AEW Double or Nothing PPV Results – 5/29/22 (Three Title Matches and More!)

*Live Coverage of tonight’s AEW Double or Nothing 2022, begins at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT*

AEW Double or Nothing Results
May 29, 2022
T-Mobile Arena – Las Vegas, Nevada
Commentary: Excalibur, Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone
Results by: Josh Boutwell of


The “Buy-In” starts off with the preview “Road to Double or Nothing” promos that aired on TNT Friday night.

Of note, the promo for MJF-Warlow as not removed on the “Buy In.” Take that for what it’s worth, I guess.

The Acclaimed and the Ass Boys come out for a Double or Nothing inspired freestyle.

Eddie Kingston cuts an excellent promo about Jericho throwing fire in his face. He takes a shot and says he’s trying to drown his demons again. He says he doesn’t want to do the match anymore because he is terrified of what he will do to Jericho tonight. He says Jericho is bringing the demon out of him again. He says he drinks to drown the demons but they know how to swim.

HOOK & Danhausen vs. Tony Nese & “Smart” Mark Sterling

Sterling is wearing silver full body tights with gold trunks over them with one of the goofiest looks you’ll ever see. HOOK and Neese start off and HOOK immediately takes Nese down leading to Nese rolling out of the ring and retreating with Sterling. Danhausen tags in and Nese laughs at him and dares him to put him in a headlock. Nese shoves Danhausen into the ropes and levels him with a shoulder block. Nese goes for an Elbow Drop but Danhausen moves and sidesteps a Splash in the corner.

Danhuasen tries to curse Nese but Nese chases him right into some boots. Danhausen hits a Diving Rana off the top! Sterling tried to attack Danhausen but bailed when he caught him. Nese then runs Danhausen over and tosses him into the corner. Sterling tags in and puts the boots to Danhausen. Nese and Sterling double team Danhausen in their corner for several minutes.

Nese knocks HOOK off the apron but when he turns around he eats a Northern Lights Suplex from Danhausen. He makes the hot tag to HOOK and Nese tries to tag out but Sterling bails. HOOK starts tossing Nese around with throws and suplexes. Sterling pats Nese on the back and the ref counts that’s a tag. HOOK tosses Sterling around and then Suplexes Nese. He hits a T-Bone Suplex on Sterling and sets up for Redrum but Danhausen wants a tag instead. Danhausen tags in and covers Sterling with one boot and gets the pin.

Winners: HOOK & Danhausen via pinfall (T-Bone Suplex)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: I still don’t get Danhausen but people love him and he actually looked decent in a few spots here. HOOK was awesome again, as well. I’m not sure how much more they’re going to be able to get out of this “HOOKhausen” stuff, though. **)


MJF vs. “Mr. Mayhem” Wardlow

MJF gets absolute nuclear heat here. He delayed coming out for a few seconds when his music hit and soaked in the boos. They literally were holding Wardlow in a holding cell backstage that they use for people arrested in the casino before the match.

MJF retreats to the floor as soon as Wardlow gets in the ring and stalls before attacking Wardlow from behind. Wardlow just shrugs him off and immediately goes for a Powerbomb only for MJF to bail and retreat back to the floor. MJF continues to run away from Wardlow until he finally catches him. MJF shoulder blocks Wardlow and goes for a Sunset Flip but Wardlow picks him up and goes for the Powerbomb. MJF bites Wardlow and hits a series of elbows and pokes him in the eyes.

MJF puts Wardlow in a headlock but Wardlow shoves him into the ropes and goes for a Big Boot and then another Powerbomb but MJF counters into the rana for two. MJF sells a knee injury but pulls the ring out from his trunks only for the referee to catch him. MJF begs off and says they can talk this out. He says he’ll pay Wardlow and quadruple his pay. Wardlow shakes his hand but pulls him right into a Poweromb Symphony! Wardlow hits six Powerbombs and covers MJF but stops before the three and hits four more Powerbombs for the pin.

Winner: Wardlow via pinfall (Powerbomb Symphony)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: That was exactly what that match should have been. Regardless of all the surrounding drama with MJF this weekend, he did the honors here and Wardlow got his crowning moment. **1/2)

They place MJF on a stretcher and wheel him out of the arena to a chorus of “you deserved it” from the fans. Tony Schiavone announces that Wardlow is officially “All Elite” as the graphic appears on the trons signifying he is now under AEW contract.

The Young Bucks w/Brandon Cutler vs. The Hardyz

The Bucks got a special “Superkick Party” rendition of “Viva Las Vegas” before their introduction and they come out in Elvis inspired gear. Caprice Coleman is on commentary for this match, fitting considering the Bucks and Hardyz have only ever met in Ring of Honor.

The two Matts start off the match and Jackson shows off his speed early on to Hardy’s frustration. Hardy backs Jackson into the corner and tags Jeffrey Nero Hardy into the match. Jackson goes over to Nick, though, and tags him in, as well. Nick taunts Jeff but Jeff trips him and hits a series of elbows leading Nick to roll out to the floor. The Hardyz do the Young Bucks pose in the ring causing Nick to get mad and trip getting back in the ring. The Hardyz clothesline Nick back to the floor and then run Matt over and knock him to the floor as the Bucks regroup.

