AEW Dynamite Results – 8/17/22 – Trios Tournament, Danielson vs. Garcia, etc.

AEW Dynamite presented by HBO’s House of the Dragon Results
August 17, 2022
Charleston, WV (Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center)
Report by: Josh Boutwell

A special intro video blends AEW highlights with House of the Dragon (Game of Thrones) clips.

CM Punk makes his way to the ring to a giant reaction. Punk raises the World Title and says he has some business to attend to since he hasn’t been here in awhile. He says he has some “not so important” things to take care of and some very important things. Punk challenges Hangman Page to a rematch and challenges him to come to the ring right now. Hangman doesn’t come out and Punk says, “that’s not cowboy shit, that’s coward shit.” Punk says if anyone else has any problems with him they can come on out right now and express those issues.

Punk mentions Jon Moxley and says that Moxley may be No. 1 in some fan’s hearts but he isn’t No. 1 in AEW and says that HE is the champion, not Moxley. Punk says that Moxley has always been No. 2 wherever he’s been and that’s the same here. He is that Moxley is the third best guy in his own group and that seems to be a reoccurring theme in his career. Punk says that Moxley talks about breaking bones a lot but it’s all talk and says he’s broken more bones than Moxley.

Punk says that “interim” means temporary and he’s willing to test himself against Moxley but he’s not even willing to test himself against his best friend, and then calls Kingston the second best Kingston he’s ever been in a locker room with. Punk says he hasn’t defended this title yet but he intends to do just that at All Out against Jon Moxley. He says that Moxley isn’t even the first Jon he’s ever beaten in Chicago for a belt and he certainly isn’t No. 1 in that category, either.

Moxley has had enough and he makes his way through the crowd. Punk does snow angels in the ring as Moxley makes his entrance much to Moxley’s annoyance. Moxley taunts Punk about dropping “pipe bombs” and says that he’s writing checks that his body can’t cash, which is what he does best. Moxley says Punk is the best wrestler in the world in his own mind but he’s not even the best wrestler in catering most days. He says Punk thinks that microphone gives him power but in the real world every word he spits in that microphone doesn’t mean shit. He points at Punk’s belt and says it doesn’t mean shit either. Moxley admits that his own belt doesn’t mean shit either, until he beats Punk, and then throws it down.

Moxley says that he is the heart and soul of AEW and every time they call him “interim” champion it makes him think of Punk and it makes him sick. Punk says that he can be the heart and soul, while he’s the dollar and cents of AEW. Moxley says that everyone is aware that Punk came back because he ran out of money, so we get it. Moxley says that Punk ran out of fighting spirit a long time ago and if he wants to prove him wrong he can do something about it. Punk says he’ll prove it at the PPV but he’s afraid that if he touches Moxley now he’ll just bleed all over him. Moxley shoves Punk and they start going after it until security hits the ring.

(JOSH’s 2 CENTS: This is exactly what you’d want to start off this feud. Great promos from both guys and they give us just a tiny taste of physicality. Great stuff from both guys.)

Footage of Ricky Starks last week is shown. Tony Schiavone interviews Powerhouse Hobbs backstage and asks him why he turned on Starks. Hobbs says that Starks proved to everyone who he really was and says he showed the whole world he was okay with losing. Hobbs says he isn’t okay with that and Starks just hid behind his back for two years in AEW. He says that he was hired for one thing and that was to make sure Starks stayed champion but Starks is a loser. He says that he doesn’t just break backs, he breaks necks. He says he has something for The Factory, too.

Ricky Steamboat is shown sitting ringside. Chris Jericho comes out and joins commentary for the next match.

2/3 Falls Match
“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson w/William Regal vs. “Dragon Slayer” Daniel Garcia

Danielson and Garcia start off with some mat wrestling and a number of submissions exchanged. Garcia puts Danielson in an Ankle Bar and then they start kicking each other in the face until Danielson counters into a Heel Hook. Garcia grabs the ropes to break the hold and then kicks Danielson in the face. Garcia slaps Danielson again as they locked up in the corner.


