AEW Dynamite Results – 7/20/22 – Fyter Fest Week 2 featuring Barbed Wire Everywhere

AEW Dynamite: Fyter Fest Night 1 Results
July 20, 2022
Duluth, GA (Gas South Arena)
Report by: Josh Boutwell

Brody King vs. Darby Allin

Allin immediately dropkicks King knocking him outside and goes for a Tope, but King catches him and throws him into the barricade. King chokes Allin, holding him up on the ring post with one hand, until Allin rakes his eyes. Back in the ring, Allin flies at King but gets swatted down by the biggest member of House of Black. Allin jumps on King’s back but he throws him off and then hits a pair of Backsplash Sentons.

King beats on Allin in the corner and lifts him up to the top rope but Allin kicks him off and then dives off the top rope only to eat a headbutt in midair. King picks Allin up by his belt loop and throws him clear across the ring. Allin rolls out to the floor and King Ragdolls him into the barricade. He tosses Allin into the barricade on the other side of ringside before rolling him back in the ring. King throws Allin back out to the floor and taunts the crowd as he tries to get a countout win.


King continues to thrash Allin during the break but Allin manages to wrap his own belt around King’s legs and trip him and pull him out to the floor. Allin then hits a Cannonball Suicida through the ropes onto King on the floor as King was unwrapping his feet. In the ring, Allin hits a Coffin Splash but King catches a second attempt and locks him in a Sleeper. Allin goes for the Bret Hart reversal in the corner but King bitch slaps the hell out of him and then hangs him up in the Tree of Woe. King chops the hell out of Allin and goes for a Cannonball but Allin lifts himself up to avoid it.

Allin hits a Code Red for a nearfall and follows up with a pair of submissions but King lifts him up to his feet and flings his body into the corner sandwiching Allin into the turnbuckles. King grabs Allin by the head but Allin pulls his arm into the ring post and goes for a Diamond Dust on the apron. King blocks it and locks Allin in a Rear Naked Choke hanging him off the side of the apron. King drops Allin on the floor and goes for the countout, but Allin manages to dive back into the ring right before the 10. King grabs Allin and kills him with the Gonzo Bomb for the pin.

Winner: King via pinfall (Gonzo Bomb)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: Anytime Allin faces a big guy he takes an ass beating like no one else. They did a really good job of making King look dominant as hell and playing up the underdog aspect for Allin with him outsmarting King and getting his shots in only for King to overpower him in the end. ***)

After the match, King put Allin in the Rear Naked Choke. Sting comes out and King immediately attacks him. Sting goes for the Stinger Death Drop but the lights go out and when they come back on Malakai Black is standing in the ring in Sting’s face. King locks Sting in the Rear Naked Choke and Black spits his black mist in Sting’s face. Black and King continue beating on Sting until Miro walks out stopping them in their tracks. Miro stops before he gets in the ring and stares down Black.


In the back, Tony Schiavone interviews Cole Karter but Ricky Starks walks up and makes a “swimming with the fishes” line. Starks taunts Karter and Powerhouse Hobbs puts a shark fin on Tony’s head. Karter says Starks’ future will look a lot like his past when he beats him tonight.

The Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Baretta) w/Orange Cassidy vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Wheeler Yuta & Jon Moxley) w/William Regal

Regal and Cassidy join commentary and Regal just insults Cassidy as OC looks at him completely unbothered. Moxley and Trent show off some mat wrestling early on and then they exchange some stiff chops. Trent goes for a Mafia Kick but Moxley catches his foot and hits a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Yutan and Taylor tag in and the former friends lockup with Taylor forcing him into the corner before they break clean. Another lockup leads to them right back in the corner but this time Taylor mockingly slapping him on the chest. Taylor takes Yuta down and pins him for a quick two.

Taylor takes Yuta down but Yuta gets back up and slaps Trent leading to Trent tagging in and the two brawling in the ring. They exchange elbows and forearms until Yuta hits an Atomic Drop and Enziguri. He goes for a German Suplex but Trent counters into a Backdrop Driver. Trent elbows Yuta repeatedly knocking him down to the mat until Taylor pulls him off. Yuta drops Taylor but eats another elbow from Trent. Yuta rolls to the floor where a pissed off Taylor slams him into the barricade.


Yuta hits a Backdrop Driver on Taylor and tags out to Moxley as Trent tags in at the same time. Moxley nails a Lariat and rains down hammer elbows on Trent. Taylor intervenes but quickly gets tossed to the floor, where Moxley then tosses him over the timekeeper’s table. Back in the ring, Trent dives out of the corner right into a Diamond Cutter from Moxley in midair.

Moxley traps Trent’s arms and stomps his head in before tagging Yuta. Moxley lifts Trent up to his shoulders but Chuck pulls him off and Trent crotches Yuta. Taylor hits the Awful Waffle on Moxley out of the corner and then Piledrives Yuta and rolls him into a Spike Piledriver from Trent! 1…2…NO Yuta kicks out! Best Friends go for the Strong Zero but Yuta fights it off and shoves them into each other. Yuta hits a Release German Suplex on Trent.

