AAA Invades WrestleCon Live Coverage – 3/31/22

AAA Invades WrestleCon
Dallas, TX
March 31, 2022
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

After starting 15 minutes late, the event starts with an intro video featuring highlights of the various luchadors. Larry Dallas and Dave Sturchio are on commentary.

The Natural Classics (Tome & Stevie Filip) vs. Ryan Kidd & Christie Jaynes

The Filip’s are a tag team from New Zealand, while Kidd is a masked wrestler from America. Jaynes, a female from Brazil, starts off the match with Stevie and hits a rana along with some kicks. Kidd tags in and hits a Basement Dropkick to Filip. Kidd hits a Springboard Back Elbow Tajiri style knocking Filip to the floor. Kidd goes for a dive but Tome kicks him in the back allowing Stevie to climb back in and hit a dropkick. Stevie hits a Standing Moonsault for two.

Stevie hits a Scoop Slam and a Leg Drop for two and then talks trash to Jaynes. He and Tome hit a series of splashes in the corner capped off with a German Suplex and a Vertical Suplex from Tome for two. Stevie tags in again but they walk into a series of kicks from Kidd. Jaynes tags in but gets knocked to the floor. The Filips hit a Bicycle Kick/DVD combo and then Tome goes for a Golden Moonsault onto Jaynes on the floor only for her to move.

Jaynes goes up top and hits her own Golden Moonsault on Stevie and Kidd hits a Springboard Cutter on Tome. Kidd hits an Enziguri in the corner followed by a Flying Knee from Jaynes. Jaynes hits a Knee Lift and Kidd dives off the top with a Frog Splash and they both cover him for two until Stevie breaks it up.

Jaynes and Kidd whip him into the ropes but he stops ansd Superkicks Jaynes and knocks Kidd to the floor. Tome hits a Somersault Plancha onto Kidd on the floor and then the Filips hit the Mother of All Bombs (Powerbomb/Backstabber combo) for the pin.

Winners: The Natural Classics via pinfall (The Mother of All Bombs)
(That match was not great. There were timing issues and the crowd was completely dead for it. It’s also not a great look to put that match on after promising a “genuine” AAA experience to put a bunch of wrestlers that have never even stepped foot in a AAA ring. *1/2)

Lumberjack Match
Rey Escorpion, La Hiedra Mini Abismo Negro (rudos/heels) vs. Microman, Nino Hamburguesa & Taya Valkyrie (tecnicos/babyfaces)

Remember tags are not necessary in lucha. Taya is the biggest star in America here, having been a longtime star in Impact before signing with WWE briefly. She was trained by Lance Storm and has wrestled in Mexico for years. La Hiedra is much younger and was trained by her father Sangre Chicana. Mini Abismo Negro and Microman are lucha minis and Microman is a fan favorite despite not being able to move real well. Hamburguesa is a comedy act and around 400 pounds. Escorpion has been a longtime lucha star in both CMLL and AAA.

The lumberjacks are the wrestlers from the first match and Crazy Boy, who is Super Crazy’s cousin and a longtime AAA wrestler for many years (though he has been gone for quite some time). Negro starts off with Micro and slams him before eating a Spinning Headscissors and armdrag. Negro knocks him down again and then eats a Flying Armdrag from Micro. Micro hits a dropkick knocking Negro to the floor where the lumberjacks whip him until he rolls back in.

Escorpion and Hamburguesa enter the match and Hamburguesa hits a Rana and then a Splash. Escorpion rolls to the floor and gets whipped. Hiedra and Taya enter the match and Hiedra takes Taya down and smacks her ass. Taya armdrags Hiedra twice and hits a Cross Boyd Block. Taya hits a Flying Hip Attack in the corner and then the Flying Knees. Taya kicks Hiedra to floor and she runs away from the straps as Negro and Escorpion climb in and go after Nino and Micro. Escorpion picks Micro up and teases throwing him into the crowd but then just drops him and Superkicks him. Negro and Hiedra double team Taya and Hamburguesa eats a backdrop from Escorpion. All three rudos work over Taya and Escorpion caps it off with a Leg Drop to Taya.

Escorpion whips Hamburguesa into a Missile Dropkick from Hiedra. Escorpion picks Micro up and drops him onto Negro’s boots and then Hiedra puts him over her knee and spanks him. Taya fights back and ducks a charging Hiedra and Hamburguesa runs over Escorpion and Negro. Taya holds Hiedra down on the ropes as Micro hits the 619 on her.