Matt Hardy tags in and Nick slaps him before tagging Matt Jackson in. Jackson eats a clothesline from Hardy and then he hits a Suplex. Jeff tags in and the Hardyz Suplex Nick on top of Matt Jackson followed by the Poetry In Motion attempt only for Nick to kill Jeff with a Enziguri in midair. Matt Hardy goes for a Splash Mountain on Matt Jackson but Nick Jackson Superkicks him. The Bucks double team Jeffrey in their corner for several minutes, while Brandon Cutler slams Matt Hardy into the ring apron.

Nick goes for Whisper In the Wind but Jeff moves and hits his own. It looks like Jeff’s boot may have come untied or something and it’s messing with him. Matt tags in and hits a series of clotheslines on Nick before slamming him into the turnbuckles repeatedly. Matt slams Cutler into the turnbuckles and drops Nick with the Side Effect for two. Matt goes for Twist of Fate but Nick shoves him into the ropes where Matt Jackson knocks him to the floor.

Nick hits the Slingshot X-Factor on Jeff and goes for a Moonsault on Matt Hardy but he moves. Matt Jackson then hits a Flying Dropkick to Matt but eats a dropkick from Jeff as he tried to skin the cat. Jeff goes for a Moonsault but Nick Superkicks Jeff causing him to fall back on Matt Hardy. Nick dives off the top with a Somersault Plancha onto the Hardyz. In the ring, Nick hits a Shining Wizard on Matt Hardy and then the Bucks hit Risky Business for two. Jackson holds Hardy as Nick comes flying in with a Knee Strike but Hardy moves and he hits his brother. Nick tries to Punt Matt Hardy off the apron but he moves and Nick kicks Cutler.

Jeff hits a Plancha off the apron on Nick and Matt Hardy hits a Side Effect on Matt Jackson on the apron! Jeff hits Poetry in Motion on Matt Jackson. They go for a Twist of Fate/Swanton but Matt Jackson catapults Hardy into Jeff. Nick hits a Ghetto Stomp on Matt and then goes up with Jeff, but Jeff hits a Jawbreaker on the top rope on Matt Jackson! Jeff goes for the Swanton but Matt Jackson moves and hits a Twist of Fate of his own followed by a Swanton from Nick! 1…2…NO Jeff kicks out!

The Bucks go for the BTE Trigger on Jeff but he moves causing them to knee each other. Jeff hits a Double Jawbreaker but then eats a Superkick Party! The Bucks hit a Superkick Party on Matt, too! The Hardyz talk shit to the Bucks, so the Bucks kill them with a bunch of other Superkicks. Matt Hardy has blood coming from his lip. Matt and Jeff get back up and spit at the Bucks and dare them to keep coming and the Bucks oblige them. 1…2…NO The Hardyz kick out again!

The Bucks drag Jeff out to the floor and lay him on top of the ring steps. They go for a freaking Meltzer Driver onto the steps but Matt Hardy crotches Nick on the top rope. Jeff fights Matt Jackson off and Matt Hardy hits the Splash Mountain in the ring! Jeff lays Matt Jackson out on the ring steps and that crazy bastard hits a Swanton onto the steps! Matt Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Nick! 1…2…NO Nick kicks out! Matt hits two more Twist of Fates and Jeff hits the Swanton! 1…2…3!

Winner: The Hardyz via pinfall (Swanton Bomb)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: They told a good story here with the Bucks killing the Hardyz over and over but the Hardyz refusing to stay down and getting the surprise win. I was legitimately surprised the Hardyz went over. ***1/2)

The Ass Boys and The Acclaimed are shown acting up in Vegas this weekend.

TBS Championship
Anna Jay vs. Jade Cargill (c)

Jay goes for a Queen Slayer early but Jade counters into a Suplex. Jade hits another Suplex and a clothesline before going to the top and hitting a Flying Axe Handle. Jade hits a series of elbows in the corner and goes back to the top but Jay cuts her off and hits a Superplex. Jay hits a Spin Kick in the corner and a Flying Clothesline. Jay charges at Jade in the corner and then hits a Back Heel Kick. Jay goes up top and goes for a Blockbuster or something and they just fall down.

Jade rolls to the floor and Jay slams her into the ring steps. Keria Hogan and Red Velvet attack Jay as Cargill distracts the referee. Jay hits a Double DDT on the Baddies but eats a nasty Big Boot from Cargill as she gets back in the ring. Jade goes for Jaded but Jay reverses it into a rollup for two. Jay hits a Superkick and then Sterling runs out and slides a crutch into the ring. Jay hits Cargill with it as the referee is distracted. She uses the crutch to hit a Russian Leg Sweep for two.