Trent and Yuta exchange elbows but Trent hits Crunchie for two until Moxley breaks it up. Taylor hits a Leg Lariat on Moxley and all four men are down. Baretta knocks Moxley to the floor and tags Taylor. Taylor walks into a Hanging Guillotine from Yuta as Moxley pulls Trent down to the floor and locks him in a Figure Four. Taylor counters the Guillotine with a Turnbuckle Suplex. Taylor goes for the Awful Waffle but Yuta counters with the Seatbelt for the pin. “Chuck taught him that,” Cassidy says as he gets up annoyed at what he saw.

Winners: BCC via pinfall (Seatbelt)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: That was really interesting, the way this whole thing has been playing out between Yuta and Best Friends. Best Friends were sort of teasing being heels here – and I have to admit that thought definitely intrigues me – as OC was also frustrated with Yuta using a move that Taylor “taught” him to win the match. The match itself was excellent and Best Friends looked their best since before Trent’s neck injury. I really want to see them continue with this whole thing and see where it could go with a possible heel run for Best Friends. ***1/2)

A video package highlights Claudio Castagnoli vs. Jonathan Gresham for Death Before Dishonor. Footage of Castagnoli’s time in ROH was shown during it.

Swerve in Our Glory comes out for their title celebration and the fans chant “you deserve it” at them. Rapper Kevin Gates is shown in the crowd and Swerve points him out. Keith Lee thanks the fans and says with the help of the fans they have ascended to the top of the tag team division. He says they don’t look down, so if anyone wants a shot at them, they better reach up. Lee offers a toast for their win but Smart Mark Sterling and Tony Nese interrupt them.

Sterling is still petitioning to have Swerve fired and he tries to get Gates to sign the petition. Gates refuses and Sterling tells him that his music sucks just like Swerve’s. Gates goes after him but Nese gets between them and Gates punches him in the face. Swerve hits Sterling in the face with their cake.

(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: Uh… okay. There is really nothing to say there other than was that really necessary?)


In the back, the Beaver Boys approach Butcher and Blade and taunt them with T-shirts that say “Butch.” So, Butcher and Blade kick the shit out of them until Hangman Page chases them off with a chair.

“Instant Classic” Christian Cage & Luchasaurus vs. Varsity Blonds

Pillman charges at Lucha but eats a headbutt and he dares Griff to tag in and he lays them both out. Lucha Chokeslams Griff on top of Pillman and tags Christian in to get the tag.

Winners: Luchasaurus and Christian via pinfall (Chokeslam)

Jungle Boy comes out with a chair and Luchasaurus gets between him and Christian but then steps aside and Jungle Boy literally chases Christian through the crowd.

(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: Jungle Boy got a MASSIVE ovation and that was a cool moment for him but God, this whole thing makes absolutely no sense. I have given them the benefit of the doubt through it all because No. 1, Christian’s promos have been amazing and No. 2, they’ve earned the benefit of the doubt. But at some point they have to explain what the hell is going on with Luchasaurus, it has made absolutely no logical sense whatsoever.)

Jim Ross joins the announce team for the final hour.

FTW Championship
“Absolute” Ricky Starks (c) w/Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Cole Karter

Karter wrestled on AEW Dark a number of times last year before signing with WWE earlier this year. He spent time in NXT as Troy Donovan before being fired last month. Starks whips Karter into the corner and connects with a clothesline, but Karter fights back with a series of right hands. Karter hits a nice dropkick followed by a Flying Cross Body off the top. Karter clotheslines Starks to the floor.


Karter hits a Pump Kick and a Ripcord Flying Knee for two. Karter goes for a Suplex but Starks escapes and goes for Roshambo. Karter blocks it and sidesteps a Spear followed by a TKO. Karter goes to the top and attempts a 450-Splash, but Starks moves and hits the Spear for the pin.

Winner & STILL FTW Champ: Starks via pifnall (Spear)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: That match was poorly booked. The fans wanted no part of Karter and Starks is super over, so they booed every single thing Karter did. The match was too short to be very good and Karter was as over as a fart in church, so it had no chance with how much offense they gave Karter. *1/2)

Starks cuts a promo after the match and says he’s still got plenty left in the tank and issues another open challenge for the locker room, which Danhausen accepts but Starks says he didn’t mean “RIGHT now” because he needs some time to adjust his neck. He accepts the match for next week instead.

In the back, Schiavone interviews Athena, Statlander and Willow. Statlander taunts Stokeley about hitting him in the head a few weeks ago and says that’s the reason he didn’t want her to be in the tag team match tonight. It was originally going to be a trios match but Leila Gray is injured and couldn’t compete, making it a tag team match.


FTR comes out for an interview with Schiavone and Cash says that 2022 has been a pretty “decent” year for them. He talks about the first match with The Briscoes and says it may have been their biggest match ever. He says they respect what The Briscoes have done for tag team wrestling but they won’t take what they have worked for from them. Dax talks about a little girl in his hometown that doctors discovered a hole in her heart and that doctors told her that if she worked hard and stayed healthy the hole might close up on its own. He said that three years later the hole closed up on its own and that little girl is his daughter. He says that if she can fight that hard for something that wasn’t promised, he’s going to fight like his eight-year old girl this Saturday and beat their ass.
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: Excellent promo from FTR, that story from Dax was amazing. I hate that it seems like Turner isn’t going to allow the Briscoes on TV, though.)