Negro kicks Micro but then Micro sweeps his legs and a Running Bulldog. He hits a Spinning Armdrag on Negro knocking him to the floor where he’s pummeled by the straps. Hamburguesa and Escorpion re-enter the match but Escorpion quickly rolls to the floor only to get attacked. Negro comes into the ring but Hamburguesa runs him over knocking him to the floor. Escorpion, back in but eats a Shining Wizard from Hamburguesa. He hits an Armdag/Headscissors combo on Negro and Escorpion.

Taya enters the ring and hits a Spinning Headscissors on Escorpion but Hiedra comes in and hits a Stunner on Taya. Taya comes back with a Spinebuster on Hiedra but Escorpion hits the Package Piledriver on her! Hamburguesa comes in and slams Escorpion before going to the top. He hits a Frog Splash but Negro breaks up the pin with a Senton off the top.

Hamburguesa slams Escorpion and Negro into each other in the corner and then Micro hits a Cannonball on them in the corner followed by one from Hamburguesa. Negro shoves Hamburguesa through the ropes onto Escorpion! Micro with a Spinning Rollup on Negro for the pin.

Winners: Microman, Hamburguesa and Taya via pinfall (Spinning Rollup)
(This was better than the opener – and at least with actual AAA wrestlers – but it was still a mess. I have never understood the appeal of Microman. He can barely move and the wrestlers working with him have to pretty move do the moves on themselves. He’s over, though. **)

Sam Adonis, Puma King and Gringo Loco come out and berate Microman and attack him but he nut punches them. Hiedra tries to attack him and Micro bites her ass. Puma and his buddies stick Microman in a trash can and drag him to the back.

NWA World Tag Team Championships
La Rebelion (Mecha Wolf & Bestia 666) (c) w/Damian 666 vs. Aerostar & Drago

Drago and Aerostar are two of the more well known wrestlers on this card, in terms of American presence, as they have worked extensively for Lucha Underground, Impact and Aerostar has even wrestled in AEW. Mecha Wolf is a Puerto Rican wrestler that has wrestled as Jesus de Leon, Mr. 450, Hammett and other names. Bestia 666 is the son of legendary luchador Damian 666, who accompanied them to the ring. Bestia has been wrestling a lot in America for years, as well.

Mecha and Drago start things off and do some chain wrestling early on but it quickly devolves as all four men get in the ring. Aerostar and Drago pull off some great double team moves on both men. Drago dives off the shoulders of Aerostar into a Spinning DDT on Mecha for two. Damian distracts Aerostar allowing Bestia to attack him from behind. The rudos now double team Aerostar in the ring after knocking Drago to the floor.

Bestia and Mecha hit a series of double team moves on Aerostar and Drago rolls back in only to eat some kicks and lariats from the rudos. Mecha Uranage Suplexes Aerostar on top of Drago and gets a nearfall. On the outside, Damian attacks Aerostar as the rudos distract the referee and work Drago over in the corner. Drago dives off the back of Mecha into a Rana on Bestia! Aerostar hits a beautiful Slingshot Armdrags on the heels sending them to the floor.

Aerostar and Drago hit Double Tope Suicidas onto the rudos on the floor. In the ring, Aerostar hits a 619 and then a beautiful Tornillo onto Mecha for two until Bestia breaks it up. Drago comes in and immediately gets laid out by the rudos. Drago hits a series of kicks to them, though, and a Mexican Destroyer on Mecha! Bestia lays Drago out with a Spinning Enziguri but Aerostar catches him with a Springboard Codebreaker for two.

Drago lifts Aerostar up into a Rana attempt on Mecha but he lands on his feet and DDTs Drago! Aerostar hits a Destroyer on Mecha but then eats a Muscle Buster from Bestia! Drago and Bestia kick each other and all four men are down now. Drago hits a Pop-Up Powerbomb on Mecha and Aerostar hits a Springboard Splash but the awful referee just stops counting and “distracted” by Damian. Aerostar hits a Somersault Plancha on Damian but then La Rebelion hit the Mark of the Beast on Drago and Mecha dives onto Aerostar. Bestia pins Drago.