Danielson gets the crowd fired up as he levels Garcia with a number of kicks in the corner capped off with a Flying Dropkick. Danielson lifts Garcia up to the top and goes for a Frankensteiner but Garcia rolls through for a nearfall. Garcia and Danielson exchange uppercuts until Garcia throws Dragon into the corner. Danielson flips over Garcia but walks into a Butterfly Suplex that Garcia transitions right into a Cross Armbreaker! Danielson rolls over and reverses the hold into a Bridging Cradle Suplex for a nearfall. Danielson puts Garcia in a modified Rings of Saturn while having Garcia’s legs trapped at the same time.

Garcia manages to get to the ropes and then rolls to the floor to catch a breather. Danielson hits a Flying Dropkick through the ropes and attempts a Flying Knee off the apron but Garcia moves and hits a Backdrop Driver on the outside. Garcia rolls Dragon back in the ring and hits a series of elbows to Danielson’s face. Garcia puts Garcia in the Dragon Tamer but Danielson rolls back over and kicks Garcia in the face and pulls him down into a Triangle Choke! Garcia deadlifts Danielson up into a Cradle Piledriver! Garcia puts Danielson in a Dragon Sleeper and Danielson passes out!


The referee starts a 10-count and Danielson manages to get up at nine only for Garcia to jump on him and beat him down in the corner. Garcia lights Danielson up with chops and a Flying Dropkick in the corner.


Danielson tries to fight back but Garcia slams Danielson with an Armbreaker and hits a Suplex and transitions into a Dragon Sleeper again. Danielson reveres it into a pinfall!


Garcia charges at Danielson in the corner but Danielson moves and Garcia gets hung up in the ropes. Danielson kicks him repeatedly and then lifts him to the top and hits a Spider Superplex! Danielson hits a Missile Dropkick off the top and hits a Tope Suicida to the outside as Garcia rolled out to try and get away. Danielson slams Garcia into the ring post repeatedly, slamming his shoulder into the post. Finally, Garcia is able to pull Danielson into the post to get away. Garcia rolls back into the ring to break the 10-count and Danielson barely manages to get back in, as well.


Garcia puts Danielson in the Dragon Tamer again but Danielson counters into the LaBell Lock. Garcia tries to roll out but Danielson rolls through and locks in the Crossface. Garcia rolls Danielson over into a nearfall. They get back up and slap the piss out of each other and Garcia hits a Flying Dropkick but Danielson shrugs it off and attempts a Roaring Elbow. Garcia ducks and hits Danielson’s own Flying Knee! 1…2…NO Danielson kicks out!

Garcia and Danielson exchange elbows with Danielson getting the better of the sequence. Danielson rains down elbows with Garcia laying on the ground and then he traps the arms and kicks Garcia in the face repeatedly until Garcia reverses it and rolls Danielson up before kicking him in the face. Danielson flips Garcia over and headbutts him repeatedly and starts stomping on Garcia’s face. Danielson puts Garcia in the Triangle Choke and elbows Garcia at the same time. Garcia tries to counter into the Piledriver again but Danielson transitions into the LaBell Lock! Garcia tries to fight out of the hold but Danielson starts elbowing him again and locks it in again until Garcia passes out.

Winner: Danielson 2 falls to 1
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: Wrestling is freaking awesome, folks. What an awesome match. 30 minutes of just beautiful reverses, submissions and intensity. Bryan Danielson is the greatest wrestler on planet Earth, period. *****)

Danielson applauds Garcia after the match and offers a handshake. Garcia looks like he is going to accept but Jericho attacks Danielson from behind. Garcia shoves Jericho away and Jericho gets in his face. Garcia slaps Jericho’s hand away as Jericho is pointing at him and Jericho warns him before leaving.

In the back, Private Party and Swerve in Our Glory cut a promo about their upcoming match. Swerve says this is the closest Private Party will ever get to the titles and tells them to pay attention because they can learn a thing or two from them. Lee says that after Friday they can get back to the back of the line.


Tony Nese comes out for a match but Jon Moxley blindsides him and gets back in the ring. Moxley says he’s sick of waiting for Punk, he wants him to come out right now and “let’s get this shit over with now!” Punk comes out but security and producers are right behind him and try to keep them away from each other. Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta run out and help try to hold Moxley back.

(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: This is how you get a feud over, awesome stuff.)