John Silver runs down and attacks Sterling. In the ring, Cargill hits the Eye of the Storm for two. Cargill goes for Jaded again and again Jay counters and this time puts her in the Queen Slayer! Jade rolls over and gets back up to her feet with Jay hanging on her back and slams her into the corner. Jade charges at Jay but she moves and Jay goes to the top. Jade crotches Jay on the top and climbs up with her as Stokely Hathaway walks out. Jade hits Super Jaded for the pin!

Winner & STILL TBS Champ: Jade via pinfall (Jaded)

The Baddies are going to attack Jay after the match but Kris Statlander runs out and gets between them. Some new music hits and ATHENA (Ember Moon) makes her AEW debut running down to the ring. The six women get in each other’s faces but Hathaway convinces them to leave.

(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: The first half of that match was absolutely dreadful and all of the interference was so not needed. Cutting it down to just Stokely would have been plenty. The last half of the match was solid action, though. It’s good to see Athena finally make her debut, too. **)

Trios Match
Death Triangle (PAC, Rey Fenix & Penta Oscuro) w/Alex Abrahantes vs. The House of Black (Aleister Black, Buddy Matthews & Brody King)

PAC wears a combo Fenix/Penta mask to the ring and Penta’s son, wearing a replica of his gear, also makes the entrance with them. Black and Fenix start things off and they waste absolutely no time both breaking out breakneck speed offense and kicks. Finally, they stalemate and Fenix sits down Indian style to taunt Black. Matthews dives off the top with a stomp to Fenix as he tagged himself in. Fenix Superkicks Buddy and tags Penta but Matthews tosses him to the floor. Buddy is about to dive but Penta slides back in the ring and gets in his face.

Buddy does the “cero miedo” taunt to Penta and hits a series of kicks but Penta answers with some kicks of his own. Buddy goes for a Suplex but Penta lands on his feet and Superkicks him to the floor. Penta sets up for a dive of his own but Buddy slides in the ring and they get in each other’s faces. PAC hits a dropkick to the side of Buddy’s face and Brody King tags in, as well. Brody runs PAC over and slows things down as he beats on PAC in the corner. Brody knocks PAC off the top to the floor and then catches a diving Fenix in midair with an uppercut!

All six men get in the ring and the match explodes! Penta and Buddy spill out to the floor as PAC eats a series of strikes from House of Black. Fenix dives off the top with a Lucha Armdrag and a Ghetto Stomp to Brody! Buddy hits a series of knees and elbows to Fenix but eats a Springboard Slingblade from Penta! Buddy hits a Meteora off the top on Penta but walks into a series of kicks from PAC. PAC hits the ropes but Buddy hits a Pump Kick and charges at him only to eat a Poison Rana and Lariat from PAC!

Brody kills PAC with a Black Hole Slam and tags Black. The House of Black finally slow things down some and work over PAC in their corner. They hit some beautiful triple team moves, including a series of kicks from Black and Brody capped off with a Slingshot Senton Splash from Buddy. Brody goes for a Cannonball in the corner but PAC moved out of the way and Fenix makes the hot tag.

Fenix throws Black and Buddy into each other and kicks them causing Buddy to pretty black Powerbomb his own partner! Penta and Fenix hits stereo Somersault Planchas onto Black and King on the floor! LB and PAC hit some insane triple team moves of their own for a nearfall. Fenix literally dives off Brody’s knee and dropkicks him. Fenix goes for a dive on Buddy but he catches him and hits a Brainbsuter on the floor! Pac hits a Fosburry Flop on Buddy but then eats a Golden Moonsault from Black! Penta hits a Step-Up Somersault Plancha onto Black! Brody’s big ass hits a Somersault Plancha onto Penta and PAC! That big bastard actually hit his back on the apron and no sold it.

The House of Black triple team Fenix in the ring and hit Dante’s Inferno! 1…2…NO Death Triangle shove Buddy and Black into the pin attempt. Death Triangle with Superkicks for everyone including a Triple Superkick to Brody. PAC hits a Brainbuster on Black for two and then Buddy throws Fenix into Penta but Penta jumps off Fenix’s back into a Mexican Destroyer on the damn apron! Penta drags Brody to the floor and they hit a Ghetto Stomp/DDT combo on the floor on Brody!

In the ring, Death Triangle hit a series of kicks to Black and go for the LB Driver but Black escapes and kicks Penta and then kills Fenix with the Black Mass! He misses the Black Mass to PAC and PAC delivers an Enziguri. PAC goes up top for Black Arrow but Buddy cuts him off. PAC kicks Buddy and hits a Springboard 450 Splash on Black! PAC hits a Snap German on Buddy and tosses Buddy over the top onto Brody! Black goes for a German but PAC counters into the Snap German! PAC kicks Black in the nuts as Alex distracted the referee. PAC goes to the top for Black Arrow again but the lights go out.

The lights come on and Julia Hart spits mist in PAC’s face. Black hits the Black Mass on PAC for the pin!