Winners & STILL NWA Tag Champs: La Rebelion via pinfall (Mark of the Beast)
(This was easily the best match so far. All four guys worked hard and pulled off some great spots, but the referee was awful and that hampered it some. There were a couple of misttimed spots, too. ***)

Trios Match
Los Jintes del Aire (Octagon Jr. & Aramis) & Mr. Iguana vs. Los Vipers (Arez & Abismo Negro Jr.) & Faby Apache

Abismo Negro Jr. is not related to the original Abismo Negro and formerly worked as Eterno. Arez and Aramis are two of the top young high flyers in wrestling and they work for MLW, too. Aramis has been wrestling since he was 11. Octagon Jr. is not the original (or even second) Octagon Jr. as Samuray del Sol and Flamita originally held that mantel. The current Octagon Jr. is the former Golden Magic, who worked in CMLL for years. Faby Apache is a part of the legendary Apache family in Mexico. Iguana is a very popular Indy wrestler and has been wrestling in America a lot, as well.

Aramis and Negro start things off and immediately go to work with some fast-paced counters and reversals. Aramis leaps onto Negro’s shoulders and spins around him into a Sunset Flip for an early two. Aramis hits a Double Spring into a Flying Rana. Arez enters the match as Negro goes out and he and Aramis show off their speed with some crazy sequences.

Arez dropkicks Aramis to the floor and Octagon hits a Spinning Diving Armdrag off the top followed by a Springboard Enziguri. Octagon hits a Springboard Missiledropkick knocking Arez to the floor. Faby comes in and hits a Rana on Octagon to the floor. Iguana comes in and hits a Springboard Diving Headbutt on Faby. He hits a series of armdrags on the other tecnicos but then gets smacked in the head by Faby.

Iguana plays dead but then starts slapping Faby and hits a Springboard Armdrag. He hits a Springboard Armdrag that knocks Faby to the floor and then Arez and Negro jump on Iguana and beat him down. Iguana hits a series of armdrags on the rudos but Arez Superkicks his Iguana puppet that he put on and then hits an Enziguri. Negro and Faby team up on Iguana and Negro hits a Press Slam followed by Faby putting him in a Mexican Surfboard. Arez dives off the top with a Ghetto Stomp to Iguana as Faby held him up.

Iguana rolls to the floor and Octagon comes in only to be triple teamed by the rudos. Arez hits a Spinebuster on Octagon and then he and Apache spread his legs apart as Negro dives off the top with a Leg Drop to his balls. Octagon rolls out and Aramis comes in but immediately gets beat down by the rudos. Arez hits a Springboard Moonsault on Aramis for two.

The rudos grab Iguana’s puppet and Negro Piledrives itand then Arez does a Package Piledriver on it before Faby just drops her ass on top of it. The referee tries to give the puppet CPR as the rudos go back to work on Aramis. Octagon Jr. hits a Diving Rana on Arez and then the rest of the tecnicos come in and hit a series of kicks. They all hit dives onto the rudos on the floor at the same time! Aramis picks up the puppet and pets it before hitting the rudos with it.

Octagon hits a Springboard Tornillo on Arez and then starts chopping Arez. He does the rope walk before hitting a Moonsault Armdrag. Negro comes in and hits a Springboard Spinning Rana from Octagon. Octagon goes for a Code Red but Negro blocks it and flips him onto his feet. Octagon hits a Spinning Headscissors sending Negro to the floor. Aramis tags in and they start doing pose offs for the crowd, which the tecnicos win.

Aramis springs up to Negro’s shoulders and then to the top rope before hitting a Diving Spinning Rana. Aramis hits a Spinning Headscissors and then a beautiful Corkscrew Armdrag. Arez attacks Aramis from behind and tries to throw him into the corner, but Aramis slides through the turnbuckles. Aramis and Arez clothesline each other and then kick each other at the same time. Aramis hits a Slingshot Poison Rana onto the apron!

Iguana Enziguris Negro knocking him to the floor and then goes for a Somersault Plancha but Negro catches him only for Iguana to catch him with a Spinning Headscissors. Aramis hits a West Coast Pop on Arez for two Faby Superkicks Octagon for two as Arez DDTs Aramis. The tecnicos Superkick the rudos at the same time knocking them to the floor. Aramis hits a Somersault Plancha off the top onto Arez and Faby and then Octagon hits an Asai Moonsault as Aramis held the rudos. In the ring, Iguana hits a Satellite Head scissors and then a Spinning Bulldog for the pin.

Winners: Iguana, Aramis & Octagon Jr. via pinfall (Spinning Bulldog)
(Great match with some wild spots. Arez and Aramis are unbelievable but incredibly young. Great stuff from everyone. ***1/2)

No DQ Match
Pagano, Drago Kid & Jack Cartwheel (tecnicos) vs. La Empressa (Puma King & Sam Adonis) and Gringo Loco (rudos)

Adonis and Gringo Loco are American wrestlers that have both been working in Mexico a lot over the years. Loco was trained by Skayde and Cartwheel is also American, working primarily for GCW. Puma King is the son of the legendary Felino and Drago Kid was formerly known as Astrolux. He’s only 22 years old and is not related to Drago. Pagano is a death match wrestler from Mexico.