In the back, Schiavone interviews Jericho and JAS. He says he’s going to give Garcia a pass for what happened because he just had a physical match. Jericho says he wants to talk to Garcia face-to-face in the ring and he wants to make sure whose side Garcia is own. Ricky Steamboat walks up and says that Garcia is coming into his own and he doesn’t need Jericho or his group. He says if anyone should mentor Garcia, Danielson is the better choice. Jericho says he hasn’t liked Steamboat for 15 years and tells him to stay out of his business. Parker gets in Steamboat’s face and tells him to stay out of Jericho’s business but Steamboat decks him.

The Varsity Blonds vs. The Gunn Club w/Billy Gunn

Colten Gunn hits the Colt 45 on Garrison almost immediately for the pin.

Winners: Gunn Club via pinfall (Colt 45)

Billy Gunn says that is what he’s been trying to tell them for weeks to do, just get things done and stop farting around. Gunn says that he’s proud of them and he’s proud to be able to work next to his sons. They hug it out as Stokley Hathaway comes out and smiles. Gunn Club then attacks their dad! The Acclaimed runs out and Gunn Club retreats. The Acclaimed makes up with Billy and they hug.

Sonjay Dutt and Lethal rant about FTR and Wardlow coming together last week. Singh dares Wardlow to Powerbomb him.


The Death Triangle taunts United Empire backstage. PAC says that he and Will Ospreay have some unfinished business, so he’s looking forward to next week. He says that Death Triangle is an unstoppable unit built for this tournament.

Jungle Boy comes out and says he’s been trying to hit Christian for weeks, with his fists, a chair and even a chair but Christian hasn’t done anything. Jungle Boy says that he will continue to chase Christian until he gets his hands on him or he can be a man face him at All Out. He starts to call Christian a “pussy” but Christian comes out and refuses to face Jungle Boy.

Christian says this thing between them has gotten out of hand but he really is proud of Jungle Boy. He says that a year ago he couldn’t even form a sentence and says that he’s been reflecting on their issues. He climbs in the ring with Jungle Boy and says he thinks maybe they both said some things that neither of them meant even though Jungle Boy got a little personal. He says he wants to fix these problems between them, not fight. He says that he wants to go on another run with him and says he’ll take him to the promise land this time.

Christian says they are family and says Jungle Boy is like a son to him and tells him to “come home” and offers a hug but Jungle Boy tackles him and starts beating him down! Christian low blows him and throws him into the barricade. Jungle Boy comes back and throws Christian into the ring step. He traps Christian’s arm on the step and starts stomping on it until security runs out and pulls him off.


Backstage, FTR and Wardlow challenge Lethal’s crew to a trios match. Wardlow says that it doesn’t matter how big someone is, everyone can get the Powerbomb.

Toni Storm vs. KiLynn King

Thunder Rosa is shown watching backstage in the weird WWE angle. King takes Storm down and rolls her up for a quick nearfall but Storm comes right back with one of her own. King takes Storm down again and then hits a Drop Toehold followed by a Sliding Dropkick attempt only for Storm to move and hit one of her own. King goes to the top and hits a Diving Pump Kick to Storm knocking her to the floor. King attempts a Flying Dropkcik through the ropes but Storm moves and goes for a Tornado DDT on the floor. King blocks it and then slams Storm into the apron and the barricade.


King and Storm exchange elbows until Storm hits a Bridging Fisherman Suplex. King comes back with a Pump Kick and then hits a Spinebuster for two. King goes for a Pump Handle Slam but Storm escapes and hits a German Suplex. Storm hits Sweet Cheeks Music followed by a Tornado DDT and the Spike DDT for the pin.

Winner: Storm via pinfall (Spike DDT)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: King is technically good and this match was fine but it was just sort of there. That’s really all I can say about it. *1/2)

Best Friends cut a promo on Trustbusters.


It’s announced that Moxley will face Punk for the undisputed title next week! Rosa will defend the Women’s Title against Storm at All Out.

The Bucks’ partner is Kenny Omega, who gets a gigantic ovation upon his return. Don Callis comes out with Omega and joins commentary.

AEW Trios Title Tournament Quarterfinals
La Faccion Ingobernables (Dragon Lee, Rush & Andrade el Idolo) vs. The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson)

Omega is wearing a huge brace on his shoulder. Dragon Lee and Nick Jackson want to give me a lucha boner right off the bat as they start things off. They speed things up immediately and fly all over the place. Andrade tries to help his partner but Nick lifts Matt into a Flying Rana on Andrade. Omega tags into the match for the first time and hits a Springboard Axe Handle Drop on Lee. Omega rains down punches on Lee in the corner and hits a Green Bay Plunge but wasn’t able to land on his feet and looks frustrated as he tags Nick back in.