Christopher Daniels challenges Jay Lethal to a match on Rampage.

The Baddies (Jade Cargill & Kiera Hogan) w/Jermaine Dupri & Stokely Hathaway vs. Athena & Willow Nightingale

Legendary hip hop producer Jermaine Dupri accompanies Jade to the ring. Kris Statlander is banned from ringside. Jade avoids Athena early on and taunts her before tagging Hogan in. Athena lays Hogan out and the babyfaces work her over in their corner. Hogan trips Willow but she misses a dropkick and Willow hits a Sliding Cross Body for two. Willow tags Athena and then Scoop Slams her on top of Hogan for another nearfall. Athena dares Jade to get in the ring leading to Jade kicking her from behind. Willow hits a Cannonball onto both Jade and Hogan on the floor. Athena hits a Springboard Plancha onto them, as well.


Athena hits as Fireman’s Carry and tags in Willow. She hits a series of clotheslines followed by a Spinebuster for two before Jade breaks up the pin. Jade tosses Willow to the floor and taunts Athena. They exchange forearms and then both miss kicks until Jade hits a Pump Kick. Athena dives off the top but Jade catches her in midair and hits a Fall Away Slam. Athena nips back up to her feet as Jade taunts her and hits a Mushroom Stomp! Jade rolls out to the floor and Athena follows her and Apron Bombs Hogan as she went for a Rana. Hatahway gets in Athena’s face and gets pie faced. Jade Pounces Athena into the ring steps.

In the ring, Hogan hits a Jawbreaker on Willow and tags Jade. Jade gets rolled up by Willow for a quick nearfall but then hits a Spinning Powerbomb for two. Jade hits Jaded for the pin.

Winners: The Baddies via pinfall (Jaded)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: That match was relatively short but fun while it lasted. I think Athena will eventually get a very fun match out of Jade. **)

In the back, Schiavone announces that Thunder Rosa will defend the Women’s Title against TJPW’s Miyu Yamashita, who beat Rosa in Japan earlier this month. Britt Baker approaches her and mocks Rosa’s promo.


Main Event
Barbed Wire Everywhere Death Match
“Painmaker” Chris Jericho vs. “The Mad King” Eddie Kingston

The JAS are suspended in a big shark cage above the ring for this match. Justin Roberts’ microphone is even wrapped in barbed wire. Ruby Soho is in control of the shark cage controls. Kingston’s takes Robets’ microphone and starts hitting Jericho in the head with it as he comes in the ring. He starts raking the barbed wire across Jericho’s face and busts him open right off the bat.

They brawl down to ringside and Jericho hits Kingston with the ring bell, which is also wrapped in barbed wire. Kingston slams Jericho into a table and then rolls him back in the ring and slams him into the barbed wire that’s wrapped around the ring ropes. Kingston hits Jericho with a chair wrapped in barbed wire and Jericho’s face is absolutely covered in blood. Kingston tries to Powerbomb Jericho onto a table wrapped in barbed wire but Jericho blocks it and lifts Kingston up to the top rope. Jericho hits a Frankensteiner sending Kingston into the barbed wire!


Jericho put Kingston in the Walls of Jericho on top of the table wrapped in barbed wire during the break. Kingston rakes Jericho’s eyes and throws him into the barbed wire again. Kingston’s back is covered in cuts and scratches as he hangs Jericho’s crotch up in the barbed wire. Kingston Suplexes Jericho off the apron through a table at ringside wrapped in barbed wire.

Tay Conti runs out and attacks Soho but Anna Jay pulls her off only to then deck Soho. Jay throws Soho into the ring post and hugs Conti. Jay and Conti let the shark cage down and JAS hits the ring and attacks Kingston. Ortiz, Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta hit the ring and a huge brawl ensues. Ortiz hits Jericho with a slapjack allowing Kingston to hit the T-Bone Suplex through a table wrapped in barbed wire! 1…2…NO Jericho kicks out!

Kingston goes to hit Jericho with the barbed wire chair but Jericho hits the Codebreaker for a nearfall. Jericho hits Kingston’s leg with the chair repeatedly and then goes for a Lionsault but Kingston throws the chair at him. Kingston hits the Backfist to the Future but Jericho kicks out again. Kingston grabs some barbed wire and wraps it around Jericho’s neck and locks him in the Stretch Plum until Sammy Guevara runs out and Superkicks him. Guevara and Jericho double team Jericho and Guevara throws Kingston into a Judas Effect wrapped in barbed wire for the pin.
Winner: Jericho via pinfall (Judas Effect)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: As brutal as a match as you would expect with both guys taking some insane punishment. I would have rather Kingston took the win there but I understand it considering Kingston’s team got the win at Blood and Guts and he won their first singles match. ***1/2)

Jericho swings at Kingston again but he moves and throws Jericho into Sammy. Kingston throws Jericho into a huge bundle of barbed wire at ringside.