Puma and Pagano start off the match against one another with Puma breaking out some armdrags and ranas until Pagnao chops him down and then takes him down. Pagano and Puma kick each other but Cartwheel comes in and lays Puma out. Cartwheel does a cartwheel and armdrags Adonis but Adonis cartwheels out of it himself. Cartwheel hits a Rana and then they both go for sweeps and armdrags. Cartwheel knocks Adonis to the floor with a dropkick causing Loco to come in and go after Cartwheel.

Cartwheel cartwheels under a clothesline attempt and then he hits a series of cartwheels into a Rana on Loco! Drago tags in and does a headstand but Loco takes him down only for Drago to come back with a Satellite Rana! Drago does the old Fenix flipping Rana spot that he has done with Pentagon over the years. Adonis comes in and Drago hits a Rana followed by a Springboard Cross Body.

Drago hits a Springboard Rana knocking Adonis to the floor but then eats a Superkick from Puma. Cartwheel and Puma square off Cartwheel flips under a clothesline attempt from Puma and then they both miss kicks and rana attempts as the other sidesteps him. Cartwheel goes for a Monkey Flip but Puma lands on his feet and misses a clothesline. Puma backdrops Cartwheel over the top but he lands on the apron and sweeps Puma’s legs out from under him. Cartwheel goes for a Springboard Splash but Puma kicks him in the face.

Pagano comes in hits a series of strikes on Puma and then a Snap Powerslam for two. Gringo kicks Pagano from behind but eats a Rana from Drago. Pagano and Drago double Adonis knocking him to the floor. Pagano goes for a dive but Gringo hits him with a chair in midair. Drago goes for an Asai Moonsault but Adonis catches him and throws him into the ring steps. Puma hangs Cartwheel up in the rope but eats a Spinning Rana only for Puma to Press Slam him.

Puma drags Drago back in and the rudos work him over. They hit a triple team move on Drago and then Puma catapults him into a Superkick from Gringo followed by a Slingshot Somersault Senton from Adonis. Drago rolls to the floor and Pagano comes back in but eats a Snap Suplex from Loco. Adonis comes up top and hits a 450 Splash on Pagano! Cartwheel breaks up a pin attempt but quickly gets taken out by the rudos.

They pull Drago back in the ring and Adonis holds him but Drago ducks and they take out Adonis. Drago shoves Puma into Loco and then literally stands on Adonis’s shoulders and dives onto Loco. He hits a Rana on Loco and then Superkicks Puma. Drago charges at Puma but he backdrops him over the top way into the air on Loco! Cartwheel hits a Dragonrana on Puma and then hits a Corkscrew Golden Moonsault on Puma on the floor!

Pagano attacks Adonis and dives off the top with a Flying Rana. Adonis rolls to the floor and Pagano hits a Top con Giro onto Adonis! Puma it’s a Spinning Russian Leg Sweep from Cartwheel. Cartwheel goes for a Standing Shoot Star Press but completely misses, so Puma gets up and Powerbombs. Puma goes up top but Drago crotches him. Drago hits a Superrana and then goes back up top only for Loco to take his legs out. Loco lifts Drago up on his shoulders and hits an Avalanche Super Bomb for two!

Pagano hits Loco with a chair but Adonis walks the ropes and hits a Springboard Diamond Dust. Cartwheel hits a Shooting Star Press on Adonis as he went for a pin. Drago hits a Springboard Tornillo onto Adonis and Puma on the floor and then Cartwheel hits a Handspring into a Moonsault onto the rudos! Gringo goes for a Split Legged Moonsault on Pagano but he moves and hits a Springboard Codebreaker and then a Lariat for two. Gringo goes for a Destroyer but Pagano catches him with a Kryptonite Krunch for the pin.

Winners: Pagano, Drago Kid and Cartwheel via pinfall (Kryptonite Krunch)
(This match was out of this world with the high spots and dives all over the place. There were a few botches, mainly from Pagano and Cartwheel, but it was great nonetheless. ***1/2)

The rudos attack Pagano after the match and beat him down with a chair. They choke him with an American flag.