Winners: House of Black via pinfall (Black Mass)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: That match was absolutely insane and exactly what I expected. All six guys are unbelievable performers at the top of their game and they showed it. They also paid off the Julia Hart stuff. Hopefully we get at least one rematch between these two teams, possibly the finals of a title tournament? ****)

Owen Hart Cup Men’s Finals
Adam Cole vs. “Samoan Submission Machine”

This is the first time these two guys are facing one another, Cole is wearing pink gear. There are title belts opposite of the cup covered in pink and black bags that Excalibur says will be trophies for this and the women’s tournament that will not be defended in AEW. Joe beats Cole down early and hits a Leaping Enziguri but is selling the arm injury he’s been working with. Joe runs Cole over and when Cole retreats to the outside Joe follows him and continues the beatdown at ringside. Joe sits Cole down in a chair and goes for the Helluva Kick but Cole kicks him in mid-move. Cole slams Joe’s arm into the ring post.

Cole continues to attack Joe’s arm, hanging it up in the ropes and wrenching back along with stomps and kicks to the arm. Cole puts Joe’s arm into a Top Wristlock but Joe fights him off only for Cole to hit an Armbreaker. Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise but Joe blocks it and hits a Kneebuster! Cole rolls to the floor and kicks Joe’s arm as Joe tried to pull him back in. Cole charges at Joe in the corner only to eat a Uranage Suplex from Joe!

Joe hits an Atomic Drop followed by a Mafia Kick and the Backsplash Senton for two. Joe goes for a Powerbomb but Cole escapes and hits an Enziguri to the arm. Cole hits the ropes but eats a Lariat straight from hell for two! Joe lifts Cole up to the top rope and goes for the Muscle Buster but Cole fights him off and leaps over Joe before he hits a Shining Wizard for two! Cole hits a Backstabber for another nearfall and then puts Joe in a Crossface.

Joe gets his foot on the bottom rope and then catches a Superkick attempt from Cole and Powerbombs him for two. Joe immediately rolls Cole over into the STF! Cole almost gets to the ropes but Joe pulls his arm back in a sort of Rings of Saturn. Cole continues to fight it and finally gets his foot on the bottom rope. Cole distracts the referee as Bobby Fish runs down and attacks Joe’s arm.

Cole goes for BOOM but Joe ducks and tries to lock on the Coquina Clutch but Fish gets on the apron again. Joe drops Cole and then drops Fish before turning around and smashing Cole with an elbow. Cole comes back with a series of kicks to Joe’s arm followed by the BOOM! 1…2…3!

Winner: Cole via pinfall (BOOM)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: That was an excellent match. They continued the story they’ve been telling with Joe’s arm and it’s cool to see that reDRagon is pretty much responsible for Cole’s win considering O’Reilly did so much damage to Joe’s arm last week and then Fish’s interference. Good stuff. ***1/2)

Owen Hart Cup Women’s Finals
Dr. Britt Baker vs. Ruby Soho

Fozzy’s Rich Ward plays Baker’s music live. Rancid also plays Soho music live, as well. Baker, who is Cole’s real life girlfriend, is wearing pink and blank gear. Baker and Soho lockup and stalemate early on. Baker takes control of the match for a few minutes before Soho hits a Springboard Armdrag followed by a series of clotheslines. Soho hits a knee strike knocking Baker to the floor and then hits a Flying Dropkick off the apron.

Soho Suplexes Baker on the floor and then rolls her back in before going to the top. Baker crotches Soho on the top and then pulls her down and puts the boots to her. Baker slams Soho into the ring post and then wraps her body around the post and stretches her. Baker hits a Russian Leg Sweep and transitions into a weird submission hold. Soho rolls back and gets a nearfall to break up the submission. Soho tries to fight back but Baker catches her with the Ripcord Elbow.

Baker goes up top for the Pittsburgh Sunrise but Soho crotches her and then Superplexes her off the top. Baker and Soho exchange elbows and forearms until both women crash to the mat. Soho goes for No Future but Baker blocks it and hits a Superkick. She goes for the Curb Stomp but Soho rolls her up for two. Baker kicks her several times but runs into a back kick from Soho and then a T-Bone Suplex followed by a Senton Bomb for two.

Soho lifts Baker up to the top rope and goes up with her but Baker knocks her off and hits the Curb Stomp for two. Baker goes for the Lockjaw but Soho blocks it and goes for a clothesline only for Baker to take her down and go for the Lockjaw again. Soho rolls her over into a nearfall and hits No Future! Soho puts Baker in a Sharpshooter! Baker crawls to the ropes but Soho pulls her back to the center and locks it in again. Baker again crawls to the ropes and breaks the hold.

Soho misses a Splash in the corner but kicks a charging Baker. She goes up top and climbs onto Baker’s shoulders and catches her with a Victory Roll only for Baker to reverse it for the pin. That was very reminiscent of Bret-Owen from WrestleMania X.

