolls him back into a Piledriver from Trent! OC hits a Beach Break! 1…2…NO reDRagon breaks it up!

O’Reilly pulls Cole to their corner and tags him. O’Reilly kicks OC repeatedly but OC catches his foot only to eat a flying knee and then a series of nasty strikes. O’Reilly goes for a Mafia Kick but OC moves and he hits Cole! OC rolls O’Reilly up! 1…2…NO O’Reilly kicks out. OC tags Taylor and Best Friends go after reDRagon with double team moves before hugging.

Brandon Cutler runs down and immedialtey gets knocked out but then The Bucks run down and Superkick Best Friend as the referee was dealing with Cutler. reDRagon hits Chasing The Dragon for the pin.

Winners: Cole, O’Reilly & Fish via pinfall (Chasing The Dragon)