AAA Cruiserweight Championship
3-Way Match
Laredo Kid (c) vs. Bandido vs. Flamita

Flamita and Bandido have been mainstays in ROH for the last two years and all three of these guys are legitimately three of the best luchadors there is. Laredo and Banddio team up early on but Flamita rolls to the floor and Bandido and Laredo start fighting. Laredo hits a Springboard Rana on Bandido but eats a Bicycle Knee from Bandido and then a Spinning Rana. Laredo rolls to the floor and Bandido goes for a dive but eats a kick from Laredo in midair. Flamita pulls Laredo off the apron and slams him into the barricade.

Bandido goes for a dive again but Flamita Superkicks him before he can. Flamita hits a Double Spinning DDT on both Bandido and Laredo and then hits a Golden Moonsault onto Laredo on the outside! Flamita goes to the top and hits a Frog Splash on Bandido for two! Flamita goes for a Brainbuster but Bandido blocks it and he and Laredo hits a series of elbows on Flamita. Laredo hits a Rana on Bandido and then a Satellite DDT on Flamita!

Laredo hits a Springboard Tornillo onto Bandido and Flamita on the floor! in the ring, Laredo throws Flamita into Bandido and then hits a Fireman’s Carry on Flamita and then stacks Bandido on top of Flamtia. Laredo goes up top and hits a 450 Splash on both of them! 1…2…NO Bandido kicks out! He covers Flamita and gets a nearfall, as well.

Laredo charges at Bandido in the corner but eats a kick and then Bandido goes for a Press Slam on Flamita, but Flamita escapes and runs into a kick from Laredo. Bandido puts Flamita on his back in a Gory Special and then grabs Laredo and puts him on his shoulders at the same time and hits an Electri Chair/Gory Bomb combo! 1…2…NO Flamita kicks out!

Bandido and Laredo exchange forearms but then Flamita comes flying out of nowhere with a Diving Moonsault Double DDT! Flamita Superkicks Bandido and Tiger Bombs Laredo. Banddio hits a West Coast Pop on Flamita for two. Bandido lifts Flamita to the top and climbs up with him but Laredo knocks Bandido to the floor. Laredo hits a Spanish Fly! 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL Cruiserweight Champ: Laredo Kid via pinfall (Spanish Fly)
(That match was awesome but it felt like we only scratched the surface of how good it could have been. When things were just kicking into high gear it ended. That’s the only unfortunate thing. ****)

Main Event
Black Taurus vs. Psycho Clown

Taurus has been wrestling in Impact for the past year and a half, while Psycho Clown is one of the top stars in all of Mexico. Taurus and Psycho mat wrestle for a second and then start pulling off some faster paced stuff. Black Taurus goes for a Monkey Flip but Psycho tosses him to the floor and hits a Tope Suicida followed by a Somersault Plancha. Psycho throws Taurus back in the ring and hits a Split Legged Moonsault for two.

Taurus comes back with a series of strikes capped off with a Shining Wizard for two. Taurus is working on Psycho’s leg but eats a series of kicks. Psycho hits a Rebound Armdrag off the ropes and then a Snap Powerslam for two. Psycho hits a Roaring Elbow knocking Taurus to the floor and then Psycho hits a Golden Moonsault! Psycho slams Taurus’ nuts into the ring post.

In the ring, Clown hits a Face Wash in the corner followed by a La Magistral Cradle for two. Taurus comes back with a series of strikes and an insane Pop-Up Samoan Drop for two! Taurus charges into a Forearm Smash from Psycho followed by a Code Red! 1…2..NO Taurus kicks out! Psycho Clown hits a dropkick knocking Taurus to the floor and Psycho hits a Tornillo onto Taurus! Psycho hits another Code Red for two.

Taurus hits a Rackbreaker and then a Powerbomb Backbreaker and a Roaring Lariat! Taurus pulls out a table and sets it up in a corner. Taurus headbutts Psycho and goes up top but Psycho hits him with his belt. Psycho hits a Superrana off the top and then Spears Taurus threw the table for the pin!

Winner: Psycho via pinfall (Spear through a table)
(That match felt very rushed and Psycho got probably 80% of the offense. They both went all out and Psycho seemed especially motivated, though. ***)

Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett lead La Empressa out and they attack Psycho. Jarrett reveals that he has been the “brains and the money” behind La Empressa and says that the king and queen are back in AAA. La Empressa snatches Psycho Clown’s mask off and Karen walks around with it taunting the fans.

Overall, this show was a fun two hours of wrestling with some unbelievable action. The stream itself was flawless until the main event when the commentators audio track became choppy. Also, it was impossible to stream the English version on the app and had to be done on the web browser. That is something FITE needs to work on before TripleMania, for sure.