Winner: Baker via pinfall (rollup)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: That was easily Soho’s best match in AEW. I’ve been fairly hard on her during her run but she worked really hard and they had a fun match. The finish was an excellent tribute to Owen. ***1/2)

Martha Hart comes out to present the Owen Hart Cup trophies to the power couple of AEW. Hart talks about how talented her husband was and says it’s great to once again celebrate his wrestling career. She calls AEW and the Owen Hart Foundation a perfect match and congratulates Cole and Baker for winning. She presents the Owen Hart Cup belts to them and they are fantastic.

Mixed Trios Match
America’s Top Team (Paige VanZant, Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky) vs. Frankie Kazarian, Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti

This is VanZant’s in-ring debut in AEW. Sammy and Conti used Cody’s elevator for their entrance and are dressed up like Disney villains. Page went for Ego’s Edge early but Sammy countered with a Rana followed by a Corkscrew Dropkick. Page hits a Powerslam for two ad tags Sky, which results in Frankie tagging in, as well. Kazarian and Sky speed things up with some nice counter wrestling. Kazarian hits the Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop and Kazarian bitches at Sammy for taunting after he tagged him.

Sky beats Sammy down in the corner but Conti kicks Sky in the back. Sammy hits the Springboard Cutter but taunts ATT instead of going for a pin to Kazarian’s dismay. Tay and Sammy hit a Double Suplex on Sky and he gets a nearfall. Kazarian tags in and hits a Running Russian Leg Sweep for two and then puts him in a Front Facelock. Page distracts Kazarian allowing Sky to hit a Leaping Flatliner. Conti runs in and knocks VanZant off the apron.

Kazarian wanted a tag but Tay and Sammy were making out. Sky goes for the TKO but Kazarian escapes and goes for the Crossface Chickenwing. Sky backs Kaz into the corner and Sammy blind tags him. Sammy and Kazarian argue and Sky shoves them into each other. Paige and Tay both tag in and they finally go at it. VanZant takes Conti down and hits a series of elbows. VanZant hits a series of clotheslines and attempts a hits a Back Suplex. VanZant hits a Handspring Back Elbow and attempts a TKO but Sammy pulls her away. VanZant hits a big bodys hot on Sammy and then a Satellite DDT!

VanZant trips Conti into headbutting Sammy’s balls and then she hits a Michinoku Driver for two. Conti hits a Judo Throw and a Pump Kick followed by a second and a third one. Conti hits another Pump Kick for two. Conti hits a Swinging Gutbuster on VanZant and then she and Sammy start kissing again. ATT circles them and Kazarian tells them to screw off and leaves them to get beat down.

Sky hits a Slingshot Cutter on Sammy and then eats a Slingshot DDT from Kazarian. Kazarian blind tags Conti and slingshots Sky back into the ring into a Cutter! 1…2..NO Sky kicks out! Conti argues with Kazarian and Sammy tries to Superkick but he ducks causing Sammy to hit Conti! Kazarian throws Sammy out but walks into a kick from Page and the TKO from Sky for the pin! Neither Frankie or Sammy can ever challenge for the TNT Title, as long as Sky has it, again.

Winners: America’s Top Team via pinfall (TKO)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: Sammy and Conti have completely leaned into the heel roles. VanZant looked excellent for someone having their first match, I was truly shocked. We’ll see how well she is able to develop as she still has a ton left to learn, especially with her presence in the ring. Kazarian was the star of this match, though. He was excellent. Solid match nonetheless. ***)

Darby Allin vs. Kyle O’Reilly

The Undisputed Elite attacked and injured Sting last week. O’Reilly immediately takes Allin down and starts working on some submissions and hitting strike after strike. Allin manages to catch O’Reilly with a Scorpion Death Drop. Allin goes for the Coffin Splash but O’Reilly catches him and takes him down with an Armbar. Allin fights back up and knees O’Reilly in the face. Allin hits a Diamond Dust!

O’Reilly goes to the floor and Allin goes for a dive but it looked like his foot hit the ropes causing him to crash hard into the floor but his legs still kicked O’Reilly knocking him into the barricade. Allin’s lip is busted open but he goes for the Tope again but this time O’Reilly catches him in midair with a Guillotine! Back in the ring, O’Reilly goes up top but Allin crotches him and goes for a Frankensteiner but O’Reilly rolls through only for Allin to roll O’Reilly up with the Last Supper for two.

Allin catches him with a cradle for two but O’Reilly comes right back with a Brainbuster for a nearfall and then he locks Allin in a Cross Armbreaker. O’Reilly transitions into the Ankle Lock and then he great vines the leg. Allin manages to reverse the hold into a Sharpshooter. O’Reilly crawls to the ropes to break the hold only for Allin to hang his leg up in the ropes and hit a Dragonscrew Leg Whip. Allin then hits a Coffin Drop on O’Reilly as he was still hung up in the ropes causing both men to crash to the floor.

In the ring, Allin goes for the Coffin Drop but O’Reilly catches him in midair with the Cross Armbreaker only for Allin to roll him over for a nearfall. O’Reilly and Allin exchange strikes until O’Reilly uses Allin’s chain to choke him before putting Allin in a Sleeper. O’Reilly hits the Punt Kick and then a second one but Allin kicks out. O’Reilly hits a third Punt Kick and then goes to the top and hits a Flying Knee Drop for the pin.

