Video: Ric Flair And Carlos Colon Clash In Puerto Rico

The WWC (World Wrestling Council) had its 49th Anniversary Show in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, this weekend. AEW star Andrade El Idolo took on former WWE Superstar Carlito in the main event. Andrade had WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, in his corner and Carlito had Eddie Colon in his corner.

Flair got himself involved in the match, attempting to cause interference to help Andrade. Flair then pulled one of his classic tricks of acting like he scared, with then allowed Flair to poke Eddie Colon in the eyes. Carlos Colon came out to a huge pop. The legends stared at each other then took off their jackets to get ready to fight. Flair then tried to punch Colon, but Colon blocked it. Colon and Flair then began to fight on the ramp. Carlos hit Flair with a few punches and then a headbutt. The fight did eventually spill to the back and to the locker room area.

Referee Ray Gonzalez was distracted by watching the fighting. Andrade brought a weapon into the ring and was going to use it on Carlito. However, the referee saw it and took it away from Andrade, who then kicked Gonzalez in the groin. Gonzalez put his hand up as if he was going to call for the bell call for a disqualification. This is when Carlito then hit Andrade with the backstabber and covered him for the three count.

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