The Bucks and Omega hit some triple team offense on Lee and work him over in their corner. Omega tags in again but Lee fights him off and tags Andrade. Andrade shoves Omega and Excalibur talks about their many matches in Japan. Rush chop blocks Omega’s knee and Los Ingobernables beat him down in their corner.


Nick Jackson gets the hot tag and hits a beautiful Flying Armdrag/Rana combo on LFI. Lee tags in and dives into the Locomotive Northern Lights from Matt! The Elite hits Triple Suplexes on LFI and the rudos roll to the floor. Nick hits a beautiful Springboard Tornillo onto LFI and tosses Lee back in the ring. Lee kicks a charging Omega but then eats a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker followed by a Flying Elbow from Nick for a nearfall!

Andrade throws Nick to the floor and LFI beat on Matt and Omega. Rush Belly-to-Belly suplexes Nick into the corner and Lee and Andrade hit flying knees on Matt and Omega in other corners. Lee gets a nearfall on Matt and then tags Andrade. They triple team Matt in the corner with Clotheslines and Splashes. They hit a Triple Basement Dropkick and do the Tranquilo pose.


Rush fakes like he’s going to a hit a Hesitation Dropkick but stops and kicks Matt in the face. He does the tranquilo pose but eats a Superkick from Nick. Lee tags in but eats a Superkick from Matt! Matt kicks Lee into Andrade and makes the hot tag to Omega. Omega goes for a Roaring Axe Handle but Andrade moves only to eat an Enziguri. Omega hits the Snap Dragon and then nails Rush with one and one for Lee! Omega tags Matt and the Elite hit Flying Elbows on LFI in the corner. Superkick Party for Andrade and Rush but Lee comes back with a Rana attempt only to get Powerbombed into a series of kicks from the Elite! Matt hits a Cannonball on Lee in the corner and they hit a Superkick Party on him for a nearfall.

Andrade looks like he may have injured his shoulder. The Bucks hit dives onto Rush and Andrade and then Omega goes for his dive only for Lee to take his leg out. Lee goes for a Suplex but Omega lands on his feet and throws Lee to the floor. Omega goes for his dive again but his knee gives out. He gets back up and attempts the dive again but Jose trips him. LFI pull Omega to the floor and hang him up on the barricade. Lee hits an insane Tope con Giro onto Omega sending both of them crashing into the front row!

Lee rolls Omega into the ring and gets a nearfall and tags Andrade. He goes to the top but Nick crotches him, Lee comes out of nowhere with a Flying Rana over the top! Andrade attempts the Diving Moonsault but Omega moves and Andrade lands on his feet and hits the Standing Moonsault for two! Andrade hits La Sombra on Omega! 1…2…NO Matt throws Rush into the pin! Lee tags in and walks right into a Leaping V-Trigger! Omega hits the V-Trigger again! Omega hits One Winged Angel for the pin!

Winners: The Elite via pinfall
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: I really liked how they played up Kenny’s return with the brace and him selling the knee and the shoulder throughout the match. They are clearly going to play up the injuries and have that be a part of the story of each one of these matches, which will just make Omega’s return that much greater when they win the titles. The match itself was terrific with all six guys going as hard as you would expect. I truly hope we see more of Dragon Lee. ****1/2)

After the match, Andrade drops Dragon Lee with La Sombra and rips his mask off.


Now, for some personal stuff. As some may have seen with the recent “help wanted” listing on the site, “All Out” will be the final time I cover AEW for WrestleView, at least for now. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time covering Dynamite and even before that, the OG WrestleView readers out there probably remember me from my Impact recaps dating way back to 2008 until I originally left in 2015. Life has gotten in the way a number of times in the last year and earlier this year I accepted a position at another Newspaper, and the free time I’ve had has shrunk more and more. I’ve been contemplating the decision to step away for several months and finally decided to pull the trigger. I still have a few weeks here at WrestleView before I step away, but I just hope that the person that steps in will do an even better job than me and is as passionate about wrestling as I am. The folks at WrestleView have been excellent, especially Mike and Jerome, and I’ve had numerous conversations with some great folks that have enjoyed my recaps (and some that hated them), and I appreciate you all.