Winner: O’Reilly via pinfall (Flying Knee Drop)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: That match was terrific with some great chain wrestling and strikes despite being fairly cold and a late addition to the card. O’Reilly has really, really impressed in his last several singles matches. ***1/2)

AEW World Women’s Championship
“The Professor” Serena Deeb vs. Thunder Rosa (c)

They lockup and both women try to take down the other but they stalemate. They continue to stalemate in some nice chain wrestling sequences until Deeb catches Rosa in a sort of Octopus type hold. Rosa reverses it into a modified Mexican Rocking Horse. Rosa hits a series of arm drags and rolls Deeb up for two. Rosa goes for a Backslide but Deeb reverses it only to eat an uppercut from Rosa. Rosa goes for a Splash but Deeb moves and then eats a dropkick knocking Deeb to the floor.

Rosa goes for a Baseball Slide but Debb rolls back into the ring and then hangs Rosa up in the ropes. She slams Rosa into the ring post and then hits a Hanging Neckbreaker as Rosa was hung up in the ropes. Deeb hits a Swinging Neckbreaker for a nearfall and lifts Rosa up to the top rope where she puts Rosa in a Hanging Gory Special. Deeb puts Rosa in an Abdominal Stretch but Rosa Hip Tosses her. Rosa and Deeb exchange strikes but Rosa gets the better of the sequence.

Rosa hits a Scoop Slam and follows up by throwing Deeb into the turnbuckles. Rosa hits a Flying Clothesline and then a Slingshot Knee Drop. Rosa hits a Hesitation Dropkick and a Northern Light’s Suplex for two. Rosa goes for a Fire Thunder Driver but Deeb escapes and puts Rosa in the Octopus. Rosa breaks out of the hold but Deeb rolls her up and goes for a submission only for Rosa to kick her into the corner. Deeb hits a Diamond Dust out of the corner for two. Deeb puts Rosa in a Stretch Muffler but Rosa counters and starts slamming Deeb’s knee into the canvas.

Deeb kicks Rosa off and then they clothesline each together. Rosa knees Deeb in the back and hits a DVD for two. Rosa hits the ropes but Deeb takes her legs out from under her and puts her in a Figure Four. Rosa slaps Deeb repeatedly and then rolls over to the rope only for both women to fall to the floor. in the ring, Deeb hangs Rosa’s leg up in the ropes with another Dragonscrew and then hits Deebtox! 1…2..NO Rosa gets her foot on the bottom rope!

Deeb attacks Rosa’s leg and then pulls her to the center of the ring and locks in the Serenity Lock. Rosa tries to get to the ropes but Deeb pulls her back and then picks her up and hits a Powerbomb. Deeb puts Rosa in the Texas Cloverleaf but Rosa gets to the ropes to break the hold. Deeb goes for Deebtox again but this time Rosa escapes and backdrops her and sits down for a nearfall. Rosa kicks Deeb in the face and goes for a Flying Knee but Deeb moves out of the way.

Deeb climbs up top only for Rosa to crotch her and then she hits a Superplex! Rosa rolls through into the Fire Thunder Driver for the pin!

Winner & STILL Women’s Champ: Rosa via pinfall (Fire Thunder Driver)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: That was an excellent, technical-based match. These are probably the two best in-ring wrestlers in AEW’s women’s division and they delivered. Rosa’s title reign has been extremely disappointing but this match was a highlight. ****)

Anarchy in the Asylum
Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho, Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, Jake Hager & Daniel Garcia) vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson), Eddie Kingston & PNP (Santana & Ortiz)

JAS come out dressed like a boy band, while the babyfaces come out dressed to fight. Each one of the babyfaces come down through the crowd from a different point in the arena. The brawl starts with the music still playing and shit is just all over the place. All 10 guys are just fighting all over the place. Jericho uses some sunglasses to poke Moxley in the eyes and Menard is busted wide open. Finally, PNP drag Hager into the ring and Double Suplex him for a nearfall.

Jericho grabs the soundboard and breaks it to finally stop the music playing. Moxley dives off a ledge onto Jericho as Danielson and Parker are fighting in a balcony somewhere. Kingston and Menard are fighting in a concourse or something. PNP hits the Driveby through tables at ringside! Jericho takes the camera that’s on a crane and slams it into Jericho.

PNP try to drag Hager back in the ring but Garcia Powerslams them through another table! Kingston and Menard are throwing mustard at each other in the concession stand. Garcia Piledrives onto the ring steps! Now, Kingston and Menard have fought into the merchandise stand. Parker hits Danielson with the ring bell as they have spilled down into ringside. Garcia is attacking Kingston now and puts him through the merchandise stand. Jericho Suplexed Moxley onto a bunch of chairs.

Moxley grabs a cooler and literally throws it at Jericho! Garcia tied his belt around Kingston’s neck and literally starts dragging him towards the ring. Jericho puts Moxley in the Walls of Jericho on a table and the table breaks! Moxley and hits a Tope Suicida out of the ring onto Jericho and then puts him in a Figure Four on the floor! Hager chokes Moxley to get the hold released but Danielson jumps on Hager as Garcia hits a Shining Wizard on Kingston. Moxley unscrews one of the turnbuckles as Hager Suplexes Danielson on the ramp!

Moxley hits Jericho in the nuts with the top turnbuckle as Garcia and Kingston have fought into an elevator. Danielson is choking Hager with the turnbuckle, while Moxley slams the turnbuckle into Jericho repeatedly. Jericho whacks Moxley with a chair and PNP dive off a huge ladder – from each side – putting 2point0 threw tables!

Hager puts Danielson in an Ankle Lock and Moxley tries to put Jericho through a table wrapped in barbed wire but Jericho sprays a fire extinguisher in his face. Hager and Jericho crawl into the ring followed by Danielson and Moxley and all four men just start punching each other. Danielson and Moxley start elbowing them and then they put on their submissions. Kingston walks out with a can of gas as Hager rolls Moxley out to the floor.

Kingston pours gas on Jericho and as a result on Danielson, too. Danielson slaps Kingston and they start brawling until Moxley pulls them apart. Jericho hits Moxley with a chair and then smashes Danielson with it. Hager knocks Moxley off the apron and through the barbed wire table! Jericho hits Kingston with Judas Effect and uses the ring apron to wipe the gas off himself. Jericho hits Danielson in the face with the hook from the turnbuckle and covers him but Danielson kicks out!

Danielson fights back on Jericho and Hager and hits the Flying Knee to Hager! Jericho tries to hit Danielson with a chair but Danielson hits a Flying Knee into the chair! 1…2…NO Jericho kicks out! Danielson hits the Buzzsaw Kick to Jericho and screams that he’s going to “kick his fucking head in!” He traps Jericho’s arm but before he can start stomping on him, Hager takes out Danielson’s knee with a bat and hits him repeatedly. Jericho puts Danielson in a Walls of Jericho as Hager chokes him with the turnbuckle at the same time until he passes out!

Winners: JAS via KO
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: This may have been the most insane wrestling match I have ever seen. Words can’t truly do it justice and my recap will definitely not do it. A “spectacle” is probably the best way to describe it. The crowd was as hot as they have been all night for this match and Danielson had them eating out of the palm of his hands. ****1/2)

Andrade talks about his AFO group and calls them losers and says that he is not a loser. He introduces his new business partner, former ROH World Champion RUSH!

Backstage, Dante Martin challenges Scorpio Sky for the TNT Title.

AEW World Tag Team Championships
3-Way Match
Jurassic Express (c) w/Christian Cage vs. Team Taz (Ricky Starks & Powerhouse Hobbs) w/Taz vs. Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee

All six men start fighting right off the bat. JE hits Monsaults onto the other teams on the outside! They hit a Flying Elbow Drop/Sidewalk Slam combo on Starks for a quick nearfall. Swerve tags Lucha and hits a Flying Rana on Starks. Hobbs tags in and he runs Swerve over. Bodies go flying all over the ring until things finally pair back down as Team Taz works over Jungle Boy in their corner. Starks walks the ropes Mike Jackson style but Jungle Boy kicks his feet out from under him and Hobbs tags in only to eat an Enziguri. Swerve tags in and takes Hobbs knee out and hits a Flying Uppercut and then tosses Starks over the top and onto JE. Starks fell backwards and it looked he hit hard on the floor. Swerve Moonsaults off Lee’s chest onto Starks and JE on the floor!

Swerve dives into the ring but Hobbs catches him and goes for Powerbomb only for Swerve to counter with a Rana and then a dropkick for two. Lee comes in and they go for their double team finish but Hobbs fights them off and climbs onto the top and Super Belly-to-Belly Suplexes Swerve. Lucha tags in and starts kicking everyone. Lucha tosses Swerve across the ring and then slams Starks into Hobbs and clotheslines Team Taz.

Lucha goes for a Chokeslam on Hobbs but he blocks it and Lee tags Hobbs. The three big men square off and start slapping some meat! Lucha hits the Tail Whip on both men and attempts to do a Double Chokeslam but they stop him and then Chokeslam him together! Hobbs and Lee square off and exchange strikes until Lee Suplexes Hobbs over the top to the floor! Lee hits a Somersault Plancha onto Hobbs and LE!

In the ring, Lee hits Lucha with a series of strikes but Lucha headbutts him and hits a DVD for one. They exchange strikes again and this time clothesline each other at the same time. Hobbs dives off the top with a Double Blockbuster! Jungle Boy and Starks tag in and Starks trips him and puts his feet on the ropes for a nearfall until Christian pushed his legs off. Hobbs throws Christian into the steps and then Jungle Boy dives onto Hobbs.

Jungle Boy checks on Christian but when he climbs back in Starks Spears the hell out of him! 1…2…NO Jungle Boy kicks out! Starks hits Roshambo and almost gets the pin but Lucha breaks it up. Swerve tags Starks as Hobbs hits a Spinebuster on Lucha. Swerve hits the Swerve Stomp on Hobbs and then Lucha goes for a Big Boot on Swerve but he ducks and Lucha kicks Jungle Boy! Lee and Swerve hit the Swerve in their Glory! 1…2…NO Hobbs breaks it up!

Starks hits Lee with the FTW Title as the referee was checking on Swerve. Jungle Boy hits an Enziguri on Swerve and then Starks goes to hit Jungle Boy but Christian pulls him out. Swerve rolls Jungle Boy up! 1…2…NO Jungle Boy kicks out but Swerve goes for the Swerve Stomp again. Jungle Boy moves and goes for the Poison Rana but Swerve blocks it. Lucha grabs Swerve and throws him into the Thoracic Express for the pin!

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: Jurassic Express via pinfall (Thoracic Express)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: I don’t know how smart it was to put this match on after such a wild match but it was fantastic. AEW doesn’t do a ton of 3-Ways but every time they do it delivers. The nearfalls and false finishes down the stretch were just fantastic. ****)

Main Event
AEW World Heavyweight Championship
“The Best In The World” CM Punk vs. “Hangman” Adam Page (c)

Punk and Page exchange chops and punches to start off and continue the stiff exchanges. Punk runs over Page and hits a Russian Leg Sweep for a quick nearfall. Punk hits a Flying Cross Body but Page catches him in and rolls through into a Fall Away Slam. Page hits a Springboard Clothesline knocking Punk to the floor and then hits a Plancha. Page hits a Roaring Elbow in the ring and then throws Punk into the turnbuckles. Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Punk knocks him off the apron causing Page to slam into the barricade.

Punk charges at Page on the floor but Hangman hits a Pop-Up Powerbomb onto the apron! Page hits a Flying Clothesline in the ring for two and follows up by tossing Punk to the floor and then goes up top only for Punk to cut him off. Punk hits a Superplex and then they both exchange strikes again. Punk hits a Leg Lariat and the Flying Knee in the corner followed by a Running Bulldog. Punk hits the Springboard Flying Clothesline and goes for the Sharpshooter but Page fights him off.

Punk goes for GTS but Page escapes only to eat a Spinning Neckbrekaer for two. Punk goes up top but Page knocks him to the floor and hits the Golden Moonsault. Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Punk blocks it and locks in a Sharpshooter. Page manages to get to the ropes and then goes for his own Buckshot Lariat but Punk’s knee gives out and then Page goes for a GTS but Punk escapes. Punk hits a Roundhouse Kick and then hits the Buckshot Lariat, his knee gave out again but this time Punk hit it anyway. 1…2…NO Page kicks out!

Punk goes for the GTS but Page escapes and goes for one of his own. Punk elbows Page and goes for a Flying Knee but Page catches him and drops him with a Last Ride! Page rolls through into the Dead Eye! 1…2…NO Punk kicks out! Page goes for GTS but Punk grabs the top rope and escapes. Punk hits a Roundhouse Kick but Page comes right back with GTS! 1…2…NO Punk kicks out!

Punk and Page exchange strikes from their knees and then they get up and start kicking each other’s legs. Hangman hits a Cowboy Kick but Punk answers with one of his own. Punk hits the ropes but Page follows him and clotheslines him over the top. Hangman throws Punk over the timekeeper’s table. Page taunts Punk with the title belt and then throws Punk into the ring. Hangman goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Punk catches him and goes for GTS! His legs hit the referee and Page escapes and hits the Lariat!

Both men are down until Page starts to get up and realizes the referee is down. Page picks up the title belt and is about to hit Punk with it but hesitates as Punk begs him off. Page drops the belt and then goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Punk ducks and hits GTS! 1…2…3!

Winner & NEW World Champ: Punk via pinfall (GTS)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: The Main Event delivered despite a pretty exhausted crowd. The fans actually seemed split for much of the match but popped huge for the finish. They had a number of great nearfalls down the stretch. ****)

1) Hookhausen def. Tony Nese and Mark Sterling
2) Wardlow def. MJF
3) The Hardyz def. The Young Bucks
4) TBS Title: Jade Cargill (c) def. Anna Jay
5) The House of Black def. Death Triangle
6) Owen Hart Cup: Adam Cole def. Samoa Joe
7) Owen Hart Cup: Dr. Britt Baker def. Ruby Soho
8) America Top Team def. Kazarian, Conti & Guevara
9) Kyle O’Reilly def. Darby Allin
10) AEW Women’s Title: Thunder Rosa (c) def. Serena Deeb
11) Anarchy in the Arena: JAS def. BCC, PNP & Kingston
12) AEW Tag Titles: JE (c) def. Swerve & Lee vs. Team Taz
13) AEW World Title: CM Punk def. Hangman Page (c)